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12-19 7:10pm Deke, A View from Vegas

Dec 19, 2013|

Deke gets a View from Vegas with VegasRunner.com and Bassire of PredictionMachine.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good -- a lot to the final -- of sports talk when we get our view from Vegas -- -- -- at some bowl games the sweet sixteen National Football League. And we start things off. Here on WWL radio -- jaguar opinion poll on line Debbie did you know that comments the other slam -- 80% of US thing that. This week in the play that we had the most impact of the two notable changes. Of kicker Shayne Graham and starting left tackle on August it will be run Hobbs did. Those two guys that it's thirty into a big role was as a Saints at their biggest game of the season Sunday at Carolina what they 83. Point on adult can't -- online at WWL. Dot com are you from Vegas has brought -- back acme oyster house -- with a into the football 100 years. Bought the first quarter -- all over at the on house welcoming -- biggest product a pregame that comment the off. You Horry got it does this -- live -- but I got to tee it last week. I bet opposite of what you sit on your locks I do what no -- hill Houston and Boston that the Indianapolis. And and this Seattle beat over the Giants I just figured the given day. Look at -- bay Eli Manning has played it at the very least even as Seattle's offense. Stunk it up it divas of a particular time it's so those are locks them and I think that's the -- gets the win as it's because -- -- -- -- been all all bias all week long. Fact that I. But -- -- people they -- you're absolutely right fortunately it went all the way up like 99 and saw a lot of why I'm when he came in Seattle -- -- Sunday it really did and same thing with Houston and fortunately. You know I think it's become and it as the week goes on and especially game because got to remember when it comes and it felt. Public when he -- sharp money. And a lot of public money not somebody lines at a whack and when that have been he sport disputed that syndicate that -- it and take it game. So hopefully today we got some winners -- -- It is Christmas time beyond that -- cause they -- -- air let's give some down the stretch so. Sits with -- dance -- went down the basement all NFL we'll mix in the spoken to elitism that makes that it is time. Let's start off with a with a blow games VR and let's start off. With the New Mexico Bowl the packed in Washington State. A pac twelve Washington state of the fall point favorite all the Colorado State in the total is 65. Yet it again again and ready in what I did I went under the total ops 65. I think early in the ball game again and what you. Simply tried to it's them who motivated to be there and who's not motivated to be there. And again it takes more tapper. The plate defense and about the play -- and am in this game. I think you have to motivated to meet them a lot since they really expected to be playing on New Year's -- more apt than New Year's. -- and the temptation a lot now -- Albuquerque, New Mexico. Isn't wanted to it was. -- to work or are they occasions by. That college kids -- -- to fumble that said that he's kind of a reward for us that he's in green it's it's currently. -- December 20 -- Everything I've heard coming out of can't it is good bet that both teams are really up. Operative game -- up in line movement on the sign and open up for boarding and that's where Tomlin. And I think the oddsmakers got it quite a public -- on the paper Washington State and I kind of agree with that I think they are the better team. This year but I think if you wanna make a -- on this game mean -- cash a ticket to go at it and beyond there. I do not think this game could crack sixty points in the and the total 66. So for me that the position I've already taken and I think that simply the right side. So because they handed the New Mexico Bowl Saturday ease the under total and under is 65 between Washington State. In Colorado State two ball clubs that we'll make some noise this season USC 62 of their last eight Fresno state. Did extremely well what of finished the season undefeated but got knocked off. At the -- the San Jose state game early this year that you picked out right. The -- to tossed six and a half point favorite the total in 62. In the 2013. For Las Vegas spoke. And another. Matchup that we all ready got down on aim again it's so important and that's why I'm gonna keep repeating it and the -- Line it motivation. Early in the ball is like you -- -- handicap and followed that up with. Now these coaches prepare. And when they're given simply we don't have much history on South Carolina head coach. -- but we don't know that whereas now at the losing against San Jose state. And played extremely well against. You'd call states so usually when a team gets -- that lost that more or less is that dream crusher game. Which camp in the Fresno state and they usually don't they don't. That we get the ball when I felt -- -- -- acting you know what this team is actually. A lot better then most professional batters given credit for no reason -- and give them credit sport because they haven't done well in the betting market. -- left and went straight up but they're only five instead against the spread so better have made much money betting Fresno state even though they want all of those games on the flip side. We know what's happening USC at doing it they read it or anecdote. They -- call on here and they went on the went five of their final six games. But he can't predicted this that the team USC that comes in every seat -- think they're gonna compete for national championship. These are high recruits they're poor pocket sport athletes. And this is not any kind. The reward. Playing in this early in the ball these and I went and and I took Fresno state catch in almost the touchdown I got what six and -- -- And I went and and I bet the under 63 as well I think you're not gonna see too many points scored in the early ball game. And -- -- another inflated total based on what Fresno State's done this year I put up points but their plan at the USC team. That at the line. Of speed they're extremely athletic and I don't think that it put up the 4050 points they were able to put up against the New Mexico at the home and Bob Estes and Diego State's. So look for president to be in their from start to finish and get the proper but I think -- can be a lot lower scoring in this totally -- trial like. But those states about the sixth and it and be under 63 in this game. All right to borrow -- -- pick on Saturday that a few more throughout the next week before we talk to the audience on and next Thursday. And this is a San Diego State in Buffalo in the famous Idaho potato bowl basically pick in the winning here. The ass kick so one point favorite oval Buffalo and totally restricted to. I'm gonna sound like a broken record here and I'm telling your listeners right now. If you wanna make money this week in the NFL and in college football. Take it -- change up the totals last week in the NFL we saw the highest average total Edberg. By beyond makers and we fought against line over and what do they do this week they. Put up even higher. Well the Saints carried over in college football this is no longer the regulars being in the ball game or a different animal. And you have to approach them differently so throwing out a lot of what you saw on the regular season. And once again Buffalo India goes they. This in the game I already been an impetus sound like a broken record once again and I'm telling you now bet the under. Well it's been Diego state these two very good defense is. For college football you have I think it was -- -- that'll hopefully -- point four yards per play and a Buffalo's defense -- my point -- yards per plate neither. Seems to throw the ball very well in Naples from the football. Think -- -- Russia -- broke seventy yards. On the ground per game can be able for. For over a 160 yards on the ground balls that run the football against each other that can -- a lot of clock and I think it's total it's still -- if he wants. I went ahead embedded I think it was -- bed and if you wanna make monument and it held this week. I'm telling you now you're gonna get a lot more under then you're gonna get over -- you -- every under. On Sunday I think when debate over here and find yourself off money. I feel all the won it -- back you all we can't about the most to do all of the bowl outside of the BCS bowl is this bowl season to do all of the bowl. May be in the top team maybe that's not the end of all bowl games. From an attendance standpoint would it make it between sixty and 70000 in the dome Saturday night. Went to allow them Louisiana around with the first meeting back in 1911 the last last year. As a Louisiana Lafayette the rate dictated to them to -- bowl champions take on the Tulane green -- interesting year with a lap cars came out. They hated the war one and a half point favorite over to relate with the uncertainty of last year -- all of the bowl MVP. Maybe not being able to play in an alcoholic count. He's gonna have to have a lot of adrenaline he did. Practice on some this week but coach Bob caught a notice now the likelihood of him playing right now is so far less. -- him possibly playing that being Hansbrough -- with today's saint saint -- -- the green wave or two and a half point favorite. Overlook the -- did. Hate -- -- -- politician these two teams what's interesting about -- is when they played a team to give a ball in this -- of their program last year. Monroe scored 63 point zone and Trout some at their own place they came back and dominated Monroe in my group this year. Would it be days Abu -- -- Canadians. Get picked there's straight bowl victory this time over Tulane. We're excited about this will be ours will be a lot of people who do walk a lot of people already New Orleans but -- now has become the favorite in this game. Yeah any time you get in injury. I want the magnitude of Broadway -- more times than not the betting markets can overreact. And that's exactly what had been here and they are betting that to my inside we have to remember. These are two very different programs this sport what -- In this -- in granite two point seven in fine. Louisiana sloppy at 84 for both have a similar straight up record. The difference is this two lane nine in three against the spread Lapierre went warning it against the spread and the reason for that is simple. Tulane actually outperformed what the betting market expected for them if you look at their last ten games this season they went. Six and forcefully -- They only paper to win one of those games and that was against you set. In early in mid November they were you point -- the -- -- making forty fine debris. Other games they were underdogs. I don't mean small on the -- that almost two touchdown underdog against east Carolina. They were a touchdown for more on the ball against. At Texas San Antonio a game that they lost they were on the against Florida Atlantic game that they lost it in the games that they. Against tall and they were three point ball against the Texas three point -- We get adamant well they were almost two touchdown balls to -- outperformed betting markets and because. Think -- and a lot yet. Calm is gonna take them lightly. And we happen -- time they played granted to different. Here at a different school. -- -- -- -- -- -- To Louisiana Lafayette overboard and they -- again last October I don't think that two -- gotten that much better. Not 31 points better from last year. So for me I think it has a lot about lying down you coupled with the -- betting market that overreacted to the Broadway injury. And Timmy I'll write like that that -- inside I think right now being able to get points with a better team is the only way I could look at this game. I'd be off before we get your locks of the week -- and as a full volley to the Saints game and Carolina. The losses at three point underdog totaled 47. And let. Everyone knows my -- -- my list -- tight -- did he about being as things stand and I've even been accused and it -- wasn't. But he had going in Lubbock might girl who's from New Orleans and New Orleans Saints and I wouldn't be given New -- as much as I do and nothing could be further from the truth because as much as I do love and adore her. At the end of the day I can't make money and if I don't like this thing it's one week out not that bad just because I. I I'd like between. -- -- different I actually stepped up and I already that this game I bet besides eat and I that the total and I think. I you're really get the best the bit with the saint catching the -- I actually got the green paint points high paid one point five -- to get the green and I think it's worth it he could still find it out there and the bit. The Portland State what they were supposed to last week and made the Saint Louis at Saint Louis in game that they were touchdown favorites this blog it would probably be down. Pick up maybe Carolina minus one of the fact that they lost last week. That may. It overreact. And at the oddsmakers on this lineup because all the thought and everyone's giving up on the things I've been here all over the place out here and -- get out here. Sports Radio. I'll I'll betting she'll dying thing is he's gone out that he went on the road they've lost to their -- Three on the road in three of their last four the only team they beat in the last two months is Atlanta on the road blah blah blah listen. When lifting these that the played they're gonna show a -- that was as Spain which game for them. Double -- it was gonna come down this week they played Carolina at home and made little -- 3113 when Carolina came in a buyer had been one all of those games in the well. Com and the reason is simple. When you haven't seen Cam Newton and you've only seen him on film he could create a lot of problems for your football team but when you're used to seen him twice that year. It's a little bit different. And those type of quarterbacks don't have as much success against those type -- teams that get to see them play the week you know you're winning you're out twice. And I think that's why this -- -- except against them but Atlanta Q what bounty gate or Carolina swept off the previous year nor have absolutely no problem. Against at the Carolina Panthers I think this is the game they're gonna -- straight -- take the -- point because it's big gift. But I do not see them lose in this game and it's much like I say I love my -- this is gonna bell curve it's about making money and a lot of the saint and I bet -- well. It was 48 set in. I'll I'll go ahead -- bit on the 46 and can't. This is playoff atmosphere beat and we don't Monday Night Football help teams play when the game matters we saw Detroit came in Baltimore team with high over on there. That played what looked like a baseball game and I think that's what you're gonna see here in Carolina. Where team's plane not to lose now when there's so much at stake. What you bought them one over to second base and just try to get that one home. I think that's what you're gonna sports scene but any team in must win don't take in the Orleans Saints. And take beyond -- Saints are gonna win this division but don't panic don't worry about what you saw last week that this team is for real they have the talent don't get it done. All right BR biggest sort of regain that comment -- front dot com the art takes the Saints and the under now BR give us your two. The locks in the national football. I'm gonna give you one side and I'm gonna give you one total and and that's what I think it was on -- got taken down that road again and right when you. You want your Saints will listen I've made money with this team likely can make money with them again and that -- -- Washington Redskins might -- -- Redskins you know the Washington Redskins this week and here's why. You have a Dallas team that last week lost the way they did did Green Bay and now they have to travel play watching -- And the best thing that Redskins -- Kirk cousins -- because this team that had given not born RG three. And he was the spark this team needed they L game -- a -- 233. Yards. -- shouldn't be even being close. But there were turnovers there whoever wins the turnover battle cover the spread. 77%. Of the time still you just have to get every game who. Turnover battle in your life -- build -- 7% against the spread so for the Redskins to. Complex game. And lose the turnover battle it's healthy that is being played on. I was not predict cousins is playing for a contract right now. He knows that -- dress rehearsal for free agency. So you're gonna get hit big game you're gonna get motivated team that wants to put in mail in the Dallas called in. And we know that the want to Redskins always have success against Dallas so go ahead take Washington plus three point. You're probably not going to -- it. But was dead at the point but again the team to beat you may as well go ahead and that take. And the next fortnight ago but again if you a total I think we'll go to Indianapolis and Kansas City. I mean playing Minnesota Cincinnati. And I'm gonna go under the total there I think you're only gonna be one of the team do this scoring this total is 48 and I -- on there. And the reason is simple Minnesota's not gonna have any success. Against this insanity defense where on the flip side Cincinnati with -- And knows receivers and I think he got that Minnesota's secondary the only problem with the overpay is the fact that you need to achieve to scored again in -- because I don't think. Cincinnati put up forty on their. And the team that knows they're in the playoffs and wants to stay healthy so look for them the jump out of Minnesota and just born to eat up clock with their running game that they had. So for me this has on the written all over it go on the forty in Minnesota Cincinnati. And go and take the Washington Redskins plus that the -- You'll make money it's weekend and decapitate -- Saints in -- that maybe is going to be a good weekend sport speaks perfect timing for Christmas. And then next week will make some money to me here's the deal. Sounds good to meet the off biggest run of the Vegas front of that comment Vegas trying to three game. Dash com the are always a pleasure amount manned second year running with got to finish up on the Merry Christmas -- you would yours that we were talking that it didn't get caught and both these. -- the viewing north and make sure that the equipment not quantity -- coming in this week after winning when he got when he. -- right we -- wanna give VR praises I -- thank you so much enjoyed. We continue our view from Vegas -- fee -- Vegas has brought -- back in our house bought at a French Quarter Brady's all over with -- really it shouldn't. Well over 100 years that we look up the rest the bowl games in his NFL picks. Well last week he jumped all over the Seattle Seahawks at the big one and it wasn't even close as they were only seven point favorite they won 23 to zero and it wasn't that close. In the game is lock pick of the week -- CAA tournament to have. Prediction machine dot com was it was -- Paul thank you so much for the time let's stop with the dog bowl and a slider change due to injury. The Louisiana Lafayette quarterback went out to remain as a slight favorite. Over the rate dictated givers who picked. That that we haven't now Broadway out point 341 to predicted score two lane we had that we recently posted to -- you mentioned to linger a little bit of a favorite they're playing at home for what it's worth giving them pats credit. Well -- there's -- ever considered a full credit for the ball because -- -- theoretical at least. Neutral the other player would there would be -- an irritation to calculation but it should still be clean victory 54% of the time. We keep two in the next game are actually the value of that game would -- spiritual opinion against the number. Across the board -- every game on Saturday the value that on the on the under. -- totaled only at 49 and a half which is suddenly being critical game it is not encourage our football game but yet. We've -- -- -- out Tulane played better than our guards like you're under that game -- Italy 44 points are scored at arch. -- iPod now let's take a look at some other bogies the front of the week bigger beef O Brady bowl east Carolina as a thirteen point favorite over Ohio. Yeah and it and I don't know actually really like younger so there's some value here against the spread it well I should be able to keep it in the single digit. ECU would insinuate that it eat out and title he went straight up 63% of the time 3320 course are predictive score. It ended up being a closer to a one touched arrogant attitude towards carryover that Greg would suggest he is certainly the better team go I'll develop talent but there -- record order. Are good at what their record that you would suggest. Had a total of it even joked about 64 and pat Lilja but if he's seven point averaged we scored a lot of rumors that you know the harder people -- that over in the -- -- to attempt to be. While we're on the Islanders Marty can't. And Paul on Christmas Eve we had the Hawaii Bowl Arkansas 383 point favorite oval Boise State the total is sixty full. Area right now or instead actually out -- A bonus that they are pretty much but like in eight games or so it every single pac twelve game we like it's actual team to win it recover you'll that is that sort of -- actually in the Rose Bowl we after about four and a point gamer veteran report happen -- -- I want to light in Boise Boise still not a quarterback juice out weeks organs eighteen that's got top tier talent actually and can play that late time time we think it's very should be able agriculture our starters that you will. We ordered 34 to 26 game Morgan State went straight 60% of the time I thought opinion -- it's a total. All the season was that prediction machine -- comp all an early look at that -- -- that you gain or a state to eight point favorite 67 although all but the way Auburn scores points the -- Florida State schools. I don't not. I mean looking at it. And it is easy tentative game coming early they almost at 67 by themselves -- -- about my -- would say over and now -- -- land it seems like a lot of points with -- What to feel it early look on sensitivity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An adult players and everything the level he -- future first exactly every single position. Offense you got to look at -- even realize that there are more talented. In your game when you're correct the wind the wind pretty big 4130. Or predict -- court ordered it restrict our. Seve -- -- are ultimately our respect our extra. Paul was the unity of a prediction machine -- now Paul let out listed as though how do you calm out there with these different numbers -- what goes on a prediction machine. Yeah we have a particularly which simulates a game in six different sports talk a couple here obviously both football related info all stimulated and played nightly basis that it can happen from burger. The quarterback takes the snap it we can't talk to what happened in the open that line need to be and so vital that take into account all 22 players are you look at her numbers. And now layered into coaching -- home field advantage there is some weather -- -- hands are certainly credit -- and sure helps the results of these games which course -- there that you would not -- three weeks 29 and eleven against the spread yet -- and then out -- -- -- we did well all but there are a -- the week -- -- plays each week. Went thirteen and he ordered to script. Now -- started the inning FAO the same as the Carolina pants. I like -- into the picture noted today that it like it could be he'd be exact opposite happened let adequate well and didn't let it be the thing that happened that -- play. In the superdome and I think it would be brought that would be extremely close we toward England game this weekend that there are separate. Report on average mean girl porn or games or more. So I don't technically win it by less -- to pull into a little pour it on average only about 51% of -- are as of right now if you're tired. The harder -- -- -- -- -- -- -- number there had a good chance to win this weekend we have the Saints currently -- about it he. 60% favored that go on the record this year which would like we had emergency. Now call on let's take a look at it a very interesting game and other -- a big meaningful -- will -- to -- me for -- specialist off. With the one that has a lot of -- -- don't Philadelphia and Chicago Bears and Eagles both we'll play off to -- today. Early on because is that that it could be nothing to vote seemed to be something to vote came to could be won something for one and not the other based on what happened earlier in the day today it could. Ultimately result in week seventeen dictating that teams could have chances but at the end -- output in Detroit artists. We like you to win and to win back about four points the three point spread. Eagle really simple outfit here 38 what -- predicted score. Eagles error out by Damon -- -- the ball offensively from an efficiency standpoint sort of -- a lot of those fingers the worst game and it'll be at our -- one of the top five in there the Bears right now that is they've been against Iran would expect LeSean McCoy especially from where. Windy weather to run over -- you're not -- leader -- -- victory and actually oddly as -- right out at least they'll both of those -- or not gonna play out more or are. But all to law as a slight favorite over the New England Patriots hall. Yes and no one of those games that there are only separated by about half. Support our average numbers we need netting although it is what I say that the under dark out belliard and the numbers that include the Saints are included that -- the New England Patriots or Baltimore win. 23 to 22 and our projection but that's about 61% of their -- the Ravens. A lot of victory there -- he opened originally at one point it was better to add that to Monday -- at one point was more appropriate hope we can take advantage value. We're the war were not in -- -- that are quick -- credit sports. I Paul Gillis shoot ten best plays of the dirt in the National Football League. And we like Washington at the feet is an underdog to win outright over Dallas or that we think the cowboys' playoff picture. Wayne this weekend actually in Washington wins three point underdog point 28 point seven of their predicted score there and -- we -- many strong lately and so we're pretty good terms of the overall value in general but the other one that I like a -- Lets you know if the current line at Indianapolis -- -- to get -- it's -- pretty athletic and we're certainly aren't last week. Indianapolis for the public he got it got away from. They're not. Terrible but not great but they should be at least as the average to be able to keep with it -- important Kansas City -- -- earlier predicted scored 26 to 22. Kolb was the prediction machine backup -- everybody can go hated. Bottom of the right direct typically get a jump on all the bowl games. Exactly prediction machine that was all 35 games broke -- they'll continue to updated we need to real certain behavior out there aren't ordinary days you'd probably. On Twitter at -- machine. Paul was here Paula thank you so much of the time as always -- Christmas to you and yours we will talk next Thursday and I'm pretty sure there -- I appreciate coming back can you imagine there being no blackouts. In the National Football League what does it mean. Money burned burned. Day. He has the SEC they want to. Lift a long time -- buckets blackouts.