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12-20 1:10pm Todd Menesses, Favorite Christmas movies

Dec 20, 2013|

. Today on Angela: it’s the last weekend before Christmas…with the change in weather, does it still feel like Christmas to you? And when it comes to Christmas movies, what’s your favorite? What’s the one movie you MUST SEE EACH YEAR…or it's not really Christmas?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Top Manassas in four Angela again today. The numbers 260187866889087. You can also text me after 87870. Today. I hear him talk about it's Friday. Soul. Have a little bit of little bit of -- It's the last weekend before Christmas. Cry before Christmas holiday comes back it's Wednesday in the middle weeks smack in the middle of the week is that throwing you guys off to. -- -- Man. I really. Really know like -- knowledge falls in the middle of the week. This year we get Christmas on Wednesday in New -- on Wednesday as well. I owe it to get it can't change the total -- but anyhow. So this is the last weekend Lotta people going to be shopping -- people gonna get out about. Yes I still haven't done any shopping yet. Even on line. I've looked at stuff on line. To order for people but I've yet depressed the order. I don't know why. I get there before Christmas cool. Off figure that all out to at some point this weekend but what I wanna say -- Christmas right around the corner -- the change in the weather it's kind of warm today we had that. Cold front coming through earlier who's made the week feel like Christmas the last couple of days it's supposed to be called again for Christmas. But -- still feel like Christmas to you right now. And you know what makes me feel like Christmas is Christmas movies. So -- -- talk about that movie. Do you have to see what Christmas movie. Is your favorite. And which one you must see each year you have. To see this. Before you feel like it's Christmas. There's certain and I've got to watch every every year without fail. And I'll tell you those in and out of it's been well documented I've said this on the year many times about how. I don't like musicals. And more musicals. Christmas movies are different just like Disney movies. They're a little different. As the argument bullet through the list of the top Christmas movies. -- if yours is on that list which one do you have to see. Each year. In order for to be critical Christmas special to some people. You know talk about the different Christmas special -- Used to -- educated you know as I as I was a kid -- had to be Charlie Brown Christmas. And Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. And frosty and see all those. Actually more when I was -- the conflict in Iran now. But I had to watch all the fortunately Christmas. But as I've gotten older that's -- much haven't seen those yet this year but there are. Certain movies. That I do you have the city. Next hour we'll talk a little bit about the saints. Think set to play the Panthers. This weekend as we all know. You think they'll be able to win on the road. And what is your reason. Crazy. Real. Definitive look at the game that you think why you think this year squad is different on the road than they are at home. Can we bring that home five. To an away game and I'm not so much talking about the crowd. I'm talking about. For the team so that they feel. Comfortable they feel the same way we all know what it means to miss. New Orleans. Tennessee after Katrina many of us were. Not here and living elsewhere and so what did you do what advice would you do and can you give the saints players. To make it -- Like they still got that new world and by no matter where they are and where their place. Talk about that next hour. 2601878668890. Activity also in the 3 o'clock hour. -- -- stone is going to join us. Executive director of the fitness Brentwood east Jefferson hospital. Talk about holiday food lot of people going to be. In the all the holiday food this weekend. Going to the holiday parties holiday food traps and how you can take control. Over the holidays. When it comes to which you -- Do you watch -- -- over the holidays or do you just elect me and say you know -- New -- right around the corner -- to start that. Let's start in the new year. Plot my way. Through the holidays. No matter what it. But he's gonna give us some suggestions especially if -- the holiday parties and something's actually. That you see at holiday parties and snacks and things that you get that you think might be a little bit more health EB. Actually -- So we'll talk about that coming up in the 3 o'clock hour. All right this RT 60878668890870. Tell me what Christmas movie special whatever you've got to see. In order to know it's finally Christmas. That gives you the Christmas spirit. Operated jaguar opinion poll are you at the holiday spirit yet. As it reached you yet. You can log on and vote and WWL dot com cast your vote give me a call here or text me 26018786. -- 89087. Texas 8787. It will go ahead take a break when we come back we'll talk DO -- Gary text -- for movies Yang -- -- some of those two. Excellent I never saw that there are actually some Christmas movies. I haven't seen. And I talked about for me it's the traditional movies. Not the stuff you see on lifetime that they put out every year make these new movies. That have no real definitive ending and get in that before the dress mean ultimately -- are ready jaguar opinion poll. Are you in the holiday spirit yes yet 81% of you say yes nineteen. For senator now. Not yet. What does it take it like I said I was talking everybody around here it's amazing to find out. What people like as there. Favorite Christmas movie the movie that they have to see. And you know the debate rages. What is a Christmas. Movie. -- is -- a movie that came out at Christmas. That might mention Christmas and it. Some people claim the first Harry Potter movies they Christmas movie. Because it came out around Christmas and there's the Christmas scene in there because they're in school year and it goes through the whole year. Cigna I don't I don't think that the Christmas movie I'm sorry not. Die hard. -- -- -- Die hard because it took place around. Holidays I believe that's the the first one that's what he went there for the holiday party the Christmas party at the his wife's office. On the terrorist took over. Some people view that is a Christmas movie. -- don't think -- Christmas man in my -- Christmas movie has to be about Christmas Christmas has to be. Part of it that's -- much just about Christmas itself but it has to be throughout the whole movie the main part. You know I'm saying they're doing stuff for Christmas. -- coupled that. I like him into what I have to see every year. Is a Christmas story. But the ralphie trying to get to be because. And the interesting thing about that is I love that movie my wife knows I love that movie so. Wife and daughter couple years ago they gave me the movie on dvd. For Christmas. There when I opened it I was like. OK what you give me this. Michael you you love that movie watching over us like yeah but that's part of my tradition. I have to watch it on the 24 hour marathon every year. That Italy was -- TBS or TNT one of those those every year. On Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. That's what I like about it. But I do watch that immediately took me two years to finally open the dvd and watch it one summer I was bored that's much Christmas story. And it's funny it's got a connection to the point -- it's great. I also liked. Elf has become one of my favorites with welfare -- go wrong with Will Ferrell dressed as an -- Very funny movie not only -- two and over and over. And another one that didn't get a lot to do a lot of the box office but in the reruns. It is a very funny movie and very entertaining jingle all the way. With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Very funny movie you get a chance to watch and another woman has started creeping up on me. That I've been watching. Over and over. When I say come on Christmas with the cranks. Number one didn't do well the box -- but it's another very funny. Touching movie if you watch. 26018786. Exit 8908 so let's go to David. -- David thanks for -- BW up. Well it. And Vietnam. Scrooge. Scrutiny -- come out with an uproar it. And it would be -- story. And it would also the it's semi vacation. The Christmas story that rot you know would look -- chained not. Delay delay out yet on -- flat. Because -- that you know what's good about that movie you can feel. Like the key -- Okay you get -- it can happen you what you can relate with the kid is this is the gift you want and everybody had a Christmas where -- that one gift you just wanted to get that Christmas and that's which you wanted. And either your parents that you couldn't have or you didn't think you -- gonna again. And -- could also relate with the movie as an adult. As the parents saying you know I you can have that your future ride out and surprise in the kid with a gift that the and so it kind of it kind of works on all levels and that's what -- really good movie. Question annual radio show. What tablet media one that -- would sentence aren't. Question I knew -- radio show notes we'll let the market is a red Ryder BB yeah. Just check in and out. I'm David they've meant thanks for college all right of America you a new year that your audio. I'd say do you -- 60187866889. -- which by the way Scrooge is with bill Maureen had -- Mac so that's. At -- in there Akron. But Bill Murray this group which is another very good funny movie. And that that was on a couple of days ago. As well. Someone texting home alone -- home now -- home alone I consider Christmas movie came out Christmas but it also has to deal with Christmas. And I like one and -- What you got once Macaulay Culkin stop being in a mine and and watch him on and that they were good. In here forward recourse. How far can you take the plot. The kids home alone. And the bad guys are trying to get in the house. Can. We and I differ sickle one will put him in New York. -- Video through what happens here well. The kids home alone. I think -- start to see a pattern here so one and two. Property your -- in hand with those. Lot of people texting and 87870. Christmas vacation yet die hard one and -- both did take place around. Christmas time that. I don't know if I called those Christmas movies really. It's a wonderful life yes. Have to see that every year. That's another good one and I'm actually got a list of AMC put out. Their top Christmas movies. And I'll simplest of every movie it was ever made as a Christmas movie and it is a very long list according to. Any that is also on the list. Other top twenty Christmas movies of all time. Then you might be surprised as to what they say is via the number one. Although it's not a movie it's an animated classic a Charlie Brown Christmas as with him as number one that everybody every year votes and says there papacy. It's Charlie Brown Christmas. And a number two is what a lot of your text me at 87870. It's a National -- Christmas vacation. As our caller mentioned. A little bit earlier. And Rudolph and frosty they also make. The list as well as as I mentioned earlier but there when you break it down you've got a good mixture of some of the new Christmas movies. As our last caller said. And some of the old ones. And I like both of I like the old ones. And I like the new ones. There are some that I'd better come up that are really don't care for. But there are a bunch that are pretty good. But I enjoy. Let's see here all of you know we got the president -- salute President Obama. Solving a year end news conference -- get the latest from CBS news. Coming up -- 31 past the hour followed by RW WL first news right here on. WW OAMFM. And dot counsell coming up in about a minute or so. We'll get an update. From. -- -- is one of my friend sticks in this one will get an update. About the the president -- and it's beat someone says night of the living dead part one the original now -- You know you guys know I love zombie movies and zombies but no I don't watch zombie movies around Christmas. -- Not -- that. Trading places. -- was -- Christmas movie. Take that -- up planes trains and automobiles actually. Great movie but it's at Thanksgiving movie. But people don't realize that he's trying to get home for Thanksgiving. Not for Christmas. So that's the one distinction about that one that's actually. Ate Thanksgiving movie and at a Christmas. It's a little a bit in the holiday's spirit to talk about some holiday movies I know Christmas next week so. This is the last weekend before Christmas. While -- will be finishing up their Christmas shopping. Possibly getting together with family and sitting down and relaxing once that's all done which Christmas movie do you have to watch every year. That you must see or it's not really Christmas. To you. Got a -- coming in an 87870. Someone says the grinch with Jim Carrey is the one that my family and I watch every year. Another text right behind it. Not much on the Christmas movies but I like the cartoon Rudolph and the grinch with Boris Karloff now narrating is -- time favorite that's the original animated. Version that came out to back in the sixties with sports car law. Doing via the now rating and floral ravens crawl. Doing the the singing of the you're mean emblem blues -- greens in doing that and I elected at a show -- -- ending it in. And that often bored if -- always found that interest -- what I've found that Boris Karl law. -- together played Frankenstein. Narrated how the grinch stole Christmas. That's -- The Who was in who. The border with call. Next we're going to go into something scanning. Let's go to Jim who's calling hey Jim thanks for -- WWL. Two of -- blue one and older ones too who want it so it's a wonderful life. Christians. -- both. -- classic you gotta watch your knowledge that. -- just think the holidays. I actually -- white Christmas this past weekend and I -- summer friends the same way but -- we will wait timeout you know like musicals and you like white Christmas. Okay. Here's the deal here's here's my my my final thought on on musicals and I'll state this again I I have a rule when it comes to a guy. White Christmas is OK I can take the singing because. A Bing Crosby and Danny -- -- playing singers and performers in the movie. -- you expect them this thing is just like the jazz singer with Neil Diamond is -- a senator so I expect him to sing. -- -- by the way great or strong law thinks. And have a great holiday. -- to thank you Jim. About by it -- they don't let though with white Christmas. Named after the movie I mean up to you know the songs and other Irving Berlin thing but that's not the first movie. That the song white Christmas was sung. By Bing Crosby. People don't realize that it was a another movie that was done earlier. Another holiday Christmas movie that's on this big list that a lot of people kind of overlook where he actually -- So I'm at a I'm not gonna tell you which one it is the people can text him -- call. And let me know. 26018786688908. -- text comes in polar express is our interest traditional Christmas Eve movie now. That was another good one miracle on 34. Street another good one. I liked the original one. When it comes to that when I like the original -- -- the remake so much. It's okay. But to me electorate and not the color rise to version the the black and -- version. Let's keep it real. Let's go to Louis and Harvey -- pressure on WW. Pay enjoy the show thanks. Are currently little story definitely buy it if you go -- a Christmas story. There isn't a -- on there that tells you a whole bunch of things to look for as you're watching the movie which makes it more interest and one album is how did they get kids two are just stick to the poll. Yeah hey they put take action device right in the hole. And that's how. It is congress it -- take the -- Parred the hole that. Yeah -- and I think that the kid that played ralphie the camera -- nailed top my head is that he's an adult now he's action actually he's in L I don't know if people realize that but he's in the movie health. As an -- And he is yeah. Saying that the Chinese restaurant you know if you look at it real closely at a bowling Alley and -- I make it bullying. They they wipe it out of the W and it became boat laying ride. Can out of this whole -- -- -- to -- a group might make it more interest in the next time you watchable. I've -- yeah a lot of those things I've seen and I think they filmed it and actually filmed in two different locations. -- right they really don't read this story was written for our guy. Who are grew up in Indiana but actually owned in Cleveland Ohio -- Part of it part of it was fill in the Cleveland part of it was filmed in Canada I think the school was in Canada they said. -- -- because they need it somewhere where it was going to be snow the whole time. And and how is now a museum -- It's adjusting though Google admitted to make it more fun to watch. It is I will I'll check that out those thank. Yeah the the -- played ralphie went on he's he's now directories behind the scenes. But he's in -- Those view it like the movie elf with a Will Ferrell he is the he's one of the head else. That tells -- to go when he's not ordering anyone to go I got a special job for anybody that's him. That's him all grown up. If you knew that -- attacks at all kinds of information about a Christmas story all the behind the scenes things got a little things there that the thing the reason I think that movie has gotten so much traction is it wasn't supposed to be. That big of the when he came out the critics kind of like me. Okay it's on it's whatever. But it went on to be related and Peter Billingsley is the -- the plays route views now grown up and as they say the other cameo and -- that in credit him but he's in there but. He's done pretty well for himself. In Hollywood he is. And acclaimed. Independent film producer he's also. Serving as executive producer recently served as executive producer for a of this film the break up. In 2006 and also form. Iron Man. Yeah so. Is due in he's doing pretty well he and Vince Vaughn era buddies and he's part of -- violence. He's a principal events on the production company so. The ralphie made out okay that's what happens when you get the if you want for Christmas. -- -- -- prepare. All right -- six so what it's 786 exit 89087. Disco to -- mobile -- how you're on the VW well. It Christmas and he is one it's not a body as Amber's Spain. It was written and not produced by Truman Capote. Of course has a lot of history there in the war on. Yeah industry here in Alabama. After it. Mother ship being. Alabama and it. -- religious fundamentalists and what was kind of debate. And this story concerns the fact that it. In the 9030s. She might fruitcake that. I don't want -- And is there are certain. Ingredients. This bridge make it very bad night and -- held -- memory. And it it's like -- short story back you know as well. And I believe that one inning and and it almost never been saying summary. Wow it's not one of those they picked up -- they show every year obviously. Well. Did eight years ago on media. And have never seen it again. Am it is available on the Internet. But it even there it's not easy. You get back -- have been -- eight you news. I don't think their side where you can watch in Indian. My Christmas memory about treatment. -- left the check that out. There I now thanks appellate. -- 60187866. And eight -- early Tony asked earlier about the white Christmas and what movie was the first time it was actually sung it wasn't the movie like Christmas. It was another. Movie that was done. And let's go to John in New Orleans -- John. On don't find John a lot of people of text me the answer but did you know it is well right. Exactly that was with a -- hysterical it right. Now and that was about another. It was that would in Vermont to I can't remember it was having. -- remember he had left the show business to come upon which side of the business wasn't doing well and they they don't. To get out and. The dilute the movie takes place would at it's holiday because it goes through it take you basically through the whole year through every holiday in what they do. Allies in and of course the last one is Christmas and that's the one -- -- a little bit more time and then some the other politics. Correct or another delegate movie bill. -- The Bishop's Wife. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- standby to -- you know frosty and Rudolph and passed up what about Christmas and Connecticut. Yeah it was good but it turns out they -- like the other -- you know him I mean achieved only. I read it now. The. -- actually he has missed Q Gary grant but -- about Christmas that was about the rate of bombing and Ambien and -- -- -- Guy you know -- gamble but. -- at the Christmas and to get the ones you know being out here now that it -- Of course all the expenses that they -- I'd cut a well -- to whip -- which one of those out of that list you just said John that you have to watch every. Christmas or it's not yet officially Christmas. For months and be Charlie Brown Christmas that could be a white Christmas. In my Mo London college so -- -- like Apollo and I'll start going. -- didn't think. So. So does my wife and you can actually imitated perfectly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do 60878668890870. We'll take our final break here when we come back though it is more vehicles more comments. And it text as well. But your favorite Christmas mu -- a lot of real love. Christmas story. And going into -- all the different things about it -- got to go back and watch it again. -- -- wants to wait for the America what would come back we'll continue this got a lot of text a lot of folks it's the one the talk about their favorite holiday movies and -- that list from a AMC their top twenty. Christmas movies that you have to see to make it to be Christmas. And a also will talk about the states. Carolina. And what the the saints have to do. To keep that same spirit and -- that they have when they play at the dome on the road this weekend because. It's a must win game. For the saints will be right back stop in for Angela and you're listening to WWL.