WWL>Topics>>12-19-13 12:35pm Garland with Harry Shearer

12-19-13 12:35pm Garland with Harry Shearer

Dec 19, 2013|

Garland talks with Harry Shearer about the annual Christmas sing-a-long he puts on with his wife Judith Owen.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back sings -- colts were injured in the opening. We're talking about the -- Christmas single loan that. Nurture and Judith -- have every year ago -- -- Obama. And hero on the set and we talk about it please please but there in Chicago. So we had to get among the -- -- should -- argue with me. Our chancellor. Freezing my you know what off looking forward to. I don't -- that -- report for tomorrow and the winds are going to be there can't wait but we're doing so because Detroit Chicago tonight. Argument is already there doing early contract so he could not -- this time around -- till we forgive. Well yeah. Cold. You know can we got here it was like a single digits at this week dictate what -- he waited in the thirties. It. And yeah and and the border cub I'm in the where incumbent and all the -- Temperature they're rude to Nazi and it's a better. Wright says as he rolls once memorably said they call it all biting off. You you better have your pneumonia shots. And when you come -- that they were. Tip in somewhere near eighty degrees is weak blew out there are -- so that you can go from the North Shore to -- South America. Yeah well I'm a ball for. I should -- he even though we do the show which should probably -- In New York this year to -- Los Angeles to. And it's only to benefit that you want music and Atlantic. Which just beat everybody's support especially now that. A lot of other funding is being withdrawn for one reason or another so. To keep the New Orleans musical party. Keep musicians a lot of the decisions panic doesn't make it count that submit your old we're helping a little bit the International Red Cross of the opening -- on itself. And you can do with this year at the old. Support across the street Garland to be Steven Gold ring. Auditorium that youthful. Our building which I guess was once the civil war museum. The certificates -- -- it is our. Are brought but now part of the -- as the Steven Gold repository and you've had you've been. Don't vote -- and good -- -- Terence Blanchard -- yeah that's great from what broadcast there yeah. I hate to admit it all the years have been there are driven by the outside of the building that have been in and inside is just six roared. It's at all it's it's the want of a kind building and you know I'd take come to the building stay for the show -- It's cute -- do that -- -- Christmas is -- we have. Are all part of I should have all of our. There's no bigger additive to get all the Portland is different but a lot of them. Philip manually at K State Department has economic permits. -- Landler. Met the blind date sisters sisters. Who disagreed. I think I mentioned the ball but if not I'll be punished severely but all -- altogether especially Christmas numbers I don't a couple of Christmas songs that. I've written syndication truth does. Her beautiful song the dancing -- also. The -- cup classic Christmas with the devil which sort of gives you an idea of the range it's rare -- and your reference by current and end of the second half of the trophy for the audience to think Christmas Carol gets really -- prizes. Did you tell -- Judith was working on an album. Yeah she just finished it up. She reunited and it used to be the -- content for James Taylor and and hasn't played together -- -- it is good long while and -- the -- With her on her new record which comes on in March so keep it worked very hard. And I don't know -- Medici is gonna be playing some of that. Are not additional business. We need Christmas strokes so it's all about which is that -- Let me know you know -- agricultural will be will be. Fast and furious and it'll start after the first the year that this is all about. Trying to as he does being it being the antidote all of the -- the hospital and the worry in the and the people who you know that you -- aren't dare all of that that goes along with the the -- the Christmas season just trying to the a very old fashioned everybody's -- around the piano. And nobody. You don't need -- and it's true we did. In a lot of it is this year nobody does like the auditors and. -- All right that lipstick upper strict room come back let's talk in detail about the -- of -- out of the big shows that I've been to. A -- they reverend side but of course -- the single. The most fluent in the auditorium where you were. There the crowd was close but in the auditorium we're going. I think it's more intimate you feel like to right on top of the proportions yeah welcome back and get a detailed feeling about what -- like anybody out there were as questions. Uh oh Windiz. Is everybody available due in these tickets. We're coming right back. Governor Libya brigades have idea -- 53. If you're one of our foreign -- have nurture and drew oh win and he and he come back to their home in wall aliens. And conducted Christmas. And -- law and this year they're going to be doing it at the Ogden. But I don't have been -- -- user. Try doing the show there in Chicago. Nurtures with the feud that is disease and mature upon. Ernie. What what what exactly these chemical and somebody throws of the Ogden what they see -- they get there. Oh. Are you get them. I think usually. Yet -- it. -- I think it is and tickets still available for we're. I'll bet that probably pick on them or it. He'd been using web site and they'll tell you if you ignore them -- on line. You can't indeed does the poll. Oh the Ogden museum web site would be a good -- beat him or properly. And he knew coming in and it looks like a living -- -- -- -- but it -- accredited. -- to have that feel about it. The big tree and out everybody in the -- Comes on stage and just get to open and does or two usually. At least comic Durbin and try to write song each year and original Christmas saw. Our problem in the long and great piano players. The sisters sisters do you know remarkable three part vocal harmony. Mac line. One of the -- great to talk to -- -- confident. Is that while Saul. Does that it was first in the plane ride out these issues on which will have which usually has the ground. Clapping -- while. Two degree. I don't know if you're audiences all familiar with him a brilliant guitar player pool identity in wicked turn. Of mine did phrase doesn't really funny Christmas music. So it is veers back and forth between the heartfelt and the -- in the he reverently and then we -- -- we go to break. Beverages consumed in the people commitment. As it is. Led by late in the world mistress Christmas. Traditional Christmas songs and media evening ends up with. Simply pretty bizarre which -- divides into twelve parts. And each part acting out wanted to -- the twelve days of Christmas and people who do the most outrageous stuff are rewarded with. Really the most ridiculously -- -- prices. That that -- Problems batted the -- and again you know. Yeah. There is no cities it gets into disappear of that and gets wilder crazier -- and is a better receipt from the page. In the audience in the war and so world Puerto. I know we spent a lot of time overseas and you you may not have a response to this but I'm I'm curious as to whether or not. From -- has inspected. The music community. -- New Orleans and and in the metropolitan. Area you see any difference after permitted. Well the different -- you know about it it for the first time in in -- that is not be human memories that are tour buses driving to determine as well -- for the quarter. -- -- I would hope that it means that you know there's gonna be debated the clubs have been surviving independent. Doing all -- Music in the -- paper -- Are surviving and thriving. That would be you know one great contribution because to about it by themselves don't don't do much for the community but. If the people get cut the bonuses and go to your music and the music is still there and align it and and a driving that that would be applause but that that's volatile. I do know that that he didn't have part that it is impacted the perceptions of people around the world. Are or where they -- control in terms of you know we take -- to kill Garland but people do -- this year have been coming up -- mean thing. In the city on the water. Yeah. Yeah yeah in polite country with the television and electricity and everything -- that so the fact that remains out there you know throwing the vibrancy of the annual musical culture. It's it's the first demand media. Keep it that the war it has gone on a consistent basis. It applied. And so for the people aren't playing any real politics -- its first time new Orleans back in the air and they're on their radar since then it -- it it has. OK it is -- on the -- for people. Then that's got to be good news. Just completed -- book on the incredible lights of key recruits. -- and one of the things that surprised me should have known -- and sure most people in New Orleans do. No it I've heard a little bit but I wasn't knowledgeable but he talks about than their beginning. Talking about all the heroes and I thought it would have been elbows and bill alien comments in the etc. -- was -- about it was New Orleans. Musicians playing out. In the England. And he talked about. How big they weren't a -- big PR and then laid Roland. He talked about when he began to live in Jamaica. And they would listen that night to a radio station. In New Orleans playing New Orleans music called double up yeah well. But a lot of that music. New Orleans musicians are known world war under the enough. Yeah -- yeah. And I've I would I would hope isn't -- time that don't go to commitment -- you -- the audit ability to field there's they're and of again. Mean it it is it like that old cliche you know more appreciated abroad and all sometimes. So and the. I've why is there such area European attraction to jazz and put it. The good bond insurer. Yeah I'd I'd. It's. So different from the European musical project. You know it comes from a different debate that literally comes at a different place. And it -- abide by different rules and it's just something that -- never -- to grow up with it it's not part of there. Musical heritage and so it has the little over the excitement of the chaotic and also would basically good news. What what's your favorite song that Judith is going to be doing. He does that song about. -- went to the couch and her mother potter deter -- Christmas tree and the trees at light that went on at all that he. In her in it and I think. I used to think that the previous entries -- you wrote this song about that experience called the pants factory which is really beautiful small. One of the most. Amaechi writes beautiful songs just as a matter you know. We've developed stirred up right -- I -- -- with a program that. Ari gives who what -- whom wherein and then come on home and give more. I'd definitely that Saturday at seven this Sunday it -- at the Steven Gold ring. Auditorium the I think people would hall at the Ogden museum tickets are available from Ogden museum dot org. And it's been -- At least case. At that we edited the Christopher -- -- almost forgot the degree battle Butler field manual public permit map on the sisters sisters and -- talk about ski. And and he. Tend all for the benefit individual decisions. -- Judith and they answered inaudible see you there and the people in Kabul and home thank you. Are sure of what June or when they're gonna be playing of the Ogden it is they read Greek and Christmas single. WW obligated seventy immoral 53.