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12-20 4:10pm Hokie and Kristian, Fans and the Pro

Dec 20, 2013|

the Saints could go from being the #2 seed in the NFL and the NFC South leaders to the runner’s up for the division and maybe fall to the 6th seed with a loss. Did the Saints make the right moves to make it to the next level? What’s your theory as to why the Saints can’t win on the road this year?

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Several five welcoming to the fans of the pro here on -- WWL I am FM and -- dot com Kristian garic alongside. Saint color analyst hokey guy John your phone calls always welcome at 504260187. It's all free. 866889087. Coming up on today's program you hear from pro football fame offensive tackle Willie Roaf. Talk about two -- Armstead being -- the left tackle starting left tackle for the Saints ahead of this Sunday's clash. With the Carolina Panthers the big one. In Charlotte and also talked to make mix in the play -- played in for the Carolina Panthers and also you'll hear from a coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. And two new starters in the Saints for the Saints and the Panthers contest are you more concerned about offensive tackle Toronto Armstead our kicker Shayne Graham. He that is operated at our people on line if we had to be if you are not coming -- -- there more calls at 260. 187 it's all free. 866889087. He can also -- attacks at 877 he can be a popular expression Garrett won and now we'll start with -- those questions right there with saint Colorado so the guys and of course. Sean -- making -- move earlier this week joking that he's he released Garrett Harley Miller kicker for the Saints and he -- Charles Brown last week against the St. Louis Rams in. It was a -- actually playing left tackle price Harris at right tackle but this week is going to be the rookie at Arkansas Pine Bluff protecting Drew Brees blind sided in Toronto arms that. Yeah then you know I mean it. Everybody knew when the saints' drafting me -- it should -- Intriguing guy you know especially his numbers that the com -- -- six in. You know he you watch him out here practice you know you see the guys and beat the -- dance in the -- and he's got the really good feet and all I can stuff me you know as far as you know the -- polish. Shayne Graham is kicked in the league right on me that easily under the -- yeah I'm not I'm not worried about that. You know when as with anybody would. The weather's supposed to be OK but to win that might be. Are swirling or something like that but the I mean Toronto aren't -- it's. I mean it's a big position to step BN on your very first NFL game where it's going to be live action from. In the very first whistle this is not the black and gold premiere this is not plan preceding game I mean. And compound that BLU going to gifts. -- one of the best defense is in the Lee can you know I mean I know they rank. First -- categories second insomnia and knowledge can step it doesn't matter it's the Carolina Panthers and it's not going to be an easy task for her on yeah I mean you. You heard Sean Payton before -- times he jokes the players are coming out of small colleges. What about the make their their debut this is not in this in this not a knock against the -- -- is not about not sustain your play here I -- this is NFL defense and in and you know a great party. Along at the line that rookie clique. Linebacker from the Carolina -- that we saw with the same privilege to do at their place in the superdome. Just you know what twelve days ago and in a beat down of Carolina but. The Saints have struggled 34 this year all four losses. The Saints have this year have come away from Mercedes-Benz superdome in a big. Key this week got a big team this week has really just been about had it figured out. The problems have it figured out the issues that have plagued him on the road -- do you have a theory as to why this team struggles on -- I don't. And look if -- tickets anyway you know he played a very good game against New England shirt or. Chicago or something like that. -- not Chicago because they've they've won that game but they didn't play particularly well in in that ball game but. If they played a really good gaming you know you had those one or two turnovers that. You you could look at say that really cost the game. The Seattle it was one turnover but it was a mean. They had to say number from that opening kickoff and it just sit there and watch it. Look you can't blame crowd noise for last Sunday now that you've been down -- feel for what's it's five season now. That you've been doing as well as quiet as the game could start yet -- road venue it's exactly and and the Saints offense. Not really get anything going. Really at any time during the game it never really did give the crowd an opportunity. Do you know -- all come out but. Hale if you will to make all but you know it until they were in their insane if Jose. We've got something going there you know I mean when they're up seventeen Nelson had a reason you invite the crowd -- That the -- that ended the Rams play in which I. You know the fourteenth overall might be the toughest division in the NFC with the Seattle in San Francisco and the Cardinals. It yet. -- -- is it you know you put all these factors together and it really no common denominator that you could point your finger at that wide to the Saints played so poorly on the road. Come to give you my take and only some way off base here but I think everybody's got your opinion -- Uruguay. Yeah and would tell you come if he's become even in the right ballpark here. So when it has to do with the youth on his team night in and I think. The veteran presence obviously there's still some some there and guys that want Super Bowl that one possible on this team. But the message is not driven home is clearly to those younger players not necessarily be understating what it takes to win on the road. And it's the need to be even it's always difficult when in the NFL the everybody would agree with that. But to go on the road it's even more difficult than what's so impressive is the Saints since 2009 this year excluded. Have they want them. You know best teams in the NFL on the road but I think that it eases some of it has to do with the younger players on this team -- think maybe understanding quite what it takes. To win on the road and when he when they get down ten points. The Drew Brees is Marcus Colston is Zach -- -- Jahri Evans those guys. Have been there on the road down ten points come back they're used to that but maybe there's a handful of guys that feel like. Julio again that they haven't experienced those comebacks of the past. With that Zach -- has been there for that Drew Brees and Marcus Colston have been -- -- -- been there for. And maybe they just don't have the same amount of swagger and confidence because they haven't seen yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- It it makes a lot of since also. All the other arguments. That I heard that. We don't ever running game moved him honestly can't do it chew up the clock. If the crowd noise is gonna let -- we've already be kind to suggest that that. Eight if that would held true. Against. New England. The Jets. The DA as it gets in stadium was loud New England this loud -- You know that I don't really think that the Atlantic game that the crowd was much of an issue until later in the in the ball game but they were so many Saints fans there is the fact that it's just whether. That was a lopsided loss like Seattle or whether it was a nail biter like Tampa Bay RRE Atlanta that. The team is just not respond by everything that anybody has told me thing that hit I heard or read about why. That particular person who thinks it's a -- to struggle he could factor all that Ian but it just did but to look at two teams that mean. -- dominating team at home and they're the beeper beyond three below. Average on the road that's the record says there are 34 and you know you mentioned the road. And not be able run footballer at 1 o'clock capital when we last two road games. Forget about. Not having ground attack they have had much of anything yet offensively or defense right -- -- whether -- and it's been like that from the opening whistle so I guess that's the disturbing. Trained in the -- look and go well that there's more they're more underlying issue there's more issues to this ballclub and just. They can't run a football it's hey look they're just knock it off the right start yeah and it. In which is even a little bit more baffling is that they're not the one common denominator right on all four of the losses that. You can be you could it do -- mean the Saints had really been brilliant run in the football in the superdome now -- -- also. Heck I don't know it's. -- -- leadership issues and all that kind of stuff I mean I certainly think that. With even with the young guys it and you gotta consider Cameron Jordan a young guy. You know but with on the defense -- the ball with with him in. -- Jabari Greer and we've been hurt the last cup week but. I just don't think it that it's not the one common denominator it's all up. I'm notes are probably answers it does this movement over the last two two against -- -- I think in general we've started slow. You know home you know. You know if I look back you know there's injuries in Ericsson open or. You know we've been stopped three announcer now -- and then we just have to focus on the first first -- you know not worry about. You know this. Is struggling to go to scorer we need to worry about him in the first first down and and if we do that the -- to do so. Saints tight end Jimmy Graham earlier today talked about the black and golds struggles on the road three and four this year their back on. The road this Sunday against the attendance for Carolina Panthers showdown in the NFC south catch all the action right here. Starting at 8 AM Sunday morning are pretty jaguar people long -- we had to be to we will not come to new starter for the Saints. Ahead of Sunday's tilt with the Panthers are you more concerned about a run Armstead making his. First start at left tackle or kicker Shayne Graham who signed earlier this week right now 64% of those voting alliance say. There chief concern is -- Armstead protecting Drew Brees who welcome in now. Skewed -- Ramon Vargas the world's attitude saint -- writer and Ramon. What's your theory as you heard -- Jimmy Graham there's a announcement things that have struggled the extra with which your theory as to why this team has struggled on the. Appropriate for this year. Mean I think that we've seen him off to slow starts at the at the superdome. And and they still been able to kill teams he saw them against Carolina they wanton. You know they they didn't start off fast however I think the difference is that on the road. -- on the road the the defense is. If so more yards give them more points and therefore it doesn't give. The offense a chance to you to catch up at the beginning of -- here at the beginning of the season -- and my theory was that the way that they were pressed to remember they started their first four games. At the first four games street -- superdome. And the way the defense was. Playing it was later if the offense takes a while to get clicking and tolerate because they're gonna get the ball back and they're gonna get opportunities again and I'm. It just hasn't been happening on the on the road lately I mean they've they've seen they've the Saints have seen both Saint Louis and Seattle get off to seventeen and often starts the last two games and it's -- to come back from the -- turn overs. Have -- that are enforced and -- -- -- guy you know that doesn't say is remote got some numbers there that you know back the whole thing up just. It's staggering the difference at home. And on the road in it and the thing is it's if both sides of the ball they top Clinton defense. And everything that everybody gets thrown out to me you know -- what you just -- about the younger players and the ultimate thing you don't get turn over the road use those -- knowledge. He all of that is a yes. And but yet when you talk to the players and coaches they're basically saying the same thing that we are there I'll pick him out one particular thing and then well we got a start better we got to keep grad school and today I mean they just don't. Obviously in both sides of the ball -- it's a problem with the ball because Drew Brees I mean right. Crush these numbers earlier for stories and get a and it threw them -- to -- yeah it was. You look at Drew Brees at the superdome completes 72% of his passes throws for 350 point six yards a game 23 touchdowns three picks. Past 220. Point one just to. So that. Compare Peyton Manning threw fourteen games about those numbers are seven games for era for breezes through fourteen games. Manny has a 112. Point nine -- So resent the superdome is. His every every one of those numbers basically drops and his passer rating is 32 point two points lower. And the one he's got at home when he now. And then -- he's such a huge drop him then it's a 64 point 5% of passes completed 290 point three yards per game eleven TDs seventh it. So a bit and then you go over to the go over to the defense and it's just nine if you were sacked seven fewer takeaways. Nine give those ninety point seven more totally -- for game. But somewhere in there somewhere in there though -- There's kind of though I think to lie and I know that the numbers point to read what we know which is that they're vastly different. They're vastly different football team. But they're. I think what's frustrating is it's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is. So weathered an -- of an issue down here now. He'd beat you can't blame it on that. Really he in all the way especially any outdoor stadium the weather's been fairly benign meaning you know he got a little -- up in Seattle. It was a little bit cold in New York. But certainly nothing like what we saw a couple weeks ago I was what those teams are playing we got. So and I think it during the course of the week when you all interview players they all. Give you probably a different answer but -- same things that you hear from. Everybody that sees it the one I've been hearing. Home from more than one player spoke to several defensive players -- news stories -- sort of it's going to be coming up Sunday. Ahead of the game is just admitting a -- We haven't been starting off with the same and energy at the beginning games were fixing that. And my nine offered at a couple times they say you know we're we clearly didn't do that for the Saint -- game because Izturis flies out yet -- certainly it. Certainly that and but they're they're like recommitted and from play one. We're gonna play as hard as we do. You know. When for the key. In the key third down stop but the key third down at the superdome when that we're gonna play as as hard as we do on that arm on that play we're gonna plays are from play on the. -- we'll see thing and do that -- so they Ramon Vargas from the New Orleans addition the advocate in saint -- writer you can follow Merrill online. While -- -- -- at our Vargas advocate and I just reach out to me any time our partners -- the -- -- thinks -- appreciate -- and -- -- black and -- -- Wrap up there week of preparation for the Carolina Panthers they travel to -- have a walk through and then. On Sunday noon kickoff right here on saint radio to interpret in action starting at 8 AM fans first take cabinets and Steve court. -- by the count and the kick off with the ability and body a -- we welcome in now Jeff Palermo. WL dot com columnist for the LSU Tigers another gearing up for their. Outback ball. -- in certainly not necessarily the most attractive one but nonetheless Jeff. -- things a bunch for for Jonas and right now for LSU what -- I guess some of the themes there that are. That are hum among tiger. The minicamp I should say but a tennis ball game. Mario I think the biggest thing. Bracket in an article about him and even you know the receivers and and really the guys on offense talked about. How Juan you know not that there are going to be some differences with the opposite you're now have play. In multi threat quarterback to -- that you factory built five steps. Back in the pocket and and then you know fire the ball so they'll recommend Jarvis land so you would expect that the -- that will be. A little bit more different now. You know Anthony Jennings is not going to be able to complete. The same type of passes that the fact that burger -- But they'll open as was Anthony Jennings or building its 21 on what the football. That might open up some other things with the offensive and a wide receivers have talked a lot about you know -- tried to adjust. That type of ball that Jennings broke me it's much different in that -- got an alarm -- doesn't so. The ball that the coming in there it's tighter faster or watch a good fit so. There's been an adjustment so it's probably. You know obviously it's that it Beck and -- can't point out that well but for the injury occur words did it. And allowing. You know Anthony Jennings inspection time and not -- prepared continue to learn they offered but she became head. It allows him to really get a lot of work with the first team offense and they understated skated they understand. Are you -- he's gonna go with the football and you know these guys have been hit the ball. Beckham and -- they've made some great catches but. Lot of times not murder being able to put enough money so you know Landry back enough that it just a little bit because -- -- back. And I think that's kind of where routes going with this question yet is that. Do you think that now -- huge and they're relied much more on the run game. In. It's wildly considered that you Beckham in and Landry of the best -- college football is far wide receivers go and you know with a good stable of backs hit that LSU has but. Yeah you know that you didn't have. A threat of that met murder being a runner. Yeah that's I mean you tell if you're gonna change things up like you know now this is going to be like a pistol formation to read option. Now like honest effort was that never even in their playbook because of that met burger. And as you just said you're -- doesn't really have the type of arm. He did get the ball to Landry Beckham the way that. Thought I -- handler and yes that that met burger had. -- -- I obviously whatever it's just going to be a total B revamp their offense for the bowl game as to what they were running all season. I don't know it was going to be a total receiving about I don't know because dispute over paid a lot of the playbook -- and pretty much start all over. But they can get a few more read option credit he'll -- the pistol formation a little bit more. You know I think we're gonna see that option polite to the short side of the field I would drive Villa and what -- when they that it was book -- jeopardizing nothing more that but. Are there to get a stop probable Beckham and Landry or -- -- -- comes their way and got open I still think though you guys what it felt that it does. In an Outback Bowl what it's created you know Ellis you have to productive -- Utley. That means. Landry. And -- and it caught somewhere around fifty passes. I think you have to deal and -- you guys are such great practice offensively for you it would you're going up against that team like Iowa. Whose top quarterback on defense that's it's been good defense. And their top players are at at the linebacker position. I think you want it past the defensive secondary because maybe -- in the -- well you're not gonna have. It's not success especially early. To to run the football but I. I -- me I'd get on the flip side of that I don't. I don't think that he playbook going to be necessarily reduce the court granted again there's going to be some growth that Jenny can't -- that -- Berger could. I don't think they're -- little brown media offensive and try to make it as simple obstacle for -- -- -- -- -- -- have as complex as an opposite game plan that they did under met burger. There's going to be some different things that they're gonna go out there -- and I think guys LB interest figure it out shake up. Building interest in the league Jenny go out there and play a full game and it and have to make do the in game adjustments and and take what the coaches are telling them and the Italian job of that. See how the offense can. You know basically built through the ebb and flow of the game with -- that they held me obviously in 99 yard touchdown drive against Arkansas with a great way to. To begin -- college career but. The story still has that been -- bowl as far as what kind of quarterback Anthony -- will be but we'll get a better idea of -- on January 1. Jeff I -- Hokies had a question for -- is on Ashe yet -- the Outback Bowl between LSU and I'll. The Jets now kind of flipping to the other side of the ball where we know how. Poorly -- LSU defense believed over the course of the season we really with the exception of gotta go into the Palin against AN -- in Arkansas. He'll now they've got all his time is focused on the one opponent. Played memory of playing time to study. Do you see that be in I know it's gotta be an advantage but. Mean -- -- maybe some real bright spots and it's just like you said you've you've got all your focus right now on the asylum. I expect in the play well but part of that this is the opponent that that client and when you look at Iowa. Physically and I and immaculate figured. -- had a -- separate pot got football game. Here but when you look at them statistically you read about the players and there's no one really there and it. Jump about it too you know they'll got a of running back that rushed for a a bunch of yards but you know cornerback that this statistic there are very ordinary. I mean that's the game for LSU defensively that they should be able to handle that unit that we achieve now what you eat then go up again. Offenses that are very spectacular. And can play well over -- structure of the game many you point to that second half game against the the state. You can point to that for that game against Auburn man offense with they'll China kicker out its identity. And it and it obviously good athlete and -- -- national championship game and you know taxes -- and you put them out the weather in the win and they're very average -- and -- defense. Shut about so I think because an added LSU should quite well but but I think the other thing that's going well for LSU at Netscape. Is that compared to maybe last year in the -- able. A lot of people while a few of the ready for a game that's what a lot about it Korea and it came out like yeah. You know they were shot can't I think they're ready for a game they were they were motivated to play it got out to an early lead. I think they lost focus and then there was some questionable coaching in the fourth quarter and -- and they'll look and do it but I think they're ready twice. But I I didn't think they could've spoken -- and the intensity level a little bit higher in this game because you don't have many guys that are. Playing their last game and and headed off into the NFL you -- you know he went back there. Well both those guys coming back outside of maybe your defensive tackles obviously -- a lot but it would mean Vera or even -- -- majority of those guys are coming back. -- an -- Albert does -- -- -- in the finishing off this season strong and they'll. They basically in this game mentally for the entire sixty minutes where. I think because he had -- money on the than last year and he had many seniors that were leaving. Maybe they checked out a little bit early and -- against constant which allowed them wood to a lot -- for the comeback in words lead what you're opened for the full sixty minute. Focused game where all of you dominate but. -- automatically receive -- patella he seemed to duplicate the level that competition some activists bit here and tell you that. We're gonna block -- about poetry dot I don't think that. You know that's what we think for that scenic and what some teams hang around. -- like what they did what Arkansas in the regular season finale and if you let -- I would -- hang around enough. You know India a repeat what an -- 2006 -- -- final game will happen again and what about you. Yes what's gonna bring that up in net that you could he gets mentioned a minute ago about you know focus for. Sixty full minutes they'll they'll if you had focused and in game for what the creek banana it to 58 seconds -- -- -- in. We saw result yanks all of really all right there at the end the Knicks in his last game WL dot com columnist Jeff Palermo a visiting with a thanks so much time we appreciated Jeff. Acre Ryder -- only because the -- first count baseball all out on now. And I'll you know I mean and I was aware that it did. House where that it did but I just come out ready to talk baseball quite yet been listening. Come on the paternity. Totally counter to the new year will be talking to baseball start next month -- is Tigers right around the corner. Enough starting their baseball is a surprise but irate that pretty pretty well you're right I think it speaks to them the fact that all the young talent they got combat that by -- -- As -- stop -- that's a big reason but Jeff will be talking baseball suited up and I appreciate time. I cart rookie record with Derek. But I lot seemingly ready to get you up ready to our people. On line for it to be did you -- -- come to do starters for the Saints ahead of Sunday's clash with the Carolina Panthers. Are you more concerned about off it's tackle Toronto arms that making his debut. -- -- Drew Brees blind side or kicker Shayne Graham was added this week right now 80% of those voting on line and say it is to -- Armstead. And 20% Saints kicker Shayne Graham to your phone calls on that still come. Saints coach Sean Payton has press conference Rob -- -- his press conference as well leading with the media earlier today and pro football hall of Famer Willie Roaf will stop by and interview. Conducted on three WL thirteen fifty with a set Dunlap and T Bob Hebert this morning on double coverage. It's the days of the pro on WWL IMF and it dot com.