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12-20 5:45pm Hokie and Kristian, Voice of the Panthers

Dec 20, 2013|

Hokie and Kristian spoke to the Voice of the Panthers, Mick Mixon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in now the voice of the Carolina Panthers picnics and join -- and not make. Now let's get right to how much of the talk about this week up there and Carolina -- territory about the -- changes the Saints have made. Especially at left tackle with Toronto to the rookie getting his first start. Little bit McDonald of we believe a word of what government out of there I think there's. There's a lot of I'll there's Shell game music ago Lana made farms did this play and I think the -- -- Probably be prepared for him about that the -- have some depth along the offensive line -- -- What do you guys think he already it is as it's truly the rookie left -- gonna starters -- possibility that maybe a more veteran player might start the game at that spot. I think it's -- -- -- I think that's the the moves they made in this -- in there and know. At times coaches can be a little coy with information to the game planning -- -- -- but I don't read that into this move academic I think it's Toronto then go all the way. Look at space and those student it to good poker player that he indicates you'd think in you know maybe you don't even trust Andy I mean you'd think he'll go on but. I think. Obviously -- never -- this Monday night here with the Panthers have never seen a football team that is as excited. That is as united. In their enthusiasm for this game and cohesive and their belief. That they're gonna show a little better than they did in the superdome the Panthers did not give the Saints much of a struggle that that night as we all. And the Panthers are trying to. I mean really now that the Jets game is over the chances of -- focused on that there's old things so wise man and probably some more yielded a long time ago is that if you chased two rabbits both will get away. And apparently tried to be careful not to think about the Saints last week when it was time to prepare for the Jets but now that the Saints game is here it got Carolina's full attention. Well I -- note. Unlike the Saints that the Panthers have played very well road except for that debacle. Against the Saints there couple weeks ago. But even after the game they were quick to point out. That we give them back in our place in two weeks and we feel comfortable about that so it's kind of like. They knew that they'd laid an egg that night but it's. In and I don't really think -- at the moment that they were saying well look happily the Saints are playing on the road. I think that they just know that they've got to huge advantage in that this particular game this match up couldn't come at a better time for them. Yeah maybe Nokia I don't know I've tried look at it from just from the standpoint of OK take it evidentiary view of enemy what. That picture of the Saints have lost four road games but they've all been to good road teams -- prop are good on teams rather the problem -- I -- it. Is not the road it is. Seattle. The Jets knock in -- out of the game have a good day that day. And you could go on down the live I think that. I think that the that the Saints are still present matchup problems. For the Carolina Panthers and it felt great competitor standpoint -- -- failure the crowd they'll be into the Panthers have been looking forward to the rematch. Those things are are relentlessly troops. But where the science I -- what changes will the Panthers may. To make sure that. Junior bill that doesn't look like Lawrence Taylor to make sure that. Drew Brees doesn't speech issue to death with that that hair trigger passing game and make sure that Cam Newton that gets back -- time. -- -- -- -- -- Up to a certain point except you know what about the the win in Atlanta on Thursday night at the Saints didn't look very good there at the loss this past Sunday. So I mean I cannot understand what what you're saying but if you even the game that the Saints have won on the road they didn't winning convincingly. But that's part that the Atlantic game is the verdict in the equation I agree with ya arm or watch -- I -- -- -- I think it's fourteen to twelve money who are these people. It just didn't look right you know you guys would be better to speak to that to what happened with the Saints in the Falcons all that that night but. I do know this it's a great series and Drew Brees is that there could not be a class -- ambassador. For NFL football and for the NFC south and Drew Brees I mean those people here in the Carolinas we throw them but we will throw of our retirement party tonight if only he would comply. Picnics in the voice of the Carolina Kansas Panthers here on WWL and make before you run -- had a better look as far as health. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- restart with Camden and he got what most talked about proposed -- -- growth of the plate in the NFL rookie maybe he'll have to remember him. But cam has a little bit of a sprained -- he's been moved around five practiced this week he should be OK Jonathan Stewart not expected to play because. He's got a -- -- the Panthers are able to make the post season he could be ready by then. I think other than that it is a fairly healthy Carolina Panthers football team right now. As it is for the New Orleans Saints for the most part that's what you want right now within FC south. The NFC south online this Sunday's Charlotte new kick off right here on -- radio make -- thanks a bunch of time we appreciate it and I have a good call on Sunday. Thank Christian thank technically yeah I mean we'll -- -- on the house.