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WWL>Topics>>12-19-13 2:10pm Todd: on the hacking of Target

12-19-13 2:10pm Todd: on the hacking of Target

Dec 19, 2013|

Todd Menesses fills in for Angela and talks to Bill Hardekopf of LowCards.com about the hacking of Target's credit card accounts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This hour we're gonna introduce into the topic you probably have heard in the news. About what happened at target. And are you a credit card theft victim. From target you -- somebody you know has probably been impacted by a massive theft of about forty million credit and debit card accounts. At target's stores. And joining me now is bill Markoff a bill. Do I am fine and you're with the low cards dot com correct. Now now what a year deal is that this happens probably more then. People even know about in spots right. Well sadly it is becoming fairly commonplace. They did not want of this magnitude this is one of the largest. Security breaches in our history but there are -- that occur quite often. Now that. That this day. Someone that that again text your rates at -- Seve says the technology to steal your credit card info. Is and always will be more advanced in the technology that protects it is that true. Well. The use their very Smart people and they are I think one step ahead. The people that are trying to stop it very much like that that terrorism. -- gears that we see on airplanes flights. We keep reacting to. Things that are taking place rather than be pro act. It's so. A lot of times those fees are one step ahead of the people trying to control them. Where's the vulnerability in the chain is that the info that they're saving or is -- at the point of purchase the software for the where -- you what your car. Well there's it is that the called skimming and there's just skimming device which you can put in an ATM machine that you -- credit credit card processors and actually every time he's swipe your card. Are running through that process there. That these can actually. Keep your credit card information. That's taking place that they a local level that one is affecting. Supposedly forty billion card accounts. Across nearly every. The war in target continental United States that change. So something. But the guy can't say that central area where. Is that these took. All the credit card for credit and debit card information. From that central area. What can they do with that information other than just charging your own car and they damage you more than just the cart used. Well they date could. You know -- the sophisticated. These could actually trying to open up other account with your. -- you're -- credit card number now a lot of places will not allow them to do that because they need. You know your Social Security number at least the last few digits that maybe you're a threat information so it's not as bad feeling all the your personal information but it's still a significant -- candidate and not only charge things. Right now tied with your credit or debit card information but they can also go to a ATM machine and withdraw money from your bank account. So what can consumers do to protect themselves when they use and credit cards. Well that when it comes to this particular security breach what consumers should do is. Check their credit card and debit card account. Regularly do it very diligently after its first. Today would do it for. Quite some time you want to make sure it. That you looked at the if there any transactions. On your account that you did not authorize. And don't just look. For the large transactions. A lot of times hackers will go and they'll make. Very small purchase so it flies under the radar as he -- that are good. And then they'll come back at some point to make it fairly large transactions so. Check those credit and debit card accounts diligently. If you see something that is wrong. -- that you did not authorize call your issuer immediately. They won't want. To change your credit card number if there's been some type of that's all transactions. But then also at the consumer make sure you go if he sees some bad transactions. To the three major credit bureaus Experian Equifax and Trans Union. And put a fraud alert and security freeze on your account. -- is is it any heat. Safer I mean. You know I hear a lot of people that don't wanna talk on line don't want to shop online user critic Carl line because they're afraid of their information being. Stole it online. Yet these are the folks at these people went to the store. And their information was taken mean eventually the matter where use your card that information is gonna end up. Online -- in someone's computer somewhere correct. Well we'll end up in the and some type of computer and you're absolutely right that the target -- that took place. All the information we have now. And that that authorities -- report is that all of those transactions took place with store. Transactions. Nothing that was doll line. So their online website was actually better safer then. The in store at this point is what we're saying. Our rock he well bill thanks for joining us today and trying to clear that up forest. To consumers should just be diligent secondary count them that the best thing they can do. So even if you get something small he should reported right away absolutely. Bill Hart office -- low cards -- bill thanks for joining us today on WW. It got very Merry Christmas to you too.

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