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12-18 6:30pm Coach Mark Hudspeth

Dec 18, 2013|

Bobby and Deke speak to Coach Mark Hudspeth,University of Louisiana at Lafayette football head coach.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He as the head football coach. I'll be a raging cajun Louisiana Lafayette coach -- as vigilant -- now way he has got an awfully comfortable familiar with. New Orleans, Louisiana third straight year -- team is in the new all of broke coaching third -- so much for the time -- things gone for you thus far. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coaching staff and the commissioner of the Sun Belt Conference and our resident universe is so. Great great the night with a lives. Coach so I don't wanna we talked about -- this do all of bowl since his being here at this easiest third teed it but I think clearly. The folks at new wall runs the audio cares that all in the bowl everybody would tip -- -- To Louisiana Lafayette and their fans because this -- this football program as he'll put his ball ornament. Well I know is it's probably am -- football team. A ball awfully proud injustice -- -- -- because you're right you know. You honestly everybody air they come they showed. A lot of tickets. Not a lot pickets a lot of little children to our fans tolerate role in the now while ago I got a -- top -- -- just got here tonight -- in the room. And the majority album will be here tomorrow roll it straight through Sunday. And that will be out it all the restaurants all the old Gerald shops in and out they either make a great week and other. Now -- Look at that obviously or relaxing me so some guys that coach. Now I think you'll probably be you tell -- to game time decision when you look at Terrance Broadway November 30 against Munro. When it suffered a broken arm. Required surgery now he practiced some on Monday is it pretty much is that a game time decision or how high eagerness but the revs are giving him. While you quarterbacks cover two and it was is that is there. Well you're only a decade in the big. Could you perhaps the day. We had more pitch -- beat them thirty perhaps it's. You know he still always -- -- he makes it a -- it's a real long shot I don't anticipate him being ready. But he makes it going to be great for our we're prepared to worry about him. Are true other quarterbacks -- practice -- really well the last two weeks. And there are a little streak culture of the game time he argued your adrenaline goal -- prosecute -- all the people he's a competitor so you never know. Coach get a little play in the ain't the Sun Belt Conference team are tremendous amount. This is never freshman sophomore junior senior it's. That that's another sign of how Dominic your program has become in the Sunday. Well -- probable Parker for Mexican or we reward mattered for first year and one a bowl game the first year. In this your record and others yeah well in the Sun Belt Conference -- -- And though it got seven -- from top forty -- so we're we're bigger black groups. We with a you shall we were picks you embark on their bills in the next all reached that you and I believe really help us take it you know that you're actually up that we need. To continue to progression of our program. Coach Tulane they're ranked nationally defense ability of their ballclub at times have gotten any kind of inconsistent play quarterback but when they've done well. They've really dictated the pace of the ball game their roster -- ball well and create a lot of turnovers boss has become an all America and -- they've they -- the best -- to force some turnovers. What are some challenges your offense is look like facing Saturday gets a very good Tulane defense. What grade are the markets aren't playing your that there rush speaker. Virtually extinct in the nation. And -- street sense. Like you said the called a lot of turnover they're well coach. Can't play all we or their procedures done and nominal job in just two years are really exceptional program again. And they're not bear. Plus twelve maternal Morgan. Which -- -- top ten in the nation that means you're not turning -- -- remark in your make you know he -- over a lot so. Got to get them got current they're playing awfully well we'll have to play really well. Pick agreed in the game. Now coach president ligament what occurred in last year's a New Orleans Bowl. Blogging -- this kind of performance outstanding. You know quarterback to receiver connection -- game you know Broadway had three -- is sixteen yards a touchdown. But talk a little bit about Jamal Robinson. Now I know he can't get someone to get on the ball and and I was he had to be a little discouraged. Even good at -- gained only one catch for eleven yards. Against south Alabama but last year's six get -- 116 yards. Then you -- even -- balance and you know in that would have and that kind of numbers as far as a receiver and also being able to run. Just talk a little bit about Jamaal promising where he's at right now. We know he's a product of of yours but at least that area here and he's an outstanding player he's a big year in all of our receivers and you bought Turkey -- and -- Make -- as a varsity girls 63646. Big kid and he's 64 here and strong physical and all of attracted. We need to give him a chance they'll quirky and got eased out they're built to -- we can get to where he got a chance to make some points. As chronicled -- we appreciated time. What are some things coach you feel you need to do some things you'd you'd get game plan you have to have an ought to come out with your third straight New Orleans Bowl time. You know -- talking about -- between Israel somewhat similar but he had a great year we had a great year. We get we're we're ranked this summer or their -- matters. We -- about sending players since summer date to -- It yemenite in the trigger about 00 some after the -- about -- it being turned over to my potential in the game. Coach I'd say yeah that's in the -- -- -- ball I'd say you'd be correct when he get tonight -- I where I'm standing out in front of on crunch right now we end familiar familiar with a Google -- them. -- -- magazine so. Is not a Florida but we're in right and -- built we can we could do about it went into it a little bit lately how I. You're afraid of all. Coach you've always big cant do -- thank you so much great to have you indicated nation back in New Orleans and good luck Saturday night. We're proud of the year we appreciate -- -- not -- got it figured out. I coach coach mark Cutler and the raising -- about it Louisiana Lafayette -- it -- you know. It's just a great story. And both these teams really when you think about they have better than their record indicates Lafayette -- lost their first two games Bobby. And then they won eight straight in the improbably they they want they want eighteen point favorite over you real Monroe and they lost that game in and of course they lost to south Alabama.