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Dec 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gaining it welcome to our number but the real sports talking to Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- and he Bellamy coming up at 6:45 PM this evening. We visit with Saints quarterback Drew Brees will leave that to all of the -- now for you as well. As the rethinking agents always you know Lafayette take on the Tulane green weighs two teams -- 26 rounds prior Bobby. To leaving the series 21 to five however the last season went heavily in phase of the -- did that swamp and that he would forty wanted to thirteen. And these two teams in the New Orleans Bowl which it will be a record crowd in the world yet big looking -- the -- crowd. Excuse me 53000. Tickets sold I chief it would. Two nets aren't we welcome and now it's unbelievable -- -- courtesy -- at the coach Johnson thank you so much for John as houses bowl week on Floyd. They get bit -- the world -- are you really -- wee little baby he's there. It will all the hospitality agree that -- we will have a lot of people that eighty. Coach you know I like me to be in a bit easier for you to stay stay on campus and keep -- -- got a job -- He's cute -- in the hotel and Jonas is bowl experience to match. That's what that's what a boulder is all about I think a lot of people. They're there isn't sample bottle bowler is different than a road trip in the NFL team this is a celebration you got a job to do but it also kind of give an opportunity to celebrate. The opportunity to being a -- a post season game. Absolutely no it's a big group what are cheer our cheers laid off 00 year. Practiced well. There will be very memorable game that we got somebody of great okay elected. -- mean -- -- win win and we will collide commander hotel that would I bet it would. CJ how how has practice been -- you try to keep things as as a regular as you would -- in the regular season. Societal change we've -- we didn't know I think they are now try and work on board on the two minute. We did pretty hard it would -- -- -- -- Played all the way to get it up and built -- up somebody really good practice very similar regular street. Now our coach Johnson -- to -- -- -- is playing well -- you -- getting a lot of national recognition. -- corner Magli -- adults to talk about them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot more than that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that we -- in the order of retriever going to be tremendous Utley got it to the players on being there. In -- pick -- a little bit or are now. The ball all check the ball could cobbler he could Wear. I mean he does everything that we get out of it really could do well so. To an -- it's courtesy. Is expected a CJ when you look at what the KG to offensively. I view we talk about the talent is a quarterback has that changed how you tried defeat ended the NB defend him. With Broadway expected to -- Blake playing. Guys -- brought Elway. Got it in their system and Hairston would certainly you know and I. It would not matter a great place to go to. You don't have to keep it from on that status best terrific player and prepared -- the -- that's -- -- -- its -- years and being bobbled the ball. Coach special teams has been big for a Cairo court the last couple years in that half inning when he beat they'd come down in him or game winning key. Come on that it would be an. Didn't want to let players and what are very clear early that you're we're complete game -- you like it was so you know. What compound broke a couple of people try to tackle. Tulane coach Curtis CJ tactic OC -- Thank you so much for the time on the default it is game Saturday night. Well great iron to -- -- wish I coach thank you very much he's -- badly about it it's a sports talk on WWL mock us with -- has Coates at the bottom of the outings in Drew Brees with Jonas as well back to the own legal golf ball for rich rich thank you for calling it. WW. Are your world tomorrow Warner of the Saints lose. Both games and it possibly be totally out of group play real. Yeah the -- could -- -- -- is a thing. -- the east schedule bit Arizona Kansas fought tough they had to play at Seattle and they have San Francisco Arizona won't -- -- -- both of those games. And longer had to lose both vague -- so just slow when you watch Arizona loses one of next to a -- matter what to say shooters their last two games yeah. All day because I think of the banks. Don't have gone on Hartley and they might be some hasty putting pretty and. -- -- -- Hasty putting like in Harvard because of -- on their -- at their career at planet he beat him in the last -- Few years ago. Mean like you like it mourn and this in years are. Yeah well well you know it and look Carolina at three point favorite so you know they could come down that game winning field going the way exactly. John Nolan. Did you. Pick up. -- -- -- record that really prevented Saints from. Taking -- deep inside the C not a true want to deal which were really don't need to talk about. But you know and I hope some players and coaches are listening to the Israeli important -- -- and -- that right -- Two of the player's mentality and like when your feet and I played ball the past I don't wanna say to a plate or by. What are your deepest I've seen it like if you are out there warrior mentality on the -- like you're just gonna take over parliament and you're seeing that much. And I think that comes from number one. It has been coached when you have a game plan and your game plans set and they make adjustments there in the game especially after halftime. Your other player should be -- away the opponent I don't see that too much. Yeah yeah John Dunn Dunn. You'd think. It's John Hannah. Did John. Not jog you telling me that I'm Charles Brown had that warrior mentality. That he -- Robert Quinn line. -- yeah seven times they get a look at the competition too I mean you can have all the -- to you wanting alive you could think this is -- I I I'm ready to play with the idea that look at who you competing again. In his down and say you could say we got to be job got to be ready. You know as I wanted to plays in this but -- John you know John Cullen. -- Robert Quinn has embarrassed a lot of people this year he's had seven boards almost you he's probably immediate ability bits of you know player the carries in the conversation. Look now he's looked JJ -- detectives have played terrible this year. But he's been -- yeah. -- yet elegant all sold individual. Player. I think number -- -- -- of -- -- -- the coaches prepare and did you break the window. Because you've seen the first Baptist but will his. The pros is hard to break -- well all right at that time goal then is it is not. You don't have that many overall enlightened point spreads about -- homecoming game is thirty some points. No that's why I mean look at the Rams rank in the Saints -- it. And you look at the point spread. You know you would think where to Saints ran a big win in Carolina and and going as the Rams they got embarrassed we move forward to wood and it was a double digits. You have to look at the parity is that it's all pros. I mean so you think you get into it is. It is a bit when when you play I know how it is now in the locker room because I'm around some -- I. Our people like one win one when somebody calls -- and I don't really don't think because now. The -- athletes at all any -- is mostly this thought tall one out highs though but certainly at the college level is. To -- pay attention to the media. Good all day and I don't mean it yeah -- to the media is like like you say one snapping clear. Don't if they -- good about you don't pay attention to it it it's not bad about -- -- it -- nothing anybody see -- affects what you do. Well because it is human nature that. It's gonna be stored in your brain somewhere so right -- -- about it you don't really know that's why I'm saying he's not tell you an idea when I play. Was that. I was naive I I never. Red and now they and the Internet and all is gone now but I never read anything on is -- evening local right. -- begin on the fan and at times -- morning aboriginal now when I was playing. I would read from a national perspective let's say USA today so you had a jury tape they like -- USA today you know family did -- pick out. Publicly and I know the Dodgers would look at you you don't pick it up and you know edges or read that you got to be discipline them not to pick it up the same thing. On TV watch ABC world news tonight are just watch national stuff in the national -- and local. -- and therefore. Well it is positive or negative -- not influenced by it because you don't know about documents somebody could tell you sunny but if you don't. If you haven't really started in -- Braves because it was gonna come about. Sometimes is not as good as you think it is and is not as bad as you think in this not to go at him like that there was some good one alone time tease me about the birds and the -- and Chicago ala Andre is in the newspaper about you got to a newspaper -- quiet it was I don't know and New -- sports -- -- well I didn't now well as. You got ripped here at the yet nodded and he was ought to probably have a lot of god I don't -- -- I think yeah of course leave the united blows like as it is human nature so what you're good at that time -- that you don't eighteen Durham caught saving. And a lot like sports thought that I had. Like you know and that was a car and I never had been on the radio presiding wanna be influenced by by Hebert Sox needed to get rid of him. So Bob fight you know here and at the -- united bullets fly. My opinion isn't. Maybe -- power hours some. Maybe Christian influenced teaching -- you know -- yes on the idea that inspires you spiritually our -- just some music that you know get you motivated but you know it's all would you feed your mind. They ego feet Yuma rattled thank you for calling W did you know. Paid guys. Yet -- -- Aaron armed and well be great pit -- And -- line and I do have a -- and Bob. About a new kicker. What and be paying. Bring Graham getting his gold number. A lot -- that they have ever since I went to Atlanta they tend to get -- them and kickers anyway. Did you know. Corning had my number that you might even be a third kickers Ingraham. An acorn it was the purse. You might say all right and yeah. I don't know this -- give them at three in job I had a bunch of different numbers on that. One that it's like secret you know like. Today and -- his equipment manager and to Saints fans. Was this sacred number in your enemy number eight Oden -- nobody's ever worn that number. And nobody nowhere and number as long as -- and Simmons is equipment manager. Wire if you look at it I don't know the players to have had different numbers of energy you know what I'm -- of proud of is that I imagine had two different numbers retired. In -- highest close out the -- sells them to fifteen in high school and college -- number twelve. So I got those two numbers retired now. When I should have been Michigan USF -- -- Daytona Beach, Florida and training camp. Then thirteen quarterbacks and their equipment managers gave -- no evidence and as you know whenever. So I'll warn them eleven there. And then now I can only time I truly minute effort. To choose them at three United League. To choose they got two -- story be my mom chose that number two. He says about what you'd be Blair has come and play at a saint. Solitude be number three. For the holy -- of father son and holy growth. And does not need all I needed divine intervention to help me god help -- make quick in rational decisions and you. I think a lot of -- he as the head football coach. I'll be a raging cajun Louisiana Lafayette coach -- as vigilant -- now way he has got an awfully comfortable familiar with. New Orleans, Louisiana third straight year -- team is in the new all the local -- -- -- you so much for the time how things gone for a spot. A big regular grade again in this era and an epic to have agreed dinner. Coaching staff up there and they can make sure of the Sun Belt Conference and our resident universities so. Great great to have the night with a lot. -- so I don't wanna we talked about is this do all of bolts it is being here this easiest third teed it but I think clearly. The folks at New Orleans the audio cares -- all in the bowl everybody would tip they had. To Louisiana Lafayette and their fans because this -- this football program has he'll put his ball ornament. Well I know is it's probably -- -- football team. A ball awfully proud injustice -- -- program saying it because you're right you know. The Utley -- -- they probably showed up a lot of tickets. Not a couple of tickets a lot of -- children. And the majority album will be here tomorrow roll it straight through Sunday. And they will be out it all the restaurants all the old -- shots in. There and they either make a great week in other. Now coach -- look at that obviously or relaxing me -- some guys that coach. Now I think you'll probably be you tell -- to game time decision when you look at Terrance Broadway November 30 against Munro. When he had suffered a broken arm. Required surgery now. He practiced some on Monday is it pretty much is that a game time decision or how high eagerness but the revs and union only quarterbacks covered two and it was is that is there. Well you're only a decade they beat. Could you perhaps the day. We had more pitch count beat them thirty passers. You know he still little ways away he makes it here BR it's a real -- -- I don't anticipate him being ready. But if he makes it going to be great for our we're prepared to play without him. Are true other quarterback -- practiced really well. The last two weeks. And there are a little street culture to -- time he argued that adrenaline goal and -- -- sixty all the people he's a competitor so you never know. Coach get a little play -- the -- the Sun Belt Conference team are tremendous amount this is never freshman sophomore junior senior it's. That that's another sign of how Dominic your program has become in the Sunday. Well there's probably Crocker for -- ignore real reward mattered or first few years in the one of all in the first two years. And this year record and others yeah well and so -- toppers shared. And like seven both from prop forty popular it would make our groups. We with the new facility where picks you have -- -- -- -- in the next all reached that you and I believe really help us take it you know that you're actually out that we -- To continued progression of our program. Coach Tulane their ranks and actually defense of lead -- their ballclub at times have gotten any kind of inconsistent play quarterback but when they don't well. They've really dictated the pace of the ball game they rushed the football well and create a lot of turnovers boss has become an all America and -- they've they want the best team to force some turnovers. What are some challenges your offense is look like facing Saturday gets a very good -- defense. What they've got the -- it started playing your group they're -- beat -- virtually extinct in the nation. And rode street sense lucky shirt that called a lot of turnover they're well coached. Typically all play -- procedures done a phenomenal job in just two years are really exceptional program again. And they're not they're. Plus twelve maternal Morgan and which is in the top ten in the nation that means you're not trying you know remark in your make you know he or no -- so. Gotta get that -- -- they're playing well we will will have to play really well. Pick agreed in the game. Now coach resident ligament what occurred in last year's a New Orleans Bowl. Blogging -- this kind of performance outstanding. You know quarterback to receiver connection -- game you know Broadway had three -- -- sixteen yards a touchdown. But talk a little bit about Jamal Robinson. Now I know he can't get to one again in the ball and and I was he had to be a little discouraged. Even good at Disco game only one catch for eleven yards. Against south Alabama but last year six get -- -- -- sixteen yards. Then you -- even -- balance and you know in that would have and that kind of numbers as far as a receiver and also being able to run. Just talk a little bit about Jamaal promising where he's at right now. We know he's a product so all of your -- at least that it varies year and he's an outstanding player he's been here in all our receivers you -- jerky cherry and -- Mick noticed about you -- experts picked for six. -- yesterday's six or hear that the strong physical sport and attracted. We need to give him a chance they'll quirky and got eased out they're built to -- we can get to a he's got a chance to make some points. As chronicled -- we appreciated time. What are some things coach you feel you need to do some things you'd you'd get game plan you have to have it ought to come out with your third straight New Orleans Bowl time. You know talking about the -- games ago somewhat similar they had a great year we had a great year. We get we're we're ranked the summer -- they're great financial matters. We both have outstanding players and some tired of saying to me it's. -- given night in trigger bumble some after the game about late between the term's over you're at a time eagle in the game. Coach I'd say yeah that's a normal Wednesday info ball I'd say you'd be correct when he get tonight -- Where I'm standing out in front of on on right now mean errant no matter -- -- easier to grosans -- Brought Ronald migraine so that definitely gonna win in you built we can we could do up I went to a little bit lately how it. God you're able rate of all. Coach -- you've always big cat does. Thank you so much great to have you indicated nation back in New Orleans and good luck Saturday night. We're proud of the year we appreciate your bike not that got it figured out. I coach coach mark cut that the and the raging case in about it Louisiana Lafayette boy you know. It's just a great story. And both of these teams really when you think about they have been -- their record indicates Lafayette -- lost their first two games about it. And then they won eight straight in the improbably they they want they went eighteen point favorite over you real Monroe they lost that game and of course they lost to south Alabama. But way more net and just the moment. We welcome in now Saints quarterback Drew Brees it's time now for QB to QB or Saints radio QB QB has brought you by the great employees of Crosby tugs -- Galileo. And Joseph said got to go. Call -- Drew big they are very interesting week I would imagine you guys were glad to get back on the practice field today to start preparing for -- -- game Sunday. Yeah that the corporate -- some -- -- the -- everybody on autos here you know -- you have -- your -- road give England. I hit their long. You know that the results. Don't ever hear from -- and that's without the division your -- -- That's really all that matters that weren't focused on the game that I'm aware. Now I drew a little and have been started a game the Rams got off to a hot start. And you know you're down seven to zero -- respond right back. In you're able to drive the -- to the field and nastiness on on the television -- that's almost like the kiss of death. All of a sudden they put on this green. -- reasonable one red zone quarterback in the NFL. These are -- 166 straight passes. Then lo and behold what happens the next play in that role while an interception as a why did he put that on the screen. And I they would jinx it is but that there is lumbering -- because I know. You -- had a string and -- that ball back you -- -- and now maybe if you don't know how are you give Jimmy Graham an opportunity grabbing it and it was on the thrown but. When you get in the rental. How can you explain to fans or any rhyme or reason when you consider. The city Carolina Panthers had a number one read his -- Defense in the NFL. And -- in that game we were outstanding -- 45. Conversion. Now percentage and then against the Rams who were only to a six as far as red zone efficiency. Well you know -- -- each of the first drive you know you're out there and then and -- interception on. You know second and second serve I mean obviously that's. There were shutout backer just know given a -- throw you give me a chance like he sent. And that's you know we we drive down. We. You know we just started inside the red the red area and then you know -- -- -- sacked him and -- him through -- reports. And then the next time down there you know we scored but then. -- -- the penalty that that brings this back. That -- in the two minute drill right or. And we get the -- o'clock and there are. Are we our next trip down there weeks. Scorer match strip down there we. We we might scored your name in the regular -- o'clock -- -- match -- try to the way they work force should -- Not really that really -- right. Now I drew a ligament out right before to have. You know were able had an opportune or should say driving on the field against some kind of momentum. In your favor you're down 24 to three. Who -- did did you reflect back any you know could you look at past history and -- of the great comeback we had against the Dolphins were down toward reported three back 2009 season even reflect back on that now I know ultimately. You know really get anything out of it we had a touchdown you threw to -- eight yards -- it. A penalty -- enhanced that a face. And ending counted in -- ultimately. You know had a field goal blocked but. Did you reflect back on -- -- do you stay positive. And as far as you know that is it like is going your way but. You reflect back what you did maybe in the pass like a great come back. In Miami when you're down -- reported three. Yeah we period and -- as they reach -- -- -- -- and that's where you were imports -- fourteen points down and then we come back. On the were able to respond and answer very quickly you know in this game. I think the perception that we were down by so much throughout the whole game and you know. I guess. You know when you say it was -- 431 point. You know in the third quarter. But you know as I looked upon them and I can I can think you're. You know that that that touched. As you know have would've been really great you know we go to the penalty it's a touchdown then I believe we don't have time seventeen to parent. As opposed to seventeen streak later in the 2 o'clock match -- any point. -- in detail a lot of momentum you get there. In the ball first start third quarter and then. You know -- -- if you out at all basically. That drive it into the game where you know we've got another -- o'clock. That would have been. You know for the -- that we scored a touchdown that one day -- We looked at a church -- or and then another out it burst out in the game so. That I mean that's the difference between. I have a chance to win and then. Not even really been quote. Now drew when you look at -- continuity along the offensive line. Tell if you agree with this or -- maybe you don't but. When I look at as the game was progressing. Coach they decided to put Zach -- at left tackle. A -- Harris comes in net at right tackle. And now going forward against Carolina. Wouldn't -- be a case in point. Now we've got to Iran arms that -- left tackle. And that that the key is actually -- right tackle because he was playing. Such at a high level we know he's playing with confidence that he might be more confident as a right tackle been left tackle right now where. All of a sudden. -- is actually to be as comfortable as -- and -- and and in and played dominant at the right tackle vs Woody's doing and -- the left side. Yeah I mean -- -- right out streak if he's able to play both sides and I doubt it very well. You know it's -- in back game -- you know you're gonna go out side in. You know he really hasn't played in an attack -- an articulate for five years. And and you don't go up against our nuclear -- about structure in the league proper order are you are great day. So our our street did an excellent job with that just and departures that they yet but I think you know long term. Makes Forsett cherry -- aren't that awful lot about -- right -- -- our standout starting left out. Now drew elegant and and Carolina and obviously what they bring to the table defensively. Much hasn't changed. Now we're able to have an outstanding game but I can remember. You know doing the pregame hinges look at whether rat. You look on both sides of the ball outstanding third down offense and defense and like -- an early outstanding red zone defense and also -- red zone offense. When you see and now -- one game it's a as I boy did they really responded well. After that they really got embarrassed by about the Saints and I -- -- they came back strong last we go what did you see on film is saying like. Video playing at a high level and and then they were ready to roll and really didn't dwell on the loss to the Saints. -- bigger there're there are altering you know and page. They've been playing Berger well last and we certainly 19 hatch -- you know try to -- they are there really are completely in -- -- He -- leader outstanding you know a top five starter each category. Offensively they've been extremely productive it's the Olympic plates special teams that felt was picked by such things as well so. All around are very very sound are completely well coached and you know. Another look reporters doctor and burst some merit so we expect their best at. Now -- drew a look at the conditions. Now you could. You know have wet weather is it would be a factor army and as far as you know Charlotte as the -- get coal -- Nicole. And zero playing on the -- of it. It looks like him my idea of a pretty nice day I was reading where maybe 30% chance of rain. But the one factor I think more than that that was not the case as Saint Louis will be the crowd noise. And you know their crowd has to be a jacked up. And and ready for this game so. Who do you think you'll be able to communicate and get done what you -- -- offensively in the superdome. The same being on the road as far as at the same time -- plays maybe ten attack and exploit. Carolina's defense. Yeah that's a planned I mean either you support our arms to make sure that your torture indicate you're door. A player great trample all natural spelled shrewd on the -- make sure by the same page. So we I Cilic. What we're gonna get locked up sort of -- should -- -- always been very very good production here in new left tackle and sort of -- and so to sort of make sure to tell you comment. Now I drew boo what -- Yemeni background. Or any relationship in the past. Maybe I'll play in a Pro Bowl together or against each other -- Shayne Graham. What I was reading when I was impressed with. -- look he's been in the league since 2000 in a pro bowler. But over that span since 2000 is Agassi's been 85 but -- percent kicker with can you tell the fans about -- Shayne Graham and and you look at could come down I don't know was this week car. You know playoff time or even the last game against Tampa. You know Carolina been at three point favorite kind of looks like. You can have an opportunity maybe been a situation where. Whether you make or miss the field goal and to come down to that whether you win or lose. There aren't you you you carry expect it to be uh oh well on their -- the last election are pretty sure goal -- relate to where they're. I think -- Shayne -- track records teacher -- in the east are very high level you know fell short. He multiple Robles. You know I know I seen him make up much (%expletive) beat church you know in the past and I know pretty excited about that topic Terry and come out currently we got. -- -- -- -- QB to QB -- brought to Bagley employees of Crosby -- -- -- -- -- and Joseph set got to go called GO. Drew thank you so much for the time good look you in the Saints and he Carolina. -- -- -- -- gain kimono and you know this say the least bit in it it's all like. You hate to go back but I remember I guess there's people just didn't from a standpoint -- just just to kind of point out not to make you feel better feel worse but. Remember. How in -- may be how disappoint you fail. And midnight on 11:35 PM. Monday -- a sick. And remember how you fail. I had 4 o'clock in the afternoon this evening at midnight. On Sunday. -- and an eight. You thought I was saying to talk about -- in a week's time yelling and I am from from an active in it was like wait a minute but. At the point I'm trying to make is that. They will both. Big Ten caliber team you guys had different performances. Now. This thing moving forward. They want people stick out. One was it not comfort level. In our back you know what we dominate right on wasn't a place. Away from home where we really haven't had much success so I think this time -- always stated if you get the outcome. Regardless if he was as dominant as well as if it's a win. You would have to feel better about this victory. More so than any victory this season as an adverse considering adversity yet what's at stake and you have not done -- And at least we've gone in and at -- on the road. Yeah that daunting you know kind of look at it -- past history as far as Sean Payton and Drew Brees and the Saints. Carolina. -- -- really it's kind of been a 5050 deal. And what I mean by that is the thing that Carolina and really -- in a home field advantage. Where even if you look since 2006 kind of Carolina had the Saints in the superdome. Is men in -- Carolina's one here and we've won there. I can remember now that as a before Drew Brees -- on paying you know it was a meaningful game deacon. In obviously you lose one hit wonder. Was Aaron Brooks and coach Haslett. As a member driving. You know to show all religious right after Katrina and they beat -- and you know in Charlotte and all all that adversity well. I'm just saying that's a hostile environment. You playing on the road with the Saints have had success. On -- Drew Brees and Sean Payton and Carolina wanna say. They've won three loss force and has kind of typical line. A 5050 deal -- all I know is. That when the game's all said and done. And and and we do in the point after our. Food and Naseem on a bad Sunday night and and and and need to you know be real discourage. You gonna be real optimistic. We win this game. The league then in -- who have that opportunity control our destiny have been you feeling good about itself. -- -- -- if it just goes to show you how it can change. And then the thing is is that the challenge. How the NFL is hate. You know you beat Carolina. That you got to close out the season that Tampa -- Tampa -- like nothing better in the coming yards -- does things the same thing. With Carolina their last game and Falcons. That the -- -- nothing more to beat Carolina to try and utilize it did just held them in their season it would really make their seasons and haven't been anything. I'm just sell it is just amazing how tough -- is week in and week out with the bottom -- out to win. Then you feel good about yourself you don't win you feel terrible all right we'll get to Billy -- able come another half hour this is sports talk on WW.