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12-18-13 12:10pm Garland: on alternative energy

Dec 18, 2013|

Garland talks with the Sierra Club's Darryl Malek-Wiley about alternative energy.

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The world is very very very complicated no doubt about it I've been one of those that have been on the annual bull energy bandwagon for a very long. -- Prague Rio is we do that will serve insulation that hole. Everything and were recycling and everything you know we're -- -- or shall rumored totally when duke or movement and -- -- and it was -- internal -- undergo for something like June 3 hole in the world so they're trying to support it and Washington State. That sorts causing earthquakes in the back. At the news see. Oh crushing blow with the nuclear new girl oh my goodness we care and use nuclear in the news. Steve. The Windmills and you drive through the mid where there are huge they use a whole lot of spades and wonder. Forever going to be you do that -- -- -- solar try to put room -- And we couldn't because our neighbors have a beautiful truth -- couldn't possibly Tuesday. The blockers group the group which solar. And that I talked MIT and Stanford for answers were Cuban missile Henri. And they -- you imagine three legged stool. And they can get an accommodation to whom the guarantees about -- homes and businesses. But -- for a bit don't have the money to do the surge ago robbery. So I think a lot of people like may be dead or in. It -- Were a little confused and then of reduced field today. It is. It's. California regarded as the leading state with a coach -- addressing climate change. But in 2012 according to analysts that the -- -- -- California's carbon emissions. Actually inquiries more than 20%. Horrible of the national trend all of decreases. And it's large part because of warned him shut down one. Of its few remaining nuclear power. So it always go to -- experts went on -- abuse singed long and often gripped. A club and -- just as organizer. Show won't go talk to. And glad you're here today Garland. Look. I'll keep him busy day. -- things keep going on. What what do you think about his look at California and here they are they've got one nuclear power plant -- shut down and all of a sudden. They're there puts more carbon drew via atmosphere than most. Yeah and it certainly church report now from the cute morning. And a lot of the apartment community in California is coming from the car. Anybody is in the Californian knows company cars there. They have progress toward. Prius does and others but there's still. Have lots of old cars on the on the road bit -- maybe not a carbon so. Unfortunately that's one area where -- California had done enough with -- granted. And hitting really cleaner cars on the road. And embed board were brawl fighting and that's a problem that receive -- But Bordeaux looked. This is George from the dual it would just war and nuclear power plant. And doubles -- replaced colts and only for an. Brand -- -- as much carbon free energy those old wind power installed in California today. Should we consider going back to a little bit of new. I don't think could -- look at Germany where now they're getting. PP 9% of their energy off of solar and alternatives. They've shut down all their nuclear power plant. And ultimately -- them into this room. They're Spiegel their me and International Paper. Routes. The government drunk garment. It's partly about the German government is facing a massive budget shortfall for project aimed. Intranet form the country into a model of alternative energy and environmental -- England's. The environmental. Minister is set to cancel. Flagship subsidy programs. Programs -- were to be key elements of German's transition -- eighty. -- also fueled nuclear -- complete reliance. On renewable. So it sounds like. In in California there in trouble because they had. To shut down one nuclear -- and Germany itself like that in troubled literally have wondered do what they wondered what the alternative energy. Yeah and I think -- the real problem we've been paid -- as. All these different countries try to figure out how we shipped from. Haven't planned under about the way to get electricity to your house. To make sure you're warm and you've got like. Every day and so. It it's a complex mix. Then you have countries small company countries like Denmark. Who now getting. 30% -- of their energy from wind meals out in this city. And we've always argued that there is their role for. Offshore wind energy in Louisiana but we haven't found anybody want to go out here and tested more than win they're from different studies we have a comic company willing to bet yeah. They're they're probably looking at the East Coast with a glimpse there of wind power of the coach in the areas. Where you barely view Lula. We've the wind power and even some opportunities that have been so far alternative energy. A part of growth of the fighting and it's a complicated issue and. It is a complicated issue one thing that we thought about. Here's some of these different oil platforms that are out there that are going to be decommissioned or you know. Made in Q rigs -- -- and things like that. They do we need to look at how to keep those in place. And put Windmills on it and forgot how to transport that electorate be back in Louisiana. Are able to take a break here would think at about alternative energy and and it is collect. Wouldn't you wouldn't you'd take the majors to win do we go to it because so far. It looks and so nobody accuses of when you take the step up there are two reasons why you shouldn't have taken that step bothered there's no money to fund it. Or it has problems that you never invasion. Come right back comments questions. Word talk about alternative energy Gibbs called to music zero when they telly text 877. Callers. 20 for its sixes -- the dollar and zero except. The thing good about alternative energy in little confusion I think among portal. Fukushima hits. Everybody's so let's get out of nuclear. Germany did a big -- wanted to go totally. Solar geothermal wind power. Well they can't -- it there the coming -- -- back on the planet. Is -- we -- -- offshore wind bow our number of people that -- or alternative energy and a lot of these organizations. Have ported to a standstill. All the Hughes coached them for. Now read that California. Who is definitely at the forefront of alternative energy they're carbon emissions actually increased 20% in and that's again. Much more than the rest of the states in the country which or do you reaching their their carbon emissions. We're dorm -- wildwood disarray of officer Eric club environment and justice organizer. -- -- -- -- Remember a couple of nights ago reading the Warren Buffett. The putting build a billion not million but every billion bucks entered drug and it will inform. In -- ended even mentioned the twenty for 323%. Of new energy in this country last year it was wind. And as our bread -- noticeable this is extremely encouraging and I get to beat the end of it. In the organization. I don't know if it was pure and other organizations says. Tuesday and should consider. -- Do things to consider. This is a great -- does make a big different briefing to consider actually. Iowa is wide open it's got a -- of property and am need to tone of a group form where it. Two and the reason. Warren Buffett got into -- making his window so much bigger they're cheaper so there's a larger profit Morgan. But number three the problem becomes as alternative energy rose. It's it's growing like wind particularly in rural areas. And we're gonna have to have an inch from infrastructure to. That that energy into urban in the city -- others on the forward don't have that and ill probably get at children's. -- added that. As they re going nose at the very complicated accepted the where they have a lot to win they don't have the good. Power transmission line. Back in the cities that. That could use -- power so. It's gonna you know and there's bad spin the amount of them Batman guy. Utility the companies over the years in maintaining. And upgrading -- transmission line. All across Europe that sort of you know how it. And that you put stuff in your car and you just let it go and kill you have to. -- breakdown. We've -- really invested by the energy companies have not invested in that. Upgrade in the transmission line and making it smarter. And more patient. Doesn't know all of this agenda us that no -- or. How all much -- better future that alternative energy projects. Getting there is gonna be one small step at a time that. Alternative energy is not gonna become the majority power. In the jaws of pros in the near future is that brawl. Yet the number of ball snapped. But I think that. In New Orleans we're seeing some intriguing thing. You know I mainly work in the Lower Ninth -- Which get -- it's notably by Katrina. We now have 10% of the solar panels and New Orleans. Or installed in the Lower Ninth Ward. And when you take that into energy -- Al that it and appliances. I've talked to people down there -- electric bill in July. Is dictated seventy dollars and it resonate he had everything so. It bit by bit but it does make a difference to an individual. In com and the amount of money -- spin on the energy. Totally agree with -- a lot a lot of people problem is coming up with the money that that's the major problem. -- let me ask you. Let me -- something about mine says. I was in Santa Barbara odd couple years ago and sitting out and -- hotel. -- -- the ball began to lift. And I'm just uneducated -- tonight's C wild oats or over -- on the and and I looked headed in the winner came over it's -- those -- injured you -- -- only drilling of those were grandfathered. In after the senator Barbara oil bill. Noticeable why do you still have them in suitable there's there's say they're grandfathered and who's at the BP oil spill was caused by a beetle -- out for better. Don't think you put -- up your pictures again of the boy out competitors so. A double. Bruce search. -- -- booked and onwards 12113. Hundred bricks. Between LA. And Santa Barbara. And almost all of them or -- Or hidden. By high rise plus side. Journal which I think Cabrera remember regular in the Beverly Hills High School. Now this is the campus sooner of no -- this is after listener. Of the credible companies. But if you sent their cars. And -- of their infrastructure the backbone is still boil. But in their minds. They don't really use that much. How we get past the -- -- both saw those -- think. All oil and gases the end all and be all and on the other side then it's Darth Vader. Yeah it. I think it's gonna take a lot of education all sorts of side that talk about doctored these things and I think part of the problem. -- take Louisiana which were. Dead center for the oil and gas industry and then you had things like the BP oil spill and pipeline explosions. There needs to be year commitment on the industry's side to make their plants paper. That -- grid paper. And that's what needed there. And I think the same thing refineries. We have accident. Almost every week some guys ever in the refiners. We need that companies to. Produce electricity. Gasoline and whatever but they need to do it -- paper for everybody. You know I totally agree with the but again the mindset. If they would do everything conceivable. And drives a gas to book. Get through the first ruined the bridge about a going to be meet. -- so what hope who's up who's ripping me off. And that's the months -- talk about which I'm guilty also gets a little complicated. Darryl is always good to have -- great you during the time very much good talking news. All right thank you Garland daycare. And in this it is incredibly. Complicated subject and talk to. Joseph englanders -- executive director of clean -- -- -- and on but look at things like Germany remember right after Fukushima. Their prime minister Kim and and said. Businesses. Unsustainable. We can have this kind of threat to our country. We're gonna do lawyer would coal fired plant in February nuclear. And we're gonna bring in alternative energy totally. And I think that was hidden 2011. And here it is. The German government and reading again and you can check it on -- Spiegel. International other major. Newswire. Their government is facing a massive budget shortfall. For projects. It did transport -- in the country and promote global alternative energy. And environment. Friendly Brooklyn's. The ministries -- cancel. Like -- subsidies. That were to be key elements of German's transition. Away. Fossil fuels and towards complete relies on renewable. Centers sculptor. And try to get more answers when when you hear this. Is there any part of you think is BS news radically disagree with that the one. Give -- some input we're not aware of Texas City 77 -- Gibbs called 2601878. Profitably is governor bill bigots and putting any moral three.