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WWL>Topics>>12-18 8:15am WWL 1st News: Who Dat Nation

12-18 8:15am WWL 1st News: Who Dat Nation

Dec 18, 2013|

Tommy talks with Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory College Manish Tripthi about the emotional instability of the Who Dat Nation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Among the many talented members of ars staff here at WWL is amber O'Leary who on this story. I found it pretty interesting. On the saints ranked number one when it comes to fans in the NFL being happy eased after winds. But they also rank in the top five is five most unstable and bases. And we want to talk to one gentleman that conducted this study he has I presume -- doctor. Doctor. Money strip -- The Who has an assistant professor of marketing and Emory college. At the goalies do you think -- -- as well at a business gold thanks for taking the time and it's a tell me about this study and in what need do you even Nancy's collections in what did you find out. Chair this study was conducted actually the 2012. Regular season and we -- the defeat you know oftentimes. People will probably opposite after game and talk about the team and then the frustrations -- talk about how happy they are in and we equivalent like two used Twitter. As a proxy to you people thinking and we have access to. Most of the tweets that are happening -- and even archives and labeled. To see the people thinking and so. Will we decide to do if you look at the 2012 feet in the regular season football and we tracked every reckless he's in the game and we would defeat the team won -- -- and we also. You looked at all the tweets. Coming from that local markets in the thirty to market to 31 markets rather. And -- and captured all the tweets the next day that talked about the key though and I think case. All the tweets in the New Orleans area that mentioned the thing about the day after the game and then we looked at the how positive or negative -- these tweets. So essentially. Over the intact 2012 this season we -- the saints won a lot and then we. The tweet that came afterwards when he positive I would be negative and how does that differ -- the team won a lot and we did that across all the teams. In the NFL across the markets for ultimately -- -- -- though. That happiness after -- win. -- looking at. After the game one we took the average. -- -- sentiment in the tweaked the next day and the saints had to hide them without. Over 90% of the tweets were positive after missing one game in 2012 which is by far the number one and happiness after. And I was a year after the during the troubles on I don't know if that means we're happier for wins -- not be interesting to do it over a couple of different years did you. I don't know would be more appropriate to ask you who was the least happier was sentenced. Looked at the to be getting the that it is in Pittsburgh people we saw last year. And I think you know to your point and I actually do it because it -- say that we are currently doing like -- before -- But what's interesting is I think an expert came -- again this is just a little bit of speculation that -- -- -- case. It might have been a little bit more about expectations in New Orleans I think it's that but I think it's also seem to stand. In my content aware that there are honestly because. Not only. Are the same number one and happiness after -- win there in the top 10% after a loss. And that's what sort of contribute that you mentioned that they. Top five -- -- instability to calling but really what that is that is the difference between. How high you would UT wins. And how little you when your team loses and to me that's in the books helped -- out past -- -- that you are in May be expectations as well with scenes were in the top five that. Now is trying to find a correlation between status after losses yet Steelers. Which could be based on expectations I guess the patriots but then number two lions number for the dolphins number five the raiders don't they think any of those three teams I just mentioned would have really high expectations do you think. Now and I don't think that's I think you know they did did more than just the expectations -- I think there is. A bit of a passionate express that's been done to begin with. And you know I think that some some. Mean some reason people don't wanna talk about it -- Twitter -- the places they do on the I think that -- -- well. And emulate sometimes it's also the ones he's in effect because you know working BC which people. Have a lot of trouble believing it's -- and but without the -- indeed it was stable -- bases in the NFL and that these and that. Into the files actually. And it's but he went back and looked at from the tweeted what happened early this is the anywhere. After the first few games they're already thinking about -- who's gonna place -- -- meet. The pins aren't talking about the gains anymore they're talking about should be getting Chip Kelly who's the next coach B and I think that. It's almost an act the two with Cleveland would be gained more focus on something else -- I think your point looking at a long repeated that he would be be very. So if they're stable does that mean they're consistently either negative or positive. Other good cushion that stable XP is that -- the difference between how happy they the Japanese team wins. And I said the after the team loses so it's that different between those two to really mean in the public that they don't get too up when they went and you don't get too -- when you -- Not as invested as we are. No way that you know what's amazing is. Well we did -- -- -- that again over when he appeared in the SEC from the state wins out of business that would definitely looked dead. The Southeastern Conference football community that implement the season didn't exactly at the study. And get it turned out to be number one in terms of they're that happy is that big difference between sort of. When the height of the -- happy after -- win in the lows of the Loews lost how to do that centralized I would have to guess -- -- that -- correct. While it says something about this he had done it at that recognize that the meeting we we've done -- would -- the a few months back about. Think in Tanzania and they'll be called loyal people who once were willing to pay for their team to -- last -- about how they're performing and. -- to the top five -- as well for instance. We tend to be very loyal and also looks like and to be very passionate. You know stand of the US in particular and LT I have yet to say that the enforcement. Actually Michael -- Michael colleague in this in this endeavor is the Steelers stand. But he used interest in the seventh after a lot I may have its consent. It's it's it's been a -- Nazis for both -- yes that's correct well. It's better next season doctor thank you so much surveillance I think is fascinating that it happened you know a great day and nice holiday season doctor. Many strip poppy. Assistant professor of marketing and -- now.

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