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12-19 8:10am WWL 1st News: Duck Dynasty comments

Dec 19, 2013|

Scoot, in for Tommy, talks about the controversial comments made by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson that caused him to be suspended indefinitley from the show.

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If you're already to earlier calls here dissimilar we're gonna put off talking about whether or not their pets are good to get for Christmas we're gonna talk about that on the show tomorrow but. This -- reaction to Phil Robertson the patriarch from -- dynasty and -- limited -- I'd say it's it's huge Shia attacks reporting and then. I've got a lot of calls to get too so we'll get to all those calls is remote. David this this case involving a sixteen year old in Texas and Ethan couch who apparently suffers from affluence of I ER costs something on the out he well he was given ten years of probation he he was Nokia sixty. He. Was drunk. And he was three times the legal limit for an adult he slammed his pick up truck in two people who were around the car and head of some people they're attending to some people at a car. So he killed four people or injured nine -- -- prosecutors want the maximum sentence of twenty years in prison the sixteen year old gets. Gets ten years' probation no jail time by the way last year he at the age of fifteen he was caught passed out and pick -- truck. With fourteen year old girl who was addressed. The defense attorney and at the well yet it's called a psychologist hero who I testified on the on the part of the defense. And said that he shouldn't face jail time because he suffers from affluence. Which is. A non medical condition. That. The children of wealthy people suffer are all that's right -- now it's coming back to me stove because he was privileged. Yes and -- this privileged life. Growing up that he's not -- and he's not responsible because his parents didn't set any limits for him and and that was that was wrong so it really wasn't his fault. He now faces five lawsuits. They really target his dad and his dad's company. And I'm thinking you know. We have spent so much time in our culture. I'm talking about ways to help the war. Maybe we should help the rich and if if rich people were separate from affluence had been. We should find ways to get money from them and -- -- we give money to deport -- we should take money from the rich so they don't. They don't raise kids who suffer from affluence. And you know I think what this really interesting about this is. There's there's that typical group. It is stereotyped as having an entitlement mentality and they don't raise their kids and they don't -- bull at the other render the economic spectrum there are. Wealthy people who were so tied up in their jobs in their country clubs and all the things that they do that they're not racing their children. And they are they're producing kids who are bad kids in it's it's not they're not for -- not an educated. They're rich they're educated but they're also not raising their children. I'll like Beverly Hills High School. Kid. So I hate to walk off but it's it's through an anomaly in just. You know apparently no rules no nothing on -- and I know parental guidance at all. This is a entitlement mentality does it transcend. -- socio economic groups though. You know if if you're well it's okay to be rich just enacted. Is it's okay to be rich but but raise your kids in if you're not raising your kids you owe it to society to to raise your your -- did nothing wrong with the rich but just. Raise your kids. I screwed if Tommy Tucker we're coming right back on WWL it's a 70 in the Thursday morning -- -- go to I guess a lot of kids that are coming to their last few days of school next week is Christmas week -- is off until after the first of the year shall be with you for. On the next week or so later witness this morning W bureau -- we've been talking about. Reaction to Phil Robertson patriarchate dynasty he's been suspended indefinitely by a -- For what were perceived as anti gay comments in an interview with GQ magazine. Now this is going to be a challenge for for -- if you. I'm trying to listen to what price. Not what you think Wednesday. And I think that's only only fair. The -- Centex also. Do not represent. The majority of the audience listening. People who. Passionately bash homosexuality. Or more likely to pick up the phone and call -- radio show. And people who think you know what that's -- in my business support with discussing. And here's a text that reads account or to the last caller thank the lord you were hired by WWL. You're one of the -- very few voices of reason on the year thank you for that so again. Don't become hysterical and think that those who called radio show. Where percent the majority it's it's kind of like in society in general on those to those who show up -- town hall meetings. They do -- represent the majority of the voice. In in their district they were present people who -- activist who will go out of their way to go to town hall meetings. But this country is not dominated by. The the vocal minority. Because the a lot of sports is really represent. A minority in this country. And not a majority. Would you look at the outcome of elections that seems really very obvious. I got a text a moment ago from somebody tried to use my logic saying that if you do something in the privacy of her home it's. Cinema business and doesn't affect me. This at Texas trying to point out that serial killers. Commit murder in the privacy of their home sometimes. Now if you understand the difference between what consenting adults do. In a bedroom. And what -- serial killer does in his home then you're obviously not even going to be receptive to my explanations -- -- -- -- From wagon and Dave Euro and a BW -- good morning. -- -- the future operator. -- minute to minute and then you know. Side note to protecting our -- -- -- United States. And what is being paid under bill. So there is that you degree chill could always talk about and prior. To that you watched the show. So that took junior's opinion it was time oracle parcel top. So the in the rest are just as there is no fortunately. Date does it doesn't employer have a right to not hire somebody if they have tattoos. They do. Out there so you say it's having -- Tuesday should be hired regardless of what the the company thinks. -- that they can do a good job on the you can hide the world for the what did you -- to opt out. That would but it looked like but drop here the product of the poppy industry or your rappers and yet which you would figure -- -- -- Understandably listen I don't agree that any should've fired. And I would I would hope that you would also does. Don't partly it and and I argue it you know it's out there and he didn't have brought a triple public opinion on -- and personally I think they say they. Offended this year is constitutional right of freedom of speech. Well there are not that there are there will always be consequences to what we say I'm not denying him to get to a traffic update I'm glad you brought that a -- I'm not gonna deny. Phil Robertson is right to say that I don't agree with the kkk. But I will defend your freedom to their ignorant speech. Now there are a lot of people agree with Phil Roberts. I don't agree with what he said but I agree with his right to say it and I don't think he should have been fired. But it's it's just interesting how quick people -- to respond. To this scene and that they find. So horrible that they feel like they need to change the world when in reality. I've EU can't prove that somebody was probably born that way and really this is not something that affects you personally. So why does that matter so much. Student for tummy tuck coming right back minority -- too and it's Thursday morning and here's another -- WL traffic update with -- Robinson. Based on what you know of him and what he represents. The Santa Claus is liberal or conservative that's sort of a dual party general opinion -- Good morning -- for Tommy Tucker here's an update on the -- 63% say is conservative. And 37% say he's liberal. This naughty or nice thing mean there's no gray area here -- naughty -- unites you to get something you don't here's a text Santa Claus is conservative. If you're bad -- you get nothing seems liberals who want to give -- to everybody that the kids should be or not. -- spoke about this. He sees you when you're sleep. He knows when you're -- He knows if you been battered that -- -- with the NSA. But he obviously. And would that make -- more liberal or conservative. I give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com that is a -- were trucked in throughout our poll today there's always something new on our website at WWL dot com to check out everything that's there. Will you attend Christmas services this year. And how do you compare with other Americans when it comes to that we get the latest poll on that also Bobby -- analyze coach -- patent latest changes. And Tia Bobby Hebert says he's not sure the black and gold can win this weekend in Carolina and will the rookie protect Drew Brees. In what is now being called the biggest game of the year all of that in more. And Debbie WL dot com also we do have via. The funeral. Arrangements and all the information about the sleazy and a iconic artist George Rodrigue. The blue dog guy a from -- Bruce your and a BW -- good morning. -- it once and you know my main issues the notion that. Excellent born that way that it makes it okay. Alcoholics. And drug abusers. -- beyond that they want that lately -- I -- something great people. We don't want that way in Charlotte that in life except him and up front with them I don't condone the behavior in patrol. Andrew -- Anderson I understand that point except it's the this is in nature of homosexuality doesn't damage the body like drugs and alcohol. But it put -- in particular problem what was that doesn't mean I -- Not try to control my -- Of course pretty cute but if you are -- little -- -- -- -- search year tempers and you're hurting somebody else and if you go too far with him. Or continue controlling -- is it right now well but -- and did you -- do you control your heterosexual. OK I understand. And then I got you know currently and I didn't make it easier for them. Rational thought that was the trouble with that. Otherwise it. It doesn't it doesn't make it and actually okay. Yeah I can't control my heterosexuality soul I would assume that that would be the same as homosexuals but I can't say for sure. What -- you compare it. Well when I say all right I can't control that I -- heterosexual I can control what I do with my heterosexuality. That I can control -- the -- I heard other people but. I and nine innately heterosexual. I know has been at -- point it is because it is -- up in the 21 that now you've made it work. But it's important importantly. Importantly. At the Beaver -- An outrageous. They eat their arms and you know I'll all of them in an important but there -- alternate airports like while an African brought it short. Well they can do nothing they can do what they wanted to make it kills themselves in and a lot of people do. -- It doesn't it doesn't make it okay but I think we're talking about two different things in and I are realized that you want a lump them together but I don't. I don't think it's the same thing. Because -- -- sexual instinct is it's just that it's it's an instinct -- an instinct pattern of yours but mines and instinct I was taught I was taught to view area I just and the way. And if god created me this way that I have to accept myself for who I am. And even -- line heterosexual like trance and then over to what I believe our homosexuals who -- -- -- ways that the -- -- there. Their instincts of how little boy and the alternate speakers themselves silly that drug -- begin pilot rates in all sort of -- the act of homosexuality isn't gonna kill the OK Bruce the Arab street here is what is. The act of homosexuality. Attacks. Of homosexuality will kill you drinking in excess doing drugs and access. Will tell you a political issue. It's 838 year -- stay with us more of your comments are coming up we'll also get two more of your text. It's cute and for Tommy Tucker gunners had a VW elders updates with David Blake. All right -- thank you David here's a quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll based on what you know about him and what he represents. He sent a liberal or conservative more saying he's conservative 64%. And 36% say he's liberal you can give us your opinion by going to. Our website WW real dot com a former prosecutor got himself arrested so he could see what the world's greatest legal system was like from the inside. And even though he went to extreme measures. What are you found was not the greatest and that there were two levels of justice one for whites and one for blacks and one for non whites and in general. And their garlic and talk about this in a think tank today starting at 10:10 o'clock at the video. I remember seeing I think it was a night gallery episode. And Ned -- start in this and I thought this was a really profound show. He was was posing as somebody who wanted to he he was a journalist. And he wanted to know what it was like. To be executed to face execution. So it was set up. For him to to be put on death row don't you could try to get the feeling but yet not really the feeling. Well to really give him the feeling. They they denied any deals were made. And they actually took him to the electric chair they wanted him to they want him to so feel what it was like to -- to be executed. They wanted to take away this idea that there's a deal set up and said the change guards so nobody knew his story that this was just to set out to -- it right this story about being executed. He died of a heart attack in electric chair thank you. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. Points every -- -- 77. Coming back with that with more of your calls. I don't read all the text on the air and I am not going to sit here and -- of the text that's a positive things about the show and support my opinion. And there are there are many don't get the impression that to the mass audience. Agrees with callers and agrees with the text that I read. Those people who passionately condemn homosexuality are more likely to voice an opinion than those who. Are accepting of equality. And those people who wanna complain are more likely to. To be critical then it is yes it's like if you go to a restaurant you have a a good meal. If you have a bad meal you're more likely to -- more people if it's bad. That if it's good that's the nature of this business so thank you for all the positive text it will get back to abort your comments and to be WL. It's 847 and is set Thursday morning it's gonna feel a little bit more like spring today but some showers are gonna start tomorrow Saturday and looks like the best chance of rain is going to be Sunday saints game as a -- -- can sit -- -- somewhere. Listen to it here and a BW -- -- or watch -- on on TV. Time that we're gonna get some cooler weather and right now the last night saw. Decent forecast calls for partly cloudy skies Christmas Day with a temperature of a 62 for highs so it's gonna feel very seasonal. I scoot to it for Tommy Tucker for the next week or so -- -- this morning. Here is a text that -- -- -- live and let live for sure I don't care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms at the same time. I believe what the Bible says. What blanks people off is the constant pushing of the -- she ended the teaching. Julie has two dads in public schools that's from Jeff you know I understand that. Public schools don't and and schools have no intent to teach children to be homosexual. But I don't think there's anything wrong with teaching children to accept reality that the world is changing. And the world has changed. And the baby boomers staff published it. The generation is now the establishment that was that rebellious rock generation the anti establishment generation from the sixties. That generation is now the establishment and and they -- They're they're clinging to what he has. And all the polls showed it when it comes to same sex marriage when it comes to a legalization of marijuana when it comes to sobering issues the world is changing. And I don't think it's changing in a bad way I still have morals and nobody can take that away from me and nobody can take you morals of blow away from you. But society has changed throughout time. You know there was the do do women's lib movement. There was the attempt to get the equal rights amendment passed it it didn't get two thirds of the states to ratify it so it it didn't pass. But there there has there has been an evolution throughout the history of this country. And we're going to it again and that some people are just not accepting a change -- again like -- That detects that I've received many positive I like to -- Negative if you offer cut off -- richer and W. You know would deviate from your beliefs that they use is exactly the same way you'd be commended for that. What I'd like to say is it is sad world we live in when we get fared -- union. -- -- probably. Not the thing is that -- It's all liberals that a foreign conservatives. Want. Conservatives which sport far liberals for that beliefs. Would nobody you working that it skipped went. -- -- -- -- -- -- Clara site you know I I I understand -- -- this point but you know businesses you know I never really thought about conservatives firing liberals are liberals fire recruits are resilient to -- it in in those terms. But there are there are consequences for. What you say if you're representing the company you work for in some situations and I don't know if it's as much taking away somebody's right to express an opinion. As much as it is. There are certain opinions that should not reflect back on the company you work for. That's exactly correct. In my opinion you should never be -- having an opinion. Probably probably feel Robertson. Should have been fired for having an opinion. I'm not knowing not knowing where you work did you think of anything that you might say. About your company. That would be your freedom of speech that you really believe that you say hey I don't care if I said this I shouldn't be fired because it's freedom of speech. You are exactly correct I'm very opinionated. And I do make opinions can't do express my opinions. -- bring forward the the people work for. And -- never been far because the stuff that upset. But there are people who are accountable for a bit the businesses they rep present. You reap. What you and I don't know what was in his contract and I don't know if -- -- leaving his contract about this or not but they -- There are. Conduct clauses in many contracts. That prevent people from. Saying certain things. It would reflect negatively on the business they work for. -- you feel Robertson for example. -- this on the air and he'd. They basically that network been more here. Human race had to be at the end of mutually. Respect god thank thank leader god. And he said no breaks and social. Well they did concede Clinton the network. Did the dating as far -- and now -- can afford -- because he makes he uses -- -- it. Clarence I'm not a unity I don't think he should have been fired and I think he has a right to say what I disagree with what he says I disagree with his opinion but I don't disagree with his right to say colors I'm gonna get to a a traffic update I appreciate you calling your show and I if you -- on -- stay with us for coming right back -- more and -- -- VW traffic with Gerald Robinson. Why -- we just had so much to talk about this morning I guess what to push some of the stuff off and talk about it tomorrow morning on the show. -- so much reaction this morning to this at this controversy. Still Robertson. The patriarch of -- dynasty has been suspended indefinitely from the TV show by a unique for comments deemed. -- anti gay comments in an interview with GQ magazine. I'll tell you in the next hour. -- recently I can't tell you everything because it's I'm not gonna tell you exactly the way he set about trying to explain. What he said but this brings up once again this missile conversation about about judging in about homosexuality and I love these text that I get from people who say. Well what about what about Metafiles. Metafiles are born that way. Yeah I think Metafiles are born that way. What are you gonna tell me you don't understand the difference between two consenting adults. And -- a files. I mean I can draw six figures a draw a stick figure of a man. In in in most cases and heterosexual and and it'll draw a picture a stick figure of a little boy. And then I'll draw a stick figure of a man. And then another man or woman and another woman and they're consenting adults and so. You don't understand the difference so for those were quick disabled files are born that way Syria it was it was. Mean really before -- before you say that actually. Actually think about what you're saying. If you're on hold state witness I will get to all of your calls. I here's an update on our WW -- pretty general opinion poll this morning and have a little fun with this based on what you know of him and what he represents. Is -- a liberal or conservative -- 63% say he's conservatives and 37% say he's liberal. The -- blog is titled Rick Springfield an affair of the heart itself and that's a new documentary it proves that music connects. And if you're -- Springfield -- if you if you have connected with music at some point in your life it's it. It's it's an interesting movie and I -- love to -- previewing it -- this deferment Los Angeles and and writing a blog about it. But you couldn't read the blog and share with others especially -- Rick Springfield fan and that's on our web site. At WWL dot com are coming right back I guess -- politics to get to and more of your calls. Will be right back after this WWL news updates I'm scoots in four Tommy Tucker on Debbie WL first news.