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12-20 2:10pm Todd Menesses, Saints Weekend

Dec 20, 2013|

THE Saints are set to play Panthers Sunday….do you think they will be able to win on the road? What’s your reason--crazy or real--why you think this year's squad is different on the road than at home? Can we bring the home vibe to an away game? We all know what it means to miss New Orleans...so what advice would you give the Saints on how to make the away games feel more like a game in New Orleans?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back WWL Todd Manassas and for a Angela again today she -- feeling -- little -- out of it feeling better but it's. You know it's that cold stuff and didn't quite have her voice back. So much that you -- A step in and just have some funding talk about. Christmas movies holiday stuff. And of course the New Orleans Saints will throw that into the mix the -- slogans text about that. And 87870. The saints are set to play the Panthers this week that we all know that especially after what happened. Last Sunday against the rams all the changes that were made this week. By coach Payton. On the staff you heard in our sports evidence all morning talk about it all morning two run. Armstead talked to him he says he's ready to go. He's the rookie and then he says is what he's been preparing for. And a physically disguise that big strong guy I did really well. At the combine and and it's great numbers there and kind of opened up a lot of lies. So can he translate that on the field and he's ready to go and he's fired up. Then you know let's go biggest game of the season. For the saints this week. Need to beat the Carolina Panthers in Carolina and we know. That the saints have not been playing well on the road this year under Sean Payton traditionally since he's been here they have been a good road team I know that. But this season not so much. They're three and four on the road. Chances are that chance ago for four breakeven. On the road if they beat Carolina also on the line is the NFC south title and the number two seed. In the NFL. But the playoffs. Now if they lose it doesn't mean they're out of the playoffs but it just means. Things become a little more tricky they would have to more than likely play on the road. And I got a the text from a -- of mine who who is ever the optimist when it comes to the saints. And he was talking about -- only about how. The saints could still get the number one seed. In the playoffs. It's mathematically probable. But it's a big. Being big long shot because a lot of things would have to happen first. The saints would have to win out. Obviously. And the Seahawks would have to lose their next two games. Because what would happen. -- will level we'd be time we have the same record but they of the tiebreaker -- don't know because. The two games a Seahawks would lose our divisional games. Therefore they would in and the 49 and the forty -- would also have to win out. So the 49ers wouldn't have the same record as the Seahawks. But they would win the tiebreaker. Due to their conference where record. Their divisional record I should say and they would be the NFC west champs. Putting the Seahawks. Into the wild -- foray. Since we would have the tiebreaker over the 49ers for being here. What have the same record we would be the number one seed in Puerto should be -- the Tutsis. And -- happen don't don't dispute if you got some money you go to Vegas embezzlement. Go ahead but it. Reality is. Probably not gonna happen Seahawks final two games are at home. And we all know how they play at home plus they're playing the cardinals and the rams. And not too sure that's gonna happen. But the saints have their eyes set on winning the NFC south and getting that number two seed and all they have to do is win in Carolina. Do you think that's possible to 60187866889087. And why do you think this team is so different on the road this year. Then they are at home. Same players. You know -- travel and same game plan saying coaches. I think game plan but team coaches game planning. Yet they look different. Is it just the fact. That it's the crowd. That it's not the saints fans cheering for them. Because I know a lot of saints fans do travel with the team. And you could hear them. Public here in Seattle. But what is it. What is it. What's your reason crazy or -- Why you think. The saints. Camp player on the remote. 260187866889. 087. -- -- that. Into the mix someone Texans -- stranger things have happened with Seattle losing out yeah I know it's NFL any given Sunday but it. -- really. For all of that to happen. Then. Santa must really be smile and down on the New Orleans Saints. All of that to happen in the next two weeks is not just this week in the next two weeks but it all starts with the saints. Having to beat. The Carolina Panthers in Carolina this weekend 26018786. Exit 89087. Also got the list of those holiday movies. As you heard our news this is the final weekend before. The big day Christmas is next Wednesday. Does he. But don't Christmas just -- wonderful. So what are you gonna be doing this weekend shopping. The adult done will you be watching some movies and what holiday movie do you have to watch doesn't matter for just this weekend -- whenever you sought once you finally see it. It's like. Okay. It's now. Christmas. 926018786. Exit 89087. Bible take a break we come back will. At a call who says he thinks he knows why this maybe the saints are losing on the road. I got a lot of text about thoughts about that as well -- -- Texas that he ever give us that list of the top twenty Christmas movies according to AMC. This is their top twenty Christmas movies. Number one. Or thinks the watchful holidays number one Charlie Brown Christmas special. Talked about that movie but it's something you -- qualities. At number two. National Lampoon Christmas vacation. I think that would be that high it's a great funny movie but apparently it's pretty high up on the folks that voted for. As a courses by people voting on their site Rudolf the red nosed reindeer comes in at number three. Home alone. Comes in at number four. Then you start to get into some of the classics that number five it's a wonderful life. And never six frosty the snowman another animated special. Number seven -- With bill will Ferrero. Miracle on 34 street comes in at number eight and I believe that's the original one. A number nine a Christmas story the one that everyone has been texting and talking about. Number ten how the grinch stole Christmas. The animated version not the one with Jim Carrey. And eleven it's white Christmas. Followed by a Christmas Carol now there -- very many versions of Christmas Carol out there. This was the the one with George C. Scott. Playing Scrooge this was -- made for TV version. The movie and I remember this -- -- and I do like this one I like the original one. As well with who sells for sins and that I liked Allen also. At thirteen the Santa Claus. With Tim Allen. You mentioned that one. A number fourteen is the Jim -- version of how the grinch stole Christmas. And number fifteen holiday yen. One we mentioned that's the first time that Bing Crosby sang the song white Christmas and movie. And never sixteen Bill Murray and Scrooge. Number seventeen I do like this version of a Christmas Carol as well the Muppets Christmas Carol is very funny and bury -- At eighteen Christmas in Connecticut. The original version with the Barbara Stanwyck. And number nineteen the nightmare before Christmas. With Tim the Tim Burton. Animated thing the only -- and that number twenty. Bad Santa. I did see them did you see that gentleman you did did you like it. And give me is giving the man. But that came out that number twenty on the pole that they voted for top twenty. Holiday things to see 2601878668890870. Let's see here also talk about the saints again another text. Saying that. If the saints lose the NFC south is still up for grabs right in the last week if we beat the bucks and Atlanta beats Carolina. Loss doesn't give Carolina the title -- didn't say given the NFC south title but. It doesn't help -- here's the playoff scenarios and of course the year really wanna count on Atlanta for anything. Truthfully. The you're really wanna count on the Atlanta Falcons. To win so the saints can make it to the playoffs if we don't beat Carolina. Or win the NFC south Tuesday. I don't are right here's -- scenarios if the saints. Can clinch the NFC south division and a first round bye with. A win just win baby on you gotta do win on Sunday. Now the world and you'll also clinch a playoff spot. Not necessarily the first round bye and a playoff spot. Where -- an Arizona loss. Or. A New Orleans tie and a San Francisco loss or tie. Or the world it's tied in Arizona time -- San Francisco Lawson and Arizona time. To follow that. Now the Carolina Panthers will clinch a playoff spot if they win. Over the saints. Or. If they tie in Arizona loses or if they -- -- Cisco loses or if Arizona loses in San Francisco's. Yeah. So that is the playoffs very for the two teams playing. This Sunday with the saints. But again -- the NFC south travel and is would still be up for grabs to the both have a divisional game the play at the end. And but again it's an Atlanta Falcons. To a count on them beaten Carolina Panthers. 26018786. Exit 89087. In a -- Tex talk about why can't the saints play on the road. This season it would sure reason why crazy. Based in fact. Looking at the team. Against Texas they play like they're in quicksand and when their away they start off bad and struggled and it gets harder and harder to get out. They'll figure -- out. Someone else says. Drew lost his confidence on the road. You can read it in his body language. Another Texas because everyone keeps saying they can't play on the road. The power of positive that he folks who debt. They -- would buy into that but unfortunately. The guys kind of set it after the rams game themselves well you know maybe we can you guys are right we can't play emirates so I am hoping it's like him in the head. And that's why I think you saw coach -- shake things up. This week. To kind of shake that out of their head. And make the changes on the offensive line. Go with the guy who's. You know athletically everyone thought he was going to be the guy. Says he's ready. Garrett Hartley. Let's remember he had some great key exports. -- to -- Caroline members get a sentence Super Bowl it's a great kicks in the Super Bowl. But as Bobby -- often says. It's -- what have you done for me lately -- And lately he hasn't been -- well also they had to move -- make another. Choice. -- the Texas not ever for Christmas love that movie someone else mr. to -- Christmas Carol Arial but look that is the child he plays Scrooge and and then mr. -- Christmas Carol. Takes an 878 series as I wouldn't count on Atlanta to pick up my dry cleaning the air right. That's why we just got to win. This weekend against the Carolina Panthers. To six -- 78668890870. Yeah Sheldon I don't I don't have won the sorry. -- away as many match control mental about the Christmas music put on screens is like a senior ones he sipping hot chocolate watching holiday movies. Most of the hot chocolate wants a holiday movies with I don't have a one sorry. No Christmas jammies. For me. Another text says were bad on the road because our -- -- as much weaker than usual in the crowd noise gives -- the line a nano second headstart. We can't win on the road Brees Brees can't run for a first down when needed. Someone else texting. 26018788668890830. Someone -- not a one -- for Atlanta either but if it comes down to that I would. That would be hard. The yard inevitable for the falcons. News. -- it's almost like. Not right like cats and dogs living together you know I mean it's just not right. -- fashionable for the falcons now. -- IT 60187866889087. With some fans say they'll do what they have to do. If it comes down to this. If you win this game you go foreign for the road and that's not good. Yeah we're not the only ones in that bucket and and -- mentioned that before the New England Patriots right now are sitting at the number two seed in the AFC. Same record as the saints same road record as the saints. They're in for they haven't been very well on the road this year either so there another team that does not want to have to travel. On the road. In the play offs and I got a text. -- seventy eights and aces -- doesn't play well when britney's pregnant. Don't know if that's what is going on this year but it would be interesting if an announcement about a new baby is made at the end of the season. My wife has speculated about that to you. Another text. That says that talking about if the saints do lose to Carolina. They haven't lost the division title just yet because each team has to play another division game. That would mean that we'd have to rely on the falcons to beat the Panthers and we have to beat the box. In order to win the NFC south. As -- on -- without -- thing in someone says yep but the enemy of my enemy is my friend go falcons if needed. Someone else is just pull for Gonzales it's his last game you gotta respect that guy. That's if the saints lose -- Just win baby beat the Panthers and you won't have to worry about Poland for any falcons let's go to AJ you're under TWO. Artery which you're not -- either they need to be prepared for or appeared girl. -- -- soccer at all like pick your dual internal -- Either. -- Yeah -- -- report out that before it was to get to play all they talk about for awhile he -- protect your whole deal. -- -- repeated globe in Hollywood and it happened eight OOK. And then the split on the group. Which they weren't from our four or you mean you -- label one more game. In your union story where they can shoot the ball well to the -- people that talk about the saints not been able wherever now true. That they've lost to the jets were patient outlaw aspect game mechanic should be here. They were to Seattle and got -- determined not to -- placed quite I don't know what happened last week. But I guarantee. Actual pay extra earned a trip to -- to torture -- it's part of the reason back electoral council brokered. Critic here partly on. Well -- brewers as far as with the rams we have we just have never matched up well with them since John -- in here. Yes -- -- -- worst -- as you obviously think it will probably. It's looking at how they played they were probably. Looking past career to this week you're the only thing that is. And we are we've only got just Lamar -- of waste extracurricular we can only we've got twelve and four we can't go thirteen right this year we've. Hit a three picture I can -- -- -- it would be miserable ride on on somebody somebody cities that lose. Now on. And and and and all. The book the main point is of particular business secure airlines and they should be able and over here but the typical game right. There and -- and -- Well. -- deal here's a deal if we beat Carolina where the number two seed -- only -- the show up for for the box. It's done. Now they're as part Drew Brees Garros I don't buy into that he's not playing well -- britney's trek I mean he managed. -- -- it did appear every record that you can break in the NFL. People had a lead losing seasons with the states. If you don't want to twice the number one last season are predicting market where there was either a -- seminar in the year after they beware Chicago lost their original. -- 79 mini me I think. And then they had the the Super Bowl run and then another thirteen and three the and then of course last year was. -- -- -- -- But it looked perfectly what it's probably gonna happen. They're afraid they'll go Super Bowl this year and when it immediately -- -- you can almost guarantee is that -- is -- restructure his contract. At least a little bit. That they can afford to pay these offered to block but the but the one another -- get back towards the state lost -- -- cover up on the -- free agency. And I think we've lost one guy. Ole -- 04 writer around a billion dollars on his -- track and another guy or right around 750000. Dollars. In that makes a huge difference I mean he can be the best quarterback in the world -- you -- drove the ball if -- ohrnberger. -- That's part drew running I think he did it first down and -- came to an area he had one little weren't eager to do to kind of break out into. And that they were I think what somebody taxes that we can't rely on him running that that can -- What he needs to do that she needs to. Even just to return to game. In Q3 four -- you know auto off first ever shut it down to keep their defense our security. If he does that and we've got Russell Wilson and at least not all. You know campaigner he's running quarterbacks. But he is athletic he's got great -- skilled. He would if he does that a couple of -- game. Then backed an open. Mortars underneath it in short routes because they're gonna have to guard against Kim pick it up. Actual first error or that either three or four yard -- -- first -- second Arab leader and make certain. Or -- David. That's good that's with scary. Our quarterback has our longest rushing touchdown of the season. Well with the running game as is looking better and wars. You know earlier -- when she's in -- but it looked great last week but it -- predictor -- -- doubt from what happened in Seattle. But that it. And get the player of the asking the doctor export a Lieberman we used to Wear act or. Come on people. -- -- -- -- -- -- What is it that is it battery is it good for fans to expect. Excellence. Well that is that we have actually. Part of our team right -- area I have a feeling next year that that global well. -- on the rich fires in places that are. At least you're organ rejection or -- these guys were winning note -- you are here -- that. The other got everything everything can do -- -- on the Super Bowl you. Yeah every record which you can. Break acting life has been -- lecture -- practically an error. So I cared either. That if it doesn't happen this year there's going to be some changes made in the off season you're you're gonna see. Well -- book running game and -- in -- our air in there and you know what you gotta do what the kicker in -- -- if you got a running game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly is as Stephen those guys always they Steve Gorton. And -- it all starts up front getting -- that offensive line pushed it and make and that -- that you can see you're running backs do what they can do but they can't do it if the defense is meet them in the backfield like riot. That is the key is getting Warner Q you're offered one when he got in this got like the country's third Rivera picked. You got somebody -- a lot left tackle to keep. You know drew blind side pretty secure. Anybody would look like he's -- step up against your -- -- did you see that. Well -- what would your prediction for Sunday. That. I did today say nothing. Say -- league -- quiet till Monday bye. Bye thank you let's go to chuck in Metairie H Acura Honda VW well. Africa I you don't do it. You know -- browser and Internet like they're running department the top of the day at work and I was noticing it would make it a big deals of those road record for the saints and and I guess that's an important thing but. Houses noticing that about 32 teams in the NFL only eight of them have winning road record -- that's pretty heartland on the road yes. In and and and of the of the eight divisional leaders have for have a losing record on the road and have a winning -- tolerance and and it I think personally for the saints it's more. Played inside persons outside the the some bigger. Well but again that that gets thrown out the window because they lost to the rams in a dome. Yeah that's true. That was that that that was probably just big emotional let down game so now. Bottom you know it's it's just hardest -- it's such a tough sport that is so physically violent. -- if everything on those guys essential to play on Sunday evening and weekend because it. It's you know it it's not do you that you just can't go through the motions and and plan to win in the NFL is too difficult. -- Yet the key is. I don't know I think our offense. Didn't perform as well as -- -- at a total loss to programs. Bottom. That we haven't you know we haven't matched up well with the rams it's a jumping that we haven't done well against the rams and -- -- things -- beyond. Now it -- clear because you know the whole -- the rams have not been a good this week because it's almost like you know like psyche because the hole lead after the game. They get about how many interceptions breezed through rather the -- first -- and there's some and I we've lost a. I think a lot a lot of that's not a done that he's just hung their heads that broke the echo at all. It's like what is that the cut -- the credit -- -- and battle that we can't win them. I don't know what is the derided it it's hard to win on the road. And every team will tell you that every year target on the road but it usually when you look. And you see those teams that do win on the road. They're the ones that are able to carry wealth through the playoffs. You know the giants come to my but he had that phenomenal run when they went. On the road at one and then they went on the road in the playoffs and won all the way through the playoffs and on the Super Bowl. You know but but -- but when you look at it too much with interest if you look at the saints. Super Bowl season. That obviously when it whatever they couldn't play at home because. -- we lost two games at home. Oh yeah yeah yeah and they they want the other -- one on the road because it didn't matter by the and they like public. They lost the Dallas and they lost to Tampa Bay at home. Yeah those -- the first two losses that was like. You know nobody was saying that all over there they got home field advantage in the playoffs are -- and I don't know -- it's a crazy will we will we wanted we go about it overall numbers pitcher. Art an exact. All right thanks for list event Baker College got -- -- as I can't believe how many people picking Carolina. Even our own reporters well we're going to go in their house and take what we want. Saints roll. Confidence there. Another text says that maybe if Hakim hadn't dropped the ball. Things would be different against the rams. What's the hacking -- what it is that's come back on us. And a by this have since we played them since that. Alright. Let's see here. -- manager doesn't play well when he's not prepared playing on the road as a change in routine. Maybe too many media interruptions too many commercials. To make his thoughts -- away from the game in hand the game after those two losses was his best this season because they look prepared practice doesn't make perfect. Practiced -- permanent nothing practice does nothing permanent. It was like a tongue -- -- opinion on. All right coming up next -- be joined by MacKey shall stone executive director of the fitness -- what east Jefferson hospital can't eat healthy for the holidays he's gonna -- -- now.