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12-18 7:10pm Bobby and Deke, Pelicans vs. Clippers

Dec 18, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk Pelicans vs. Clippers with Dan Woike, Los Angeles Clippers beat writer for the Orange County Register.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're welcoming and Dan why do you call was the LA Clippers in action that against a -- panic pelicans and advance thank you so much of the time and how the pelicans. The media stamp on what's their take on the on the Clippers to start to -- Well you know with the Clippers but I think the feeling is that you know expectations as you were super once they brought Doc Rivers bowl. And you know that that their seventeen and nine now. There's -- really -- -- entirely agree when a month or. So -- Good gut check but I think that's pretty bad loss to. So you know that are open now I'm trying to underweight so that counts there. That -- from injuries but you know epics of our smoke come out cartilage so. He had not then -- like mine is standing just watching highlights and was going on early in the NBA season. And that of the mindset of Doc Rivers knew where he's been that. Then obviously wants to push to Clippers more I should say the development of better Davidson team is that -- kind of like. It has to be frustrating him and it might take some time. Yeah yeah that they that you worked that way in the top ten defense here in the past month. And you know certainly. You know all through camp earlier it was via the defense. Had Libya started sort of some of the defense and insert that can't credit their score otsuka. Sort of were -- to a probably both current. You know -- -- that they've gotten better defensively here there's also ranked you know that they really Matt Barnes. Arms should be kept one on the perimeter defenders and yet played really. I -- you know it wasn't an injured junior extra out so. -- banged up but you know that's part of it I mean obviously -- -- -- and that's a lot surrender it out at indices are trying to. To win games and get out. Now -- Dan you look NN obviously a highlight reel can you talk about the dunks -- And elevation you look at Blake Griffin and need him to truly take that next W here always needs to be. A tougher in you know Chris Paul and challenge him now and then but what is your take you think you know will he be able to develop. And in mid range shot. Where -- that I had it organized so you know people who work with the limited basis and that he's one of the hardest workers in the band and that. And so supremely skilled already and athletic we get it out of the willingness to work. Whether. You know you can -- I wouldn't bet against a guy like that you know back -- you like. You kind of pick in the zone highlight except where you know you stupid dumb and what -- big game. You mean and a sharp -- people at all -- that doesn't make sure that but he. You should shoot the ball pretty well this year I'm pretty good from the ribeiro line. You get another step as a ball and sure readers of ego iron. You know it's I would say it's too bad that people look at all the time but you know he has now up a bit. Now by Dan I know what we feel about this individual. In what he meant to New Orleans and the horns and now obviously the pelicans and Chris Paul is Chris followed truly. Appreciated. And Laker land you know playing with the Clippers have been -- what is I guess if you know basketball. And his biggest city as Los Angeles is the same I did have to are recognize Chris Paul -- gradient. Well there's so many men on the Lakers a you know that it could you know -- -- that kind of a dirty word out here on the you know he's still. He's still should be the other popular you know -- -- about some but it's ago. But you know -- -- people should remember you. You know part of the three or four best players in the NBA and and he's really really transform this franchise. -- You know a place for guys and a the other two reasons though it without the Clippers. You know you -- either. Taking way more money to play it right Morry are you got treated there and you're. And you know ticked off about it overall and two years ago it -- at the end of their career. Urged him on a more paychecks -- kinda got. Sign that because they can -- in there. Aren't that complicated -- -- because -- -- fabricate that but it's -- seasons as a great example another former Ornette. Darren Collison Mike got him and they all took less money to be Clippers should. -- We'll figure -- sort of hot and history so bad about that and that the impact of having it all and do -- sent quicker. Ball the branch. Dan why Keiko was the LA Clippers try to fall -- candidate Dan thank you so much to -- the game. Good luck terrific this weekend -- reality in any of them but they're all right he's Bobby Hebert of the ability will continue with sports talk on WW.