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12-18-13 5:35pm Bobby and Deke: on Saints-Panthers

Dec 18, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with Jim Szoke, color analyst for the Panthers, about the Saints' upcoming rematch with Carolina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

GM so gave it color analyst at the Carolina Panthers Jim thank you so much for the time and Carolina's red hot -- only loss in what nineteen weeks -- -- To the New Orleans Saints and now laugh at what we're told you a year ago at this time GM that cannot it would be. Up for the number two seed in the division title you've mine instead. Possibly so because the Achilles that is ballclub has been. The first eight games disease not the last eight the last two years they've done well on the back eight games these. Yeah it's an excellent starting team that at least the few figured that out at the end of September instead of the you know middle November in the last two years but -- -- But they let yet after the play well at least that correctly with the exception of the New Orleans game we can. And there's been pretty untouchable so that really -- at a big arena on Sunday. Now Jim looking at and Carolina offensively and obviously -- -- -- -- -- when injuries. Look at the Angelo Williams an outstanding game -- that highlight. 172 yard touchdown reception on that screenplay. Where Ian and I would 81 yards Russian and in 87 receiving yards. And you look at the balance them with the question I have. When you look at Cam Newton in I don't know how series this has suffered a toe injury I was reading in the first half. Mean so and all of you big toes -- it's hard to run. You know you could -- -- -- whatever with the -- lumbering and -- and I think right now I don't know if you agree with this but. A lucky can you wouldn't and the orange trend that he has and how the -- the Saints were able to sack him five times. That I'm I'm thinking OK it's either do or die kind of playoff atmosphere obviously. Right now that when he -- back. And that initial -- navy's not open. That I could see him not just hang in in the pocket and trying to escape the Nate make plays -- his feet. From the gig and maybe not just until the fourth quarter. Yeah I mean it's it's you know I'd note that what they want him to be much it was the first couple years but on the other hand -- kind of separates them from a lot of quarterbacks. You don't actually use in that he not just a running quarterback but -- six -- 250 pound top down running McNamee did or what -- that like tackling Jimmy Graham. It is not a treat you know you'll see him to shut the open the only pitcher out it's in the -- to -- that will. So what I can hardly recall ever shot in the open field either. Aboard the -- by up to the ground and say that it was sliding united is -- -- about. And so like Nicholas shot that's dangerous places -- people out Buick a topic goes on. Now Jim you look at the Saints now making changes obviously. Charles Brown. On the bench in Toronto arms than his first opportunity to start in. Boy -- get any bigger the challenge is when you look at of the bookends. Of Carolina and you say particularly Greg Hardy. I'm going to is that left tackle and look at they've combined for seventeen sacks this season. But it's -- -- -- kind of humbled in the superdome. Considering Drew -- biggest sack a couple of times but it wasn't what you'd call meaningful sacks and should stay in. And and you look at the Rams how destructive they -- I'm short of coaches that are a challenge and Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy in really against a hold -- just again after injuries. Yes definitely obviously did a really nice job in keeping them Jessica aren't good the defense that -- and -- game goes out. Games like last week the Panthers that sports sex against New York Jets and geno Smith visible quarterback. But yet at this point -- really nice party in particular. Keeping him out of its second game so yeah a lot these it's a chat right well. Will probably be doing some stunts and somewhat fittingly capped the Marlins by it. Nine spot and that's exactly you know it last week so did just that you'd be a different look maybe need to -- DeRozan what was presented -- And -- more caution in the wind and try to be. In a more reactive and they're trying to get burned by -- agrees to -- the pass in traffic in the hospital at least and it's like -- and those. Now genocide and I thought this is crucial and critical and I thought listen the Saints a crushed a great team. And the reason why -- and that's a Wednesday game winning streak which is that a number of categories. Aware they were ranked and you -- -- -- -- -- time talk about third down efficiency. Offensively and defensively Indian reds' own. Often did you visit officially. Looking at the Saints and in third down they were seven at 1250%. So anyone that battle and you look and Carolina was six of fifteen on their third down conversions. The deal with the reds all. And Carolina is on pace navy to set an NFL record. But the Saints were able to go for a 580%. And then you look what happened against the Rams the Saints are only able to convert two of six. And -- -- as far as third down percentage so I think when -- said and then you can look at those numbers. And you could kind of figure out you know who's gonna win and lets you know somebody's you know minus two in the turnover -- something like that. Yeah it's hard you know with -- because as a -- week. Yet so many options you can be so many things right in copper COLT and Ingram and it's normal human. It's hard to get everybody together and it -- equally as an excellent line. Are you -- excellent tackler. But he's an average government that -- lepers but you know what in the middle linebacker he'd blow -- you can match it would Jimmy Graham or are they go to your thomas' pro. A bad -- it's in this matchup that is in paper a New Orleans so. And it it someone like that satellite Patrick Pass coverage where at retirement papers -- -- -- the linebacker he can keep up originally and so course so. That would -- the nature they have the right defensive. Matchup in alignment a lot better communication and we cut this that you brought here. Winning is our secondary that double technical side about what would knowing what to do you were out of play the game on its communication as -- it was. Replace I thought they knew each other point and again I thought you -- adamant that -- think you can't do that against you or goes to -- provided a pick you apart. We're gonna have to watch that -- from two weeks ago. And learn -- -- to make sure it doesn't happen again. Tim is okay color analyst at the camp up at Jim thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right this is sports talk WW.