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Dec 18, 2013|

Louisiana could be getting a piece of the projected $18 billion in BP oil spill payments, but will we use the money the right way? Do you trust government officials now in charge?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well back. We're about. BP will -- soon occasion. Everything go read says that could be up to eighteen billion dollars in the equation is. We have programs in place for contract the money weren't going to be transparent and so forth and so on and we just got through talking to. Individuals senior fellow and the think tank that that is talking to the media in general. Saying. Hey everybody had to appeal to be doing this aura WW Oprah to judge board opinion poll as -- Louisiana could get a piece of that projected eighteen in. And -- oil -- settlement it think when it will be used for the intended purpose -- 8% abuse saying no but. I can print up terrible pollution area -- news. Doomed in the legal profession for a quarter of wild and and goes all the of this intimately welcome to the show I Garland -- and -- -- like how knowledgeable enough scrutiny. My little blue book upon a little topic awesome so you got to prevent. This whole thing really -- -- in the way right on exercising your lap and it to. For a use a bit basically know we're pretty good price when it comes to. If and when we get the money that we -- will be able to super ego well I. I would like to hope you understand the skepticism of your listeners and of course we all as citizens -- skeptical about the role of government. And what the government will do what it needs to do I mean particularly William which in the past two governors -- -- for higher education and now word decreasing. On our educations or would do the right thing well in this case. Interestingly. The history seems to be pointed toward a very bright future in terms was doing the right thing back in 1990. Senator John Breaux and Bennett Johnson senator Bennett Johnson both Louisiana. Passed what was called -- act which is the coast who walk. Restoration of protection act on the federal level of that that was designed historically throughout way back in 1990 the fact the were -- went -- it's. Never did get sufficient funding to do anything about it but when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. In this special session Louisiana legislature in 2005. Under governor Blanco. In the Cipro was created and basically the the federal. Some of the functions of the federal act world were passed on in two coastal protection and restoration authority what was which brought together. Our public officials departments of the state of Louisiana. Private -- entities local governments. And otherwise to talk about the development of finally understanding that may be the impact of Katrina was so great. Because we have lost so many much of what it's so therefore one what can we do to prevent future catastrophes like Katrina from happen again and to what can we do. To prevent. The loss of our wetlands in the and the impact on the future for our children our grandchildren -- in our economies. And basically if you look at the projections. Actually -- what we can. Obviously show the radio but projected land -- in this previously owned -- it -- that I think we could do if they're putting up against a guy we tried really hurt and but I think those people opponent finish in the marchers know they've seen it. But but this that but you know they've seen the losses but super is designed even before the development of the restore and the potential for obtaining phones. As a result of the BP oil spill. It was designed to develop plans torched the war. What weapons and which seemed to be way ahead. Even before they -- about the potentially ten billion dollars pars. I knew I'd totally group with -- with -- everything Deborah hadn't seen in your results. But let's elections seasons five million dollars worth a lot of money. And and we've got a master planned in the collection is about the blueprint for the house. But. I'm definitely gonna tell. The people that are pining for the home whom are subcontractors. Or because it won't slip of blue. We have those -- -- so well you you know that's always been the historic reputation of Louisiana. At least the way we actually -- and other -- that's obviously in other states that government those things to help out as friends. How how would like to thank you we have seen. Corruption free administration on the state level. For at least three gubernatorial administrations. With single lot in the context of ethics reform was seen a lot in the context of open meetings laws in the demands of solutions for. Are you for things being an open. And I would like to think that we will continue to make those demands particularly. If -- or should tremendously Marshall to Morningstar com and it. I mean -- it for every criticism people could make -- I'll always handled the recovery after Katrina and the billions of dollars that came from Washington in terms CD BG phones. In Louisiana we horribly had shingles scandal. And everywhere as other states. States that got less money and have -- and had a significant number of scandals because we did things right. As some people fall we're doing it too slowly but we did it right so what that means it was not only did an enhanced perhaps a reputation. For doing things right. But are also meant that money's got spent where they were supposed to be spent whether you agreed weather expert or not at least there was debate about it and they were spent. In the manner in which they were intended to be split. And and hopefully -- who wasn't siphoned off we can only guarantee that in the future but demanded. And by observing and -- you know -- Garland -- watchdog and I heard you on the way you and you're your -- in the Rothschild felt that spoke was on before who do we after a lot of people call in radio show maybe. Mean that's one thing and that's very helped the public's there that's right bill will go. -- -- where they can about the UBP -- of the impending vacation the possibility. Louisiana could share with the Portland State's billions of dollars is transparency. In place should know where the money's going. Will be spent correctly. Texas if you've got questions comment was appropriate. 177. It was called 26017203866. It'd 20. Welcome back over sickened about BP. Litigation still pending but there is a good possibility that Jim. Could share billions of dollars with borrowed their state Schwartzel litigation is settle in the that the subject was broached. The other day when there was stepping civil -- showed soup we get to more permission on. As to whether up or -- up. Or friends' parents cities and making sure that everything is above board put billions of we're probably. At. The question there's Walter illusion with me -- -- return the good and the city and those. There's going to be any -- -- oversight on probably his business that already set up is that part of the course. Playing well I think that is that is the whole purpose of loss approved CP aren't. -- production restoration authority to develop an actual plan with that make such as somewhat cohesive. And that the idea that the phones will be designated. Wherever they come from mile away. A whatever funds are available we designated in a manner which is men. Well thought out. Talked about an approved and about what with some kind of cohesiveness. And and also some scientific basis to. So I think everyone is pretty hopeful. There's no guarantees but I think everyone pretty hopeful that in a note that the people who have an interest in it on the -- demanding but for example. About the way it always and it is way ahead of the other states while we will share and and the interest namely what torture really talking about those. Potentially eighteen billion dollars in civil -- and Clean Water Act. Which could be determined as a result of rulings by the court. Which would go to the federal government and ordinarily those funds would go into the oil pollution liability trust -- Which is administered by the united states Coast Guard. Four other spills and other and other reasons shutter delay Andrew offered legislation and I believe 2011 passed in 2012. It as soon as part of the transportation act to restore act. Which we basically would -- 80% of those orange to go the five Gulf Coast states that impacted. By the spill and then there -- pushed their processes inside the act which determined. How that gets divided up amongst the states Louisiana determined because of its coastlines and the impact of Louisiana to get the most. What's very interest in an exciting. I think about the restore act does not that just that it gets corrected here. But that some of the Walsh will be determined the expenditures humbled and determined by parish governments and local governments. It but again. Even those expenditures are gonna have to be approved. -- match department. So that that there are some checks and balances but we all have the opportunity and and those most equitable we've been. The more local government the more direct we have you know an opportunity to impact the it's a good thing for travelman dictates from the federal government how to spend it. The state government in the local governments to parachute the towns that are most affected will let you know will be be making some determinations. -- -- at -- this -- time. BP to litigation itself gives there were since end. -- boarder border -- the text questions always get is how about the ones that worked in the cleanup nobody really knows what their long term effect is going to be on there or is there anything in the used -- used -- being set -- to. Potentially take care of matters such as something that considered. Well for smaller several considerations in the context of the BP case of the PP litigation one is disarmament agreement itself. And the impact on those involvement shuttle program which honestly at this point it's quite uncertain. In -- gore it's because. Litigation involving BP's complaints about the matter which so it's being administered and the fifth circuit's delve into this. Secondly there is those that are not involved in some of those that he opted out or excluded from. And what impact their claims will have -- out there. Get those Clinton and thirdly the -- The impact on and we're talk about it in those two cases. Largely businesses there's also -- which impacts blows. Who may have been. Physically. Affected by. Contamination by either the correction. -- or the oil itself. And there's someone that basically has medical -- nation component. And and provides treatment of people who made develops symptoms related to exposure to oil and and other chemicals as well and that that's a whole separate component. And then of course people have the right to suit if they develop. Diseased animal on what you related to -- hospital. So those components exist. You know what where that's going Tom tell them with respect that the personal Internet with respect to litigation itself. -- the side that settlement announcement that the that someone actually. The case of liability. The court has basically. Set -- -- caves in to several phases phase one was set for trial in the 2012. February of 2012. When the settlement basically. Hit the news and -- started to take place to judge continued trial to the early part of this year 2013. And -- is one of the trial however did resume. In February 2013. We were involved in the trial of that portion of the case and it was to determine. Liability. BP and the other defendants. Halliburton and Transocean and others whether they were responsibly the negligent and or grossly negligent. In causing the explosion. And the apportionment -- to what extent what percentage did the actions and actions of those parties contribute to that trial was completed in this boring. A phase one phase two began in September and that was to determine it and in the book that the biggest part of phase two. Will be the calculation. The methodology to calculate. How much the fine will be clean water and that phase two -- -- proving how much oil spill. How many barrels how many gallons of oil spill BP thought it was just a little bit. The United States government bought the lot. And what eighteen billion dollar figure that your hearing if Roth William -- that the fines could be. If the United States government's calculations are correct and in court determines that BP and or any other defendants were grossly. In causing the most. And the negligence and grossly negligent finding by the court is is very important because it. It determines multiply. So favors to and how much the fine and so being is based on. Judicial findings that turned into two recruits that map map where we're out of time but very quickly would think -- look at that to begin this case years. Well a lot of people thought were looking sometime next year but with the battle would be using -- against small businesses -- Or no windows wolf from Israel waves of pleasure all learned so to come up your bank for talks on what --