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12-20 4:35pm Jeff Palermo

Dec 20, 2013|

Hokie and Kristian preview ULL and LSU with WWL.com columnist Jeff Palermo.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Black and gold. Wrap up -- week of preparation for the Carolina Panthers they travel to -- have a walk through and then. On Sunday noon kickoff right here on saint trading at interpret in action starting at 8 AM fans first take cabinets and Steve court. Filed by the count and the kick off with the ability and body a -- we welcome in now Jeff Palermo. WL dot com columnist for the LSU Tigers another gearing up for their. -- -- -- in certainly not necessarily the most attractive one but nonetheless Jeff. -- a bunch for for Jonas and right now for LSU what what do I guess some of the themes there that are. That are hum among tiger. -- minicamp I should say but a -- ball game. Well yeah I think the biggest thing. Bracket and new starting quarterback. And even me and all the receivers in and real way to guys on offense talked about. How Juan you know there there are going to be some differences with the opposite you're now have play. -- multi threat quarterback to guide that you factory built five steps. Back in the pocket -- and then you know fire the ball so they'll recommend Jarvis and so you would expect that the job that will be. A little bit more different now. You know Anthony Jennings is not going to be able to complete. The same type of passes that -- met burger -- But the hope is -- Anthony Jennings or building its 21 -- -- -- ball. That might open up some other things with the offensive and a wide receivers have talked a lot about you know -- tried to adjust. That type of ball that Jennings growth it's much different in that -- out and -- Jennings doesn't so. The ball that they come in there it's tighter faster or watch a good fit so. There's been an adjustment itself it's probably. You know obviously it's that it -- -- can't point out that. -- but pretty injury occur -- did it. And allowing. You know Anthony Jennings inspection time and -- -- prepared continue to learn he offered but she became head. That allows him to really get a lot of work with the first team offense and understated skated they understand. You know where he could go with the football and you know these guys have been hit the ball you know. Beckham and why they've made some great catches but. Lot of times not murder being able to put enough money so you know Landry back about that it just a little bit because Jennings is. And that they just kind of -- -- going with this question yet is that. Do you think that now -- huge and they're relied much more on the run game. In. It's wildly considered that you Beckham in and Landry of the best -- college football is far wide receivers go and you know with a good stable of backs hit that LSU has but. Yeah you know that you didn't have. A threat of that met murder being a runner. And I'm -- so I mean you tell if you're gonna change things up like you know now this is going to be like a pistol formation to read option. Now like honest effort was that never even in their playbook because of that met burger. And as you just said you know -- doesn't really have the type of arm. He did get the ball to Landry Beckham the way that. Thought I -- handler and yes that that met burger had. He'll -- -- obviously whatever it's just going to be a total. Revamp their offense for the bowl game as to what they were running all season. I don't know it was going to be a total revamp I don't know -- into you know repaid out of the playbook and and pretty much start all over. But I think you're gonna see more read option credit he'll -- the pistol formation a little bit more. You know I think we're -- an option polite to the short side of the field that would struggle a bit. What -- when they that it was book jordin jeopardizing nothing more that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In an Outback Bowl what you -- you know Ellis you have to productive they'll probably. -- mean. Landry. And back and it caught somewhere around fifty passes I think you have to -- and you know you're guys are such great practice. Offensively for you -- -- you're going up against that team like Iowa. Whose top quarterback on defense that's it's been could be sent. And their top players are at at the linebacker position. I think you want it past the defensive secondary because maybe running the ball well you're not -- have. It's not success especially early. To two on the football but I. I me I'd get on the flip side of that I don't. I don't think that you playbook going to be necessarily reduce the court granted again there's going to be some growth that -- can't break that but Berger could. I don't think they're -- little the offensive and try to make it as simple obstacle for -- I don't think they're they're good to have as complex as an opposite game plan has -- a bit under -- -- There's going to be some different things that they're gonna go out there -- and I think LB interest figure it out shake up building interest in the -- Jenny go out there. And play a full game and -- have to make do via in game adjustments and and take what the coaches are telling them and the Italian job of that. Seeing how the offense can. You know basically built through the ebb and flow of the game with -- that they held me obviously in 99 yard touchdown drive against market so the great -- -- it. To begin -- college career but. The story still has that been troll bowl as far as what kind of cornerback Anthony -- will be but we'll get a better idea of it on January 1. Jeff Idaho can't a question for -- is on Ashe yet at the Outback Bowl between LSU and I'll. The Jets now kind of flipping to the other side of the ball where we know how. Portly. LSU defense believed over the course of the season we really with the exception of gotta go into the Palin against AN -- in Arkansas. He'll now they've got all his time is focused on the one opponent. Played memory of playing time to study. Do you see that be in I know it's gotta be an advantage but. Mean peace -- maybe some real bright spots and it's just like you said you've you've got all your focus right now. -- -- -- -- I expect in the play well but apart that it is the opponent that they're playing and when you look at Iowa -- and I and immaculate figured. -- had a -- separate -- got football game. Here but when you look at them statistically you read about the players and there's no one really there that. Jump about it too you know they'll got a running back that rushed for a bunch of yards but it that your other cornerback that this statistic there are very ordinary. I mean that's the game for LSU defensively that they should be able to handle that unit and we -- -- what you eat then go up again. Offenses that are very spectacular. And can play well over. Lot stretches of the game many you point to that second half game against the the state you can point to that for that game against Auburn man offense with they'll China. Kicker out its identity and it and it obviously good athlete and -- a national championship game and you know taxes paid and you put them out the weather and wind and there are very average job but Belichick defense. Shut about self I think because an -- LSU should quite well with but I think the other thing that's going well for LSU at Netscape. Is that compared to maybe last year in the -- collectible. A lot of people while a few of the ready for a game that's what a lot that Korea -- Beijing about what -- You know they were shot -- I think they're ready for game and they were they were motivated to play it got out to an early lead. I think they -- spoke it's and then there was some questionable coaching in the fourth quarter and -- and they'll look and do it but I think they're -- twice. But I I didn't think they could've spoken -- and the intensity level a little bit higher and this game because you don't have many guys that are. Playing their last game and and headed off into the NFL you -- you know he went back there. Well both those guys coming back. Outside of maybe your defensive tackles obviously -- a lot but it would mean -- or even put a majority of those guys are coming back. And so those are guys are that are worked in the finishing off this season strong and they'll. -- -- they should be in this game mentally for the entire sixty minutes where. I think because you have so many underclassmen last year he had many seniors that were leaving. Maybe they checked out a little bit early in the game against constant which allowed them would -- a lot cut for the comeback and -- so he's what you're opened for the full sixty minute. Focused game where -- -- you dominate but. You know another thing we see what they're Seles he seemed to duplicate the level of competition some activists sit here and tell you that. They're double talk about poetry dot I don't regret. You know that's what we mean for that scenic and what some teams and around. -- what they did what Arkansas in the regular season finale and if you let this -- team hang around enough. You know India a repeat what an -- 2006 -- -- final game will happen again and -- lot about you. Yes -- I was gonna bring that up in net that you -- he gets mentioned a minute ago about you know focus for. The sixty full minutes they'll they'll if you had focused and in game for what the creek banana hits it 58 seconds in Clinton. We saw result yanks all of really all right there at the end the Knicks in his last game WL dot com columnist Jeff Palermo a visiting with a thanks so much time we appreciate Jeff. It hurt for a writer -- because the -- first count baseball all out on the -- at that and I'll you know I mean and I was aware that it did. House where that it did but I just come out ready to talk baseball quite yet but listen. Come on the paternity. Totally counter to the new year will be talking to baseball start next month -- is Tigers right around the corner. Enough starting their baseball is a surprise but I. Irate that pretty pretty well you're right I think it speaks to them the -- -- all the young talent they got combat that by Alan -- As -- stop -- that's a big reason but Jeff will be talking baseball -- up and I appreciate time. Our current -- Beaver Creek that and I lot seemingly against you.