WWL>Topics>>12-19-13 5:20pm Deke on Hootie Jones decommitting from 'Bama

12-19-13 5:20pm Deke on Hootie Jones decommitting from 'Bama

Dec 19, 2013|

Deke talks with Mike Scarborough of Tigerbait.com about Hootie Jones decommitting from Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike's golf but I debate Dan -- don't just now -- big news yesterday one of the State's top recruit. Moody Jones he -- from the University of Alabama would what does this do Mike in the eyes out of book -- let's say Nick Saban a young man that they've recruited. And that's a lot of time being he commits to the best program in college football -- -- he -- well what do coaches that of this is his individually how coaches. -- players to be commit. Well you know it is very thing you know he went between. The community needs more time to think about things. You know what would it would be new information -- the NC unsure about. And doesn't necessarily mean -- it's an issue -- an open -- porn. You know there's a lot of unanswered questions out there. -- you know trying to find out you know because. You know since his commitment. I was -- didn't -- recruiting Jamar Adams. From tax systems. You know -- the top safety in the country. And we we have in an improbable now you have to agree did a couple of weekends back so. You know in Russians now get sixteen commitments and you start in this spot in -- that should necessarily have room for him to hear back -- committed a few days ago. I was that we as a linebacker at the next one outside linebacker I just don't think he. Had the hips. -- ability to to cover it it the next opponent from the he's wanted to do. What he was kind of what to step on plants while. You know an oversight they -- -- and how to play linebacker. -- defense. And Mike did just from a standpoint what it would have been better off from the young man from his own protection. Even if you undecided just keep. That commitment to Alabama so that we don't have any pain you've got a scholarship to fall back alone now palace it looks confusing. On all. Right. You know in what is Nick Saban and his dad thinking. Exactly. I know that there -- there -- the best of the best in. You know the way it's looking now it was shoes in the finish out. I mean I was Hughes could make -- run the number one recruiting class in the country which current is currently held by Alabama on our network. You know she can -- finished number one area and also finished number one of competitors. In the the year ranking and so. Nominees do about another rankings become -- workout like speedy -- Could really impressed to -- -- bowl practices in we saw last year francoeur and committed they'll issue. You know. -- -- -- -- seemed out of this story after the present he looked at the US army. Bowl game practices so. You know it's going to be interesting in and I think people look at it now she's classes and that under my game is going to be Ornette nor will Tony Brown. And Jamal atoms all -- now in. Like that don't do that it could very well is is. -- public you know -- remarks. By Scarborough tiger -- that now this this is now Mike you'd tell me. -- we know about the top tier guys and this is just like to read it's it's a crapshoot Lucas because it's not a number one right now meet -- reports both -- more -- -- -- Personally I disagree. But it ain't that some people -- that's what they get paid means dollars in new but if he hits -- you hate. -- a lot of his boots everybody's back on what you think is key to coming here. -- -- asked about the Asian man I don't go to about those thoughts. But I know he's one of the best high school players I've seen the last two years as the quarterback at east deficit UT Wales I don't care. About what is paws -- -- years he's hit about. He's somebody out -- on my team it then -- come down to the team's victory gave the players that'll like that to me that BS company. It really complete roster. -- You know an integral it is going to be like it is indeed it may be. You know he hasn't developed in the vicinity of the gross worked it is. You know at least twenty years old and -- no wonder what -- over Fresno state -- gets an easy I mean -- it happens. A -- and you know but believe me -- -- 2% frank Olson and that in that day in the staff very well aware of him and they've done their homework and -- -- -- -- and they know what the academic. Situation is that on on just about everybody in the state and where they fit -- what position they did they project to the next level and so. It it's very hard these days for -- to fall between the cracks with you know the recruiting services the camps seven on sevens. There -- -- getting bigger and bigger every year. And so it it's almost. On our world Q did. No one heard of that body of his senior year everybody's trying to get in all like. And of course it is sounded that they get hyped up too much. Like to Rio Brazil on how they he was so we'll play it down LSU and I'm not singling him out but I mean guys Colombo to broke. Well utilized that with him was that detracts in colleges yet the speed and and you know but you never knew whether he was. It's -- intensive. The did you know doing things active with his speed but he was never going to nice schools and and yet no I did the course maybe there are some folks. And that neck of the woods did did do was have a possibility to. Didn't horrible and -- now but who's not that we knew about recruiting process and those kind of a shock to us that the -- -- -- All the grade them based in recruiting bowl -- that I was getting back to work for Iowa. Deadbeat deadbeat dad yet dot I debate dot com Mike thank you so much them they're Christmas tree there you came out. I'm -- thank you very much that need to be at least that is my third two tempers do without Chris now.