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WWL>Topics>>12-18 6:10pm Coach Curtis CJ Johnson

12-18 6:10pm Coach Curtis CJ Johnson

Dec 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- welcome to our number but the real sports talking to Kasey Kahne and Bobby bare and he Bellamy becoming -- -- six point 5 PM this evening. We visit with Saints quarterback Drew Brees will leave you have to all of the bonus now for you as well. As the rethinking agents always you know Lafayette taken on a Tulane green -- two teams that may 26 rounds prior Bobby. To leaving the series 21 to five however the last season went heavily in face of the -- at the swamp and that he would -- wanted to thirteen. And these two teams in the New Orleans Bowl which it will be a record crowd in the -- yet big Laguna the -- crowd. Excuse me 53000. Tickets and fill that -- -- -- would. -- -- aren't we welcome and now it's unbelievable occurrence courtesy dates at the coach Johnson thank you so much for John as -- bowl week on -- They get bit weak at the world. -- really love we love what maybe he can't. -- all the hospitality at Korea at we will have a lot of people that eighty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least he gets sick in the hotel and Jonas is bowl experience to match. That's what that's what a boulder is all about I think a lot of people. -- there -- -- time ball bottle bowler is different than a road trip in the NFL team this is a celebration you got a job at Duke but also kind of give an opportunity to celebrate. The opportunity to being a -- played a postseason game. Absolutely no it's a big group what are cheer our cheers laid off 00 year. Try as well there will very memorable game that we got somebody of great okay let it I mean you're gonna win which we will collide commit don't -- it would. I bet it would. CJ how how has practice been point you try to keep things as as a regular as you would be in the regular season. Able to need we -- we didn't know I think they are now try and work on board on the omitted. We're pretty hard it was it was David. That point out a way to get it up at the -- -- -- somebody a lot of really good practice in -- regulatory. Now our coach Johnson -- to -- -- demons playing well boy you look getting a lot of national recognition. You -- Magli Lorenzo dogs to talk about him. -- -- and -- -- all about what model but the other night. They're going to go out to be able we -- in the corner retriever couldn't remember it really got into that players on being here. And that they -- a little bit high and now. He's a ball or check the ball could cobbler you to where. I mean -- -- everything that we get out of it really could do they'll they'll. To Blanco it's courtesy. Is expected a CJ when you look at what the KG to offensively. Do we talk about the talent as a quarterback has that changed how you tried defeat ended the NB defend him with Broadway expected to -- Blake playing. -- -- brought they'll wait. And their system -- and would certainly you know and I. No matter what they're gonna be a good team as they. Cool it's a blind and but back -- -- very capable of receiver you don't -- -- from on that status best terrific player and prepared. They call it what you got in yours -- didn't play our brand. Well. Coach special teams has been big for a Cairo course the last couple years in that half inning when he beat they'd come down -- a game winning key. Come on what Gary and didn't want to let players are very clear early that -- -- you won't like it almost certainly not what compound broke a couple of people try collateral. Tulane coach Curtis CJ tactic OC date. Thank you so much for the time on the default it is game Saturday night. Well great game iron two extra donation I coach thank you very much he's -- bad Deke Bellavia this is sports talk on WW.

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