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12-19-13 3:10pm Todd Menesses: on the Saints and Duck Dynasty

Dec 19, 2013|

Todd Menesses fills in for Angela and takes calls on the moves Sean Payton has made to the Saints' lineup and the reaction to the comments made by Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and his ensuing suspension from the show by A&E.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- an assistant foreign Angela. 26187866889087. Card numbers to call. Or you can actually -- 7870. As well are ready jaguar opinion poll that we started things out where. The stated this day at 1 o'clock is the suspension of -- dynasties though Robertson. Political correctness store company protecting. Their business interest he made some statements in GQ magazine. Mostly about. Remarks about homosexuals. And basically just nodded his beliefs and what is in the Bible. About and it's a -- he went on about a lot of other things adulterers I'm elders. Brokers greedy folks Landers windows and he basically just quoted. Verse in the Bible. And that is what the man bullies well he's caught a lot of flack from it. From. Lesbian gay. And the bisexual transgender community. And a -- is just saying hey look we don't support what he says that's not our believes seize on a show that we have. And they have put him on hiatus. So he's not gonna appeared a couple of episodes. For awhile they haven't said how long it's indefinitely. They're not taken the show off the year. In fact they went on to say that. The season premiere will it will premier again in January on the fifteenth with new episodes. So they're staying with the shell. That is given -- break from 41. And I'm sure that -- even players. That it matters to him. In his -- probably more time to go -- cotton or do whatever he wants. -- all the money that they've made but what started this hour of the show off. Talking about this is that I still can't understand why. Some people it's so. Upset or offended. By something Aso Leppard T and I'm saying that in quotes the liberty when talking about the -- dynasty guys. Says or boats. Or their opinion on a subject. It's never affected me one way or the other. Because everyone has an opinion about everything if no one had opinions about things. Where -- talk radio -- I. Mean you got opinions about sports. Which will talk about a lot of people have opinions about what Sean Payton did it. This week with the team. -- Garrett Hartley ago. Sitting down Charles Brown changing the offensive line. Just before the biggest game of the season for them. You realize everything that's on the line. This weekend. They have to have a victory in Carolina if they want to which she -- their goals which they said the beginning of the season was to win the NFC south. And get into the playoffs. They beat Carolina. They will win the NFC south. And will be the number two seed. And we'll have that first round bye. And home playoff game. Which is what they're trying to get they're not they're not gonna catch the Seahawks. At this point. So giving the first seed. Is. The question the number two is the highest they can go. They also at the same thing can fall. To a lower seed meaning you have to go on the road in the playoffs. Right from the start. And we all know. How that works. For the saints they've never won a road playoff game. Member of the year after the Super Bowl they had to go up to Seattle. And play that horrible seven and nine Seahawks team. And that's when the whole Marshawn Lynch beast mode. Was invented and everyone learned about it on a big running ads in the states were banged up at that point. So yeah. Late in the season. Lots of changes made is that give you more or less confidence. But the saints can write the wrong on the road. And come away with a victory this Sunday. And just why. Do you think. They are Jekyll and Hyde team this year when it comes to playing at home and playing on the road. I mean you can you can see it. Physically. When you look at them. On TV and they show close ups their eyes their their body language the demeanor. There are just they're just not. Comfortable. They don't look the same. Jimmy Graham is not the same player on the road he is in the dome. Drew Brees -- Has a spurt of accuracy is not the same player on the road and he is that the -- And I don't know why they don't seem to know why either. 260 on late 786 exit 89087. So what do you think what does your gut tell you will happen. This Sunday. In Carolina. What does your gut tell you what is your. Head tell -- is gonna happen. Do you think the rookie. Toronto Armstead is up to the challenge. To taken over. And protect Drew Brees. Now when we face Carolina here. That was not the Carolina team that had been going around and terrorize and everybody for the last. A couple of gates. They were. Daunted. In facing the saints in the superdome in that atmosphere. However. They are now going to be on their home turf. So everything has turned around. So again. Honestly. What does your gut tell you will happen. On Sunday. With the saints and the Panthers. 260 on late 7866889087. Are pretty -- opinion poll 55% of you say a -- is just protecting their business. In suspending Phil Robinson. 45% of you say it's all because a -- political correctness. Got a -- and 8787 he says. I am gay and I have no use for the -- dudes I don't believe in their religion but I firmly believe that they have a constitutional right to spew. Their hatred. And they do they can say what they want. They got a text from my. Partner in crime. Steve court he says my gut says I'm hungry. Yeah. Steve doesn't like those gut check things or you can control your own destiny you know like any of those races. But Steve. The saints can control our own destiny. All they have to do is win just win baby that's it you just gotta win. All right -- 60187866889087. A lot of text communal all the topics at the final -- we'll throw -- their legacy and we'll throw the -- and as well as the wanna talk. A little bit about -- about the moves and what I think is probably waiting for us. In Carolina. Do you still use your credit card and debit cards. At the stores and online if you're going to be shopping this weekend after hearing about the big -- targets -- that information. Does it concern you or. Full speed ahead you've got to get the Christmas gets done. -- and for Angelo we'll be right back it's WW. And welcome back to 601878668890870. Are ready jaguar pigeonholed as the suspension of -- dynasties -- Robertson political correctness or company protecting their business interest. 55% of you say they're just protecting their business interest 45% say it's because of political correctness. Let's see here some -- coming in an 87870. Phil Phil's comments were not hatred just his believe that was. Would someone text I was reading a text. That they said that they thought it was hatred. Another text that says. Talk about the saints are a pretty sure we're gonna get our butts kicked. Someone else says they're a Jekyll and Hyde team because the food. Sucks everywhere else and maybe there's something in the air on the airplanes they fly in my gut says Sean Payton will figure it out. Someone else says -- why is hatred if someone wise and hatred of someone does not agree -- certain viewpoint I didn't take what he says as hate. Again it's reading -- text. Some analysis saints are. -- -- eleven threes are actually ten in four road games are harder than home great season gut feeling tells me they're going to win. Let's see here now other text that says my guts telling me Todd has boring. Protectorate there. And and it is always when I get those text and -- stop texting. My -- -- -- Saints have the best record in the NFL after a loss. Someone else texting so when they lose they usually bounce back pretty good. Glitzy town I know a class -- doubly good falcon is someone else we're. -- -- decide coming up about this saints. Anyhow. Picture -- -- come up again to 601878668890. It's -- don't trust Vegas. They were wrong when we lost so hope they're wrong again. This time around win we we go to Jane Slidell AJ you're under TWO. Eight -- today were not born. Thanks. DoubleClick -- about beyond the art -- the issue award. I am not a fair share all. Popularity of that sure does like it. -- -- -- There on the web video while large following. -- second thing I am not. At all. The point. That that as far as whether political correctness for protecting year orient. Patrol all political or correct now in this. -- made that necessary for them to be able to protect their -- sort but it should. Protecting your because all the politically correct society that we live there now have been shut. All my opinion is that he's in titled Joseph -- is brief speech. Like for a speech. -- public figure you know in you know and publication. -- treaty or even in FaceBook. It's different it's free speech. Bubble for hybrid truck -- conversation. -- any -- urgency meeting. For gathering with political purposes. -- Repercussion. There's Pepsi you like regulations that they were kidding here they are on the air here shall. Fire crowded theaters are we. Stipulations or are free speech and think that. Believe and that repercussion. Now there's an art it's but it's concerned. Issue with people that what what scripture. Beat -- -- apple -- -- or whatever quote shall practically. You know the -- purports to be Christian. In quoting old testament scripture which can be bought your question you -- Ball -- -- cry. They would get what -- -- -- to point out -- people start using the Bible you basically. All India others. It's Jesus this quote -- let you without you and out the first there and according to that. Scripture will that it could there actually people going to be at ebony. Well sources rates fell short of the Super Bowl wearing. In I think. He knows what's best for his team. -- think especially on the road their bit of motivation. Able or -- For the board and the whole being it and I think that -- a couple on the block. Maybe it's a week ago OK it's curious there -- -- keep drawing and I expect they eject out better people jobs are. Do you think he waited too long now. To do this. Or is or is -- the right time hadn't into the last two games big game of the season. I guess he -- you know show in the team that. Even though it's a big game that doesn't mean you can't lose your job -- you can't you know you can't do things better we got to do things better. And this is they're going forward this is we're gonna do going forward. What it's our particular concern. -- nuptial kicks. He'd like you to -- Who -- academy. You know we're hearing it the note. Basically extra would be eager to be vocal so. Yeah I think about partly lately that it is not in the game right now he's being distracted by. Yeah it easily distracted. Is mainly -- what they're. Peter argued that you're focused give it your women trouble or whatever they would. Premiere or whether we've got there and you know what that. It can't focus in ego get beat you expect after being made in -- Africa -- -- here's a lot other -- out there. That will amount that would work for -- proposition. They would be able make virtual out from the forty range. I don't know that I would be an issue -- this should now. I'm I'm never gonna say I could go out there in Kagan because I've tried and I can make it anywhere and -- Google. -- Yet British sailors off that opposition is concerned. You know as they expect it to shut it if you would -- It is going to be would do its partners. Air and you know after Oprah picked it that's been there cold feet and -- -- -- And who is always -- who is considered to be a beast in. In all the com lines I mean he was he set all kind of eyes watching and and everyone was talking about this kid and the things that he did in the combine and -- kind of records and stuff and so. Yeah go -- -- you know go ahead and give them a shot but why why wait this long why why wait this long I think is what a lot of people are saying. I can't say amen I think at that if the card and I gotta get to the. Yeah -- -- really -- it you know the will be much better place. Who were less concerned about. You know action that others don't expect it will more concerned about are actually -- -- affect other people. A dark art thank you. For the golf all right. Let's head over to news' Chris Miller standing by -- news headlines will be back for more your comments here is that -- -- you and welcome back to evidence is in for Angela hill don't forget coming up it's. Your chance to meet that junior go left. Comes up this afternoon because. It's Thursday so that means you can join the big chief Deke Bellavia first sports talk live from hooters on -- and battery today for the saints. Players show special -- defensive end junior collapsed from six to seven. And don't miss QB QB -- Bobby beer and Drew -- today at 535 right here on -- radio. WWL. Do 60187866889087. -- getting lot of folks texting about our last caller talking about the quote that Phil Robinson said from in his GQ article. God of the Bible and thing it's in the old testament he was a little diluted it's in both it is in the -- is in the new. Apostle Paul was quoting it or hurt referring to it when he talked about it in the letter to the corinthians which is in. The new testament as well 260187866. And 890. Weights and I don't know which one. Phil Robinson got -- from weather was the old testament or the new testament when he made his statement now here's the thing. And a lot of people are getting upset and another article that has come out kind of dissecting this and going into it a little bit further. Saying. Phil Robinson actually was never asked. Pointedly about this. So wasn't like GQ set him up as some people are trying to say and texting. Nobody asked him hey Phil what do you think about homosexuals he broached the subject himself. He's done it. Hundreds of times before. And the context of talking about things and let me tell you -- -- in America and then he started off. So that's where it came from they never asked him his views it was in response to another. Question is -- just continued to talk. 260187866889087. The end this article also can't say what I've been saying all along. That suspending Phil Robertson from -- dynasty is a brilliant. Cynical PR move on the part of -- -- because they're gonna come out winning. Either way. And so is the Robinson family. Now again what's interesting it is they've announced that they have suspended him from the show or put him on hiatus yet. The other family has. Said that they're not -- film the show. Or they're not going to be a part of it. Wonder about that. That should be the first red flag. That. In this article and I quote that -- dynasty fans are being played like a heart from hell. So. There you go. They're still gonna Thelma they're still coming on. Just not with -- for a while. All right another -- coming and talking about the saints what is your. What do you feel is gonna happen and in Carolina this week. -- has patent game plan and play calling has stopped and every road game this year they will lose the game and lose the division on Sunday. -- attacks saints have to be built inside out because of drew -- so he can climb the pocket. Team hasn't been the same since we lost Carl Nicks and -- ago when we're. Where's that where but the -- revoke the best align two years in a row when they were here. 260 donate 78668890870. Another text that says. Oh wait and on. -- It lost. Uh oh another decks of the got to -- with a -- I was texting you're not boring on the air. Well that's good. Another text -- as. You really think the Robert does need -- dynasty if I were them I would walk away and go back to being just normal rich people. Which is what they were before. The show 55% of you voting online at WW dot com and corporate jet or opinion poll say that it's just say any protecting their business. 45% say it's because of political correctness. And people. Complaining about it well and obviously people complaining is what prompted the move. But again don't think that they're not gonna. Come out smelling like rose both both sides. In the end. The Robinson family Robertson family for this. This move and like I said. I'm pretty sure. Real may have gone to them instantly you know. -- -- -- -- to show for a little while. -- didn't count -- to do and it anyway. He may have -- it himself total we don't know he admitted he may have told them hey get me off the show -- real like you're giving up the show for a little while and that a gimme a break and let me do some of the things. That I wanted to do. All right you're 60 on late 786 exit 890870. Lot of people talk but not a lot of people confident that the saints can win in Carolina. This Sunday according to the text that I am getting an 87870. What do you think. John -- made some moves shaken the team up. Will it be for the best. Sunday in Carolina. What does your heartsick what are your heads say they tell you the same thing. Now there. I think there might be a little bit conflicting for most of -- who -- I -- is in for Angela will be right back WWL. And welcome back here at the numbers 2601878668890870. Got a line open for you -- can also text made 87872. Evidence is in for Angela hill. Coming up next the big chief Deke Bellavia will be in four Clark he's actually going to be out at the voters. It's saints players -- -- and defensive end junior collect. Will be out there with him and he will be there from six to set the course that equal start the show with sports talk and four and then at 535. Bobby Hebert and Drew Brees -- QB to QB. Let's see here got some texts coming and talk about all the things -- were talking about the whole Phil Robertson suspension. From -- dynasty for the comments he made in GQ magazine. Also. Talking about the saints playing the Carolina Panthers in the moves that were made. This week by coach Payton do you have confidence. That they -- all right the ship and the saints can win on the road. Right now they are wrote three and four. On the road I believe correct. Mark and -- the 34 on the road. Belichick I think that's what the road record is is this will be the last road game coming up so that would be. -- four. If my mantle as my simple math holds out. And trust me when I do math it's simple -- don't ask me to do anything really complicated. As and I need a calculator and slide rule and other things in. Try to figure at all. Okay three -- four so my math have been holed out because they played on the road -- homes so one more home game that would mean they've except. And have four losses which were all. On the road. I'm on a roll right here with this. Tech's gonna get an 87870s. Assays will be the Panthers the same way they beat them in the superdome a few weeks ago Sean Payton will come through with the moves that he's made. Another tech to date 78 sodium confident that they will win some analysis saints will win. On the road. Another Texan and ansari seen its losing I see the saints losing this week. And backing into playoffs going in assists six seed and then being one and done on the road. As an optimistic man right there. That. There probably is that they're in the playoffs that's optimistic now that the one of them he says the problem he would probably say there he's a realistic. Another -- saints will win on the road confident of a win. Someone else says it's duck season. Still doesn't wanna work right now anyway. Phil Roberts that that's that was bottom part of my plan I'm sure he went to a -- hey guys. You know spoke from Landon. Don't like it will -- -- -- suspended for a while that is the normal way that the boys to issue. It seems like an. Enemy. Like yeah so all our problems will suspend you for -- and and we bring you back in. We have the show and are going to be great and feels like it in an act -- -- -- -- continental -- 26018786. -- then ignited zero. It's levity more tax saints win -- -- when -- one Panthers win my gut tells me they win the NFC south this year. Just not our year coming up a little short. All right. We shall see. You know. I think it's about time a coach Payton made the move because obviously if you keep doing the same thing over and over and get the same results what is the definition of that. Sanity then yeah. And we haven't been plain insane on the road we do more in the -- But not on the road. And so we need a little spark that hopefully we get it this week your life. Audience for Angela will take a break we'll be right back this is WW. And welcome back I'll finish up with the final text here from my body is deep -- Who said it's all interconnected -- you're not seeing the big picture here. With bill Robertson and the saints in the NFL. All right. Here's what he said. Phil Robertson was suspended. By Roger Goodell. Because he turned down the NFL all those years ago he's finally getting his revenge. Because Roger never sleeps to protect species. That's where it's coming. -- -- -- coming up next. It's sports talk with the saints players show live from the looters. Those -- guess thinks of Edmond junior bill -- that's coming up here on WW.