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12-20 6:10pm Hokie and Kristian, Fan and the Pro.

Dec 20, 2013|

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It's all on the line this weekend in Charlotte the Saints go from there. Potentially being the number two seed in the NFC. And the NFC south leader two runners up in that division maybe fault for the succeed with a loss to the Carolina Panthers to the Saints make enough. Of the right moves to make it to the next level what's your theory as to why the Saints cannot win on the road this year 504260. 187 vehicle 3866889087. -- some moves saint releasing Garrett Hartley earlier in the week. Manic kicked him into the Super Bowl back in 20092010. And of course may get a change at left tackle. Zach he's he's actually was playing their last week after. Charles Brown was benched against the Rams and Charles -- a starter at left tackle for the first thirteen. Contests and then this week it'll be rookie Toronto Armstead the third round draft pick. Of the Saints back in April out of Arkansas Pine Bluff. So you like the moves and they make enough for the right moves to make it the next level. You weigh in at 260187. Told 3866. At 8908. Semi -- The world bowl and RL carriers new world bowl Tulane in the rating cadence. And of course you go well. Coming off an 84 season look at for their third straight victory in the world sport so that kind of in the world bowl champions. Yeah and you've got it just figured it mean this is a great match -- it's you know it's the New Orleans Bowl. He got a team that played right -- -- received two lane in. I only know what the column anymore. The EU LL from the UL of well or whatever you know -- I don't know what are eighteen -- agent. Have been in it and it's I think it's a very unique matchup but it's a great match up because. I guess when people get to talking about -- tickets have been sold for this game. It leads me to believe that maybe they've been a little bit disappointed with ticket sales in the past but that's not the case this year so I think that. That is why it's such a terrific match up this particular year. The vols go Scott batter rouge -- on the -- of who -- got. -- guys relating to India Russia thanks. Terrible things. Recording the people do believe that your -- -- war then. The kicker greens they're pretty good average. I do that because -- questions on Peyton. The timing of this it seems like it's. In overreaction of sorts. I do you have to question the announcement. Being me on Tuesday knowing it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Orbit Tuesday that they prior to be opponent. Two and game planning for the following. Game the last. And I've been out there we don't know -- -- on a lot I was out. -- but my recollection it was on Wednesday that he announced that now that news came out about the heart about Hartley on Tuesday evening. But as far as the announcement official announcement from the club that was -- I believe on Wednesday morning and out to be wrong to think about. Well actually. It's all about playing the best players why old or it's more he grew up playing as opposed to current -- we need -- tough physical. Between the tackles runner who purchased people in -- you wouldn't have more Ingram kid -- lines in the balls down. -- Dog I don't know that while we are really running game and those -- we saw and he wouldn't -- of a running game yeah out of the running game wasn't necessarily going to be solved with. Necessarily change at running back Hokies it's more along. The lines that offensive line and some running backs they have I think it's you know you saw the success they had. When they start to give the ball more Pierre Thomas. Well -- you know really interlinked. With the exception of the -- out 2009 season. The running game for the Saints I'm not talking about. Production and all that has done is done about. When -- huge when it's not used when does it seem like there's been a commitment to the run when is always wanted to do -- pass. It's it. I don't know why Abby you get grade -- placed -- -- example Carolina coming up this week in you know what they wanna do. They want -- wanna run the football -- and he'll they've got well. Now Jonathan Stewart -- out he would they got two very capable backs back there the Saints have four in my opinion. That. Can do a lot of good for you but some games they're. I don't know that it's gone and you may read this really take this all way back to. Members in the years it would Deuce McAllister never allow wise and do explain why do scheme to -- it. There's beat anybody or forgot an answer was it is an injury that we weren't aware of in the as far as that question about -- -- I think it's a very ballot question you know why would you tipped your hand with the changing. Of the guard. At tackle. So. But let me let me takes up -- -- and I hope I'm not sounding too. Now sarcastic here or whatever else but it takes up and there's. The Carolina. Defense it is got a lot more to worry about and it's Charles Brown plane or Toronto are posted there because I guarantee you one thing. If nothing was ever said it shouldn't they go out there NHC. That Iran arms they would land up there I mean they can change here. They are tech instantly and at the same time I don't think that that means with which Al brown as the played. They're gonna still make the left tackle position that offensive line position. That they wanna attack at least defensively absolutely and I mean they they gonna try to attack it but scared to you and another thing. But they've watched. Fourteen. -- games well be thirteen now fourteen games they watch and it did this ain't like somebody coming in to take place to Willie Roaf. Or Jammal Brown when he here are -- earlier Stan Brock dealers like will we don't know what Iran arms they can do but. It certainly couldn't be much worse than what Charles Brown is done at. I looked I appreciate the fact that the man. Had put in you don't to be. An NFL starting off -- two -- but and -- some wrong. And maybe I am maybe I'm looking too much it but to meet Joe Brown does not impress me this year at all. -- on the West Bank on them be the -- -- That good. What man they -- you can outs in the NCA. Games on and say we won't win. Hello you thank him. Oh yeah -- bet my house scoreless innings I don't I don't know I just that I like is they can -- -- a lot. That is because. That game Sunday. Oh yeah and in that we. -- and not you know. And it was. -- I was -- put the he means. I mean did. In the books that they let alone and it did and it got -- To -- -- people. -- Wayne thanks very much for a phone call you've started your weekend mighty early and eggnog tastes good doesn't it. I don't know men but it's. They had -- -- they wanted to lose I don't think anybody wants to lose any games here and I can't be here you know fan and that's maybe year. Way of tying you know he got -- kind of bring a little levity in -- but there's levity in the mayor's. There's levity and then there's. Everyone knows in this locker room in the city. The North Carolina how important is admissible -- -- you know we know it's going to be a dogfight we know it's going to be. You know probably the hardest game of Clark of our season so far because -- somewhat -- That there is a lot on the line Sunday between the tenant for saint -- for Carolina Panthers apply needle going for the sweep of the cats. And try to secure the number two seed in the NFC south. In the process. The Panthers trying to stave it off to hold off the Saints. And then knock it down to the five or six seed potentially course -- still have a number of scenarios that take place an order for that. To happen. Back to the phones we go Clarence. You're on W -- Clarence that. Yes a -- that the -- and Seattle shoot what -- very ordinary nonchalantly. And we lost a lot of surely -- are both such players public could afford to pay him and I guess the -- would be my answer would be we didn't devote enough. -- try to draft good players. Also. I think it's shame. They struck draft throughout the two on this particular while the development. Anymore uses -- a map. Well ultimately I think they have trying to draft those players and I think that's because of the fact they can't. But their pay those big free agency government -- they only talk about Carl make you talk about Jon -- rod. And all all it just it's the way the NFL cycle works when you have to pay. Quarterback which you had to pay two -- outing of I would agree with that. You your team you know have to be creative in and develop players younger players. Because. You know the way the league structured those younger players especially in the third fourth fifth rounds. Are are cheaper than a veteran of 456 years and especially at a premium position like left tackle spot which -- push rod. Was made you do you have -- a bit of some growing pains helping anybody anticipated. This kind of growing pains which Charles Brown stepped in at left tackle. Early in the season in in throughout training camp when he was it was said of him. That he was clearly winning the left tackle battle remember that though he went when it went went shopping said. He's the clear cut winner at the left tackle position. Well I don't Jason Smith wouldn't would not much of a competition out there and he got let go early on in piranha he's he could certainly understand. We can be behind a little bit did. -- have. Sophisticated offense. That -- move it much faster pace eight got too much to learn and all that so I it -- Charles Brown should have been the winner out of that. Competition that they had there so. But I think it now that the season is played out that. -- exceeded it it was gonna. The best of a bad lot that is what they got out of all around this season. How do you wanna go back to the -- call Alando. Basically saying that question the timing of the news that two run arms that would make his. NFL debut in. On Tuesday it was an ounce -- whatever. But. You know little I think -- you grooming your health that you gain or lose much of an advantage. Or disadvantage. By announcing because of the fact that it's not like run affairs up sit up there Charlotte on hole boy that Charles Brown -- not playing this game maybe. He might could make the argument that he's going gosh -- -- Charles Brown was played. Absolutely. Attitude that's correct in. Yeah he's not. But he he's probably sit nickel and darted right and I kind of disagree stated I don't know what dark Toronto arms they brings that -- yeah I mean I'm sure that they had him. On their draft board just like everybody else did. So it's the they're gonna trying to attack -- there's no doubt about that because he is making his first start. I don't think he's taken a snap this year and only been active for a couple of games of him he had taken a snap so in that regard. But also noted coach thanks defense it. Whatever time the media gets to watch practice out there and -- -- we first question after practice to be at the same thing we don't sit around aren't sitting here at left tackle work with the bullets. -- what's -- gonna say. Well we just tried to Upton who are. He'll try and -- offered up I have you can't miss can be -- first question that that comes out of the media I think they'll let me we've got to say it sooner or later. Yeah and it and it looked it sends a clear message that hey look everybody's under the microscope here Drew Brees said earlier in the week that there are all come on notice fuel. Kevin and -- your on -- to do well Kevin. Hey you guys don't do it. Better outcome wanna comment on you everybody's call in and actually the running game and Mark Ingram. And if you if you really watch -- -- you know the -- the majority of this I thought that the trip. Is predicated prepare. And I don't think they it -- I think the big big thing he just a -- is on running the ball because -- -- beat that -- Well -- mean they're clearly geared. To throw the football minutes offensively how this team is has made their money as you can kind of alluded to remain. -- -- do you do you agree with that you know they don't focus enough on. The running game is. Without question taken a backseat. In this offense since 2006. It's. Me. I don't know be. A guy like Mark Ingram is who would he be a better back if he got more carries. Meet for my money. I like Pierre Thomas. In all facets of the game. In Darren Sproles is a great guy coming out of the backfield and -- is certainly nothing wrong with the way that he. Works and functions in. The running game. We know and and you got it -- Robinson two guards could get to the get those gathright dated to sub give those of the guys a breather. But they don't have that one focal point in a running game because to me the running game is not the focal point in this office in. Play your best player on -- do Drew Brees so the more that he gets an opportunity to make some magic with the arm. -- leads to more big plays whatever but. Really suits have been eight you know not since I've been here with since Sean Payton has been here in 2006. The running game is really not in my opinion been the focal point. Tomorrow I -- count down to the brawl in the Big Easy than a world bowl with. Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia live from Rouse is supermarket on -- in this dvds stop by -- LO and talk about the big matchup between the two angry wave in Louisiana Lafayette region occasions join. The cajun candidate -- chief for Louisiana tailgate party tomorrow. Knew the 330. At -- the supermarket 701 Barone in downtown New Orleans celebrate Louisiana football with sports these sports giant. Of the gulf south WW well. 504260187. It's all 3866889087. Me back to the phones we go Carl on a cell phone you're on the BW -- Carl. Very -- -- the -- -- period lifted. Got to make a few comments absolutely. Okay we've got a good relate to it being good when we've gotten to replace politics. -- -- -- -- That left jamarcus if if we could replace them we would the greatest date being humble -- the next guy. So it's and now recap shall we get a little production all the way you ran out and running game. The dancing game you prepare you'd -- about a bears' Sean Payton he's brought the issue you know. You could see his call golf a little questionable. He gave away would of first down and out he decline apparently was expected and Bob. -- -- notes the second century three right now that well you recall everything first since I was like this today. It's marquis on these days a week given the Eagles the middle of fifteen yards jumps up betrayal like the terminator. And -- columns posted on the bench. That's football in my category. You keep beaten him -- into a -- you know. India and you look at them let's go to play and be a poignant at all that somebody else you know. You know and that's what they UP ET it make them you know. When he's big -- being York. Changeup and off the ground like like that -- he's he's ready he's hungry he's -- -- -- you know. How it feels. I'm not know probe but Utley who -- running back and we use the field itself did not think he'd -- about people that bench. And -- no -- Now. -- problems here beat you guys know that I don't speak to that audience. Not the ball because you all been in on net. In some of these guys that probably -- the book will -- normal but anyway. Our. That's always wanted this guy out there and Merry Christmas. And -- things. Guy like Merry Christmas Carlson -- heavy -- it does make it very valid point and I have often wondered that myself in. Not necessarily that -- -- say it on the air is that that happens when it. He's right knee -- make a good run. You know you get up and of all the officially dropped to the sidelines -- it it's like well. It's that they seem to like you want splash for the game and I I certainly can't blame marking her forget so excited because. He probably knows that I'm -- it. 34 opportunities in a row here and I've got to make the most of the one -- that I get in its usually not all that good. So that but that is a little bit of a puzzle to me. And again act act kind of go back to the old man's season in that -- Mike Bell did that the fourth quarter. You know get -- enclosed area to carry in. It I mean it was a fun thing to watch is. But -- just it's not that way anymore. Foreman Brian you're on WW that. -- want to on on how are you man it's good to hear your voice again we've been sorely missed on thirteen fifty. A week but he has been well almost like we -- outside Asia might. -- While okay thanks -- I appreciate it. I trust it and let you -- and better excellent pitcher a couple of observations. You know much as -- -- that made this week about. The Saints. Inability. To win on the yeah and only eighteen out of 32 have winning records on the road this year you know and I made -- -- course to make the playoffs but that means that. For. Without winning records ulcer that make the playoffs were right buried at 500. Or losing records on the road my question. Is that. As badly as we looked on the road at Seattle. And at Saint Louis sandwiched around a wonderful wonderful performance in the superdome. In our arrival in Carolina. Is it possible that specifically. Against Carolina. That we had some matchup advantages. At certain. See her personal positions. And that may pole and themselves to. Another victory this week -- and allies and -- aren't finished. My prediction. You get eleven that's. Trailing 1716. With 12 ago. Sharing program with a 42 yard field goal to in the division 1970. We look at who I would let your thoughts about the the match -- Well but. By all accounts that the secondary -- Carolina is there weak link on the defense and I think that the Saints will tracked into just exactly what they did. In the -- And lucky you can talk about the melt down in Seattle and Saint Louis. But. That's -- it that the Saints. Offensive line is not as good as it has been in the past and are people bring up the you know that -- because -- chrome or not -- in the office to line coach they've had in the past it because Carl Nicks has gone. It's just not it's good offensive line they've had before and sometimes you just got to get lucky. With those guys -- you know -- he's a better player that we. Gave -- credit for. You know you know -- the Saints have the match of advantage. Most weekends offensively against most defense is week in and week out give them that they they do and they had this weekend again. And that that we've we've seen how that works out but to me. When I look for games like this and really come from here on out. Is how the Saints have played. History chooses the results that showed -- so far through seven games on the road this year and right now there -- three and four. There -- there history shows me that they haven't played well on the road and now know that it's I don't know that it's that simple you can solve it necessarily a week now can use. Get a win certainly but. You are which you which your record says you are in the league. And all the road and at home there almost unbeatable at home they're below average on the road and I think that's the disturbing trend that leads me to believe. That's Sunday Carolina might not work out for for saint it and has didn't give me the warm and Fuzzy feel like a -- that. Com hand and look for trends. That's a trend that has followed this football team does this football team. All season long the -- lineup for -- Morrow you're on to beat him well Tom. I'm like 08 billion I don't do that Christians are saying here columns. Just wonder and they -- to -- a bit. It -- real that they have that much cap room and he has as a tackle and keep it around you know I have been before -- be part of it the capitalize. And -- well -- -- development over rated this year because -- they've played. I mean you're -- property -- that it played which would be. New York. Are there or does go he had at least vote total spot -- most regained a lot about Carolina there was one but it's I'll also put -- -- -- over would be it to their. Way we're doing that clearly can't manipulate the story how you won I mean if you go by stats if you go by. Top rated defense is that's what they are. Well like I do get their -- and recovered off system but also every player gets a lot of bad off how bad. -- can and nearly went your story can manipulate it however you want if you wanna tell that story. What I mean here is. Either I get where you're going maybe the offense might be a tad overrated maybe they haven't played the the the dominant defense is like you said very well be cant just throw out Carolina day. No I I doubt and yeah you know really he says just I think it's a little on what they are. Put it good saves as it would take a much roll. That's obviously and you can have. They do a robbery in the future when I got it immigrant and you look at what you -- have gotten a concert aspire the university I think they could you know help them out again at Kapalua -- get the -- some audio cystic -- Not think drew on all is is an ultimate team guy and if it means bettering the team. And improving you know he would he would entertain that possibility. -- -- -- appreciated in our I don't know you know I certainly can't speak for put just given by being around them and and I talked to about them being a team in. And what it takes to play quarterback in the NFL it's time to sacrifice yet to make I think he -- that and understands it. There might be a day where he says I look at it means improving the offense. By the taking a pay cut I think it's very well within reason for deliveries to do an excuse. You know another thing that he kind of brings up. But let's face it. Defense is pretty much a lost art in the NFL. That you don't have those. Dominating defense is like you had with you know the Bears and the Ravens in the Minnesota loses a purple people leaders not. It's it's a quarterback driven league everybody wants to see offense that's why you get Malik ridiculous. Scorers in what was it that there's no weekend when they were 88 touchdowns scored. That weekend -- terrible conditions that you've -- were able to put that many points on the board and the fact of the Matty and look there's been a lot of rule changes that make the -- of work not not because that's how it. Is not there issues these guys you you can't practice eating all the time. He came alive. The because of -- injury factors the number of people you can have a roster delude you got to make all like gossip there's a lot of different things that go into why defense is aren't all likelihood. So. You can't just blame it. On the quarterback eaten up all the salary cap space and say well if he didn't have. Command that much money that we can go out you'd better off to Atlanta and better defense of guys and all that kind of stuff -- chooses. Took his -- we have a franchise quarterback. Everybody else is trying to get practice -- when you have one. He wins not doing better just to let -- hole and Drew Brees -- days are over right you beat it big you're gonna sit back and see. Just had been in the last somewhere. In our future we've got to Ron Amadon right in the wings. Or a Tom Brady right wait in the wings which we don't know about right now well. -- -- -- look look at Seattle look at San Cisco when those two teams at the page. They're quarterback's they're not going to be as good defensively there it's just that it's the way you're gonna make the sacrifices elsewhere it's got to happen that's the way it sick cyclical. It's gonna happen in the NFL that's why the Seattle Seahawks right now. Are the best position if you look at every team in the NFL. With Russell Wilson and you look at you know maybe our race team are we made for the since the 49ers they're the best position right now to go on a two or three year run here. And win a couple of possibly win a couple of JB just because they're not paying their quarterback eventually they'll have to me that they got the defense to compliment it. It forces teams because when he -- a quarterback. It forces teams to get more creative on how to -- built their teams and right now the seats are in a position and it looked all in all you gotta give. Mickey Loomis and Sean -- credit for being able to still. Bringing in talent here and pay that quarterback. And I have a significant drop off you've seen other teams look at Atlanta right now they've been. Decimated by injuries but they pay Matt Ryan a lot of money looking to beat the Dallas Cowboys in -- Tony Romo almost a hundred million dollars. And working out how that look out for this year I guess my point is that. It also back at him and all over the amount of money that -- Drew Brees got it it's -- it's a relevant what the market dictated and you had to do there was no other -- there was no other option for you. As saint personnel guy as a general manager and coaches nothing you can do about it. -- unless you wanted to walk let him walk out you -- that -- Easton three of thirteen football team -- rather have. Above average great offensive line and have Christian Ponder as your quarterback. I would rather have at this point in the hall of fame quarterback. And an average. Offensive line you can't in this in this case and this time you can have both right now can develop into a great offer to -- you retool yes you can. But right now if you had asked me. I'd still take them and I with a little less along the offensive line then Christian Ponder and a great -- but the -- because it doesn't matter if the guy can't throw it can't get at -- accurately. It really won't matter how good that offensive line truly is in those that are out there might take other overpaid they're. With the market allows them ask for the money that's the money that's out there if in your job. We knew we would -- be trying to get it -- -- now and move. That's shocking -- -- -- dollars mil no but I mean if it -- if you're in that position and you knew that. You value was acts why would you settle for less than your value. It's it'd be silly you're not going to be business very long and oh by the way it's not Drew Brees is job to -- out now go to. The seem to go here takes -- my money back if they go to hill. I think that's where they employer it's your job to build the team. And keep the team keep the team together hey look if you ask them like that yes made sure I'll help the team. But I'm not gonna go say here here's my wallet and take my money. And you know you don't go very far in this league -- an average quarterback Brett you know I mean -- We've seen that in recent memory of one team that did was that what was it 2000 Ravens when they had Trent -- you know I think it. -- transit of great. Analyst for. On TV and all that stuff but let's say he'd say he'd he'd never would put up the numbers that Manning and Brady yeah Brees and all those guys Rodgers. You can -- -- -- utterly maybe you can sit there and make an argument for all of and also Brad Johnson to the can fill that name indirect shots at bay Buccaneers. Sit tight if you are all the fans of the pro rolls on next hour.