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12-20 5:10pm Hokie and Kristian, Fans and the Pro

Dec 20, 2013|

the Saints could go from being the #2 seed in the NFL and the NFC South leaders to the runner’s up for the division and maybe fall to the 6th seed with a loss. Did the Saints make the right moves to make it to the next level? What’s your theory as to why the Saints can’t win on the road this year? We hear what NFL Hall of Fame offensive tackle Willie Roaf…and talk to Mick Mixon, play by play man for the Panthers…

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to our number two -- Christmas happy holidays to you and your family here on the fans of the pro. Alongside saint color analyst hokey guy John I'm Christian Garrett to the -- we go to doctor. WWL doctor. It's I -- re address why we have. That advantage. That home purses on the road. And what problem -- -- yes. Okay. We know statistically. At the reasons. -- I have an advantage at home this person ball off. Date that that the offensive line were addressed both sides of the ball the offensive line is one won't snap count. And they can clearly hear that all doubles. And in the case of true when he's protected everybody knows -- he does really well when he rattled. It doesn't go well so the advantage. In the dome or in Seattle or -- Our stadium that is known for hostility. Okay. The offense seven offensive line has a distinctive advantage. Because that fraction of a second. Going off of the snap count gives him a tremendous. Advantage against would be. At the the second. That attacked. Makes a difference OK now let's go to the defense is so out of the ball. When the New Orleans Saints fans -- hostile. They can't you all portables -- tapping each other on the side of the lake they can hear the snap count on our plate. Doctor jail which are holding you come in and out here. One here which you which you were trying to get to their losing coming to -- to you're on WB -- that. Big do the world and I just want to comment below but the offensive line accountable with the previous quote. Good to me. Don't think used to crowd -- just I think that created we've lost and -- record over moment. Been a problem that I have seen him in the number of games when you play playoff caliber teams. Is the Saints so literally didn't blown off the ball bill Cardinals to -- go on a consistent basis for the run back and in order to win on the road. Who are especially against playoff caliber teams and more importantly in the playoffs. You have to have a consistent running game and I just don't see that happening this year with the Saints. Hope that this adjustment will open -- on. But honestly. Have to see it to believe it if it doesn't we have -- home field. For the first game we have a good chance below. But didn't the NFC championship game but really don't believe we can be beat Seattle I've seen -- -- -- -- -- both times. I know they're allowed over there both physically speaking I'm talking about who we get knocked off the ball well against the Rams so does this past week. I don't know who -- streak cool the only example. Got caught up the -- I was on the right side the line. He literally guys he would not rule -- -- back. And I think those problems until there addressed and we are not going to advance very -- playoffs this game. -- farewell Merrill put -- -- hokey and I can necessarily disagree with. I'm not there at the offensive line has been. Has been a bit of an issue but that's a New Orleans Saints that's the whole thing that deal we kind of opened up the -- with the me. Win some -- very much like when you gave your opinion and everything else is -- a trade it's all of the above. You know this is that -- I don't. I don't see where I mean. Players coaches fans. Media. They're -- you can't run the ball. B yeah I mean you defense I think it's pretty obvious to Ramon when he was reeled off the numbers they're Drew Brees how much better he is. In the superdome the defense of numbers are also quite a bit skewed from playing at home. As a as a on the road so the fact of the matter is. It's it's everything combined you're not playing it well on the road offensively deep predictably he. He got it now to the early lead you don't have the running game all of that stuff is true and I think that that's kind of what. Even doctor. Gonna get to forty he started cut out it's it's it's several problems and not just one. Pro football hall of Famer Willie Roaf texted Toronto Armstead this week the Saints in new left tackle will hear that conversation he visited with. T Lani there and set Dunlap earlier today on double coverage team. Access set as the economy and -- for me is those took over from. That some some flu like symptoms but feeling better we're welcome back at me and yet to say that you'd rather be united and only air all week and it brought you back to a four hour show. I first one that we -- -- training camp gamble and I had the opportunity to jump in here with the you know I couldn't roses while I can see why pro football hall of Famer former Saints offensive tackle Willie -- Sat down today with -- Bobbie Barrett sent Dunlap on double coverage three WL thirteenth at the three to be a thirteenth -- the dot -- -- -- six time first team all pro Willie banks are waking up and -- us here on double coverage. All those sort of result fumble -- -- was sort of can't really do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there are. I look forward to a -- of the for the world bowl. Nice Willie we got a lead with this as you probably expects Toronto arms that make in his first start at left tackle what. What kind of adjustment do you think. He's going to have and how hard do you think it's going to be for him making his first start going up and it's maybe the best front four in football. Or murder. Well you go to the -- -- All the stick to them right. Are you guards who don't mention him in his ability discover. Walters he keep his football ability to play football applies. You know you don't okay do -- Well. -- a little too open probably is gonna do so which is go to balance. You don't you don't want to give it to probably -- because. -- that -- elation you end -- keep good technique to are preparing a bit. You know it was a tough -- to -- 44 is very. Both you know hopefully. You know he's been productive and -- Worker on the part workable -- his skill involved it is for -- So progression where they'll -- probably a little different. You don't -- door our first ever killer were doing that a bit bit more and proximate. Willy do you questioned. May be splitting up the group of five that have gotten you this one like how much of an impact. Does that have on the chemistry of those five guys along the line. He raised every you know -- -- -- bottom. -- -- -- -- do do it goes almost pressure. Thought it if you can in this government store -- visit -- -- -- simply great they're all moment and look what to do -- throw out two weeks ago. All the -- world you know bit. Given the home movies that play you saw more white -- -- Q where do you draw although it might be Kia when you know well there for the doubles gave them. Want to play you know nobody is perfect drive a -- stop it from yeah over the a's struggles so mobile so ball roll. But you don't win to almost almost irrelevant in into Portland -- Even push over the to a situation. Good and the reason you'll probably 442. Of their basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good bit of the start -- -- them don't don't don't problem not so good. Stood up big to do -- Solomon father and he's got a total of a good defense all global global. You door or drop a more level but it's -- drove. He -- David do we care is government to motivate you as the ball well. But nobody can reach all of our want to get a mold all of our approach our form of playing the other two of game that should. Probably you go to bowl candidates on some of part of growing -- figure. I've figured cover up so we need to do is cute it was it was work you've got to develop your -- You know what you drive where trash you. Maybe piece from you really QB work -- -- are actually coming out of our local college. -- either of these the you know we've got a -- to do want to -- Column. In the yard at all of the in our religion is. -- of that you can -- curbed her. Through and we in this week and yeah Obama when you -- for -- -- sort of division title. It -- so how aware. I guess how how do you react to the news if you're Charles behavior Charles Brown has like what pattern how do you think you would handle. I'll be very fair and above all I though Washington lived -- -- who hadn't had a real good career. The bell award -- Washburn who has covered book. The the a beautiful -- Do multiple shooter yeah and almost all other than it would it would boost civic and oil and we've been. And move to cable and Arnold horrible but would destroy a little -- with. -- government would be. To immediately it was tendencies. -- or blocker. And they wanna double doors edited out in this David we have to football -- it'll 'cause we have blocked. -- passed mark -- devoted to produce. Book you know you're going to be our told toward got to build a world blocking they have players who are. You can fit well what blogger pro you've got to build upon a book they've been through you know -- prepared market. Been doing regretted doing a good job of they're. It was debris field both drove it. If you look at it are probably -- I think he's probably more suited for right tackle. Do you have a buildup double -- all but I think you build a pretty good job to show our kids are apparently -- all you look at an open -- would do devil. Compared to -- -- Yeah and I mean seventh in the league in sacks given up even after last week -- thirty -- she's I think there's a definite. There's some validity -- says -- receivers sure Willie. What do you think is gonna be the tougher. Aspect for Armstead on today's going to be the mental side of things the physical side of things. -- We do normal all of -- -- problems that you got in the hoop so this is our bell. He is -- and they're -- they're gonna come out here and Ortiz is going to be film. Nobody really takes to our success. Not almost certain do you go to the world peace to go -- games. Thoughts. You know maybe do some -- and from there are good of a child until. To see if you lose a pretty vivid of -- de commit to these new carpet and also Bogle reduced their Lubbock. Okay it was silly which will probably double predicament -- of them both ways yeah you're going to score up to absolute firm was going to be -- the -- of publicity. There's some hospitals of television actually -- Eagles that was. They're going to be up there irreparable. The ball to make -- play -- -- what they're gonna go back to the Q. Double coverage on three WL thirteen fifty talking with hall of fame left tackle Willie Roaf. You said you were texting to Ron earlier what is his mind sets. In going into this one. A little I was started routed twelve to problem they have done a decade -- -- -- -- -- All of these will be nervous but he is excited to play over you do you you -- go for. If you go over real goal is -- -- we recruited. Heavily negative of ordinary QB of government -- groups were probably there are so small. Smalls it'll -- export value. Doldrums sort of farm -- it'd be excited that it's football won't give up there -- you get nervous -- yell and you do so they'll. Be awarded to a football game. You know it is just. You know he's scared to come to our golfers. To learn the system I mean I think in the future that he is. Applaud the -- so I'm all all our committed she took three -- play nose tackle. Is -- -- we have talk more than two extra applauded the importance to the player of -- golf itself was -- -- -- -- If you're probably musical bridge -- a lot of Tom looking forward to watching him develop ourselves to provoke. Then you can throw the book that I talk to any of our -- oldies but. Willie there's so many diverse defensive ends that you face at left tackle what did you struggle with more. Power guys like Johnson and -- that are said to get a face. Or the speed rusher is maybe alike and all that Smith or Chris Clement down Seattle Bruce servant. Which ones do you think gave you more trouble are said probably and face two power guys this week and Johnson and hard. All of our I have -- -- appears all. You don't guard Duke conviction that will power is speed gave me more proud of but I have my service games. All the water that don't go public figures will Mark Walker would replay of the -- -- Do you a -- of old guard in India so. I'm go door -- course so it gave him notable regularly but just so. You don't Johnson will go out there -- -- -- -- are gonna will actually be your foot deep field to do double just travel around June. Do one of their power -- what about all that. If you do leverage. It Ortiz whose real grip was either do it from me and it got a solid two or you just. You do you do so -- to get a you normally this is two ways. It is is that you do they weren't just don't feels a bit of a mutual global players. Palisades office of a former State's office -- tackle. Willie Roaf pro football hall of -- as well. Visiting with double coverage three WL thirteenth at the three -- thirteenth at the got county Bobby Baird said Dunlap a settlement from media all week thanks to him. -- I appreciate that as well -- -- you're there for the news a sit. With a roof Saints offensive tackle boy do I wish we wouldn't be having this conversation. -- -- myself but man -- be nice to kind of bring him back. Man that left side it would media issues over there on the left side this week against the Carolina. -- -- you know when he first got here they played him at right tackle the up his first year and but he had an advantage. In college in that. He was always the open side tackle so. You know during the course of the game. If you break things down specifically. It might be 7030 but if he played it much his as the at the right tackle position as he did left tackle because he needed need to tight -- help. So that's why they always get in the open side so he he flip -- so he was accustomed to playing both sides with the steps and everything else but. You know I would have to think that. Toronto arms that probably appreciate the fact that really reached out to name in -- text message is. You know I mean look playing that many guys that is gift it is is Willie -- was and but Tehran Armstead athletically. Is as gifted as Willie -- now. Does he have. That killer instinct gaining. It. He might still be kind of kicked it up on the you know little nuances of the game when Willie was in Louisiana Tech -- people wrote there is offensive line coach to court late further. Philadelphia Eagles when they came down here late Raiders and the Super Bowl. So I mean he got pro coaching at the college level. And that's not to say that Toronto Armstead did go against great players in this whack and but the thing that you got to like about Iran right now. But it yeah I think we're all a little uncomfortable but he's going to end against a heck of -- defense and play in the left tackle position. But he's got to get thrown in the fire at some point time and even though we're all uncomfortable with -- you have to give Sean Payton. The benefit of the doubt here that he's -- you -- -- could -- you used a third round pick on the guy. You watched you practice all this time. And just with coach Peyton. Comments after the game. Win he made two I think the question it's kind of like when you put Zach -- in at left tackle in. His response to that was in passing enough. So this is not -- the -- he just heeled knee jerk reaction did in the ram the ball game. Act it's it's definitely got to be -- than that it's gone on all season long. And look I appreciate. All the you know really insane it drew restated everything else about. He'll -- grounds had a solid year and -- has -- collected data sugarcoat it but guys struggle there's no doubt about it in. Maybe Willie is correct in that Joe Brown needs to be a right tackle but Zach Strief is Manning that position right now so. For all that sure -- that goes along with this. Like a buddy of mine used to tell me eat you can't make -- mystery out of Atlanta pretty well so. I I mean to me I'm ready for the change -- analyst Sean Payton. Is got his concerns as well but if if he wasn't seen enough in practice and daily work outs in. No way that Iran Armstead is the -- we don't get to see it. If there out there on the practice field need only go limited time as a media to look at those guys if he's comfortable enough to put him in their -- position then. We should be too. He -- are also -- guys -- crushing -- doing it next may mix in the play by play voice of the Panthers have a breakdown these two than these two tenant for football. Teams saint radio nude on Sunday kick off with that Jimmy Anderson and hope you guys are welcome in now the voice of the Carolina Panthers picnics and join -- and not make. -- can write to how much of the talk about this week up there and Carolina panther territory about the -- changes the Saints have made. Especially at left tackle with Toronto to the rookie getting his first start. Little bit McDonald of we believe a word of what government out of there I think there's. There's a lot of I'll there's Shell game music ago Lana made farms did this play and I think the -- -- Probably be prepared for him about -- -- to add some depth along the offensive line enemy. What do you guys think we -- read it is as it's truly the rookie left -- gonna starters -- possibility that maybe a more veteran player might start the game at that spot. I think it's -- -- then I think that's the the moves they made in this -- in there and know. At times coaches can be a little coy with information to the game planning -- -- but I don't read that into this move here make I think it's Toronto then go all the way. What coach space and those student it to good poker player that he indicates you'd think in you know maybe you don't even trust Andy I mean you'd think he'll go on but. I think. Obviously -- never. This Monday night here with the Panthers have never seen a football team that is as excited. That is as united. In their enthusiasm for this game and cohesive and their belief. That they're gonna show a little better than they did in the superdome and the Panthers did not give the Saints much of -- struggle that that night as we all. And the Panthers are trying to. I mean really now that the Jets game is over the chances of -- focused on that there's old things so wise man and probably some -- -- a long time ago is that if you chased two rabbits both will get away. To the -- try to be careful not to think about the Saints last week when it was time to prepare for the Jets but now that the Saints game is here it got Carolina's full attention. Well I -- note. Unlike the Saints that the Panthers have played very well road except for that debacle. Against the Saints there couple weeks ago. But even after the game they were quick to point out that. We give them back in our place in two weeks and we feel comfortable about that so it's kind of like. They knew that they'd laid an egg that night but it's. In and I don't really think -- at the moment that they were saying well look happily the Saints are playing on the road. I think that they just know that they've got to huge advantage in that this particular game this match up couldn't come at a better time for them. Yeah maybe Nokia I don't know I've tried look at it from just from the standpoint of OK take it evidentiary view of enemy what. That picture of the Saints have lost four road games but they've all been to good road teams -- prop are good on teams rather the problem and I think it. Is not the road it is. Seattle. The Jets knock in strolled out the game have a good day that day. And you could go on down the list I think that. I think that the that the Saints are still present matchup problems. For the Carolina Panthers and it felt great competitor standpoint -- -- failure the crowd they'll be into the Panthers have been looking for the rematch. Those things are are relentlessly troops. But where the science I -- what changes will the Panthers may. To make sure that. Junior bill that doesn't look like Lawrence Taylor to make sure that. Drew Brees doesn't speech issue to death with that that hair trigger passing game and make sure that Cam Newton that gets back -- time. -- -- -- -- -- Up to a certain point except you know what about the the win in Atlanta on Thursday night at the Saints didn't look very good there at the loss this past Sunday. So I mean I cannot understand what it what you're saying but if you even the game that the Saints have won on the road they didn't winning convincingly. But that's part that the Atlantic game is the verdict in the equation I agree with ya arm or watch -- -- if I can't think it's fourteen to twelve money who are these people. It just didn't look right you know you guys would be better to speak to that to what happened with the Saints in the Falcons all that that night but. I do know this it's a great series and Drew Brees is that there could not be a class -- ambassador. For NFL football and for the NFC south and Drew Brees I mean those people here in the Carolinas we throw them but we will throw of our retirement party tonight if only he would comply. Picnics in the voice of the Carolina Kansas Panthers here on WWL and make before you run -- had a better look as far as health. -- -- -- -- in -- be the so restart with Camden and he got what most talked about proposed -- -- growth of the plate in the NFL rookie maybe he'll have to remember him. But cam has a little bit of a sprained -- he's been moved around five practiced this week he should be OK Jonathan Stewart not expected to play because. He's got a sprained -- the Panthers are able to make the post season he could be ready by then. I think other than that it is a fairly healthy Carolina Panthers football team right now. As it is for the New Orleans Saints for the most part that's what you want right now within FC south. The NFC south online this Sunday's Charlotte new kick off right here on -- radio make -- thanks a bunch of time we appreciate it and I have a good call on Sunday. Thank Christian -- yeah I mean -- field Sunday there or thereabouts who dat nation do you believe Sunday the Saints take on Cam Newton in the -- And it Carolina with the NFC south title and the number two seed in the NFC online will kick things off at 8 AM first take with former saint office alignment. Jumbo Steve court and Todd Manassas at 10 AM countdown to kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby -- and -- chief Deke Bellavia kick off. High noon with the best broadcast team in football to -- -- -- guy John and myself that after the -- the point -- with -- can live from teams. In the French Quarter baby at ten hours of wall to wall -- coverage of the biggest game of the season on the flagship station of the world Saints. WWL final four to 60187 they're told 3866 -- nine. 087 the updating folks on our WL that -- opinion poll and will -- that here momentarily but basically here's what. When it takes for the Saints to get into the post season. New Orleans clinches the NFC south. Division in the first round bye with a win over the Panthers. And they clinch a playoff spot with a Arizona loss or tie or new almost Giants have the skill loss or tie war Saints loss. Are Saints tie excuse me with an Arizona -- or San Cisco. In Arizona -- The 49ers. Wrapping up. The action this week against Tuukka against the Atlanta Falcons and hold a candle -- it will be the final game. And at historic thing -- seem to catch the catch to catch three at the expense of the Saints lot of historic games played in that venues comes to a close. On Sunday when the set when these have scope 49ers host the Atlanta Falcons in candlestick on Sunday night are -- Monday night. Football of course a lot of great moments in NFL history happened right there candlestick in their opening a new partner next year coming up. You'll still hear from -- Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan tight end Jimmy Graham Saints -- coach Sean Payton and special teams coordinator Greg man Haniyeh. Ouster of their kicker and replace our other kicker Garrett Harley and Shayne Graham coming in this week to run -- that starting at left tackle how do you feel about that. Who dat nation to 60187 until -- 866 hitting nine. 087 it's the fans a pro on WWL.