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Dec 19, 2013|

Dave Cohen talks to WWL listeners about Christmas. Is it a religious holiday?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this than nineteenth. Of December paydowns and and they're teeing and -- stood. Eighty for a Friday happy Friday eve do you in your right there are absolutely. So good duck commander Phil Robinson Robertson well. I'm not hiatus according name any from his own show I it is sort of the that was a word they used a hiatus this. I don't ever wanna be put on -- -- -- all that is only good thing to be honest it doesn't public high Natal attorney and to name it. On hiatus is going to be very interesting to see how his family. Reacts to this will the rest of the Robertson -- Who were honored as one of Bob all allies of ten most interesting people -- as a group last night on her primetime special. Her last one by the -- she's retiring but so Phil Robertson tells GQ. That he believes senators. Include gay people -- gay people are sinners he also said that other people found that category like adulterers which he it has been an idol winner. His wife has talked at length in fact during a visit here to New Orleans about how Phil Robertson. Was quite the wild adulterer yeah several years and really in absent husband and father kind of -- a bit yeah don't quite of quite a bit and but she said -- that's all over now matter if they've straightened and worked everything out. The question becomes. Did -- -- any do the right thing. And kicking a Monty show. And will his family continue to filmed the show will this speedy end of -- dynasty. Will his sons and his brother. And -- YEM. -- and his daughters in law who are the stars of the show say you know what I -- been kicked off for calling gays sinners but will go ahead and make the ship. -- I might not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They get a hunting show before that but they've made their money selling ducked calls Terry the most popular duck calls in the world and more continued to yeah I don't think this'll hurt the -- call -- -- one. Little bit. But it's a very interesting discussion today any do the right thing and if -- the Robertson family to keep making the show. You know ice -- kicked off the program because he said gays are senators. Do you keep making the show and make in the money and working with a company that is just said you're dead it was wrong for saying that and I don't and I think he you know at first you know why would he save. Why would he do a dumb thing like that but many think well here's a guy whose duck calls are paying the bills whose independently wealthy who owns. Ridiculous acreage and north Louisiana. Who has what looks like you -- from the persona he portrays on television and I've met him once and had a chance to talk to him. And it seemed pretty consistent to that he's he's pretty content is a pretty happy man got what he needs. Yeah he comes across that way and but Andy's got it. I guess he figures he has a right whose opinion and so he's being interviewed and that's what is -- and the question answered it. But we've seen what has happened others people. Who basis you know see disparaging comments and interviews and what are cost them -- Take -- show is banned from. Advertising. Knowing how I am losing huge contract high quality and I'd be a great example great example parallels are here yeah I'll. But just the fact and it can be hell yeah for saying some put somebody out there as fast. The day before Friday. Tomorrow at the end of the week -- already. And panorama put this question up on FaceBook for our listeners to sound off on and I want them to text and. -- 7870. Viewers did if you Rainey executive who's your pick. So Robertson often don't show at least temporarily for saying they gave their centers. And restoration and he's just the way you word that is. I was kicked off my own show -- yeah he is beat up commander he found yeah combination yeah him. Is his son Willy really is the big star of the show he's the executive producer and -- that kind of mastermind behind it -- as pleasant and ordinances down. And I knew if they keep making is that an insult that. -- and thank you never talk to about fifteen minutes here that is here at WWL AM FM and dot com also wanna talk to you as long as -- we'll throw religion into the discussion because. The Robertson's never made no bones about the fact that they're pretty religious -- went pretty right wing they prey on every episode. One of the sons is minister has been for decades. And it's surprise you. That in Louisiana where the people overwhelmingly supported and the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. That is very religious right wing hunter. And -- car makers think that being gay is dissent. -- -- -- discussion we'll have it but also a new poll from pew research don't talk about them Obama says. About half of Americans don't see Christmas as a religious holiday I think it has nothing to do with religion. Christ it's Christmas has nothing to do with religion according to half of Americans we'll talk about that as welcome up. Whether. It hit eighty by the weekend and sports fans get ready for a big one in Carolina next. One person Texas today 787 -- everyone is entitled to their own opinion. He should be able to voice his own. And Phil Robertson telling GQ magazine he feels that being gay is as -- in the and any is kicked them off of his own television show -- dynasty as a result. Some tax freedom of speech someone else's what happened to freedom of speech. In your own opinion supposed to be land of the free. Not -- says all he did was state his beliefs and I'll tell you this right now. No one is saying he couldn't say what he wanted to say and they didn't tell him that he's not entitled to his own opinion it is said we're entitled to decide who's on our TV network. And right now we don't want you on our TV network in any as the -- to decide is on the network as well. -- now says they should all bail fills a great man -- in the entire cast his entire family should now say wing gonna do it. Another says most TV shows have clauses in their contracts to cover such things -- should have known that any had every right to do with the dead another is as everyone is entitled to their own opponents out. Very -- thing. Any I think there's no doubt they have the right. Dickie Roberts and off and I think there's no doubt Robertson as the right to say anything he wants under the First Amendment but it doesn't mean he has the right to be on any TV. So he made a decision to say when he said that he thinks gays or senators and he had the right to kick him off the -- and I did. To me to see if the show survives this -- -- had to weather before we do sports Steve do you stand by 12 we'll get Lauren here. For today 73 for hi this afternoon and partly cloudy skies look for just a 10% chance first hour. Then tonight overnight lows dropping into the sixties now for Friday bring chances at 40%. Highs around 77. And Saturday's chances that 50% with highs of 79. From the Eyewitness News forecast sinner I -- -- as far back out. -- near eighty decrease as we can't allow it's 57 right now at the international airport in -- under partly cloudy skies. If you're coming across the lake can get ready set a few -- because -- turnout in the thirties on the nor assurance 38 in Bogle -- 45 by the time he -- -- and 57 by the time you can't. Into the city's big temperature you're gonna go up nearly twenty degrees. As you make your way from Washington parish to Orleans parish wanna hold a morning. -- already in the days before Friday it's look at the two more days for the New Orleans Bowl and then -- -- -- the facing Carolina beat you. In Baghdad yesterday didn't practice -- good to see the new taker wearing number three existing oil and talk about that coming up right -- us about all that and sports. Both saints head coach Sean Payton has made -- -- reforms that the starting left tackle for Sunday's contest thing Carolina. We'll -- rookie being able to survive the Panthers fearsome defensive front well Drew Brees sure believes the third round pick we'll. Succeed great challenge form for great opportunity I'm excited former a lot of confidence in him he's continued to improve. You know each and every day -- -- you run the scout team and throughout so training camp and into the season here I think he's just been -- Tom -- hurt his opportunity. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Brandon Browner has been suspended indefinitely. For violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. It's the second suspension in two seasons for Browner who set up for games last year for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances. He hasn't played since being injured in week ten against Atlanta out. -- the pelicans dropped their third straight game losing what awaits in 95 to the clippers. Some good news though if -- Davis returned to lineup after missing just seven games with a broken left hand. AD even led the team with 24 points and twelve rebounds. Over LSU -- were Anthony -- scored sixteen points to lead the tigers past Texas Tech 71 -- 69. Spot -- -- the waves it around -- top do an important. Your side here is cycle without the baseline underneath the basket hard or hit keep -- for me. If he gets his -- three good night. Should -- Coleman added thirteen points for LSU while Andre Stringer added twelve points and dished out four assists. And now here's the big chief with they look at Saturday's New Orleans Bowl. Louisiana I'm glad he had coached my cousin visits in arranging they didn't -- shortsighted to be back in the Big Easy again. Excited about a week you're. Especially with the hospitality. For us in the we're really ready to play but -- -- have aluminum it's. Saturday night marks the third straight year that -- painting will play in the New Orleans bulk. Deke Bellavia WWL's. Board today up four on sports talk from -- on -- in Metairie it's the -- players show with linebacker junior delay it. Plus Bobby -- goes QB to QB with Drew Brees. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look at sports tennis does the big beer rite oh yes here's the meter is -- that's yet to achieve beard. And it's insisted that that beer is the size of but I most human beings he's he's so cute kid has beer alone is bigger than -- the -- those guys the guys you had manner and then they might -- didn't help I guess I just say it. I it's. How did everything seem to work out yesterday at a -- testing now they stand as new left tackle new kick where new defensive back. Yeah and getting to talk fishing grim in the locker was amazing. Though throngs of media around him it was first question was have you ever gotten this much attention. And he's like yeah you know a few times when I've been with -- -- playoff runs and stuff like that. But hmmm seems -- you know who loves a veteran that's experienced and knows what he's expect expected to do right now. And seems confident. As well as Drew Brees having confidence in his left tackle and welcomes Ron harms says well he's like hey this is why I came to play in the NFL is what I wanna do. And everyone says and that's why this isn't new. Wildly athletic man -- to -- very interesting to watch. Implant left tackle I was very easy yesterday when they announced that chamber and the new -- can be wearing number three is right behind you with a five -- there yes. Hanging on the wall with number three on its last body when he thought about anything at all days. Ever since I left the things he went to the falcons -- they keep giving -- numbered street. So I guess is the equipment managers -- on Bobby that he was a traitor and that they were very angry at him force him to hold out and leaving the saints going to the falcons. So now they never give a quarterback number three anyway keep given educators and -- thanks to the exact. Kind of backhanded -- given less what I remember I think Tyler Alco it was a -- the last backs up that had the number 300 yeah. Yeah. -- 103 also brightens. And he says he thinks three or four kickers event. Numbers are pretty. They've never give -- anything but kicker he thought dead seems deathly go to legs now so I guess Bobby you -- -- his numbers show live in infamy his number keeps his number keeps Donna kickers and number eight. Has never gone to anybody else. Only one person ever wore number eight for the saints at least during the regular season priorities and I think every member gets it is released in the regular season so. Mr. Manning mr. receipt they respect and they don't get his number indicators but -- the sense -- dictators think he would get a kick you out. Bring you back and -- meant to more -- Steve Geller I'm Dave -- Margaret comments about Phil Robertson. Being kicked off of -- dynasty after this. -- -- -- Best it's going to be a warmer day ahead with 73 this afternoon and -- 10% chance for just a light shower and tonight look for lows in the sixties a little patchy fog. In tomorrow warming up a good bit 77 for Friday watch out for some spotty showers and extend a 40% chance. And on Saturday at 50% chance for some scattered downpours and highs of 79. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- -- big temperature swings -- 57 at the according tanner 38. Eaton Bogle loses a big change. From the north short of the center of one person -- at 87878. Do you think people will stop watching the show because of the comment Phil Robertson made saying the gays are senators. The family should walk away from the show I don't think they need the money so I think they could if they wanted to. And also still ought to buy any and fire all those -- at it it's already got that much money. Another -- says they want reality well the reality is some people think being gay is a stand. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news on this the nineteenth of December 8 2013. I'm so excited -- the -- before a Friday hey money get the year I don't know what to tell me it was Friday. You point six days from Christmas Day usually it might feel a little crowded than Damascus. This weekend all my goodness I was out in about last night off that yet allowed lots of people -- doing shopping and having that realization holy there's only six days. Time go on another goal -- gotta go tomorrow. Currencies. On the traffic germs and loan juice that I traffic as people are jamming up our text messaging service today 7870. -- -- comments about Phil Robertson being kicked off of his own television show -- dynasty tomorrow. Growing yeah and I'm questioning doesn't have the first -- right of course he has the right to say whatever he wants him of course Cheney has the right to decide who's on a television station. There are so any as the right to keep them off but a lot of people think the whole family should not boycott taping any future episodes and could be the death of -- dynasty we'll see how this all plays -- -- if you can continue the conversation on our FaceBook. It's add Facebook's WWL radio we've put up the article for you to read. And you can comment away and share your thoughts there and converse with one another I've got to open up you were wrong with people file right now is about time we did -- -- Sun comes to us from Sydney Australia. Where tourists had to be rescued by police. After plunging off appear. -- honor and the woman was -- walking along the bay in Melbourne there. Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne and I think is how they say do we send Melbourne and Melbourne now that there's nobody down there down under. When she became distracted by her. FaceBook feed on her phone knowledge. And stepped out -- here I don't think. It says this is chilly water but the cheese. Thank -- great white sharks on Tehran all over the place a witness called for help. And police rushed to the woman's aid and founder flailing around in the water about 65 feet from the peers and use the tide pulled out in our -- me. If she is lying on her bag and it floating position. She told us later that she couldn't swim if you know how to float that he did slow well -- mobile phone in her hand. Initially she apologized and said sorry. Always taken to a hospital for treatment police say she is a foreigner but declined to say which countries cheers from. With FaceBook are social media in general as far as we're concerned if you're anywhere near the water just pay attention that a police official. Yeah if you can't swim might be a good idea I know if he can't swing if you can't swear and -- we we talk about this all the time though about the people we observe. Right downstairs here right in the CBD. A lot I'll run over people who are on holiday and -- other -- your FaceBook -- tweeting Eric. Did Rihanna what whatever they're doing and they got them out right funny and out when there's a red light don't even look. Looking down at the screen face down then they're just kind of walking across the street garner crowded. It's it's dangerous people that while the driver -- -- -- tool in the right. Accredited -- -- somebody -- across -- on it. Your that was -- girl but she definitely belongs in -- -- -- -- With people -- -- -- -- -- thank you -- little talking about twenty minutes my first and his parents you know I'm WWL IM FM and I -- Dodgers go live -- directly Eyewitness News forecast -- -- good morning and there's today -- before Friday and then every Friday -- to miss meteorologist Laura bucked. -- love Friday -- yes I do you almost as much as I love Friday yes but not quite as not quite as much now that's a little bit under that damn man what a weird morning. Third out eight in -- lose by 857. In -- I know big change in almost a twenty degree swing just around -- And I guess the warmup will continue and we can get pert near eighty by the weekend and yet we're going to be close to -- 79 on Saturday -- head of that front coming through. I don't mean read plunge again. -- -- -- you know we we cool at -- to be crazy cold for a Monday but. We will see highs around 58 on Monday and -- just out kind of hanging around in the ABS sprinkle or two it will showered drizzle left over on Monday but. Yes up until then we just keep ramping up seven -- today all the way through Sunday front these through looks like Sunday night. Found cancer again even warm on Sunday and then now. That night the temperatures start to fall right -- in the become aware of those days -- the front -- Rudy takes little time sometimes -- to cool -- behind that -- ten minutes could be one of those -- that -- -- he can't have a -- lagging behind just a -- all right -- -- -- get the rain you know rain chances and -- increasing there's a slight chance -- not much about 10% but tomorrow a 40% chance for some showers working -- throughout the day. And Saturday -- to a 50% chance there's a line of storms coming through Saturday night into Sunday morning so that's really what's going to bring. That cooler weather since that point rain all weekend it's not going to be a washout but it is going to be -- humid. I'd damp kind of lucky in and warmth within a shower -- thunderstorm -- Really starting Friday we could see some and then all weekend long right exactly there you go -- and now I know you've been informed you can we look all the way ahead to -- Look at it even they know we always say we can tweak this a little bit as we get closer to that right now looks. Kind of cool and sunny for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day highs in the upper fifties to lower sixties now. And I. Also cool enough that it feels kind of Christmas -- a warm enough kids outside and play with the new toys rightly get at -- choice that's right it's -- playing outdoors. Lakewood ranch Florida I'm pretty sure that the homeowners association belongs in Maine what. Wrong with people file. The homeowners association and Lakewood ranch Florida is prohibiting. Children from playing in the streets. I hope. The country club homeowners association passed a new bylaws saying that children cannot play in the street due to safety reason this is it for their own safety like they're worried about the game you know. Hit by cars they say anything narrow winding road to -- community drivers often speed it social kids have been banned from playing in history don't I am pleading. Don't sit up -- force -- don't ask drivers to slow down knows state kids cannot play industry. -- to say you know growing up. That was always a rule my house the -- in the street and the -- scenes you know. What kind of like a no brain idea play -- idea ride your bike patty you ride your bike on a sidewalk I guess we -- we you know we I don't know suburb -- We played frisbee we've played -- of -- we played every week it'll -- you had to lay in the street that was that long ago c'mon. What I'm just saying I mean it's you know now -- -- -- industry iPods and really would like I play with my -- industry I think I'm one of those old ladies in the strap them on what are those kids doing in the street that is not saying you think he'd be in their frank yarder vernacular -- -- you question -- revenue front oriented job -- lied on no I have -- but I -- -- to get my candidate like. Just necessarily paying attention you know and if there's cars going down -- no worry about that when the I can't play. Streets drivers should know that should watch out for them now okay. And I guess you know maybe later in the country club so they -- AMP yards in places other places the kids can play local playgrounds or something they can go to begin a dialogue flying hazard skateboards or -- -- -- -- I'm I'm I'm -- -- now did -- good thing you know kids he run over but. Yet as I just think it's for their safety you know I think and it's all good sector that is to say you're drivers need to slowdown. From bag and a slowdown that somewhere else but again how they're always going to be out one that's not so. I've got to take care of the kids that on -- it. So what are those kids are reacting are they did not have anywhere else to go and plan according to this article some parents have called the new rule of shirt. Well. Can have a difference of opinion that's OK I'm just -- all that the kids safety I guess. All right so you say don't phenomena -- solid people file I say they do and middle maybe it may be just kind of outside the files are right now in the cabinet and -- in the thought there we go thank you -- -- happy Friday -- safety of Laura but now -- -- -- Eyewitness News forecast -- are coming up I want to talk more about this new Pew Research Center survey that found that. Half of Americans. Do not believe Christmas is a religious holiday. Do you. Is Christmas a religious holiday orb with all of the Santa is a nation of it all of the commercialization. Of it. All of the authorization of it whatever you wanna call it. As Christmas just becoming secular holiday a cultural holiday or is it still a religious holiday apparently at least half of Americans don't think it is anymore. Maybe they did take -- Christ out of Christmas. And that's really isn't surprising but what was striking to me is that only about half of Americans say they celebrate Christmas and that they see Christmas has more of a religious holiday. Greg Smith with the Pew Research Center only about half of Americans think Christmas is a religious holiday I guess that makes sense because when you drive around and look at people's decorations. There's talk and the blow up -- -- riding motorcycles. And -- thinks like that. Which you see fewer and fewer nativity scenes I'm not saying this is a good thing or bad thing I'm just saying this is what's happening in America that. Half of Americans according to this survey and I think it currently jibes with what you see out there. Don't think that Christmas has anything to do with religion anymore is it become more of a secular. Holiday is it just in time for Americans to have a good time and enjoy life or is it still about. The birth of Christ almost the most I guess. Right now is sports at ten minutes before. Before 6 AM and for that we welcome and Steve -- good morning Steve and happy Friday evening as happy Friday. Every -- a lot has been made about the saints 304 record on the road of late as the team has dropped two of their last three contests. Drew Brees talks about the team's players they get ready to -- in the Carolina on Sunday. For a big NFC south showdown. The only way I go to fix it is the process throughout the week your preparations you know the game -- cold and going out there and executing and practice and visualizing success visualizing yourself from the moment. -- durable linebacker London Fletcher says that he's 99%. Sure that he'll retire after this season. The Redskins mainstay has never missed -- many NFL. Playing in 254. Consecutive games the longest streak by defensive player since the 1970 merger. Anthony Davis returned to the pelicans lineup after missing seven games with a broken left hand but it wasn't enough for the pelicans who lost 10 lead to 95 to the clippers. Davis led New Orleans 124 points and added twelve rebounds and three steals. LSU basketball 18 tight one over Texas Tech haircuts. Here's like guarded by BP. Four seconds to play the game brave new -- pray for the quarter. Anthony -- reported eleven of his sixteen points in the second half to lead the tigers to a 7169. Victory. -- she's now seven -- when the season and it won sixteen of their twenty nonconference games under second year head coach Johnny Jones. Now time to get the latest on the New Orleans Bowl here's the big chief. They're -- -- Wayne take on the racing game of Louisiana Lafayette Saturday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome doing juniors once he says he in the green wave players. Are preparing well. But they're also enjoying all the bowl activities. This weekend -- Kick off with an 8 PM Saturday night in the doll Deke Bellavia WWL's board. Today have -- on sports talk from voters on this in -- it's the saints' players show with linebacker junior collect. -- Bobby Hebert goes QB to QB with Drew Brees I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look explores. It's a last week Cameron Jordan this week junior glad the two big imposing man on the exact line. Act as sack attack in back to back weeks go on meet junior. Editors in Metairie tonight get his autograph -- is very large -- And Stephen beard and remember what he did last time they face the Carolina Panthers sacked Tim Newton mr. Superman -- the chest open and and then slam that Israel Clark -- chart on the ground and stomped on yeah I was quite amusing yes so let's hope he has a similarly wonderful game. Coming up Sunday. In Carolina. Three and a half the saints are underdogs in this one and does that sound right to you based on everything we now know as we get ready for this and. Absolutely just because you have to give Carolina being very simply because. -- the home team in this one yes the saints dominated them the last time they met in week fourteen Sunday Night Football in the dome. It was in the same house everyone's talking about all the struggles the black and -- -- having on the road right now in this one. Is it tough divisional match up. I still all like to say in this one just because Kevin was back to back games since 2000. And if it comes down to -- -- the necessary game winning field goal yes let's say 48 yarder. And Shayne Graham come men after. -- play anywhere the season right he's been out all season no but he has been working out he says he's been in tip top shape this whole time waiting for -- -- and when he tried out the sense that he was very accurate in the tryouts right he won out of all the things great allies -- -- stickers that came so so. This comes under. Final play of the game Chang Graham indicate the game winner -- governor seeking Internet. Things will be a little site and I it'll be -- your -- may have -- Johnson just because to me the whole motion of snap hold kick. I feel like there has to be some kind of built up chemistry there as well and -- better be doing that about a billion times exact count and then get comfortable on. Developing that chemistry thank you Steve for the Melbourne chemistry with you in about fifteen less is more sports. I so we've got seventies all the way through Sunday before the cold front comes in a little bit of rain possible Friday and really through the weekend park near eighty this weekend here. As we close in on Christmas. Yeah you know it's kind of crazy as it did it does get this weight is tiger appears to warm -- event for Christmas Day is going to be very seasonal fifty's and sixty's yeah. Putin for Tommy for the next correspond much yet. Well you know there's been this -- talk about Santa Claus is sent a -- percent of black well I think we're gonna try to answer the bigger question. Based on what you know and what he represents. It's in a liberal or conservative. Allow put politics right into the red -- are at the ability they can never supposed to mix.

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