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12-19-13 4:35pm Deke: on the New Orleans Bowl

Dec 19, 2013|

Deke talks with New Orleans Bowl executive director Bill Ferrante about this Saturday's matchup between Tulane and Louisiana-Lafayette.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As votes and it sank the last couple of seasons that has that been the case we are in -- areas. New Orleans Bowl the last two years they have seen a -- in attendance and looking for a third straight year. The tickets will go in you climb deliberate today the president of the new -- -- bowl with John does now Billy thank you so much -- time men who talked to both coaches last night it you know when you look at the landscape. Of college football. There are 35 bowl games it makes the track the BCS bowl. And this and this being that you'll -- will be one of the highest attended goals outside the BCS bowls and now. Really -- -- -- -- look at it the issue really what you -- of advocates of last year's totals outside the BCS. I expect climb even -- this year for the North -- Yeah personal things wrapped around and can India where we're expecting. That outside the BCS games that our attendance issue will be. I -- -- -- may be somewhere in the top five in the non B he has games I forget exactly where we -- last year but we were up there. You know as well last year. Billy what has been the response over the course fit -- well what did you learn as far as. Trying to do boosting this is I want to say that the third time the second time you had a team. Coming here three straight sensibly thought Texas has done it before -- their fans really picked up a good job big -- used to be into war they love it now Louisiana and the it. -- this the national radio today. Outside of those BC is both it would just seem to meet it it them both work together with the conference's. It in this economy if they Rico last things naturally. It will make things easier for fans that that -- in their cause it drive even if they stay in one day instead of two. That's better than it started back in tickets to the bowl and not have anyone come at all. Well that's exactly right that's been a lot of conversation that's taken place a marks. The Bulls and their conference partners as these new six year agreement that'll take place or that go into effect. Next year is about creating. Opportunity flexibility variety and -- a lot of couched. You know within the concept of originality and everybody's it's it's in the best interest of the bowl of the fans of the conference's. That's for answerable to easily traveled here to play simple games. Bit different is our special is he's president of the -- all I care -- the -- the ball away Saturday night a record. Attendance is expected and the Louisiana re educate in the 210 defeating on up here to a bowl champion takes on. The Tulane green wait what's expected to be a very good ball game a -- you look at the odd numbers. Now -- -- the line first and now this was the second closest bowl according to Vegas. Went Lafayette was a one a half point favorite bits -- that was Tulane has a slight favorite because of the certainly the quarterback and people thought the level by the green wave but. That helps do what you gotta outback so if people think it'll be really entertaining. Yeah someone actually mention that to me today about to about -- that that -- was I don't know practically pay a lot of attention to it but. I think -- right to that indicates a -- the so called experts that they're expecting. A good close competitive game in and you know we hope that ends up being in the case because. We certainly like to have there be additional on the field after the big problems in the stands. Did it last year the bowl team it's an average of 35 Bos was they about forty and thousand to 22 that was a Lewis at the same beat him in the ninth season. What did that point on they had forty lists both however you had over a 50000. And then poll which was -- a staggering number. How have ticket sales began thus far leading up to Friday night you maybe take us through a Saturday night take us through. Maybe you walk up that you expect -- in that game day tickets they. Well right now we're about. Just under 56000 to -- and we know we're we're seeing. Every morning market into the office and and -- Duke player -- couples up about it for me actually pretty significant. Increases. Over night so we -- it -- surprise me to see -- get up over sixty and then. We're we're expecting there to be a pretty significant walk up to the game. Obviously you will be about whether that holds -- water and becomes significant factor but. We are we're expecting that that we might end up some -- were hoping that we -- -- 66. Thirteen here the New Orleans bowled really well what have you learned. And how much. Has changed since the first year of the -- all the bulletin now take taking through TV media. Marketing what you guys have to -- to reduce failed to do all of the -- to a great seat. How how -- how is things change for. Well tell us really that the most important thing we felt like was that we need to establish ourselves in the lord's community as one of those annual events that the local. Community looks to put -- their calendar looks forward to attending. And so as we've. But come experience in the bowl business and in week. We listened to the people to come to the game we listen to the student athletes to play in the game the coaches and administrators and you know it's it's in it's it's important that. That the local community get on its support to game regardless of the two teams that are participating in the game that really where we made the greatest. Strides. I think. The the special events that -- around the game. Where in the first couple years of the game we've we had the ball game and we have a large part now we've got -- -- of events. Some that it happened already. We start off -- Saturday morning with Peja. With the last run where people can still sign a two run five mile race that starts at champions we're actually in spins. In this stadium on the goal line. We've got the the concert. Friday night tomorrow night that works out about this is really new biggest addition to yeah have to bowl lineup with Charlie Daniels and Travis -- and. Padilla picked crowd and I got my boots in my team -- do you don't usually -- to gonna actually. Couple have four. Our man that I've ever bought -- -- -- yeah the property and why you why you talk about that -- -- -- a great segue here. I even if it is business. Kind of -- and and Jim Delaney who missed the big team wanna think he talked about it in. When a lot of this with a -- a year ago the -- number of bulletin it's he says. In the next cycle of both it's going to be really important to do some creative things with the bowl talk about business model it's it is creative match -- The diversity of teams and at some of the things you talked about. As far as Manning is how far out that you guys -- it's okay we know we're at a decent with quantities of the one. He -- with 42. We've used thought maybe it's time to keep together in attainment of activities and what what -- but -- to have it all that -- -- -- points. Well we'll we'll know court date. We use in a court date to Davis think schedule comes -- obviously Rose Bowl this year stadiums wouldn't -- teams have to be sensitive to that we nobody has elections on the Saturday before Christmas. It's really as much as anything after that point it's just matter what what time we kick. But we're were evaluating will have book will have a post event wrap up within a couple of months of the game and our staff get together and go over over. What we did differently to just work that not worked and you know it's it's our goal to have most of our view events. As much as possible or planned in place ready to go by about the topic of football season starts so really at that point. What were doing this is fine tuning throughout the course issues and if there's any shuttle. Changes that we have to make that might be affected one way or the other by the two teams in the game where do rather quickly. And found me a bit differently if the president of the -- LeBeau is a pitch against one thing when you look at that Saturday is the first day. All of the bowl games Billy. And when you look at it I mean they got two power conference teams and appliance of account Fresno state Washington State Colorado State San Diego state of Buffalo. I think it's it's -- more than worth it a point out that into all of the bowl will be the only one. It really kicks off in the -- prime time from the East Coast the West Coast. It won't be battling it's any of those -- both of those double both that allowed each other that's not the case you guys kick on Saturday now. Yeah I think two of those games played up adapting to the middle games that you play against each other one obvious and the other on ABC and not that I think it's -- a lot to the match ups that we provided the history of the quality of the game that we that we had. Idiot -- likes us and that primetime matchup and it's real testament I think to to the quality overall presentation became that we -- He's the executive director of the -- all the -- was Saturday night it will be a record number of fans. TC Louisiana rating agents and the Tulane green wave in the New Orleans both. Dearly for -- -- -- -- thank you so much for the time man about -- a flower that cannot dance that you really valid vote tomorrow night for. I did it thank you so much. Our right yeah. Bill Owens down the audience that will be to see you on right spot and news. It's atmosphere know what's your notes on day is welcome him back this is sports talks you listen to that we did yeah.