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12-19 6:10pm Glenn Foster, Saints Rookie Defensive End

Dec 19, 2013|

Saints Rookie Defensive End, Glenn Foster, joins the Big Chief live at Hooters for the Saints Players Show.

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Take anything you're this record I don't think there's so I was guided the rookie -- it's ever happened to handle false isn't man. Glad to have you -- how hard and -- well now for those who don't know -- -- the story you're training camp what you thought the old guys that practiced the plant goes to the first preceding games it. One teams -- about that is that interview with the man who talked about you know where you see is -- -- -- as calm as they and record builds my confidence is well the only team I see myself rotation. It was off a handful of months -- you'd like a prophet you -- what made you believe you could make it. That and Larsson or else capable and compared to this on -- on the team in the league in. I felt there and it's on the right moon to bring into the organization. And I felt confident -- -- Yeah you looked like you gain more confidence with each practice how often does that come with with does that come with believed that come with. Familiarity with the playbook and so forth take us through that. Really -- -- came from the basics. The -- goes to assume some basic fundamentals. I was lacking. And I assume some techniques. You know then -- -- got a hold of that and he kept working at it you know practice and have to practice -- you know became more confident confident in my technique and every it's built on that. If you have a question for me at 260187866. AT&T great city. We'll get to Oakland game by the end -- the show you owe him everything about it about. 97 I can win them both always thought we kind of go all the way back. Take us through the home town where we split was gonna fall which you grew up. Home or worn out on northwestern hospital. Chicago bounced. Not political. I grew up on the south side of Chicago. And in the mountain home high school. Football program strong football program Chicago conflict Catholic school. Bestseller and started. Development you know myself as a football player. Star itself so we have as you know in. If you're more first couple starts as much in years and years. To -- resume way. Had had had to compete you know my mom because of them and one those were stacked and consistent supposed to. The 34 defense and really competed story in the -- to be tackled. Amman -- surgery here. I'm start to yours and kind of work my way -- in the bottom. Startled witness say you know from you undrafted rookie. And you know much yet and I'm a talent that you know Brian losers -- philippoussis. Known it and was his problem upwards and he'll explode so well. Technically it -- somebody who appeared in Chicago all realize and -- goes through yup and you book made up injury. At what point that -- you with it with two total Duke jacket only two tackles around in. We could make it happen again you know Iraq if Manny. He's 38 you know an automatic I think the Dade city with out of Chicago and I was like 33. You -- -- -- wound. You have you that he arm you know when it's anywhere -- -- factories in. And say in late October Eric -- -- -- -- -- -- yet yeah -- know won't be surprised if it snows so you gotta be it would be. Over the heads with his fluently it's function yes you've got to go I was over there. Julio activity game with a -- that the players it just so happens over the cold but gains -- have you know -- it via the the pro football and seven degrees at the second hand that at you don't home -- -- you -- the crutches. It's all assault assault assault or ground over there with you the -- -- in advance notice going to be difficult to do -- you Beckett who was that's. In the -- not that CTA -- transit authority -- public transportation. And you know this game downstairs and we -- soft and steer through hormone system now yes I'm here. Had a lot of us an article and smokeless. You know you're used to that you know grown up cigar. Quotes you as as a youngster in Chicago brilliant when you're out there maybe. All of a triple -- with the family they have wrapped up by the only -- -- -- called EC that. He you museum ought to do all that out they'll look beautiful pictures in Soldier Field. Right -- the house while the paint you might -- all the greats through all the -- they steal it hit the face of it it's so beautiful. If you ever think -- you'd be out if you all Neifi. Wirelessly. That are really into football to high school so -- -- and really have aspirations he knows it's a nice monuments. Now and when I got to high school. All my game openers wrestles fill those with -- Rios now. And then see it clear as yet as I yeah that's all right to a three year history our -- and -- -- do. And who's who's the you know my own thing fielding the programs. Lleyton obviously being there Saints defensive -- with him because it is us this is talk about the way things are things aren't doing it and use it in high school. Before we pit has who know what it open sports and we went beat you lock on it and thought it -- -- football. Was the most depiction of the sport they keep you to -- opportunity to have success. Well. Leaving them -- houses in this and fourth grade fifth grade and experience tenacity. It's not and it's one -- and you know since you know -- yeah. And then and New Orleans native. Not an athlete I think a lot -- -- it -- it was as is around with Ronan. You know streets Chicago's groups. Now and it's one -- that's not the corrective. You know honestly it hasn't exactly. And -- -- the -- that Ellsbury pretty development. And then they -- grade. Paterno for. Pop Warner team. Well our houses on -- that has an arm in the Jackson's -- split. And that's a high school tomorrow I'm. Not going to battle with the football powerhouse right. -- try to acquire receivers. That. I out of -- hundred -- students or are they kept an excellent and and. They see see that that that's something unique because it -- these points because that the bumpers. There on -- -- our kids that don't. They'll be typically that'd be it in Louisiana it's not often that you see it yet mate you made your team does that play -- -- not being -- But because I was over there they don't care so right what you experienced. Exactly he -- and a -- beaten you know in and in making on either way not just. Actually -- you know an actual. You know them you you know it's. I just. Had aliens -- -- -- Trafford last month mind you know play. That's. Nice Philadelphia Lleyton. Me made the second in the final. In its proper rest and made sorry but I varsity and in fact the in south -- And isn't winning and you know first years you know no big man race. And I smokers by surveillance lately pitching for my fourth got the funny and then it wouldn't have been. You know that sums up mine for a few years out here -- but it -- -- and animated and upstart that. Brought up here. But it. Some names. They cap topic he has which point they can put. Andre Dawson Ron Santo whom Ryan Sandberg Michael Jordan Scottie Vietnam -- to paint. I bet those who think if you do well that game and he's so -- -- like that that they'll they'll be tapping. I especially like we're doing you know who knows this from there the -- city. He is represented Chicago. And there's rumors that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We outlet that's when you know exactly and these are never given you know especially news conference. No it was long debate with that good with the Texas State in south main course he's always. He would make it in in Chicago. Our generation if he used to fans by those weaknesses. Very good stuff -- visit would rookie defensive line and it falls is -- -- -- so when when he used to ought to separate yourself terrorists and go from. The cut the first time he tried out to becoming one of the better players on the team -- get it don't spot colleges university. Our own world and not target. Is still working American stronger and plan you know multiple scores in Turkey and Preston. Was -- motor basically you could always count like UD UDE if you really think you really think if you had a chance to make it but you know -- -- -- -- though. Really how good a football program you know -- that you got out there. Exactly calm. Flowed through those inaudible motivation for you -- Our growth. Process. Cruelty from. Well and or is going out there is so -- this is what can do -- and I'm real confident he would. So far and with that confidence you -- it's a long way. And after my freshman year you know something he is -- It put me at defense in my Cardinals aren't. And how's this. I'm back from efforts -- 1695. Of them so he knows. Really like you in. Some new year with a probably it's. -- needy. Did you eat all the ball yeah houses are very quick around -- equipment. Had a -- Strong motor. And just a little techniques and our name Ireland technique wetness of the techniques in the fourth Bryant so what was it like just brutal peoples went. It was bills. Back in high school we have a a 43 defense. Actually 34 defense where we just gap bloggers today I know I'm on. Houses -- enough to get off the ball hit my gap not tackle mark Simon. -- Work on my style Estes were. Chances in March in the year and Marcie here are number. My mom also my mom my mom on when and the -- college football powers. And -- who are most signed whatever which reminds you and give it time zone and that's. Now my track record wherever -- -- Afghanistan -- -- and and sure enough. Four stars hockey camps and Tom got offers thoughts of from western Michigan. And and it is that the first all hole the first of the that you felt the first offer for opening efforts that are. And then. -- got -- yeah it was great villain -- -- -- home mom right now and at that you know fan actually. The coaches being. Come to the -- around you are you from the football programs you know it's notes in terms of rules -- Bryant around coaches from north and you see all of the schools from tomorrow school every day. And and the I mean with the Colts and what's in this thing -- right away my first house. And then later on in my -- -- -- football fan. In Indiana. We're back -- you know -- -- it to evaluate players in you know on Ericsson is like look -- mindset behind truth. Settles in so yeah that a citizen and I left that careful for more offers well from Indiana Illinois. Couple other Mac schools so the word of mouth. Now is is you know luckily he is sufficient to be seen it right at the eighteenth to write it and got took so long. I was just I was actually -- you man houses are very fast very quick you know -- -- They're very quick round. So couple weeks later go -- another camp arm in -- Nike camp and at Purdue. And him at the end and -- the way what prosecute offers. Perhaps there miscues they. Kansas they know a couple of the teams who've actually go -- one -- -- Oakland yeah exactly I got to so. We do use do you take five it's it's not only took one look actually he. Illinois. I have a lot of friends. You know. From high school. Who end up and they -- annoying. You know a lot of forced -- -- actually -- And fell -- you know we don't have a great program. And the biggest thing was a one -- dance -- in the play and I think in her eyes move. So you know it's sad state -- house votes among the nail on the way around that summer. -- -- -- -- -- And you know had a nice community you know I'm proud alum offers today I was trying to see -- offers. You do lose this that you that. Absolute -- in the ninth folks you know everything about. What -- they -- undrafted rookie free agency came in here just can't top that would have already paid irascible caught the black cold front. With such -- New Orleans Saints can't win the NFC south. And a lot of the public to see with a victory over the Carolina panthers' October -- idioms and -- -- right you don't think radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Final year career at in high school before you call to the university of Illinois and wanna say wasn't each year you -- year. You've got to play at Ohio State beat Hewitt in three or four sacks yeah it gave me -- habit to have to take down. Real proud. Well -- mostly wasn't. Terrelle Pryor wasn't there with Braxton Miller also -- have been we're gonna elusive and he I thought about that now three times. Arm had about two or three carries in that game. Ottawa defeated India this. I felt actually goes on something growth last year yeah yeah yeah. They were undefeated you. I just had a Mota and he's an accident it is that it native country and yet they go through Lawson who who is -- -- Marmol wells talking -- -- A friend of mine a plea for. Year ago who played defense tackle as a mom get off you know. Lately and him. Is so he sent him into the game we came to Philly and he and pat pat pat -- do -- -- we think that we didn't think the united. I -- -- now. Was that supposed to -- -- -- Actually you. You know. I feel like it was a game where I think we're buying things. When -- half you know. Our numbers. I felt like I had -- army to army places like this last season. Not aspirations. That next level in those. I went out there you know trying to make plays my that please don't. Let though aren't they change on this day Noah. You know lose my -- line. Went out there and make plays. Of a winning these three because I think that through devote no one out in four because it but it it's wise that most notable camp Randall. Had the damage a -- you. Beaver stadium. Which of those four what was your favorite place to play it will once you found both intimidating. Fifth. They got to look no 100000. Would go to -- to Columbus is exploit it needed to -- the fourth quarter when he's helped me jump around a camp Randall Beckett you. Out of it to them to him. You know but. I would say the horse who those. Kinds they have nice things in there and stately. They had a tough to beat at least hasn't been me and for me quiet out there it's not clear -- -- one hour in there weren't. It's very them. Resurgent years. He played there and it was a snow our news -- everywhere and my my -- -- -- -- With some like Danica -- like -- -- think values like this slow does does that -- try to keep won't. Go out I think now what players -- they want to have a few weeks is it the weather only affects you. If you let -- -- you definitely did you stop pump them up it it kind of goes with the community. There. He frequently here. Lays down on man teams through local truck -- on players but our. He's like he's got to want it up not just the difference here -- deep -- so booked here coming in churches. -- -- -- it's a psychological thing you know so you comment too tough for years. In right off. So right from the get go. So -- and he had to play musical name to get it I mean now we get some people like you know. -- below or you know only got or is not here right adversity you will play northwestern at and it here. He is he known parts of the world and next as Atlanta Lincoln trophy you know that the yeah it's a proposal everyone is model. -- -- -- you -- to bounce outside there. I think that's where it got to the go to market -- on line to mock you all with Saints rookie defensive line picked it falls on WWL. Thank you thank you I'm not with -- -- my confidence good for you guys. I just wanted to -- -- it took him can make you keep peace movement if they double and a triple a dollar wanted. All right all thank you very well thank you it's that that's a vehicle to tip for the night football players to keep your feet -- via. It's people people don't -- clear now. Look to the point where you law that -- do a little -- you'd -- -- look at another close yet to go to Stanton Barrett had uncles that for years and Colston back. From last year -- that's there I kind of figured that it -- -- -- who has clients because we. We knew Colts looked down here with the Saints and of course with Florida you know these that the quoted. Thompson thought any university of annoyed now when. Take us through the final gain and the -- get you through it illinois' all Weston. At what point do you say -- up public take about a week off that level it must Everett because of an advantage at that time you you'd know he you've got a chance to win the National Football League are -- -- -- -- Jews thought like all right now it's it is about a month now I've got to give up by right -- you give it its my second effectively. Well. I'm saves and start start off with the last four games of the season at the Maryland state game. And really it's gonna compete. And pat prospects in. That it. You know we're probably worry when -- eight game losing streak you know so -- I feel like I've answered right you know. People weren't really plan when there is one when he arms we. But definitely something that's -- Our -- Mark Prior will play for my future career as well. So long enough like you are or there and Larry's known definitely to be released -- watching my team and -- it's -- if they throw a fell right in our the hearts again it's -- a close team the end yet that quarterback Cam Cameron north west games last season. How can have good equipment you know on the money having getting sacks you know oath as it is that people who -- exactly in the -- I'll get back there. Had a minor injury. Sort of the game. Probably before halftime. Dancers there. Can go back out there then that it didn't hurt that hurt you the Ethier I am. And her went. Are focused on you know today and give my body back healthy. -- -- focus on loan to my agent after the season -- And from days. Actually you know found me and -- found its been this far down to Florida. But he is agree agree our training facility. And it was a -- meant to. You -- it was amazing trying. I listen you know off the wall numbers turn. It still goes it'll always looked up at the community in the we've found out you know we gave him the draft picks because the until that is why did known as the father of the NFL compound -- that the Dallas -- on the east is Gil Brandt. And I wanna see was his right a point you about what he did it it's Ohio State. Throughout the entire season gave all you know the zip it in his dad. He'd come out of the B team they'd be when it's all -- if not one of the best certainly one of the best penalty that the team coming from a defense standpoint. But it carts -- basically classifies you as. It's Supervalu. And a -- at stock Rose and Rose an awful lot to our. You you did get a lot of attention. It didn't even know me if I'm not a seat on the surface are people who you work. Yeah he after a -- my -- you know. In the season. Found out you -- I had a fourth round grade it boundaries. You know confidently say -- make that next. Hands now. So alone saying that it's who you know -- for the combined. Waiting on my. But a couple weeks where it's come -- I don't know I think it in my. It's little. How is. Disappointed. Glad Santana for the big except Marceau is Upton prove people really exactly the ends I look to prove people wrong feel this. -- Feed off that you know him whenever have -- -- you know I'm giving them much effort to prove you. You know what somebody wants it. If you if you don't phone down I don't know if they'll feel exactly you know if you don't know what it will feel like -- -- You may not have a policy -- if you follow you boy after being able to rebound with two outs and it was that. It is being entertaining Lance 45 minutes as say the least you found out about rookie defensive lineman for the University of Illinois untested rookie created. -- just being physically. -- wrong. He's made it to the national football they get now with it won't -- to go into Sunday's matchup. With everything in front of a victory Sunday gave the Saints the NFC south title and the number two -- -- -- a week off. And a bye in the first round of the postseason. Glenn is out their -- hospice is a bonanza that -- -- to the point. The way you -- -- training are you ready for the National Football League. -- so you don't get drafted. -- want to get another opportunity to prove somebody wrong. What was it a handful of the teens. Take us through. How you got to be with this thing. Wounds are of our momentum -- in you know. That -- com I am I so now's not the styles and you know so it -- when. -- gross -- nosed tough man. Part of who 4443. You know 42. So -- by. Running you know 468. For forty that it is that you needed -- but to invite to show it is actually slope. I had opportunity displayed at my pro day now. I'm a pro they have you know for guys who are. Who actually participating in the com mine. And from my team actually Dawson demonstrations. I'm a pro day so that checked a lot of scouts so I have about 3040 scouts -- promoted him and it's not the you know 39 -- who you know -- -- big numbers. And my numbers there. Would've been at the top. Five or you that you know top one at the drama school our council well you know. Why is that in life you know there's about a fifty exact reasons. Traffic you know thinking you know certainly. You know it won't be surprised -- car there for you know that's those around them. Those are -- through. And got cost lemon to a cause like hey hang on if you. You know so he he had the advantage of those he really call you city will be yeah I heard back from that includes news 67 around -- I. Targets he -- Six that. Did. -- six -- McCain that's out how to -- if you're not off the board. Minus seven right. On -- that concern is somebody -- same guys that did qualities that it may be negative landed Friday. We've we've had that he moves it made don't miss Ukraine on my -- yes I did call you stated you don't do it the -- if I gotta be like and me out but he wouldn't call him about. Seven and eighteen is the one you know it's on my air time that I actually had some phone to you know. A -- on my phone you know. Given different balls different. And you with your family at this whole world well I firmly. That's in the sixth round went off -- my own that's the you know focus. You know this isn't making. That's or seventh round you know come to a close talked to my age and look at the different prospects. Fell right. Felt like you. Signing date in college and okay. Was little Watson you know now with team professional team organization wants to our -- -- him he means. Let you know right now. And I had to make that decision within thirty minutes -- -- after the draft plan. The way closes. Leading up clock you know close -- the -- -- Everyone is on a market right now and and it's been pulled off the market so. Teams are trying to find he knows placement or are -- -- missed slots you know hop lessons possible. So had a time ways. Chose me. Saints at Kansas City and it and -- not let the things. So they -- huge game. In Carolina as the Saints take on the pats losing command -- It's a big what they've been a big ball game everything the Saints have thought talked about you know that we would assume that all this. -- -- week sixteen. The NFC south titles on the line and one of the top -- to be in NC and a by -- -- I think all of us what to say well. You know that's equipment used to be in it that's the position his team is it's not. -- Could be in known definitely who want last week down there and you know right. The games you know the season. Futures you know it's. The season is on line this week. It's in this armaments and sea so far I feel like we had a great week of preparation. Come to his game and we have. We have a lot play for. A -- in practice like we have a lot play for this week so he knows -- great games we have great competitor. Going and you know one away planet if so is he went there on home field. This is going to be great then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A follow me at. QB's that and that's so QB thing. Like that's arisen this Mecca that it is that if -- a -- about a -- now. And QB's that brilliant multiple billion. It is been a pleasant man thank you so much -- an up and out. Picked -- an -- of folks players also a great story. I've -- all he's just he could prove people wrong and like the feeding you if you -- with -- -- -- -- City and how franchises that could do and we'll have a got it -- without you from Vegas all the sports talk you on that you can do it.