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12-20 3:10pm Mackie Shilstone, HOLIDAY FOOD TRAPS

Dec 20, 2013|

HOLIDAY FOOD TRAPS! Can you take control of the food and treats you eat during the holidays? Are some holiday foods and treats misleading, they appear healthy but really aren’t? What proven techniques can you use so you can enjoy the treats and not feel guilty? Can you really eat healthy at the holidays and not feel like you’re missing out on the traditions? Have you ever tried before and succeeded or did you just give in and indulge until the New Year? We were joined by Mackie Shilstone, Executive director of the Fitness Principle at East Jefferson Hospital.

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Angela hill is off today feeling a little under the weather so toughness -- sitting in for Angela and I'm joined this hour. By MacKey she'll stone health and of fitness expert and he's gonna talk about the holiday food traps. And can you take control of the food and treats you eat. During the holidays my first answer that MacKey for me would be -- Well we're gonna take a positive and you've got the square is going on in the season we're gonna take. We're gonna take the positive side like saints are gonna go in the area and do what they have to do yet she can't and you will. And you will be successful and you will not miss out on. On of the feed the aura of Christmas and you know we know what Christmas truly is forced to give thanks for. Four on the birth for lord Jesus Christ but at the same time. On. The you know we can we can have a good experience with family. And it's all about perspective I think you know one of the interesting points number one was. Trim back the -- who doesn't mean to get rid of the trimmings right it simply means to to scale back and and the easiest way to do that without. Without seeing that you can't you can't have this. Is to take a smaller -- So and and keep this in mind how people found it's the boring. The brain has had app a stat or controls and and a lot of times people will take something and they feel the guilt was it. So they'll -- it quick -- so if you don't if you to not take twenty minutes to consume. The give the the stomach will feel hopeful but you'll still have -- So a simple trick that people should use. It's a smaller place. But if they're willing to take that up by -- of whatever it is they've picked. And they chew it up and swallow and then they take a second bite and they chew it up and swallow. And put the fork literally down after that says that they have to go back and pick the pork up before cup. That's a two to 112 restaurant yeah Africa and that is one of the most effective ways that you can actually get twenty minutes. See that's one of the things my wife says side I eat too fast she says that all the time and and I have had a remain colleges that I like it was in prison excellence as human food from. And I and it -- I I I tend to eat. -- fast -- I -- -- I mean I can get a plate and sit down and within five minutes it's gone you know -- eaten well you may have -- in I don't feel and an -- -- don't feel I still feel hungry so right. Well you have a physiological effect that type of balance in the brain by. But keep in mind you know I've been written seven books and one of them was fat burning viable and -- comprehensive weight management programs on. In this area and one of the things you learn is that many people especially especially women. -- will eat what will be something and if they have guilt they're gonna they're gonna consume it quickly. To eliminate. Senator Russ I'm gonna get it out of my sight -- bit quicker. And that's one that -- -- the top reasons you see the speed eating. -- other than if we are not a rush into the adage when mom said clean your plate may. Eat it the power of of giving back -- giving -- got to start at home so what every you have either put it take. Pick something up to a -- picked the food on your plate. And then take one bite put one spoonful and put it back show automatically that you have the power of control. So nicer myself. Fixed supply an effort to -- first either one of two things -- -- EE EE put get scaly your plate down a going from a larger plate to a in a middle sized place. And then after you after you have everything on your plate that you want him every not piling up that you not -- not forget you're not forgoing anything. Then look at it. And take 11. Spoonful of something on the plate whatever it is and put it back the idea is. If you go to a party and you see all this. Varieties to spice of life but it also means you might get twenty bytes of twenty different things -- two things. And that's what you gonna go away. Really -- -- two things -- agrees don't try every well look at you'll get twenty bytes of twenty different if things time. And and before you know what it's about thirty by 240 bytes. But if you -- two things. -- two things that whatever it is and I I really don't think we should give away your give up anything about makes common sense. The creams the sauces. The gravy they're they're going to be things that are going to. Just give you unnecessary calories that will will will will preclude you from getting all the food you might have warranted because because of the cost. High density caloric -- back off those and get what's underneath. -- -- I I think I follow switchers we will get a little bit more into this MacKey shall stone is here with the -- got a question for MacKey. -- call 26018786. Exit 89 through -- having or text us at 8787. He's well over more than a couple of pointers here. On a talk about for holiday eating and and I know this is the time when a lot of people say that they're gonna. Go ahead and eat the holidays and they gain weight and I'll just wait to the new year to take it often at that never happened. Well that you have to understand their 3500 calories in a pound of fat. You're going to hat and and keep people forget this that that the normal fluid response for the human bodies operated by down plus two -- And if you're going to increase our liking for parents during the holidays and you're only talking three days now you're really did. You put on force scale pounds which could which could amount to being fluid and the biggest reason is you're not drinking enough water. Give your trick on how to handle alcohol as well. Some people of Texas -- question before we get back to the holiday stuff. Somewhat to -- question for -- have you heard of the grossing year Campbell legitimacy and he's. Our senior campers actually urging it to it's it's interesting that this gentleman or lady -- has come in with this question now because. It might pertain to the holidays what we're talking about our -- camp -- is hydroxy citric. And varies enough research to demonstrate. And that it is effective at suppressing appetite. -- you find it in many of the weight loss formulas that are out there especially. When you Frederick came off the market. Because of the country indications they had I'm are ironically. If Federer was a very effective and erecting an -- meaning it also. Kutcher appetite and it boosted your metabolism. The unfortunate part with a ephedra was people were taking too much of it and it became problematic so it was pulled. Cursing you -- -- comes along not as a stimulant and you'll find it in in many of the of them. Over the counter a supplement but by itself. There is enough solid research to show that it does have an effect on appetite call hydroxy citric. So you can buy it just as it's you can't give you can't -- and you know you know I'll follow the label directions check with your doctor if there's in the country indications but. It's interesting that here she points that out now. Someone says there on your thoughts on obviously Indies so that the when he stores well. Oh yeah you'll find it not just mine but anywhere and I think probably the best thing to do is to look at it in a blend I will tell you another. Product that that that. His achieved enough research. Your doctor Oz and courses of a vascular surgeon and and he talked about. Though the original research on risk particularly well when he talked about that was somewhat surprised because of research on raspberry cue cards. Is basically all in animal studies however he came back. He talked about something called for a genetic acid which is green coffee -- extract in there -- some solid research. All of coffee -- extract green coffee -- extra active ingredient claw around Janet as it. That also. Improves the blood sugar response to taken half hour before you eat. It helps to mitigate something called post -- and you look at deviant and that is the problematic rise in blood fat specifically -- triglycerides. That that that stays elevated and here's the problem. Especially in the -- in this city like New Orleans we have a very very high fat diet they're more fast food places. That are that are driven by high fat load. And you take a high fat low in saturated fat let's say and you eat it in your blood triglycerides it's a blood fat goes up. Let me stay up for six hours and that's the effective sanction IT -- facts I say good or bad -- cracks in general. So all of a sudden you play your blood factor coming back down and you hit with -- another high fat meal in their back up there that's why most heart attacks. Are occurring in late at night you know two and one night or early in the morning say between 3 in the morning and because it's related to this post -- and deal after meal with academia elevation in blood that it's the speak specifically. The triglyceride. Up -- -- -- of the green coffee -- extract gold look at up on the Internet you'll find some solid research on. Its ability to drop that post -- you look at -- It. I have no idea what you just well not much but my point is that I'm not -- -- you look at Garcia can Ambrose you might wanna look deceit. If there's something that that -- comes with green coffee -- expect look at up on the Internet advocate -- surprise I've got to. Next holiday tip that you well usually disinterested and an end it will do it every Tom. So you're really concerned about going to a party and in you and you don't this is a tip where you don't have to do anything it. Up other than -- if it but it does pick any food you want. We are tight close. Really yet where something with a tight black -- many -- these are good tips from WebMD by the way. I'll Wear clothes. That are snuck. -- because every time you go to get that food. You you're gonna feel tight around the waist and is going to be durable. This is this is what end you know what is this is this is a reverse psychology. So I've sold. I'm defeating the purpose by wearing loose fitting -- -- where policy. And that tighter the better you're going to party you know and and you we are tighten your belt that -- a closer -- I guarantee you -- eat that much real yeah. -- yeah I think I think that's. You know a good point now they know when you might be surprised that. So you're gonna go to a party and you know there's going to be a lot of food there and parties at 6 o'clock at night or 7 o'clock. So you say one gonna starve myself during the day so I can -- everything around them and a big big big mistake. People who only tend to eat one meal a day tend to have the biggest weight -- weight gain problems. You really need to stabilize that blood sugar. That -- haven't have something every three to four hours. And if if you stabilize that blood sugar before you go to the party. Chances are you're not gonna eat as much you'd really and the only way that's gonna change. In the next tip is coming along. Is if you were drinking a lot of alcohol. Which is going to. We have a profound effect it goes through the portal vein in the liver and it's gonna go right into it supplies in the in the supply chain and it will stimulate your appetite. Especially beer the brewer she -- beer will stimulate your appetite so what are you gonna do if you're gonna go and have something victory. You wanna side on a bottle of water here so I have a glass of water -- have a glass one. That I have a glass of water and have a glass of -- And the other thing is we've been drinking a hard on the you know mix -- you know like a Scotch or whatever. You know just use more water more ice. -- but the -- nation of alcohol in water or when you go here's another tip when you're going into them. We knew going into the party the first the first commitment you make. Is I'm going straight to the bar and I want six or eight ounce glass of club soda with lime -- drinks back. Because. There's a real difference between them that true physiological act of hunger hunger will calm. When your blood sugar approach is less than forty milligrams for desolate. And many times we as human beings misconstrue hunger for the stress response. So if you're going to a party and all of a sudden you weren't hungry but now you're hungry -- seeing it it may be a stress response to the food. Or to a situation. Immediately drink some water. And if you're still hungry after -- you have six ounces of water it then chances are you really are hungry. But it's called that you let you know. Is the war victory ride so we're tight close -- -- -- -- -- take a look at okay. -- -- Or eat -- -- and -- I closed drink a lot of water to drink water in between don't skip meals you know and and then on. -- do skip the appetizers. I mean if if you're gonna go there. Go for the go for the big leagues I mean don't go for the minor league appetizers. In the meet the the chips and dip now that go if if the food is they -- go for the food I mean enjoy yourself just cut the appetizers. That. And -- before we get to some of the the things and and also the figure it's only about the saints shell in Slidell is beholden. -- thanks Roland. That question for -- -- don't know. What -- what I really didn't. Want. Too well how did they. Name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The way you did you do the smaller smaller play the -- now. Don't think that I didn't. Actually put it column a lot of play that little bit but it didn't take -- that. On and it would get. In a -- I would you know put it away but -- couldn't get. No attention that ticket on it until about. So when you went out to -- -- clean your latest. What a wonderful testimony to good common sense that a and it. Thank you so much thank you thanks for -- that's the I can't do that. The everything an aggregate of that's also it's it's a mental thing with me just wealth but -- a -- of -- it was driven in my head for years for my mom and EU everything on your plate. Well I mean it we're all human and you know in all we have that's why take put everything they've play put one -- back. And to put it it's my watches and bringing out. Get the box that she does this take half included in -- to go box or whatever and then take off your plate. Right away I keep saying I'll do that by the time might get around a look at the Tibco box of thirty on the play. Actually can simulate it it is it like you ports. I would orders of the other well one. One other ones that tell him that's very interest in. How -- -- get it gets back to the hunger response remember we define that as a bleacher falling below. We get -- -- ceemea arm. Coupons begin to sweat it. It mood to it changes a little bit today it when blood sugar falls below forty milligrams for gasoline so. Again recognizing true hunger from from on stress -- with a stress oriented. On triggering mechanism for hunger. Chew gum Jewish sure -- -- Before you're going to eat if you innovative and if you didn't have the water to carry some gum in your pocket or you Parse. And chew some sure girl is gone because of the fact that the chewing motion. May give you say shy deep because that's what you're looking for especially. Went all the smokers out there that quit smoking why did they give them -- what isn't there in the correct com Brian because they want that. People will substitute the active smoking with the active sure you remember you got to cross that blood brain barrier and -- team can do that but. To counteract that the chewing sensation. He is eight calendar physiological moved to actually putting this degrading your mouth in and out. We'll take Fisher girls -- Be wake -- -- asylum to all come because you find with children I think is really summit and the all of us who have had children -- my wife and I archer sons are grown now. But the fact is too much -- told gum can keep you dime -- of beware of what type checklist done that that you pick on but Tom. Tried the gum. That's one that's one at the one to tip I think you should it be you should look at and the last one to look at is. You know people say you know this is that the spurs as a food snobs will be a food snobs. And and and and and make a commitment look if you don't like it don't eat it just because it's there you might as well go have something that you want. So there are five things there are on the table. Eight you're not gonna offend anybody EE it's open for you to take what you decide wanna take something of every one even though I don't like Brussels sprouts but I am gonna take them anyway. Are or I don't like mashed potatoes I'm gonna have many -- Christmas time. Don't do. It that's called commitment vs contribution. -- -- after Thanksgiving when it meant to via. My mother in laws and she cooked all kind of in Lafayette cajun food all over the place. And there are somethings -- I. Guilt I guess if I didn't -- them and treat him like him no notice that it needed but again I guess I didn't I didn't need to. -- dollar a mammy you know there's too much food there right did not say well I'd like to have a little more this. But I'll offer go these two things -- in others it goes back to one of the tips pick two items. If you going to a party picked to items and stick with this you'll know. And have more command and control on where you are in the eating game. Number so what you know one of the points we need to tell the saints is they've got to practice selective amnesia right that means to forget about the mistakes you made. You've got to figure on what you're gonna do now control the control balls that's the same thing here. Practice selective amnesia either selectively. You know I have amnesia that I like this in the if forget about that move that went out. Or or and control the control -- I can control. Mike hunger by chewing gum drinking some water taking a bites chewing it up taking another by chewing up putting the four down. That's that's breaking the active eating and you talk about your speedy I guarantee if you play two to one. Two by two bites she you know one hand choose one in in two and it put the fork out I. You have to fit you have to -- yeah. If I can you have to I'm still hopes to look rates of it has become particularly I don't know why but I. Carry a weapon and I thought -- -- -- -- -- if not your food weapons and get to the phone to a camp on the causeway real quick question for Mac you make him. Hey thanks particular -- -- your newsletters. And it's the year here are great asset -- the city. Short you know rude health and fitness aspect. Actually. Followed a similar route seeing where religion. So to work and even do -- dinner. -- like stretched. Whatever. You know our are prepared bit the night or the week. And that along with yogurt and water for change shakes and -- Dropped about dirty -- on the also been fortunate enough to go against the long distance line and so the balanced diet. They are and exercise. As -- work for me and then it's early just. You know. Just keep decreasing what you're -- I'm just racing myself -- about that I'm alive and so I'm just. -- satisfied that I'm not not killing all. One of the things around that then something that. Has. It's been the -- will you go to somebody out each pick and expect you to -- wage. And what I'll put a small portion on the plate you know you you you can't get some push back on Latin. I don't know such -- thing that if you have -- wish. Advised on -- I'm one like one in your previous caller that you know you just reduce. You know your injury which it's made a big difference and and then be able to manage and lose weight so -- not -- and thanks a second call. Thanks -- will be you know can -- thank you very much you know can you act kind of look at it this way I've just come back for three weeks of working with Serena Williams and I've been on twelve points. In three weeks you know going back and forth back and forth and you know U I if you've heard it once you've heard it twice you know at the mask comes down. And ended that the flight attendants has -- comes down put it on yourself first before you put it on the child next to you and the idea is you got to save yourself. If you try and fumble and try and save the person next to without saving yourself -- you're both gone. But if you can put it on for yourself and then you'll save the person next to you this -- same mentality over over the filling the plate. It really is a -- got one life to live and enjoy you know it's so life is. Mike is not easy and and enjoy enjoy it while you can and and if if knee you're not I don't think you're your your. Europe being rude or I don't think you're insulting anybody I haven't had. You know can I haven't had red meat I've been married I'll be 33 years in in in in April 19. And I haven't had red meat in 34. Years. And of and someone's serving it well forgive me I I just don't -- now that's just me it's not that I have leaning against red meat I still enjoy it. It got to a point. I just stopped eating and I think that gets -- you know commit to yourself first. Other than contributing to make some uniquely Portia wanna make someone happy you wanna be respectful and you wanna be kind and you wanna be thankful. But but commit yourself because that's that's just what I write about in my book stop -- your health opponent you know it's the difference between commitment and contribution. And in the you know what it's like the saints got to play Carolina. They got to commit to Tutu Tutu make a decision that the -- there at the ledge. And has a say in my column on militant com you know there at a trespasser on the -- take a lesson from the 300 spartans you know fight to the end. And control the control balls that you can control. And and make a decision that that this is where it stops. And you do that -- be fun I think we all well. Yet a text somebody says they've been on a diet since March in Los 75 pounds are now at a standstill -- -- give Obama tipped to jump -- well typically here's what happens when you lose weight you know a lot of time to resting energy expenditure in the number of calories you -- rest goes down. Because you're you're last when you lose weight the chances are you've lost a little bit of muscle. And of course hopefully you've lost fat -- this yes this individual's -- 75 pounds her or he is resting energy expenditures down. Ellington Danny sitting right your head and the answer changer worked out get in -- work outputs -- resistance training in there. You're gonna increase metabolic rate and and and down the change if you are doing routine change -- -- routine around. On that to switch it up shock the body. Or if you're doing car if you haven't done Carty a start walking 101000 steps in the day. On right. There you go that should help you get -- I just have to start that's my goal just to start. Something. Push the plate away. Start walking start doing that a new year approaches new year approaches and that's what I'm waiting for at least that's my excuse right now MacKey. Excellent Ireland and Merry Christmas and a real happenings Merry Christmas happy new year -- well. And to all of you who called in and texted today and were part of the show thanks for hanging around I'll see you Sunday morning. Along with Steve court for the fans first take at 8 AM on Sunday coming up next it's the fans of the pro with Kristian -- -- guys John here on WWL.