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12-19-13 1:10pm Todd: on Phil Robertson's suspension

Dec 19, 2013|

Todd Menesses fills in for Angela and takes calls on whether A&E had the right to suspend Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson over his comments about homosexuality in an interview with GQ.

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Actually not so much Angela. Not Manassas in four Angela she's it was a little under the weather. He says the phrase they always say when -- not feeling well. So she will be and today I'll be sitting in with you for the next three hours got a lot of things wanna talk about. When did your opinion on them as well you know the numbers 2601 late 7866889087. And as always you can Texas at 87870. As well. Our upper body jaguar opinion poll is about. Our first topic we're gonna bring up today is the suspension of -- dynasties Phil Robertson. Political correctness or just the company protecting. Their business interest. You can log on to WW dot com cast your vote. Give me a call or text me as well. Phil Robertson -- dynasty patriarch that he deserved to be suspended indefinitely from the -- any show. On the network is put him on hiatus. For the remark he made about gay people in the January edition of GQ magazine. And what they're saying. Is that they're extremely any responses we're extremely disappointed. To have -- Phil Robertson comments in GQ. Which are based on his own personal beliefs and is not reflected in the series -- dynasty. The networks and in their statement they said that his personal views quotas personal views in no way reflect those of a unique networks. Who have always been strong supporters and champions. Of the LG BT community. Now. Robertson's comments. Can't really say them on the air there not appropriate Republic Airways to read the verbatim the way he set them but. In a nutshell. He said that holes atrial it was a sin. And didn't believe in and was kind of disappointed didn't understand it. In and he also went on to. Say and he's also got the NAACP. Mad at him as well. About black folks saying that he never what I never with my eyes saw the mystery of any black person not -- He's as we live was all farmers. Blacks were the farmers -- cut with them. -- with the blacks because I was what we were white trash we're going across the field. Missing and happy and ever heard one of them one black person say I tell you what his dog on why people not a word. So. There's upset that he saying they're taking that is to say that. But Robertson says. That. African Americans were happier under Jim Crow laws. And necessarily what he's saying he just said. He didn't see anybody in -- would entail and were unhappy when he used to work with them years ago. So what do you think about this. Is this political correctness. Or is this just the business protect and protecting its interest. As far as his suspension. You know and and this also goes into. We've seen this -- this last year with the Paula -- as well. And now I zero and getting on the soap box of free speech. What happened to free speech why isn't free speech protected. Well. Robertson has free speech everybody has free speech and I've said this many times before. You can say what you. Want. But free speech does not guarantee you. From any repercussions of your speech. Or from any. Type of consequence. From your speech. You can say it all you want. But if a business thinks. You're hurting them by what you're saying. And you work for that business. They have a right. To suspend you -- election go. -- Paula -- Remember they the Food Network took her off. Any says they're just putting him on hiatus. Not taking him off the show not taking the show. Off the year. What do you think are pretty -- or opinion poll right now. 65%. Of you say it's all political correctness. 35% say. Protecting the business and and I don't wanna get into. What he -- it whether what he said is right or wrong or what you believe it's his beliefs. But do you agree with them or not. That's not the issue. The issue is. The free speech aspect of it. And accompanied doing what it thinks is right. To protect itself. Do they have the right to do that. What about that your company where you work. If you said or did something. Would they be right to let you go or. Which you -- suspension. Is -- the same. 260187866889. 087. And that's what we'll talk about this hour come up in the next hour. Did you do any shopping. During Black Friday possibly a target. Well. Target as you heard. Was attacked you or somebody you know. Has probably been impacted by a massive theft of about forty million credit and debit card accounts at target stores. The fraud reportedly happened between Black Friday and December 15. What's worse the reports say the breach involved almost all. Of target. Almost 2000 store several 100797. Stores in the US. Again -- did happen and what should you do if you shop there. How do you protect yourself when you shop. Did you go out on the Black Friday madness and did you shop at target already concerned. That's something may happen to your information will talk about that. As a show progresses as well and of course you know since I'm on. Gotta talk about the things. We'll throw that in as well after a coach Payton is late season moves to bring in the new kicker and starting the rookie left tackle or you moral less confident. And we can beat the Panthers. This weekend. In Carolina. Did the saints make the right or wrong moves. Would you sit down Charles brown and give Toronto Armstead a shot in the biggest game of the saints season. -- Seattle that was the biggest game that point this game this week. Is the biggest game for the rest of this season. Is it time to make the changes. We'll talk about that as well. 260187866889087. All right that's what we've got to talk about today. We'll take our first break when we come back we'll get to some your calls that are stacking up men will. Read some of your text as well 61% of your right now say it's political correctness. YA -- has suspended. Phil Robertson over his comments and GQ. 39% of you say they're just protecting their business time job Manassas. In for Angela we'll take a break and be right back you're listening to WWL. And welcome back to -- is in for Angela hill. 260 on late 78668890870. And I'm getting a lot of text about our first top again are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Buys the suspension of -- dynasties Phil Robertson political correctness. Or copy protecting their business interest 56% of you say it's political correctness. 44% say protecting the business -- community 787 aides say. One their openly religious people of the comments he made about disagree with homosexual you'd -- sexuality really that shocking. Someone else says. Could be the world's greatest marketing scheme pitcher has brought the show back to relevancy. Yeah I like how a any also. Comments in their statement. Saying that they're suspending him. You know that it doesn't believe in their beliefs and then oh by the way the season five is set to premiere on January 15. -- Another tech city 7870 -- says I wonder if the conservatives would be outraged if he'd been fired for making a negative comment about Christians. Silent would be deafening. No other text says the company was bullied by gay and lesbian activists of their trying to appease them so -- shot up. No other text -- the rest of the Robinson family should walk off the show a and he needs to dynasties the number one real issue on TV more than the Robinson family. Needs them. Another text there's no constitutional right not to be offended in Iowa the -- I would put a lot of the show -- and he needs them more than they need -- 26018786. Exit 89087. Is Ryan in New Orleans and Ryan. Don't find Mexico. Has the color. 22 point. You have to look at this from a business standpoint that they're trying to protect their -- Just like if I work for companies and I called him in public and make certain comments that are offensive to a certain group of people. In the brand the company will be damaged they would have good. It would happen. The discipline those comments so I don't think that -- you know it it's that -- -- and in in coach Peter speech issues Olympic government. Can violate your freedom of speech if you -- under contract by a private corporation they have the right to hard you'll fired. Be stored in the conduct detrimental to the company so there is no matter of freedom of speech issue at all if you -- the contract he becomes better but it's some people it would conduct detrimental to the company. It's very productive institute simple -- that is not political correctness this conflict with any other employer. If we make. Offensive comment. At our jobs we -- discipline for that -- political correctness that's just the way it is in the workplace. Exactly rhyme but people can't see past that that are in supporting him they wanna say well it's free speech went right in the free speech and you know Sarah Palin's crying about freeze -- -- it's like that he had the free speech to us it means that nobody stopped him. -- it is not stopping him doing what GQ GQ could've refused to bring it right would have been stopping its free speech but they did it. Electric bill the government did not come that it was something did a private corporation vehicle global cooperation you're employed by. And I think it's it's so hot but because you know it's politics. Always involved in everything we do so this is about one -- top political issues that you got people on one side or the other you know championship point -- you know it. It's only going to struggle but I mean I think people just need to for calm down relax. And elected he's not is freedom of speech is not being violated you made some dumb comment. The company's disciplined and for the comments simple as that you'll be back on -- -- probably would spend some time -- I think people need to Chilo. -- -- -- the show's going away because it gets good ratings then I think that brings in sponsors and -- is basically what there -- itself has started to protect. Order. On Ryan hey thanks for listen to a high of us. Do six elevate 786 exit 89087. Got a text here at 87870. Says you know Todd it's unbelievable how people with money want to tell others how they should live their lives money can be the root of evil if you allow it to -- your -- live and let live. I. I am just amazed. Personally. That. Anyone. Is really concerned. Or worried or gets offended by anything. A celebrity. Quote. Says it's. I don't care what they say. That's their opinion everybody has entitled to their own opinion. But for some reason if somebody's on TV. Or in a movie -- in Hollywood. We think that what they say carries more weight. I don't think so. But again that's just me. Made in my own decisions. Made my own opinions. But some people. It really caught up and really offended when somebody says something. Just because they're on TV or their of the movie. 26018786. Exit 890870. Those -- the numbers to call. Another tax. Let's CGQ trapped him they knew his answer before asking it. Now. Yeah. If you want to look at it that way. -- He went off on -- himself. Commits his belief. He went into some pretty. Graphic explanation. Which he did on his own. But they asked -- I don't fall GQ for a asking him. I don't fault him for his answer that's what he believes he answered. And I don't falling any for doing what they think. Is right to protect. Their business. Go to Stephen Covington hasty bureau on WL. Thank god. A little bit different maybe take -- as an. Eight. I I would bet that you say that go out and didn't -- one actually took Dutch troops at all -- I don't. Out. Dornin interviewed you get out and of course and I only had a good idea or squelch. Anybody that watched a chain of command strongly. Believes there's a lot earlier than speeches. Cheryl you know I think everybody involved and Beckett should up political outrage -- you know -- are covered branch. -- -- -- Ask the man a question. Just DuPont has only just -- wherever you -- your career record or not. I don't think you can go to sleep about it -- human dog but. I've been there are going to be summed up on -- track -- couldn't believe right. At all from property and we're not gonna wish we're not to an all out thank you character I didn't -- I only and it whatever you need to beyond that kind of pop up. That's why well look at it out of shape about it. I'm currently -- more sleep over control are -- sure. Why do you -- what do you think people get bent out of shape when somebody doesn't if they agree with their opinion or their. Life for their view or something like that while -- is that. I think I had a lot of people or -- it's gotten me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know and it's part of being an American is strategic you like -- -- -- but yeah right sure. You know anything. Patch where we are in court shot the ball to one another. Yeah I -- -- everybody's. Everybody. You know blog is not a law matchup between Iraq. I'm Steve I thank you for call thanks -- -- meant. Him Mumbai 260187866. And 890870. What do you think. Got a wide open for you got a lot of -- coming at 87870 is well. Thomas is in for Angela hill we'll send it over to -- -- WL newsroom word Dave Cohen standing by with news headlines -- And welcome back to a Manassas and for a Angela Hill Harper ready jaguar opinion poll is the suspension of -- dynasties Phil Robertson. Political correctness or a company protecting their business interest. Haney suspended him after the comments he made in GQ magazine. Concerning gay people and also. Some the NAACP is upset for some comments that he made about. Blacks however. You know some of the things he said there are basically and they asked him. About race and growing up in Louisiana before the civil rights era. And he just said he never saw with his eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person not wants. So. There you go. He says pre entitlement pre welfare you say where they happy they were godly they were happy no one was sitting in the blues. The one people mean. The NAACP has. Jumped on that saying that he's mister Robertson is claiming that African Americans were happier under Jim. -- laws. I really would he said. He just said he never saw. This treatment. He didn't say that it wasn't -- year. He just said he didn't see. I think that one's a little man on that one might be stretching it. 2601878668890870. But again people get offended. By things. Celebrities say -- people on television or give interviews. And it's nothing new it's been happening for a long time. It just seems now. With the advent of the Internet. And social media. And texting -- all over FaceBook yesterday all over social media. And I for one again couldn't understand why people were upset by what is the liberty or someone on TB said it doesn't matter. It's no different than if he was sitting in the barbershop and says it that was his belief. Doesn't matter. That's his belief is the right to say it you have the right to be offended by. Any has the right to think. They're protecting their brand by putting him on hiatus they have not fired him. They're putting him on hiatus. And again. It's not the first time this has happened as I mentioned Paula -- drop by the Food Network. For her comments. Ever remember Gilbert Godfrey someone's stick to drop by Affleck for his jokes about the tsunami. That hit Japan. Years ago. Marge -- got kicked out of baseball because of her comment that. Hitler wasn't so bad in the beginning. So this is nothing new. Businesses have to protect. Their interest. And to be quite honest. I think. Any any -- sitting in the catbird seat with this. Think about it. For one. They're going to put him on hiatus. And not taken the show off. As they mentioned in their statement. The new season will debut. On January 15. Member list blaster when -- debut was the highest rated. Debut in cable show. Ever. To a -- get rid. Now here's the thing. Renault SA they're in the catbird seat. They suspend Phil Robertson. This is why it's all business folks. To appease those who feel offended by what he said in GQ. Knowing. That those who. Are going to support him. And agree with his statements -- agree with his views are like -- show. Are going to watch the show. To show their support. Of Phil Robertson. They win both ways. That's why it's a business. Decision for what they're -- A pretty jaguar opinion poll asked that question 50% of you it's split right now 50% of you say it's all political correctness. 50% of you say it's just -- any protecting their business. I let's get back to the phones go to Keith and Harvey hey Keith you're on to -- a -- well. Yeah thank you ball. It is that third Internet now where -- Andy's. Go after the ball businesspeople. With. All religious beliefs -- the old chick filet in Georgia. That they boycotted because of his religious beliefs. Yeah but look how that turned out thankfully came out better because those that supported him went there and eight. -- with same thing with us those that support Phil -- gonna watch the show so -- he's gonna come out better. And -- they also added got a big cakes in Colorado. You add this. My question news. You know what they were straight people goal and -- is -- coordinated successfully in the contrary. Would lead there we talk about this only talking about hate crimes hate crime. -- -- that we need to stop the need to be well. Do you look at me it's all it's all okay that's only a hate crime if you commit a crime. You can protest against somebody and say something look at the west Borough Baptist. Church they protest that everything they're not arrested and not hate crimes there hateful. But they're not committing crimes what they're doing you can say what you want you can protest you can march in front of the store do whatever you want. If you don't break the law then it's not a hate crime if you don't hurt somebody or attack the business -- work. Or or tax someone or break you know then then it's not hate crime. But you can protest and say whatever you want we have the free speech but free speech does not protect you from any repercussions of your speech. By others it any of this with this all takes me back to. Keith and I got a ton of calls there and a thank you for called -- rolled it. This this all takes you back to -- the whole Dixie Chicks thing and I bring this up too because I was programming country radio that. When they made the statements about President Bush. In London. And then there were primal it's. -- we have free speech we can say -- -- -- you can say what you want you'll have to agree with the president all the time you don't have to agree with anything he does whether it's with. Democrat Republican president doesn't matter. But. The free speech doesn't protect you. From radio stations deciding not to play your music because callers are calling telling us. The worth the time and clients. If you play though The Dixie Chicks and I got to listen anymore. I'm not gonna run ads anymore then it became a business decision which they didn't understand. It's the same thing here. 26018786. Exit 89087. We'll take a break be right back -- in four. Angela hill. Phone lines are lit up we'll try to get to all of gets as many as we -- may have a line -- for you won just dropped off. They're gonna call and as always you can text and 878. Seve will be right back it's WW. And coming up in the next hour will a chicken with bill -- coffee's the CEO of low cards that com what do you do if you're a target card theft victim. We'll continue talking about the Robertson to man -- everything through for all three hours. You or somebody you know is probably been impacted by the massive theft of about forty million. Credit and debit card accounts that targets doors a lot of people who don't. Holiday shop online. Because they don't give their credit card information online. Store well. It grow to ping you went to the story and they still hacked the computers. And -- so what -- -- to. We'll talk to him coming up in the next hour about that and a side note. Have you finished your Christmas shopping Denmark and our -- and in master controller market you'd done your Christmas shopping and got everything done so far. Almost almost almost got a couple of things but it did that. I am right where I am just at this point every year before Christmas and restarted none. And none whatsoever. All right -- 608786. That -- it's his -- on and battery nation on your Rhonda well. Much. I looked at to -- -- they're in debt and the U get like workforce shall column on. Thirty in the Arab oh the little. Saying that it comes on the screen -- company does not. You know user but. I do there's something that comes on before swamp people about this. It depicts hunting and all that stuff -- I don't know that you operate in productive I -- him mature. I mean because they're -- It in trouble in this city. What you receive respect rules all. Sinners. What we have this conversation and all that is. Well he actually he actually did he expounded on that they asked him to explain sin and and he went on. To say even he -- start with homosexual neighbor just more fallout from there beastie -- sleep around with this woman that woman and women in those men. Or are adulterers -- dollars male prostitutes homosexual offenders greedy brokered slandered swindlers. But it wasn't -- -- -- -- created to set it in an interview right now why well. And he he's very much mailed everybody. They had done you know and his his religious belief that we think's gonna is sitting in his business and not gonna have a that's kind of what they asked him. Wow. So low minutes his -- his Watergate basically. Are both a -- -- that their vote. -- type thing was. I don't know if they do and and -- I haven't seen doc dynasty and so online user when I see it it's it's usually on and I'll watch it seems like it seems like everytime it's on and I'll be flipping around and it comes on. It's the same episode -- I don't know it's like everytime I see it it's the same episode or it's. About the same thing it's a bunch of guys with beards may conduct calls and trying to figure out how to gonna get docs and do something else would -- basically seems the same meal time. I could be just me. That was a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Heating catch my my -- banter thanks for call 260187866889. Underweights having another -- coming in an 87870. Atop the rest of the Robertson family should give a public statement saying they believe the same as bill. About gays then what will they need do. Another one says. GQ and -- any or they only losers here. Left tried to set it up set up the right and it backfired actually I don't think -- -- is a loser either way that's what I said last break. Because they're gonna come out on top. There appeasing those who were offended. By suspending fail. And those who want to support bill well you're gonna tune into the season premiered January. To make sure the show sticks around. So that's why I think and operating jaguar opinion poll and some you start -- that. The suspension of -- dynasties Phil Robertson political correctness or copy protecting their business interest 49% of you say they're protecting their business. -- 1% say it's political correctness. All right 260187866889. Jurors I grew this last text too on shock that someone storage GQ so eighties. -- Or even has the paper version of it right. -- Manassas in four Angela hill we will take a break and be right back you listen in the WWL. IA lets a let's get back to the phones real quick let's go to Terry in Metairie a terror. I. OK I don't think that is an issue. Political correctness -- -- decision I think it's human rights issue. Openly stated that they fully support LG BG. Community. An iPad definitely meant it BG and I don't I think a lot of people. Better about that and not either red. Exactly what -- set. Automated religious believes are in line with his back. And I'm sure there are though those are supporting him and those that are upset. Don't agree with him I mean it's it's pretty obvious and you know his statements were pretty pretty raw what he said but that's the way the guy he has. But he out and you know aside and he. You know -- gay men and other things that we can agree are immoral debt. I think that the -- included ingredient there. And -- at Q and the merchandise being. Wal-Mart like Hannah Montana -- on. And and you know the majority the majority that -- someone texted me it's that you can sport and that way any gets the majority of the profits from that. Stuff too. I -- really shocked at what goes on and went being imported here and made and other countries it. In the news I mean at -- really hot topic right now on the possible. To regulate even well -- American company directly. How that product get made and people up for their replacement kidnapping. Cemetery via the and the only way you stop that is you make your own clothes I mean. Let's face it. That didn't act but it. Pretty profit and make their mimic their own products that make calls your. There and Eric in China hair and other. They're not they have their they have -- where do you see them making in that little room that snow and Emeka may have another warehouse further down a bigger place where there actually manufacturing them. It's not Phil and those guys making. All the -- calls. That's just for the show and I think Willie has admitted that that is well. Our right to 6018786688908. Seve will take a break and be right back tonne and for Angela on WW out.