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12-18-13 12:35pm Garland: on alternative energy

Dec 18, 2013|

Garland talks with Armond Cohen of the Clean Air Task Force about alternative energy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where are we going with -- nuclear power of the -- work where we're going with the solar wind bow your thermal unit. We're done -- a -- have been chosen alternative energy here because quite frankly am on the big back. Believe that. It's it's awards for the future about the future of Tucson it is owned a public thugs want from them by 21 from Stanford and it worked on there there are the ones. That have read created. Bold moves synthesis and so who's peppers went to duplicate what lead. In the green plant dogs -- strong. The only problem is the -- -- some complied exploited -- mighty. They have their entire project was a three legged stool and economically. And sign typically and typically. They could create in the tutelage of that -- school but they could not because they don't have bones. To figure out how to do -- and that they could. Then they could. Literally. -- -- oh hole. Or a big business and they their firmly convinced they can do that number and we convinced that it -- it ever becomes true. And then we could go. Alternative energy at warp speed. But I've always thought of California is being at four for reducing emissions and -- this. NPR did report you would look to them. It's a 2012 study -- -- do you. And it's as California's carbon emissions actually increased more than 20%. And -- books on national trend of the increases. And it's because California -- don't want. Just one of the few remaining. Nuclear power plants. Around 01 of the -- of people mentioned in the article Norman -- could recruit cleaner -- Boris. And we try to guide you get -- and -- reluctant to get -- program or long walk and show. Thank you and return to get him. To leave when it's -- Seeing well early two minutes. Well I mean it now for your sort of illustrate the thing that Germany going through with shutting down its nuclear plants. The reality is you know whether -- -- -- -- clear it is the largest. Carbon -- source of energy. In in the world on electricity created. So the nuclear plants we -- or are now a Lotta Lotta juice. The governor and carbon attached to it and that's really. Really important. In the beginning it's Democrats are being age or -- to plant California. And you shut him down and going to be particularly in California like them natural gas. Which is which is good it's better than all but it's still got a lot of your true. And them we'll be reading -- actually to commit the aging reactors are shut down. Germany also by its emissions last year to shut down. -- in Japan nuclear plant in the wake of the Fukushima accident. -- and Britain to the question of where nuclear power in the world and what is its relationship he alternative energy. And I think are my view is the climate challenge is so huge. It worked in the all kind of energy that carpentry we're gonna need wind and solar energy efficiency. We're gonna need some of the partner out like you like the one you mentioned are. -- -- And I I'd leave the nuclear can't be taken up -- it's already providing. Recorders to prepare as carpet pre power. And error and globally the about the same amount. Erin and we've really got to worry about the fact some of these plants are aging bomber tiring. More excitement and more positively there's a new generation of much paper. Much more efficient reactors that are being built around the world. Including -- states although people saying nuclear powers. In fact seventy reactors are being built globally right now beat -- thirty of them in China bringing them out more air is aren't going anywhere. I think the California being a little bit of a wake up call that. We can't really take nuclear off the table or related interest here in their mission. No word -- down exciting thing is a lot of preparation. Space ballots are out there aren't that. This. Very important -- will continue its their boats to six or wondered -- comments questions. Bill figured celebrity is a moral. -- then we're coming right. No one is a bigger by preferable alternative energy in the future is but limited scaling complicated German Bryant after Fukushima said -- that's recanted that nutrients. Governor doing it with -- nuclear got -- cut back on coal fired plants and they were going with a -- ago. Totally 100%. Altered the suit from Spiegel international -- that says the medal for even parliament. Is set to cancel. Almost all the like chips. Concerning alternative energy all of those subsidy programs. Programs -- but the key elements of Germany and Germany's transformational waved pro. Fossil fuels and nuclear towards complete reliance on renewable. There there on the most prosperous country in Europe and their running a proponent for it in and they're they're. In the middle of trying to figure out what to do now look at California that you always think of alternative would have had to. Shut down -- nuclear power plant which makes them. Well more carbon into the here than a large number of states in this country. And her -- remember the exact date but. Senator Feinstein in California was literally fighting. A solar form and a big energy project. Because of imperiled doesn't. It was she was fighting environmental groups and industry. Should have more important with the subjected director clean air task force. Or on board wants answers it feels like in -- -- short plating and part middle as to and then industry by its environmentalist and nobody seems to have a Cogent let's score in this rector and. Yeah well look I think you've got a pretty right and I think that the all emerging climate question is what what is the right -- a culture. -- Yeah what you gave terminal. -- and help -- acting contract that. We we need to be cautious about pristine and not too caught. And be prepared the temperature. Global temperatures increasing. We are the climate change. I like -- compared entered the energy. Art and of course out. Recorders of the CO2 emissions come from -- -- them. We've got to be pretty. Eclectic approach we can't just kind of focus on the one -- Technology you realize whether it's solar wind. Or for that matter nuclear all the technology. Pretty picture is you mentioned terminal situation where they're aiming to do a lot of a lot of solar wind very quickly. But they weren't balanced. They did they. Tried to go cold Turkey on nuclear. -- -- note nuclear -- you know what the result that is a lot of call it the -- now. -- maybe. Recognizing that -- -- spreading or where you're at it would have been line from there have been got. Mine mine direct indication is -- Nation and the world we keep our options open we move forward we're. Wind and solar we try and manage the cost -- we're gonna learn a lot like doing a lot of that. We also need right in my opinion we need to move forward on on the -- is clear where. I'm which can be part of the solution not in our solution but it probably going to be pretty darn important to. On that means probably retiring over number decades some existing reactors. But there's some promising new design and that there there is in the current and torture being built your partner or other a lot comic books. Particularly like anything everything in moderation but -- not an -- in a war the and tried and that's one which I think part of our. It technology. And and criticizes or else I think it's going to be. They use the cliche albeit. Are relentless good Bloomberg -- once talked to Charles incompetent. -- -- -- -- -- Sure well thank you very much troops buried much -- -- should be on your show. Column. One question. Where -- serving. Adjacent to the Mississippi where. There are. Hundreds of thousands of gallons or so active and flowing down we're we're with an incredible amount of that country. It would not to take all of the steps to. Put a paddle wheel in the wherever. But it would have no more impact -- spanking or shall abide. And generally an incredible amount of their country with little guns. There are transmission lines in -- and -- wherever. You know what what is the problem with -- -- -- -- -- that very interesting. Question and effective matters funeral were -- the only two doors. Couple years ago gore -- appear with. On board of local organizations. And these young men that come up with the idea. Creating instruments booked booking them. On to the bottom of barges so -- he wouldn't have to -- pol. Written and -- in it and and anchors and everything else. And -- converted thousand plus -- in Saint Louis in here. Never heard in the of the thing about it we've gone back several times to check in all I can think of ran against problems rather money ball is logistically debris in some. Well -- aborted about -- were talking about nuclear ideas that are in the and I'm a victim of something called the dot com. And I was watching Bill Gates about a year ago with some of the terra. Nuclear. Program yeah. -- to get an idea terror now is issue all -- a former rapper actor. That uses spent fuel. That the article on in the nuclear fuel cycle. So you you solve two problems on the I'll probably generating electricity that you all that helps all -- -- waste problem. In other words you you can't wait -- reactors and then then muted at the fuel for the reactor is proposing. And a lot of other they -- features to it. And it is putting money into it which parents and they're interesting later they're really looking at building their first play and China. Because of the US's going to be hospital hospitable to you know first time. But that that's one example could you be about 1213 others -- innovators. In the nuclear space at -- very different. In mine in the one that we have now which really -- not. Reactors we adapted and -- the urgent there hasn't been a lot of patients based. You know forty years but it begin airing at 3COM and it is just is one of them. -- -- -- -- lot of -- selected going to be pulled real everything. For the next in 203040 years. Well it would be good if we did that the problem -- US not innovating very much -- aren't you aren't. Or the Department of Energy you've gotten pretty much. You know slaughtered. On the last few years you know if you your Graham number. The country and sixty billion dollars on an hour and be out thirty billion -- -- About two billion aren't aren't the energy. And that I think. Ottawa Paula Jones would run -- I'd love to get to back. -- bit longer period in the relatively near future this is very important issue and their child -- you really. Or run for prone dope whatever you appreciated to and you rip great holders. Cohen executive director clean their task force.