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12-19-13 12:10pm Garland: on Japan-China relations

Dec 19, 2013|

Garland talks with Dr. Elizabeth Nyman of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette about whether the U.S. should get involved in Japan's fight with China over land ownership.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know of you've noticed. If you read. Like I read. About 101000. Periodicals. Law newspapers today. China. More and more seems to be raising the the military did not rat but. Were over here we're thinking about doing this. Latest one is turn the community imposed new -- zone over and small islands between. Then in Japan. And and and they told us some everybody else. If you're gonna fly over it you've got a lot of each. Flight plans -- Beijing. We're Buena understates immediately flew to -- -- That was -- 52 bombers. Over the -- without informing Beijing nothing came out of it but it was just. One more example of how or use this court. So to drug get a better idea if is this is something that. Move into some kind of military confrontation. Or is this just. Politics and foreign policy is it always has been -- of extra room Doctor Who lives with -- immune system professor. University of Louisiana Lafayette -- welcomed the show Oprah should call. And absolutely and happy holidays and Merry Christmas appeal Monica the whole bit. -- -- before we get into details. What's your take is this something that escalating or is it just. Seem to be that way because China has never had much of a navy or a military before. Part of a broader trend that we -- kind of going on in Asia these small island. -- in the East China Sea between Japan. And China or the Al east and popular island. Daughter named streets and be the Chinese name and the Japanese game. It's one of many kind of dispute that are going on there involved in hand -- little Brothers and the al-Qaeda. And it all part of China the growing superpower trying to protect more or region. And believe the United States -- able treaty but obliges us to defend Japan run. And Japan and that is if if -- reading correctly is increasing the size. And capabilities. Of Arab military. China is certainly yours and increasing the saws of their navy. Isner and chants from where your were called upon to do in Japan if there's a confrontation between those -- The big worry the United States has and the region is. What is it that we are obligated by treaty to do think we helped will work to scrap the Japanese -- You know it -- it promised you don't have a military that we don't want a world war again in the U. But we're going to expand our nuclear umbrella over -- That would allow him to grow and prosper in the post or -- not to worry about their military they have the backing of the United States. We don't want that treaty could be threatened. Because we have enjoyed our alliance with Japan and -- on the court worried about the current to China. Don't wanna encourage. Them to look. To run roughshod. -- -- do you really taking it very careful look at what's going on -- -- think and and trying. -- -- Figure out what the best way. He is four to keep in a coma -- keep them. Rebel group will come back it's a comfort -- -- more than -- point. Number of potential confrontations warned me you born April 1 January. Room and see what all these means wool and term and what changes you -- your -- In the military moral more back over to -- since reporting yeah Afghanistan. -- over. Were not involved very much in surgery at this point in time. Governor right back worth thinking about the wrote that China and only economically but militarily. And what does that Porsche literally anything for the United States and our allies. Governor Bill Gates liberty and immoral 53. Welcome back we're really think about China this time usually shows -- management. It involves the economy but more more as I read about their economy they're growing their need be tremendously. And extending there for a military and and there's still apparently it's usually a lot of -- Military technology also. To better understand that so we're still in some determined doctor Elizabeth moments as assistant professor. University of Louisiana at Lafayette doctor over it's looking through Atlanta at the records of recent confrontations. June and November a Chinese. Maybe -- also moves cut and and investigation. Cable. Towed by a Vietnamese exploration. Vessel. April there was standoff with the Chinese -- of Milton navy and the Philippines navy and Coast Guard Brussels. Gender were in nineteenth. Chinese -- suspected to directed fire control radar and Japanese helicopters. Is Isis. A day and a much more of an escalation or is this thing been going on recordable. Part of this trend that China -- and the one that -- -- that kind of capture. What's going on Chinese military perfectly. That statement most under tents in the world -- Well Chinese military spending has increased. A 100%. And out there they're really working on growing military president. And what you need -- neighbors are working under and you mentioned. In Japan and militarily correct. In the time period at least on the Greek Chinese court. -- not -- military a 130 cents almost entirely. Directed at trying to balance out what goes on China so it's more than just its -- -- Japanese disputed definitely -- all the Al East Asia. And only one side Japan's she's a whole lot more. Of -- Chinese navy. Patrolling -- is very close to their borders. And and they find them threat but on the other side. You've done they give Japan Vietnam Taiwan. A better chance to monitor what's going -- -- and a lot of what we've been seeing and kind of testing each other out. You know ultimately what you we can extend that aired on from the -- that they. In Japan in the US and Korea. -- what happens when we had there well what could happen and the -- there. Definitely benefited from nation gathering to each side trying to help the other founder. You know how determined are you to really hold the line. Reading an article we have an item foreign policy where -- area. Talked about military stores. Are not on the shoulder but military people that become well known. Obviously powerful and more more in the media. -- an air force colonel guys who. In silicon about what he believed Washington would not do me and risking war with China. Over in the -- of these territorial disputes uses direct quote. Since we have decided that the US is bluffing in these Shaughnessy. We should take this opportunity to respond to these empty provocations. With something real. And this includes. Vietnam Philippines Japan poured the three running dogs of the United States in Asia. We knew -- only did kill one in -- will immediately bring the others -- he. Number one why would China allow something like that to be said and broadcasts in the media. If there wasn't some power behind it. It's really difficult to know how to interpret these links between China. Great incentive. -- in -- the United States. You. Get you. Your palate and are going now in these islands. Then we're going to stop with all -- might connect. -- pretty simple. Care the United States that's helpful -- about. The problem comes when you know you're rumored. And -- being mean or is this all. There aren't that -- And where you know you're really kind of an intelligent and hope you get it right. -- -- already boasted that they've dismembered. Didn't quote. The so called personal island chain arc of violence and closes. Chinese coastal waters and includes the violence between Japan. Have they dismembered. Japan and when it comes to the very auto loans that Japan claims are there. I think -- would disagree obviously. But didn't know about that both countries have really stepped up their presence in the street and and I -- he's started -- started to see more of these provocations. -- one side to the other. I don't think it'd be premature to say that there -- winner yet which is kind of what that. Chinese quote it -- Out but it definitely think that you're seeing a greater confidence. On both sides that they are going to stick this out that they are in. From their perspective. It depends what they hear their land. Is that three of reasoning. -- it's just not educated. But I hear there's a lot of talent. When it comes to the economy you know they hold a tremendous amount of adept. And they could crutches -- with the monitors side over -- and every expert to have on says. What they did that you'd shoot themselves in the -- there's tied to what's. In our economy is we lord died that there -- This -- same thing if that through the same thing. Prove a connection. Between the problems with the military. They wouldn't attack they wouldn't actually. Not just called provocation but called something actually happen. For fear that would hurt them as much as costs. I don't either country that interest at the end -- it. Even close to military. Exchanges between the US and China. And -- We willing you are saying get that they're not really interested -- anything approaching conflict with Japan eyes -- What we went on here at the country that growing in power and correcting it -- And they don't want war what war between two nuclear. Under a new commitment powerful countries in the world. Thank you -- show that they're getting power and that they feel confident. In crime he could you let that little bit. China is incredible economic growth. Give -- an incredible appetite. These islands -- talking about that about a potential oil and gas all over there in the middle shipping out. China will need to keep -- want to keep the -- it's important from the middle coming safely. Though a lot of and it looked were growing need more resource -- -- more powerful than we used to be we're gonna are we. What one NBA analyst says that. Looking at the current situation they said. You know we can't really blame China -- alleged role line in the United States to protect the shipping lanes in that area. But the shipping lanes and better that we benefit as much as China does so with. Everyone benefits from having I mean DR. They're the straight down there between Malaysia and Indonesia and Singapore called the strip of Malacca and a trade goes through history. -- -- Billiton they'll be -- go to Asia. A lot of treatment currently benefit from having the shipping lanes opened. No doubt about. If you're China and no looking back at history. A conflict in the region one in which can often used these kind of uninhabited island to stage their own military. Activity. He'd probably be concerned about military aspect of it. According to the leaders of the neighboring China. They all think that Tom what is theirs and it needs to come back a hundred -- shield. And they -- is crucial to realizing the dream of maritime power. What would that be crucial to maritime power and when it comes to -- wonder you shoot a potential confrontation there. Kind of interesting about all of these different. Maritime disputes in Ireland and its treatment. In. Line usually the sport it's own comic giddy spirit. It is not Chinese could try one. -- -- -- all trying to clean them out. You know that broader -- -- shelling that there an independent country that -- along -- China of course -- and otherwise. But what's interesting about it is that I would claim and the time include -- In virtually technical. Internet and -- kind of Chinese store for a lot of these claims even of the two of them. You know are there much. On opposite sides of the issue that should Taiwan independence of Taiwan govern itself -- to come international disputes. They have a party lines which are really ethnic. If if you -- operated on this deal with ten. Looking at everything study. What do you think the chances all of this actually the ending up in a confrontation. In the future is. We glory of the incident. Where near these islands. One of the -- Chinese for a good cut and probably yeah. United States destroyer. UC this confrontation got anything to chance of -- Becoming a series game or are there. Are. -- pretty much any region of the world and becoming. You know likelihood of world war three or even just a smaller you know Iraq and Afghanistan local country try to aboard that when they can't. The impala a small scale -- One of these. You know ships or planes accidentally shooting -- or. Taking angle attack in more in the in this region in a crater glacier that crater likely that we -- something like that happening. Doctor Adam and noted that time very much in the expertise we're we're gonna continue on this subject over the next -- loved to get killed again. I'm. All right thank you so much that you have a good day. Biggest celebrity -- moral 53.