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12-19 7:10am WWL 1st News: Duck Dynasty comments

Dec 19, 2013|

Scoot, in for Tommy, asks WWL listeners is Santa liberal or conservative? Also, a Duck Dynasty star's comments regarding homosexuality sparked controversy prompting the network to indefinitely suspend him. Was this the right thing to do?

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And I think this is another song that Phil Robertson probably has in his CD collection for his senate pickup truck in the -- -- -- I would. Thank you see all the people under -- dynasty spelling itself. -- actually got card. -- -- We're talking about this the controversy with -- dynasty star Phil Robertson saying what are considered to be anti homosexual comments he has been suspended from -- dynasty. Indefinitely. -- it's more of your comments here in just a moment. Have you spent any time David downtown during the holidays all yacht -- -- the last night I did it after church the other day but it did again last night I'm. Just walked through the lobby of the Roosevelt all employee is out of sight or watch so party and they've got this. This hot chocolate kiosk. That is not just it elevates hot chocolate to like an incredible beverage. I'll also have when India this as a -- last night which it just it's that your such a great place at that place the hole on the -- at the sense Iraq. Reminds me of the ball -- the Lansing. In the shine. All -- obstacles -- this part right here on the whole feel that bar has set to fuel and a tie -- of eyes watching those guys who make drinks. They -- chemists. The way they they drink it's it's and it's amazing. So that's a real holiday treat a dozen videos -- all of those -- nooks and crannies if you will that we have in this city that. People probably never get Q and boy of their investments and my friend rob shall do -- tomcats whispers in there and so we're talking last night. I'm gonna go with them to the east Jefferson faculty Christmas party in the gym today the top cancer playing. We're so proud of it Robson. The PGA grand. We're so proud of these Jefferson for winning the championship -- at the game I was a party before the game was not someone if they're not many things that bring that school together at schools like that it's it's not like one of the close knit Catholic schools like -- would holy cross Dominican -- completely not being critical event. But there's not much that brings east Jefferson together but this. This event around this football team has really brought the brought the grants to get closer and you know there -- many people I heard of were comparing goes to the saints winning the Super Bowl there was like you know so many years they had enough and go on form right and suddenly there not only in the big show they went -- and I found out that the coaches phone is ringing off the hook in his office Paris wanna send their kids to east Jefferson now because of that they want their kids to play. For the shivers in warriors -- that amazing that you noticed there was this big party with all these east Jefferson grads walk ons before the game. And just so so typical of these Jefferson I guess I was there about fifteen minutes of one of the toilets have been blown authority. -- -- come on now we know always to flush -- -- well I didn't do I never really an art don't you just walked. You're bush -- there were their word the students that were known for flushing. I'm in the eighties silver kings and cherry bombs down to the delight them and -- and down the toilet and a total it would explode. They really did and yet they did it. And so you know if you heard this explosion that's not a baby Ruth slide down the whole -- -- -- Canada the so you're saying that even -- other adults now down at least double the toilet there's a point of violence. All right if -- -- -- -- this if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601870. Till 3866889. Zeroing seventy. X numbers dates of the Acer tablet -- during this break I'm gonna tweet out a picture. Be wearing my east Jefferson alumni T shirt -- bought the other day so proud of the warriors. By report on the the other night so they'll -- that coming up if you wanna join me on Twitter it's and it scoots. WWL. And we'll be right back. The scope blog is titled Rick Springfield it's an affair of the hard it's an award winning documentary an eyewitness to to preview and write a review for. -- in Los Angeles yesterday which I did you wrote a blog about it it's really about how music connects with people will talk about this a little bit later in the show. And it is a song is there's singers that helps you get to a tough time. And sometimes their songs because of what we've gone through life we just only the winning here. Like right after a break apart during a break up you've got the songs that you just don't legally here because they remind you too much of the -- We'll get into that a little bit later in the -- I've stood in for Tommy Tucker here's an update on our -- annual project opinion poll. Based on what you know of him and what he represents is a liberal or conservative. 55% -- conservative 45% say. He's a liberal leadership and going directly -- bugle but don't take this to users is trying to have. -- we're talking about the suspension of -- dynasty star Phil Robertson for comments considered. Anti gay in an interview he did in GQ magazine. And from battery change your Honda VW good morning. Good morning market to idol and good games are limited and you did its forestry. And -- Christians marched so Obama surged almost -- rule is the scene. It is war -- black it's not. And nobody will succeed in their body their it follows that the all about the person who price -- at least that's the -- mother. It would almost -- -- they know about it and some. But the change has become -- And -- -- and an outpouring of people. What don't certain. -- since we don't since we don't know for sure. What if people are actually born that way in what if that is as natural to them as heterosexuality is to you. Let -- shoot the ball away. Really which -- -- -- -- keep him in search of -- What Hitler and let it go out that we. And him go out where and who wrote that. It's by my bolstered by about who that man and wrote the book. And and added yeah. -- James he unaudited unaudited try to change your mind and it's -- Michael Richard jamaat I don't think Phil Robertson should have been fired Donald Briscoe but. I do sense. And it like this has been my opinion four and 1012 years now this is not just an opinion that -- I've developed recently on the -- I don't think would what two consenting adults do in their bedroom I think that's up to them. You know we all across Italy and what it but if you think it's if you think it's a scene and then you know it's like other -- everybody's gonna have to answer for those. Well what we're not talking about the work which Obama well I understand it. If there could be more. In the mostly I'm Gary. -- that split level forty -- That was there and an -- comfortable to me about that peace and not a glorified when can -- get a job. -- -- -- if you're a thief James you're hurting somebody else if you're gay you're doing something with a consenting adult and that's not hurting another person not taking anything from somebody. But it but it still in Hamburg alt key to -- I disagree. It's important that your child grades and you and you -- itself is -- for example you've been to drink you do it seems -- -- I don't think you can compare. -- he's giving it drinking in giving alcohol and giving drugs to kids I don't think you can compare homosexuality. Or what -- learn as they grow up a bit. That's an action of its social we've been. Yeah well -- my parents my parents did a lot of drinking and a lot of smoking and I don't do that today so I can. I know I have not smoked -- I want to. Go to -- I'd -- it's something that people do and and not a people don't. And what -- became James there's absolutely. No evidence what so after it indicates that homosexuals -- -- shall. That was the -- and it -- its in its -- to where there. On -- end the war in any of the problem is that good that went into your life you don't do it in the light you do it. James had -- Exit of the problem is is. I don't think anybody should promote what they do with their bedroom. The problem is if it's discovered what somebody. It's -- beat -- if it's discovered what somebody does their bedroom and their condemned if if they're out. With. Same sex partners -- condemn and therefore be. Feel the need to defend themselves you know. There condemn bush decide by many people not everybody but not many. I don't know it's a repeat it repeat what you real and so and sometimes well there was a time when we learned that blacks and whites weren't equal there was a time we were taught that. That was a program to track teams are because people who -- who -- oldies CD's so it is because you needed replaced -- story. Nobody -- -- I -- you would force the result of war. So -- publish. It got to get to a traffic break here you're on -- stay with -- -- right back with more. It's -- it's this Thursday morning and scoots in fort Tommy Tucker. A got a text just a moment ago from somebody who says Dennis duke has -- his game he's listening and you made him feel better. Would it surprise issue if the new poll from the state of Louisiana actually for real issue of the state of Louisiana conducted last month. Shows that nine out of -- Louisiana residents oppose discrimination against gay and transgender people when it comes to housing and appoint a housing employment. It's globally. There is. Growing support for this idea that we we don't judge -- two consenting adults do you know understand these arguments. To me this is this is one of those issues that people become hysterical about it if you really stop and think about it nobody can. Really. Explain now. Acceptance of homosexuality is -- had no idea -- and infected that is on the show this morning -- just talking about it a dynasty star Phil Robertson. A Louisiana native. Speaking out on a number of different things including homosexuality and he opposes it and he got a little bit too graphic about it but wouldn't say what he -- on the -- this is in an interview in GQ magazine. And he has a right to say what he said but freedom of speech also includes the consequences for what we say. I don't think he should have been suspended from the -- dynasty he's been suspended indefinitely. And -- also one of a point out that he he did say that. It we should all treat each other with respect that he treats people different for him with respect. And were create created by the almighty and like him he says I love all humanity. We would we would all be better if we love god and love each other and I think that's a very close -- thing to say. He's entitled to his opinion I I disagree with. The opinion that many have of homosexuality because since I'm not gay I don't know what that's like. And I don't think it's for me to judge. What obviously in my opinion seems to come very naturally to those people who I believe were were born that way. Your whole state was this more of your text are coming up for Baton Rouge Fred -- WWL. And by not Hillary and the Italy but hampered by. Come again there and on and me. You know it's this it's not right because then. You're out there is -- you know. And make it BP UTQ I would like you know all the people are our -- and now -- like that in the Bible like duty and -- It's not right for them -- -- -- applaud him because it's not like cheap and apparently it got out and attacked the people. You know I agree I don't -- problem what what you are dynamic week. I get around in -- You know on the actual live in game whatever. Network -- our. I don't think it's fair to say that the era of lesbian homosexual network based support right. And and that. There. In. That -- they have -- dynasty. -- -- Not like eight people. In southern not a game network in the people. That. All of you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna get to a news -- I -- maybe it because in that maybe you. -- at where. You think -- might be game. You. Know what you're here. Yes Fred you know I don't. Use since you don't -- and -- -- a lottery. You don't know a darn thing about me appreciated if you keep those comments to yourself. Again it's just interesting how quick people or two to pass judgment. Again they were people who defended on blacks in the civil right movement and it didn't mean that they were black there or there's so many ways to counter that just because you defend. Rights. -- Doesn't mean you're a certain kind of person other than a person who -- rights and equality. -- scoot in -- Tucker and we'll be right back laborious and on the WWL news updates with David Blake. David we're asking the question it recently there's been a big debate about whether Santa Claus is white or black and it really it shouldn't matter Santa Claus suit should be who he is because of what he represents. But I thought we would do it changed that the question and not white or black but. It -- -- close liberal or conservative and that's or -- -- -- party general opinion poll. Right now 57%. Say he's conservative base on what they know of him and he represents a 43% say he's liberal here's a text that reads. I think sandy is a purely liberal he takes advantage of hard working men the elves and gives to those. Who don't. Here's some things now if Santa is an -- let's talk about Sanders a treatment of their the reindeer. Already out there was I don't know that you would call him an animal lover I'd know probably not because he works -- mama right so with that make -- more liberal than conservative. And I don't know if he -- but if he was a liberal he he might might have -- that slowly and for some kind of a hybrid thing now. The -- -- put partially electorate at least. What about mrs. Claus and me to -- a kind of a chauvinist I mean you know she did she get the credit that she deserves. -- those cookies Demi she's -- -- -- get he takes all the credit ya he gets only doesn't go out and she's not up there on the runs no drop from the Gibson's. She's -- -- EP. Keeps her in her place I will average say that he become a conservative if you looked -- -- that I'd give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and if you want to join our conversation our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. Our -- overstate 7870. We're talking about dynasty star Phil Robertson and he has been suspended indefinitely from the showed -- dynasty because if I'm anti gay comments that he made proceed as anti gay comments. That he made an interview in GQ magazine. And so I being accused once again and this -- happen my entire career I'm being accused of being gay because I defended. I defend equal rights for homosexuals. I defend equal rights for law abiding. Americans. I defend equal rights for human beings. So it that makes -- -- will continue this conversation when we come back also more of your calls -- more of your techs are next on WW well. It is a very mild almost spring like day it'll be in place Thursday will have a nice day tomorrow that efforts coming through here -- some rain over the weekend it will have more coming up in news here. And whether it is an an update on our W -- -- opinion poll this morning the question is based on what you know with him and what he represents. The Unix and is a liberal or conservative. 61% now say he's conservative and 39% say he's liberal it was your opinion -- website -- W dot com. We'll talk about pets at whether or not there are a good thing to do as a Christmas gift coming up in the next hour also later in the show. Talk about something I did yesterday I was transplant from Los Angeles to to preview and then review the movie. An affair -- -- -- it's a documentary about -- Rick Springfield. And one of the things that really stood out in my mind about the movie was -- music connects with people. And they were people who were selling indebted to -- Rick Springfield because his songs helped him get through tough times. Is there a song that helped you get through difficult times -- a song that spoke to your heart when you were going through. A tough time and talk about that -- -- later -- you want a read the blog and share with others it's Rick Springfield it's and fear of heart. How music connects and it's on our website at WW dot com also there's a brief interview with Winnie -- for you this year. Two recently with that magic one point nine our sister station -- interview with him and that is also. On our website. From Atlanta Gregory Euro at WW well good morning. Allen Gregory. Or use. I'm about to -- -- -- -- -- I don't think that shouldn't -- you know. You know -- -- -- -- you know because. You know. It's that would mean. -- called -- you what are update. Real street a game. -- -- -- You know so. Compared. -- -- and that it would between him now. You know. Yeah and if if if and we don't know. Whether or not people are born that way -- I believe you're you're born that way I was born heterosexual can't help it's so my reference point to on all of this is I was born this way. I would assume that you wouldn't choose that lifestyle if you had a choice that that that's something that would come naturally to you. And if you're born that way -- god created you therefore is what they do. The -- that some people think it is if they were created that way by god and that's a question that I don't have an answer to. If it's -- -- -- -- -- it -- and it's saying there won't Maxima. You know. We're sorting. It out about it that he -- wanted -- -- -- -- -- You. Might say hey you know. Well I agree and adultery usually hurt somebody else it's not something that is. Is victimless that it hurts the person who is it being cheated -- Gregory I appreciate you missing Atlanta thanks for calling. So if I defend the freedom. Of equality for homosexuals. Some people say that makes me again. If I defend the kkk is right to freedom of speech. Does that make me Klan member. If I support equal pay for women. Does that make me a woman. Also Phil Robertson said that he is critical of cultures that do not recognized Jesus Christ. Nazis. Shinto is stupid and he said they started the thing in Pearl Harbor. Communist. Islamists. He said just look at the records as far as murder goes with those four groups. He is. I guess you would -- born again and he has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior that's the oppression then that I get and that's there's nothing wrong with that that's wonderful. And to talk about that that's great. I don't agree with his judgment of cultures that don't know Jesus. I scoot into Tommy Tucker and from Morgan City Jamie Euro and WWL. I go on -- more morning. And logo is looking into what you're saying and and you and your Christian. Man that has been born again. You actually believe that god is the only our power that that would be wise he would feel that way against other. Other people. Other cultures -- believing tutors but I don't believe he's actually judging. Down. Yeah actually called a lot from the Bible and down. You know and out you know look -- don't not an against. Homosexual people what they wanna do it they can do it. That somebody actually our abilities our will tell you properly. And somebody asked him how he birdied and fell on situations so that's what he's what. You know and I understand javy hit him but he in this in this world that we live in it especially if you're a celebrity you or accountable for what you say whether that's fair or not that's the reality of being in -- in the position. Now if Viennese first reaction was to. Suspend him indefinitely from -- dynasty. Then there may be backlash against any for doing that and then they'll have to respond to that Jamie I appreciate you calling our show here's attacks I have never smoked a cigarette. My daughter smokes. I -- as heterosexual as it comes but two of my children are openly homosexual. Here is another text that says simply says -- thanks for the support. I am homosexual. And -- are prepared I appreciate that -- if you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. Our text number is it simply said -- studio for Tommy Tucker 7:51 on Thursday morning and here's another WWL traffic update with Terrell Robinson. And welcome back to our show here's a quick update on our WW a party -- looking -- possibly elsewhere we're talking about today based on what you know of him and what he represents. Is sent a liberal or conservative. 59% say he's conservative 41% say he is a liberal. We're talking about the comments made by Phil Robertson the patriarch of -- dynasties into kicked off the show and definitely by a any. Because of over considered to be anti gay comments in an interview which -- Q magazine but it just goes to show you'd be the the buzz about this this just goes to show you. How close to the surface. This topic is for so many people help passionate. So many people are about this topic. I think my view on this actually makes me the ultimate conservative. Because my view is based on the idea that there should be no government intrusion. In Europe -- personal life. One of the foundations of conservative ideology is. Less government. And more rights to individuals. Leave the decision making up to individuals. -- doesn't that totally conflict. With opposition to homosexuality. I don't understand homosexuality. I don't I don't get it. But it's not my job to understand it. I understand that we should be fair to everybody regardless of what they do and their personal life if what they doing their personal life. Doesn't gardening. From Slidell Patricia Euro and a VW well. And Miami this morning. I believe that we needed and affinity for and I agree with every color. Who said. Homosexuality. Is -- factory. And influences. Even literally true begin to believe. That. Homosexuality. Is. Acceptable. Is a -- And I'm sorry I don't even know -- Debbie Debbie you know I can -- You know that standing up apparently you're visit to bully. So I'm glad you I'm so I think you know I let it -- -- -- that it's not acceptable. -- -- -- -- Homosexuality. Is that accepted. -- is a whole bunch of stuff in that book. Yeah there is and the thing is. We feel kind of -- go in no time like. Sony Seagram. And I fees. All kinds. How much sexuality you see when you lead UC. Relationship. Excuse me we're UC. I see it in the oil. And I -- if -- -- believe in. The end it is not acceptable. We have to stand up for that people. And act of god will be relaxed -- that people -- absolutely and YouTube. And meet cute -- that trite I don't judge them but I definitely of that light and I accept that life. AM I think we should boy cat -- -- -- Patricia I've got to get to a news break but your call -- -- if you're on -- stay with us more of your comments are coming out by herself like she just kind of -- to me. I here's a -- why wasn't -- Phil Robertson suspended from the show for a talking out against adultery. Or drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Here's a Texas -- if you support equal rights and Phil Robertson has a right to his beliefs in what he. I agree with that I agree that he has a right to say what he said but we have a right to talk about it that's all we're doing. And I don't think he should have been fired from the show but I don't work re getting so that's not my decision recovered right back with more of your comments. This is one of those issues that many Americans become passionate and I think hysterical offer. When it really doesn't effect the lives of so many people who were so concerned about it. We'll be right back and more when -- WL.