WWL>Topics>>12-19 6:10am WWL 1st News: Santa's political affiliation

12-19 6:10am WWL 1st News: Santa's political affiliation

Dec 19, 2013|

Scoot, in for Tommy, asks WWL listeners is Santa liberal or conservative? Also, a Duck Dynasty star's comments regarding homosexuality sparked controversy prompting the network to indefinitely suspend him. Was this the right thing to do?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David -- companies going to be off until after the first of the year so it will be here in the morning for. And the next week or so here a couple of things it would Woodstock will talk about this morning. I was asked by a -- Los Angeles to preview the documentary about Rick Springfield and fear of hearts and -- to review here's our friend and -- Yeah I'd like that the well. Another story I had a so wrote a blog about it that's on our website you'll talk about that one thing that I noticed in this movie which. How so many people would talk personally about how Rick Springfield to music and help them through difficult times. And it made me think about it singers and songs over. My life that have meant something to me out at tough times I always liked them a lot and at some people I think automatically painted him as being a -- -- Type artist -- others. He's he's god he is an extraordinary. Guitar play gala he basic. And and you see a side of him in this it's actually the award winning documentary affairs argues he has sight of him that you don't see in many rock stars have very. Sensitive caring side where he is very Jerry. I'm intent on connecting with his stance anyway his music helped a lot of people to a so we'll talk about the songs. It helped us get through tough times practiced Rick Springfield -- also -- dynasty star Phil Roberts like off the show by -- India after anti gay comments he made in an interview. GQ magazine got the hawk yeah I guess some people just continued not to think. Before they they talk. And I'll tell you what he said well I can't tell you exactly what he's senile but I will allude to what he says it and the question is it should -- -- kicked him off -- dynasty. Also I'd do pets make the perfect Christmas gift. The perfect correctly you wish you a lot of people wanna give pets for Christmas it seems like the wonderful little gift you know the the kids wake up in the morning is little -- under the tree all my goodness the other it to the cherish your heart out. But the newness of the pat does Wear -- in and you got actually take care of the net yeah and suddenly you've got group who all over the property and you know like that. -- -- gonna put a strain on things exactly so will will will talk about that and what I really wanna get into this morning. And we'll do this throughout the shoot today. We've heard a lot of talk about -- percent of whites is he black -- let's forget about it let's go to the bigger question based on what you know about our program and what he represents us. Do you think -- is liberal or conservative. Very good question Tony's got those -- it's cheap labor maximizing profits. That would make him conservative. But then he does so many wonderful things that would make him liberal. Not that concern to a -- -- I -- they're dubbing -- -- -- -- opinion poll this morning based on what you know with him. And what he represents. It sent a liberal or conservative. Give us your opinion Michael or to -- -- David of you will not count and we're talking about them on the show this morning if you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And I -- number is he 7870. Rick Springfield said now he did he so glad that the song was inspired and actually if he would've. If you would have gotten Jesse's girl down he would have written a song that would have been famous always glad he did hook up and it's a choice how many times have died due air could gives our business right driver down the road. So dangerous spot. It's 613 I'm -- -- Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back this morning going to -- WL it's 6:18 good morning unsuited for Tommy Tucker for the next and weaker so -- stated some vacation before the end of the year. Here's our data -- -- a pretty general opinion poll this morning based on what you know with him and what he represents. Is -- liberals. Or conservative. 33% say he's conservative 67%. Say based on what they know what he represents. -- is liberal. Give us your opinion by going to our web site of the W dot com also if you wanna join our conversation this morning. Our number is 2601870. -- 38668890. What's happening in a tax -- 78 -- Here's a text that read says Santa Claus must be conservative because not only does he get free and or cheap labor. But you also need to take into account that he probably uses all those Christmas gifts as the biggest tax deduction there -- Another text reads Santa is conservative but with a huge part. Here is another text how consent to make profits. He's giving its products away. That's true so would that make him liberal as he doesn't really -- but the profits. I hear is that text says that reads. Santa Claus is a white man about six foot 225 pounds he's driving of the causeway right now it's -- -- conservative. Here is a tax develop Phil Robertson. The patriarch from -- dynasty kicked off the show by a need because of anti gay comments he made. This text reason Phil Robertson was 100% right -- will regret dropping him. He will. He will fire at them and find another network about time somebody stands up for what's right way to go beards. What does Phil Robertson said. I I can't say it on the year he said this in an interview in GQ magazine that he got very graphic with. Male and female anatomy. And the mechanics. Of heterosexual sex. And homosexual sex. And a need is network that supports the gay community and there was a big backlash because of the comments that he made. You know he also I think kind of contradicts himself four or contradict this idea that he's he's anti gay because he also said that. He would never treat anybody with disrespect. Because they're different from him and he said they were all created by the almighty. And I and like him he said I love all of humanity. We would all be better if we loved god. And love each other. So -- that does kind of -- I don't agree with what he said about homosexuality but I'd like to agree with what he says about. Being inclusive and loving god and and and loving each other. I I I can't help but comment on this this. One part of the interview he said. Everything is -- which writes what's wrong. Seemed becomes fine start with homosexual behavior in just more -- out from there. Beastie gallery sleeping around with this woman that woman that woman or those meant. Is it fair to. Link homosexuality and with all of those things and I don't know about you. But there's nothing that happened in the world that has taken morals away from me. Have morals been taken away from you in some -- has as somebody. Has society take in your morals away or are you still a moral person and do you continue to teach morality to your kids. If you wanna join our show with a comet this morning numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Age seventy and a text is -- at -- him. -- -- for Tommy Tucker six -- one here's a Debbie WL traffic update with Terrell Robinson. We've heard talk about whether or not Santa Claus is white or black which I think it's a ridiculous conversation its border -- represents not what color his his skin is but you know that really is just such a a microcosm for this country and and how. We want to turn everything into a discussion about race in and judging centerpiece of his skin color not the content of his character but I probably move onto another question. Based on what you know of him and what he represents. Is Santa Claus liberal or conservative that's or dubbed W a party -- opinion poll this morning. 45% say is conservative and 55% say. He's liberal gives your opinion by going to our web site DaVita QL dot com where truck that polls on our show this morning and -- -- dating game coming up here in just few minutes. It's 6:46 on this Thursday morning getting close to the weekend possibility of some rain but it's going to be a very nice day today. And tomorrow I'm screwed in four Tommy Tucker were also talking about Phil Robertson being suspended from. I don't dynasty by a India after comments that were considered to be anti gay comments but he also said some comets and I think we're very very. On inclusive a comments on attacks are pouring in about that I'll get to abort your -- on that come and appear. In just a moment to a ten year on WW good morning. -- -- opera of the art. About BO Ali you're gonna begin a mechanic for any big -- simply yet to. A part of the female anatomy are the male anatomy is that would Obama at the border Kabul he said that I would specs are out -- an unnatural act. And that -- and bobbled a bit. That at the singer a as saying that the -- you can't be a little bit right. Consider it and period that he won the most -- bank around what -- it appeared a bit younger hot water out of -- out -- the right. Everybody everybody has the freedom of speech but they also are or -- possibly deal with the consequences of that freedom now. I said he what he said was graphic is too graphic for me to say of the army legally I can say it but I choose not to because I find it to a little graphic. I think it's okay that you set the record straight that it wasn't -- as graphic as some people might think. But he did get rather graphic with the female anatomy and so part of the male anatomy. Now -- without going into details Ted you do know that they are heterosexuals that participate in the same kind of mechanics. With sex that so homosexuals who are you okay -- that. That. -- I OK okay -- I appreciate you saying that it's. Eight but it but it the mechanics aren't the same. With man and a woman that's okay. They're okay but it's not their business if -- to be an even though you're not involved I beat one of the men. And do it took at Minnesota but he has but it would still be none of your business right now. What two men together. It's Beckett -- I wanna to conduct and it does not include. -- -- is what it to clear that up if it's if it's on your business if two heterosexuals do something that. You might not agree with you might not do if that's their business will them what to adopt. That but that's what it's gonna put. Why is it good why is it your business if there's somebody is homosexual how does that affect you. Out there are so happy about it but I don't know I had been -- -- aspect that. But they put that they can do if you want. If anybody to do guards that operate -- be an apartment. But it's not that appointed by any outlook. -- -- what I'm not suggesting is that you're saying that that is unnatural than what heterosexual. But people do is also technically unnatural. OK I just want to clear that up because it's it gets kinda confusing for me. Well the other the -- area right there -- I think it. I ten I'm glad to go to show if Euro holds they would -- if you would rejoice with your comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a text number estates and heats up. Good morning Tommy is -- off for the next week or so he'll be back after their first of the year taken there have been -- will deserved vacation. A table a lot of conversation now about what Phil Robertson in front of dynasty said -- and it's I mean it techs are pouring in I've got calls to get to as well. -- -- For those who think that. I don't defend. Freedom of speech I've I do now but sometimes we are accountable for for what we say. And I'm not sure in this day and age if it's right I don't like the idea criticizing people get -- text here -- of this has been rumored. A throughout my career I've screwed if you feel this way you must be gay. You know all no evidence that but that's that's the way people think ballot but you would think about the people who during the civil rights movement a defended equality there. And they weren't necessarily black. Because they defended equality now and I'm very much on a person who respects right to privacy. And don't get involved in my -- for -- exactly the other bedrooms kind of off limits but. This whole thing -- there's plenty to talk about on this issue. A baton to talk about it gets me -- it. If you're a public figure. As Phil Robertson is does that mean you can't have any opinions on anything. That you Carla -- you certainly can have opinions for it but you can go give them to a magazine I guess lower or you don't want them be public you can and then it's up to the public to decide how it reacts to the company and -- it well and a any reacted to the initial reaction but then there will be backlash from that decision. -- you know those who will be most critical of this in the beginning. Are going to be those who denounce what Phil Robertson said so -- any acts on that. And then any will have to deal with the backlash against their action so you know this will all play out everybody's entitled to. Freedom of speech there's no question about that. Sometimes you just don't say things. And there are things that in our lives and in the course of our day whether it's people we're -- -- with personally or in business. There are certain things that we don't say because we know they're not good numbers be perceived properly. I applaud anybody effect I'm doing it right now. In a red state it's not popular to do and I'm doing. Which is on disagreeing with the comments that Phil Robertson I'm standing -- on her opulent Albania from my opinion it's unpopular at a red state. But I have always been this way on the air from the very beginning in my career I've always been honest about about my opinion. -- if you wanna join us with a -- this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. A text numbers -- and creates editing I wonder Phil Robertson has this CD that he he puts it -- strong equities you know pennant drive around north Louisiana. I doubt it. Unsuited for Tommy Tucker 6:41 on Thursday morning it will be right back -- every WL why can't everybody subscribe to this idea that we're. We're we're born this way. One of the things it bothers me most about any outcry when it comes to homosexuality. Is why focus so much on just that -- What about the scene of divorce what about the sensitive of cheating. It seems as if many Americans to ours so adamant about condemning the sin of homosexuality. Are quite accepting of others since it was seen -- decision. Then why is this once and seemed to be getting so much attention. I'm studio for Tony Tucker among other things this morning we're talking about comments that were made by. A -- dynasties of Phil Roberts and he has been fired ticked off the show indefinitely for comments that he made were considered anti gay comments in an interview and GQ magazine. By the way for the record I don't think you should have been fired. I disagree with what he said but I don't think you should have been fired Chris here on -- WL. Hey you -- get. Lipton is the result simple dispute is that. That are in Florida. Politically correct that bird can't. And demand that character that it delightful crime bill. They ended up. Impact that it ended that means that you. And admitted being out you were reading that maybe how you have unity within the Stanley you can even. -- the world -- -- The politically incorrect but unfortunately. The people who support -- political correctness and. Pressure -- or break it up there are I'd I'd appreciate it take -- under color our show this morning again I'll I'll say it again I don't think you should have been fired. And I think he any is gonna have to deal with the backlash from well he's not tactically fire he wishes suspended from the show for these these comments and he he went into details about the anatomy of a man and a woman and this is certain mechanics of sex. I've had those of you who listen to shows that I do here on WW well you you know that this is something that occasionally comes up I don't talk about this every time I have a chance to because it every day you can talk about this topic. There are some people who seem to think that are trying to promote something. I'm not trying to promote anything other than what I think is fair and equal. And what goes on in somebody's bedroom among consenting adults -- is into any in my business. And I don't know if it's. If it's anybody's business as long as they're not hurting anybody else and I I think it's interesting how hysterical this country has become over this one -- and while ignoring and accepting decisions of other people that they associate with in society. We're also talking about whether or not Santa Claus is liberal or conservative David you're on WW well. -- -- don't -- good. To straighten it out -- more conservative feel the same time also. Stated these war taught under the U. -- -- omit. Pork -- liberal most of all to be tolerant they everybody let them -- you -- You're ready should that matter he -- stroke because. And this is the ability. I'm conservative who we question they didn't know who. It out in the acute short in general. So you know I'm out there that everybody in the room. That. When it appeared on their god whether or not that Lebanon and. And David I totally agree I totally agree with you but you -- people do become hysterical over certain. Buzz sin sin and right now that buzz CN is is homosexuality people don't understand that they don't like it they disagree with it and therefore they focus on that but. Yet their very warm and accepting of some of their friends who have. Who have cheated -- some of their friends who have committed other. Other since that actually do hurt other other people I think he will bring up a really good point though about. About two liberals and conservatives but I also -- -- point when you say that most conservative most most Christian most servers are Christians. But they're -- a lot of liberal Christians as well. You know totally understand it then but. Crop up can you decrypt it or because. They're not cute do your job or not but. Well my point is why. There are so many sins committed by so many people why are some people like Phil Robertson and so quick to point out this once in a society. When they're there are so many other -- in society. -- Now I understand. What I well I I agree he should have been fired but this is gonna get a lot of attention because this is one of those topics. I gotta get to a traffic update David I'm glad you called the show it. Still Robertson did say something I thought that was very very inclusive that also needs to be included in this conversation. I'll tell you about that when we come back. It 6:52 on Thursday morning and scoot him for Tommy Tucker here's another WWL news update to -- -- Robinson. -- -- sometimes it seems like a pet would be the ideal Christmas gift warm and Fuzzy I guess it was it's an iguana and it would really be quite warm and Fuzzy. But it's a -- the best thing to get for Christmas we'll talk about that coming up. In the next hour good morning I'm studio for Tommy Tucker here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. Based on what you know of him and what he represents but don't take this too seriously -- destroy an adult fun with this do you think -- is liberal. Or conservative. Is very close pull this morning 48% say -- conservative 52% say -- is liberal. That we're talking about the controversy with -- dynasty star Phil Robertson. Who has been kicked off. The -- showed -- dynasty is definitely for comments that he made in an interview in GQ magazine. But he also said. That he would never treat anybody with disrespect. Just because they are different from him. He said were all created by the almighty and like him I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we love god and love each other. Now I would hope nobody. Would disagree with that I disagree with the comments that he I disagree with his position. On homosexuality. Because -- that's again that. Is is not in my business. However. I don't think you should have been fired. Opera Gramercy Steve you're -- -- WL. I grew -- like it took their view port or. -- -- say well they should you buy it. That you do it needs to protect their orient. It's just like that like all the chiefs say it's off the -- Awhile back that boat that brought down all they keep her up all of our black out the great -- street view sport -- -- Yep but what usually when you -- your outlook public. Optic -- it maybe you might be trying to track actual topic contract to -- that -- protect their orient. And -- listeners like. Like -- you have the particulars. On sale which is what Tuesday. -- -- -- what you don't air update. It or dirt well they should have been fired but you know I think that it is protected. -- Steve I agree with you glad you called the show I've -- are pouring in order to mortgage text coming up here in just a few minutes. -- -- in -- Tommy Tucker and were coming right back with more fuel and join us on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- 77 here's a text San as a socialist senate is a tie ironical dictator hang on we'll be back.