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Dec 20, 2013|

Hokie and Kristian talk "real" about the Saints; where they are in the season,k how they play in "away" games, and what we can hope to expect the rest of the season. Plus... pre-taped interviews of Coaches Sean Peyton and Rob Ryan.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the fans in the pro. Hope you guys are Christian -- architects from 8359. Which Charles Brown be a viable option at left guard given the poor play have been Grubbs. We see that trying to solve problems back create more just might take years say take coach sharp Paton earlier today meeting with the media. Or final here this normally our final day of preparation more while Walker's before we travel and questions. The guys coming from outside have the win I don't. Yeah all week all I think the temperatures are. Sounds like they're going to be fairly warm. I'm sure we'll be aware in that -- to pay attention to him. And today. That was the case not only just offensively or defensively but when it pertains to punts and kickoffs. You know and so I think that awareness is important. But it popular topic reader questions. The other temple -- no huddle offense that obviously. There's -- reason what you. You -- it just in general that game it would just in general what is it drawback to do. Well. Typically. You would be working off a set list of plays and there look there are some positives in regards to. You know the tempo and in regards to often times it becomes hard to rush the -- repeatedly you can you know. Become fatigued in. You see a lot of teams rotate in their defense of linemen in and out of games against up -- -- offenses we we got to pick and choose spots where will go quickly to the line or. We've done it depending on how the game's unfolding and then sometimes just to create tempo we feel like we're. Maybe not in a the situation where we're having much momentum. So your your place election may -- is a little. As less. Pulled -- more limited without. Just one personnel group on the field. And then -- what is -- you want to do within the running game. You know within the framework of that. And then I think guys are going to be looked it -- recently but I think you might still have the best time was there the longest time of possession average. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think. That's probably -- -- in fairness to -- mean I think that's a result of consistency. In the passing game certainly in the running game but third down conversions I mean I think -- there's a lot to goes into that you know. Starts with a manageable third downs. You know you're in those third and seven moderate. Third and send -- probably. Not gonna have a high conversion rate and you're probably gonna have less snaps and you're probably gonna have a smaller time of possession time. So. They kind of go hand in hand but I think. You know it's a byproduct of of a consistent attack you know quarterback it's accurate with the football. You know it in the second half if you're playing with the lead then you know you're able to do things to. Hopefully bleed the clock. You may not be in four minute offense but you you're certain earlier in an offense where you're trying to let the club room when you're playing with the lead and the team we're playing this week is number one in the league in time of possession. Believe were three right now but the point is their teams that two teams that. Ever possess the ball. For chunks in. You know we've all been in these games were. The quarters moving pretty quickly you look up when there's four minutes left in the first quarter and you might have one possession near you think what happened to -- -- the last time I think. We played at home here that first quarter I think they held a big advantage in the first quarter and then it flipped in the second quarter. Can in the pretty much shut down -- guys up again if he got should be getting Pro Bowl and and all accolades that are out there or to -- that matter. Well I think it always matters to the player -- I think those things are important. And I think that our league. Historically. The players the coaches personnel people. See that film I think it's maybe more challenging to. To someone that isn't on television as much now we played a lot of national TV games but I think he's been very consistent he's got. Very good range. Long arms and I like the fact that you know when you're playing that position it's a little bit. Like you're drawn sometimes the best matchup and it's not always the easiest one but. He's he's been very consistent. And in plated a very high level and certainly certainly. You know you can you can pull up these numbers statistically burn defenders that's all these other things in. He's got a great out exceptionally well and in in should be in those discussions. I think. Very much so. It. -- we absolutely. Absolutely. Maybe more than like one season. I I think. I think this I think that good teams. Have certain things they believe in both offensively defensively in the kicking game in those are consistent week in and week out. I think there are certain certainly some things that you tinker with. But that there's never that wholesale. We're gonna completely go to this. Because -- look there's when you played a game like this it's important that the players know these -- by heart you know it's. When you play in the Super Bowl the best advice I got okay the first ten minutes you think that. You've got their attention but they really. So you better make sure they have things that they've done repeatedly as opposed to you know the new projects. So. Yeah they'll be things that are different. And both teams will be forced to adjust. But by and large there's a front there's a coverage as a handful of those fronts and coverages that. Show up repeatedly for both teams in and that's what you practice against -- you're you know you're just vs some of the things that that you haven't seen. And I think that's pretty common with a good team. Might be an adjustment of a different type of pressure yeah it might be something. Look if you really pay attention and you go back and watch the film you can see certain things that you've got away with. But you also recognize that if they're watching that very -- a film. They're gonna feel very comfortable coming back with that and then feeling like. And that goes both ways you know when you watch the tape and objectively look at it and say well you know we made a play here we made a stop but. You know it could have easily went the other way. In favor of the opponent so it's kind of addressing those things that. That you know may come up. Saints coach Sean Paton earlier today talked about Sunday's clash with the Carolina Panthers on the road in that Charlotte black eagle three for this year. Away from the Mercedes-Benz superdome back to the phones we go Roger in -- year on -- to do well Roger. They couldn't lift. -- can't describe any of those things things. You know options orchestrated what -- women do you know Bryant. -- if -- in order they are winners and the bill. And a lot in this since the New England. That group in there and -- -- that being Pulitzer. It. On the days I'll watch out the way he talked a lot -- why it was. Change it. And -- if that's. The and it that you had yet been out of the food. And is being put on. An aero rules. Error. I don't know that I would say that their -- are there intimidated I mean these are grown man I would hope not -- the professionals in their room in. They shouldn't be intimidated by another. Man at least you know. For sixty minutes but I don't know -- I don't know that it's necessarily. Sure can he be more physical than other teams get the 49ers are physical football team they're gonna come in there -- that's their brand of football whether their own road whether there right -- I don't think that it's. The winning goal on -- road. That make -- Toledo that he can't out physical the if you -- to borrow a phrase. Rather than I just think it they just don't play well -- -- know -- the collar you know. He just sets up the net. You know it's so true for all of -- Thomas -- fans win or lose that that's true. But when the Saints win you come out you're making reservations for New York when the Saints lose its. It Drew Brees I'd -- pitches off we don't have a running game -- line movement when he -- kicker it's just a matter which week. You're talking about Gary talked about after win -- after a loss and but in the end at the caller said he still a Saints fan win or lose so I know this and this I don't know it solve any problems but. You didn't hear. These calls come in after the Carolina game couple weeks ago you hurdles now that the Seattle you heard adaptors. The Rams game. I don't know what was that at the New England game because we stepped up there and Boston but. Pitches it's the nature of fancy you know you year to one -- too low the next and -- But pats did that it's not just us that everybody around the country I know this there are some teams that struggle to win. In their holding you and he. And in this deal with John -- on the sidelines has lost a home game in quite some time. But they -- you go eight -- at home every year for the sport to sport for -- eagle three and five on the road. At eleven wins are twelve wins every year most of every team and I -- Bobby effort but obviously it meaning now that the you know -- Discounting last season -- on Peyton won here but since. I forget what year you go back to this -- -- the second best road record -- CC behind New England yes since a six there the second best and -- and those nine. They were their best in the NFL on the road not so much this year 34. Away from the Mercedes-Benz superdome Rob Ryan the Saints defensive coordinator met with the media earlier today -- this. Slightly different. Main. Hope to be different as opposed last week. Coming -- obviously we want to hit and run the ball better we did last week. We -- a suburb of great running attack. You know so we go -- got to force we're we're looking forward to this game and in that. You know look forward one you know we got some big goals here and we wanted to options so it's going to be this week from your -- why you guys. Well robberies forgeries I mean you know. We just keep emphasizing then and we've been talking about we just haven't hit been. Get it done much so we've really. Really been emphasizing it this week -- base by and there were working as hard as we can not trying to knock the ball out five and giveaways to do that in. You know we just got to that ball in -- makes that changes games when you get turnovers so. You know we're doing everything we can't as players as coaches to get that turned around it and it will this week. Q I was like behind predictable it's harder to -- -- just. Yeah I made it it is. I liked our plan a lot last time we played them. You know and you know that's that makes it difficult but. This time a year it is -- and Tom come down to there's not one coach gonna make a play these players are gonna come through force and and make the plays. And -- this is big when we didn't need. Was -- I discipline guys -- next game I am going to hear stand on my. Who wouldn't have been that loses that one of the keys against Carolina and. Yeah I'd side fake his read option it's it's. Fire best fullback in the flat screens. Every which way bit loose you know. And and we did a great job and we've been doing a good job and only give up a couple plays last week which is uncharacteristic and that's not who ER I mean. -- over of course a long season sometimes you go through that. They never going to be perfect you know except -- -- -- 85 -- they even had a bad game -- -- and so. I mean it happens sometimes but the world we wanna be consistently good and and now we're working like hell to do that rock express. Well I mean you know we've we've -- yeah -- got new equipment in our meeting rooms that were hit the ball and and it's every pitch every play is a point of emphasis. You know I think. The noise you go you know you get tired as the season goes in maybe emphasis was and made enough in there and hasn't been but. It's certainly been made enough this weekend. And you know we just got to capitalize on it. You know. That we you know that's they've turned the ball over some and and we definitely you. Okay Lewis. Pro Bowl -- Visitors and I so I certainly think so I know you guys -- so mean when you see him play every week give -- you know we did so well. Yes sorry guys it might have four picks and give us at sixteen touchdowns I mean you know but they believe board in the -- born in this guy's arm. -- and and I think I don't know how it is nowadays and if -- NFC and you know my kids vote and coming I don't know but you know I know who deserves it. And and he's worked his tail off and -- a leader he's been for us a lot of matches you know you know was transaction we picked him up. Out of all these other people Tim in my day assuming we knew we got the best defensive player that was available we did. And shadowy guys didn't end up receiver man coverage and -- -- teams -- -- -- do it even matter. Yeah I'm not sure really -- I don't get to see everybody I see. Other teams you know playing on on the tape that we do but I'm not real sure you know -- if they do you know Revis island. This out there -- no he certainly was in New York but. I know Keenan goes back of a job for us and we've put him in a lot of tough situations and he's come through. Week in and week -- he's he's been extremely consistent and extremely productive. Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan I hear them at the end talk about Keenan Lewis and Hokies there's been a lot of bright spots for the Saints defense this year but the acquisition of Q -- the south La Hoya -- With what Rob Ryan said right here we we knew we were in the -- when. It you know the thing about it is it's when you don't hear guys name called very much. On when you played in the secondary that's always a good thing. Chris -- -- of failure on the fans of -- on the need of development course. -- Talked a little bit about two steps. I saw him play it during that pretty easy proposition. And I don't know the -- folks. Listen these radio broadcast so I like him a complete scouting report. But my impression of let us know at that time most of the you know I'd do all right against Carolina but that. He would want him. I just starting left tackle -- yet and we just what you guys have seen him practice have you guys have seen. There were certain situations we didn't do and what you guys have seen improvement in him if you get what you need to practices have you seen. Like it today about watching regular season practice compared to training camp practices -- pre -- practice is the vastly different. In terms of the restrictions that the teams put on -- reporters and allowing what they see what they don't Ciba -- going back to training -- what we got the CO. In the pre season. During training camp. You at times you could see hey this guy's got some ability. He has potential to be you know a lot to feel like special left tackle but at same time very raw very young. And -- polished. And that's the whole thing about me he's he's got the scales. And Jeremy what he's got to learn. Now and I don't know how much he has learned Tippett I haven't seen a practices training camp. And we don't listen much to it but I know that it's an immediate you get to go out there in. Just see certain things in. So you really don't know how much progression he's made but you you concede an athlete. During training camp. Don't really get an opportunity you see you -- go to guy have a real nasty streak gaining. He is he gives them a road -- out there because. Everything is so different right now with the amount of contact if you could have TI -- day you go to. In full pads how much you can do. All I can step in the other big you get the preceding game and we know the preceding game is not like the regular season game so to answer the question. I think it's very -- that when you haven't. Seen a guy in live conditions like that where each -- showed up Freel. Just how he's gonna respond to it but the coaches seem every day so they know what progression he's made in in again. Sean Payton knows what's on the line right here is well with everybody else does and how they did he guess -- through a dark. Somewhere up but it deck of cards as it oh okay we're gonna put in Tehran on that this week is that where the Dario ended. Well what about Sean Payton leads anyone to believe if you watched him closely are from afar. Would lead to believe that he's. Whimsical in you know he's very much calculated and every -- he does in in is his words are measured. -- print press conferences he. He thinks about everything meticulously hurt Drew Brees say. Earlier in a couple weeks ago that since his return he's kind of been even more hypersensitive to the details. Of things and I think this was a very much a calculated thing. That precipitated by the fact that Charles Brown. Just had a awful game and has had a couple of bad performances this year and if facilitated this move of bringing to run Armstead. In at left tackle this was by far not even close to being just a he said -- We just throw the -- -- -- -- -- -- is not in this is week two series of business for sharp battery it was -- -- just wait indigo B you know what let's see if this works let's just try to throw. The spaghetti its wallet now Sean Payton doesn't operate that we know. And it lets not forget who movement or was Bill Parcells very much the same way he's not gonna. He's not gonna do it because he if he owed it to Charles Brown because -- -- brown gave up a couple Saxton. But you don't Drew Brees -- this has been soft and it's been in the works. For a few weeks and I mean I I don't know that for a fact but. To change. In the middle of the second half hour you know what they did they he did make a change at half time -- or anything like that I mean this was one series. Charles Brown has been there the next day Saints come out he's not. And you move your right tackle to left I left tackle that it kind of show Asia well I also think that you know that it too because Toronto market hasn't been active. All season long he'll now you're taking a guy. In your put names in the game in the heat of the battle and he said no snaps with the first team offense. Will we can say that there is no majorities that. That he'll take will be with the second team -- -- it's. So it's the knee it's just not not the -- he gets it -- the heck with it is now put anybody in there. Now that the way he operates if you we've seen pop right now for when he. 89 seasons here. And everything about a miscalculated that's just wish on being up first thing that -- does things and that's part of the reason why. He's been so successful as saint tech coach Charlie Tony. Charles and 2260187. They told -- 8668890. Late seventies the -- pains in the pro on WW LA anathema dot com. Welcome back to the fans and the pro here on WW LI NF haven't dot com -- kick off. On Sunday from a Charlotte as a Saints. Battle Panthers. Catch all the action right here starting at 88 in Omaha fans first take. The court time and Estes countdown to kickoff with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia ten kick off high noon which of Anderson -- guys. From Charlotte. 22 at four teams going at it. This Sunday don't miss a minute of the action wall to wall coverage ten hours of it after the game the point after with cajun -- live from -- in the French Quarter maybe. On saint radio WWL back to the phones we go Charles. On a cell phone you're on W -- Charles. -- it yeah. Hey Chris and yup yeah -- I -- want to comment about and our guys talking about it earlier and still lose about. Quarterback award will make so much money and you know how to market dictate that is -- thing. One a and one B we Drew Brees and I it and augment the go out there and it. Game up and I'm always picking up a -- make no mistake about it. But I think it. The way it can happen out. There -- you in the market dictated by hand option if you wanted to make somebody a million. Say that that that the that we do but who are out there delivery and an eagle back. Strip the salary cap began back in 19920. I think maybe a true change -- get them beat quarterback. More than half what directed at any equipment yet. I think maybe change up went back and one -- almost -- -- -- -- make Adam I'm not even not. But I'll probably get it in the back. So you wanna win championships -- and you -- happy who you wouldn't want and do what you do in my mind. You know how and I don't know well political -- I want to win how true it. -- -- about twenty Uga pigs yeah we bitch and I hope that you get one or Mexico where you know -- Ultimately it is I am on the umpires did not -- and we and they don't know what to Columbia name on your back. Feel like -- can't happen and on the finally through. You know. That's all well and good that's all well and good but just keep in mind he can't. McNamee be a little facetious but does it this isn't -- we can trade a player for twenty our runner up. I'm an under and you know until we can't and I can't get there coming in -- -- available and cornerback again. Twenty million dollar. Yes you do you -- you vote you know you vote. Pay the ticket prices that title but it all they don't. I think you go out Robert the quarterback that if you win. Now right well I mean at this point we we need the experience amount of success that this team -- -- fan -- -- experienced over the last. In eight seasons. You know eat eat there's a certain expectation level it comes. -- this football team and rightfully so. You expect from the win you expect from there to win a lot you expect them being a post season you expect in the win division championships being contention for a Super Bowl. So I don't know that it's a bad thing. I just think it's a little misplaced though it sometimes you think well and I hate any of it. Any of the concern or argument against Drew Brees I think is a little. And I adding -- silly all hokey and from a head -- coaching standpoint. -- players not. Cutting it. How motivated as a coach you think. By saying hey look. The players can see this guy can't pulls away how motivated. How much of a motivating factor is that for him have excellent facilitate a change. I think it has a lot to do it but I. To me I don't think the coach needs. The players to compelling that I think he he he sees that Ortiz on otherwise he wouldn't be. An NFL coach of the position coach or the head coach. Now they may be some. Circumstances. Where is like well -- what our options. Do we have somebody as good. Are better to put in there if you don't then you stick with that double that you know into the W don't know and you know I don't know it a lot of that -- people ask me those kind of question you know look at players do this or that you've got to remember I mean. It's coming toppled thirty years so it's not at my last snap the football a lot has changed in at that. What takes place in that locker room what can. Voice an opinion that the players can have on their coach uses and it's not that I'm unfamiliar with it. Welcome back to the fans in the pro. Money down here for -- -- out of here. And Hokies -- all at all. Forget about. Will they win anyway in. We'll find out here at La. -- here earlier reeling off all the playoff scenarios and everything else yeah and for the world. Can be settled on Sunday evening and we'll see nude kick off on Sunday our pregame coverage starts at 8 AM. Steve court top Manassas we'll first take that count that -- kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby -- in BT the Soviet 10 AM I do kick off. With Saints. But the voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson and color analyst -- guys hopped out there on the sidelines between the Saints in the Panthers 22 at fourteen going at it. On Sunday. While riding on this one number two seed in the NFC and the NFC south division crown potentially four. The Saints don't miss a minute of the action that wall to wall coverage for it right here on the flagship what you were the world at saint stubby WL forcing the.