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12-18 6:45pm Drew Brees

Dec 18, 2013|

Bobby and Drew go QB to QB

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome in now Saints quarterback Drew Brees it's time now for QB to QB or Saints radio and QB QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby tugs -- Galileo. And Joseph said got to go. Call -- Drew big they are very interesting week I would imagine you guys were glad to get back on the practice field today to start preparing for -- -- game Sunday. Yeah that and that will propel us a lot of -- started the -- everybody on -- here you know with the -- turned the wrong road get a big land. Are you -- -- You know that the results. Don't ever hear them in the and that's what about the division used to curiously choke that's really all that matters -- that -- folks on the stand that I'm aware. Now I drew a little and have been started a game the Rams got off to a hot start. And you know you're down 70 that you respond right back. In you're able to drive the length of the field and nastiness on on the television ago that's almost like the kiss of death. All of a sudden that put on this green. Two reasons number one red zone quarterback in the NFL. He's our -- is 66 straight passes. Then lo and behold what happens the next play in that role while an interception as -- why did he put that on the screen. -- out there -- jinx it has -- that there is -- I'm bringing it -- because I know you can had a string -- -- that ball back you would of and now maybe if you don't know how are you give Jimmy Graham an opportunity grab it and it was on the -- but. When you get in the red film. How can you explain to fans or any rhyme or reason when you consider. The city Carolina Panthers at number one -- own. Defense in the NFL. And then in that game we were outstanding -- 45. Conversion. -- percentage and and against the Rams who were only to a six as far as red zone efficiency. Yeah -- -- by each of the first drive you know you're out there and then I'm -- interception on. You know sector and secretary of them it obviously -- There were cerebellum backer just know given about a throw QB Jimmy chancellor -- a bit after that we believe we drive down. We. You know we just got to get inside the red the red area and then you know in or didn't factor in particular through Logan reports. And then the next time down there you know we scored but then. We get the penalty that that brings us back. In the two minute drill it or. And we get the joke -- -- there. Are we our next trip down there we score strip down there we. We we might scored and then in the regular -- o'clock Shell match and try to the way that they weren't fortunate -- just. Not really that really went right. Now I drew a ligament out right before to have. You know were able had an opportune or should say driving on the field against some kind of momentum. In your favor you're down 24 to three. Who what did did you reflect by any you know could you look at past history and a -- of the great comeback we had against the Dolphins were down toward reported three back 2009 season even reflect back on that now I know ultimately. You know really get anything out of it we had a touchdown you threw to -- eight yards -- it. A penalty Abu enhanced that a face. And ending count and and ultimately. You know had a field goal blocked but. Did you reflect back on -- -- do you stay positive. And as far as you know that is it like is going your way but -- the reflect back what you did maybe in the pass like a great come back. In Miami when you're down -- reported three. -- we are in your sister weeks we try to play events and that's where you -- -- down fourteen points down and then we come back. On the were able to respond and answer very quickly you know in this game. I think the perception that we were down. By so much throughout the whole game and you know. I guess. You know when you say it was -- 431 point. You know in the third quarter. But you know as I looked upon them and I can I can think -- You know that that that touched. As you know have would've been really page you know stroke penalty it's a touchdown then I believe we go to halftime seventeen to parent. As opposed to seventeen streak later in the 2 o'clock match at any point. In detail a lot of momentum you get there. In the ball first start third quarter and then. You know I mean you at all basically. That drive it into the game where you know we've got another -- o'clock. That -- there. You know for the way that we scored a touchdown that one day -- We looked at a church double or and then another 8% in the game so. That's I guess the difference between. I had a chance to win and then. Not even really being close. Now drew when you look at it continuity along the offensive line. Tell if you agree with this -- or maybe you don't but. When I look at as the game was progressing. Coach they decided to put Zach -- at left tackle. -- -- Harris comes in net at right tackle. And now going forward against Carolina. Wouldn't -- be a case in point. Now we've got to Iran arms that -- left tackle. And that that the key is actually -- right tackle because he was playing. Such at a high level we know he's playing with confidence that he might be more confident as a right tackle -- left tackle right now where. All of a sudden. -- was actually to be as comfortable as -- and can and and and played dominant at the right tackle vs Woody's doing -- -- Yeah I mean your record right. Streak is he able to play both sides and and -- very well. You know -- -- in back interest you know you're gonna go out side in. You know he really hasn't played in an attack like anorexic -- -- five years and and you know -- go up against -- but what about structure in the league proper order are you are great day. So -- -- street did an excellent job with that just and I departures that they yet but I think you know long term. Makes Forsett cherry that aren't that also what our value keep -- gets -- our dugout charting a lucked out. Now drew a -- and -- in Carolina and obviously with the -- that a team would be offensively. Much hasn't changed. Now we're able to have an outstanding game but I can remember. You know doing the pregame hinges look at whether rat. You look on both sides of the ball outstanding third down offense and defense and like I said -- outstanding red zone defense but also they're red zone offense. When you see and now -- one game it's a as I wanted they really responded well. After that they really got embarrassed by about the Saints and I gained that they came back strong last we go what did you see on film -- -- like. Video playing at a high level and and and they were ready to roll and really didn't dwell on the loss to the saint. -- -- -- there -- of altering you know and -- -- They've been playing very very well last at least they won by that your game Gerald lost results last week so. We know -- You know try to -- they are there really are completely in -- -- -- church leader outstanding you know top spot starter each category. All essentially they've been extremely productive -- the Olympic plates special teams picked -- the -- but it's such things as well so. All around are very very sound are completely well coached and you know. An early look reporter doctor and boast some merit so we expect their best -- Now drew a look at the conditions. Now you could. You know have wet weather is it would be a factor mean as far as you know Charlotte as the Okie get coal -- Nicole. And zero playing on the -- that. It looks like it might be of a pretty nice day I was reading where maybe 30% chance of rain. But the one factor I think more than that was not the case as Saint Louis will be the crowd noise and you know their crowd has to be a jacked up. And and ready for this game so. Who do you think you'll be able to communicate and get done what you -- a bit offensively in the superdome. The same -- on the role as far as the at the same type of plays maybe ten attack and exploit. Carolina's defense. Yeah that's the plan I mean if you support our arms to make sure sure what you indicate you're store. A player -- -- all sorts belch rhythm and to make sure by saint age. So we I Cilic. What this particular law are sort virtue occasional -- very good but -- here in -- left tackle -- sort of peace and so that's -- -- -- -- that. Now I drew boo what -- -- Yemeni background. Or any relationship in the past. Maybe I'll play in a Pro Bowl together or against each other -- Shayne Graham. What I was reading when I was impressed with. Look he's been in the league since 2000 in a pro bowler. But over that span since 2000 is Agassi's been 85 but Iverson kicker what can you tell the fans about Shayne Graham and and you look at could come down I don't know was this week car. You know playoff time -- even the last game against Tampa. You know Carolina been at three point favorite kind of looks like. You can have an opportunity maybe been a situation where. Whether you make or miss the field goal and to come down to that whether you win or lose. There aren't you you carry expect it to be on their -- that the last seduction or a -- frugal in a late to where -- I think -- -- chambers track records teacher shelves in the -- are very high level you know felt a lot. He multiple troubles. You know I know I've seen him make up much -- -- church and pastor. I -- pretty excited about this topic Terry and come up to -- we we got. -- -- QB to QBs brought him by -- employees of Crosby tugs down again -- and Joseph set got to go called GO. Drew thank you so much for the time good look you in the Saints and he Carolina. --