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12-21 12:10 pm Sportstalk:Brawl in the Big Easy

Dec 21, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss with WWL callers the New Orleans Bowl between the Tulane Green Wave and ULL Rajun Cajuns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah good afternoon and welcome to AM another edition of sports talk streets featuring coverage of the 2013. Or an L cares -- all of the whole way tonight in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. The primetime game on day one of the 35 schedule bowl game season. Is the Tulane green plains and the two time defending in New Orleans Bowl champion raging case in the Louisiana anti -- and Bobby. The -- as coaches -- just told us all the time the cajun nation is once again in New Orleans. Big time all over the -- -- arrive -- Thursday I mean everywhere last night at the concert and one thing we've talked to everyone about that and a lot of hard work it was a concert Travis trip chemistry it's not a Daniel yeah you'd have what you yeah I had thought I held my -- as quickly -- they do a little uncomfortable thought that the ball. But I did have on a roll -- how are dressed the part that's a huge for us in the -- expense when -- then went down the dog I thought I'll use Michael Campbell and -- visit to Georgia. -- exhibit backyard and -- up and and not try to survive and do it you with a -- you know those they've had a problem with that knowledge of the mercenary a hard guy but the would you look at it the -- I think you like look at the conditions we setting records. I don't know for -- I know -- a call like he could be a record high that they had any damage so like if you there's Dryden and to step been tailgating -- -- -- -- sweat. And he have what they -- -- is not bad though because the wind is blowing right front right which is really nice last night but. One thing didn't you when you think about this has been thirteen years of -- out -- is going -- for the third year. Records will be. Shot down the -- from a ten to stamp on followed ratings. And Bobby. There's a lot of people a lot of lot of hard work and took a lot of teams have played into all of the bowl it's a thirteen times too but Theres a bowl has taken off. Largely due to me mainly because of Louisiana Lafayette NFL -- not -- I know. And I have no doubt about it yet and I'm just speculating here I don't know that's the shore. But Dominik -- it's the shore who has division. I was -- car tonight. Yeah and all they today was run -- certain when you look in New Orleans Bowl which you can you know meet at a community in this city. Mean had that vision could -- should be much more in the Sugar Bowl. When you look at you know the -- -- and at the south how we appreciate football. That I mean it stands to reason who wouldn't wanna cup than you on denied being in their bowl picture so that's that you look at you all bowl loving Louisiana Lafayette. They're cajun fans didn't and it's almost been like can you look I'll be -- go wherever -- -- teams that. It is kind Lafayette east yet so to speak hearing all of because they gonna represented. And it be interested to see that's that I wanna see like the final numbers I don't know their him between 5060000. People but -- the ratio to lane. To Louisiana Lafayette fans because Louisiana Lafayette I know they've kinda built something on the court touch bit and -- -- kind of a tradition. As far as upcoming hair and it Rivers anywhere to -- get their foot in the door yeah so it it might be for every. That you don't attend fans like you might see seven and -- down Lafayette and up by three to -- -- and does not say so be it hits and -- secret to playing. You know you think about this. This is their the whole stadium. Right they haven't moved on campus yet and you'll do that next year -- the superdome is their home field and I think Louisiana Lafayette -- take pride in that. -- in the university but this did okay you know out of. Attendance the national media which is -- and -- -- give you kudos a lot of time you don't you don't just gets stuff handed to Ian Reed you do and don't search about this is -- a national radio yesterday was a well. He lets face it Michael Holmes film on don't know if you don't know too much about all that because frankly they have -- -- all Lafayette I mean last year about now they opened up a day against -- because the team for a lot closer proximity -- two years ago when they -- game winning kick. Yeah one team from the deep -- no way Galloway -- there's nobody dominated San Diego State -- people cover me -- and I -- -- east Carolina and now at this tonight they're expected between sixty and 65000 only well 5000 less fans Bobby get into all of Valencia. Compared to the Super Bowl. Love it big you're just goes to show you go who's in the game and the interest no lettuce local interest are how meaningful the game is for their programs. I mean that that that that's what it's all about. The I'm just excited and proud. What they've established that they hit -- 50000 mark. -- to break of last year's attendance went out there I believe those 40000 plus but just to break that attendance I think that's a great achievement. And now you keep building is full of going forward and and I can tell you this it's all about winning everybody wants to be associated with a winner. It's too late and all of a sudden have the success. This hit three or four year run unlike Louisiana Lafayette -- -- that are represented. That then you don't have to worry about everything and fans right 70 we -- left it three at Tulane. Vinny could be maybe -- maybe like 6040. Or something you have to do is continue to win. And then people come up alumni come out now I get to see this. A lot of times now like what I think that works against Tulane. Is a lot of DelHomme look alumni think about this they're not from here. I'll go by the students that go to school not to play ball you're trying to always attract the local players to go to Tulane. But a lot of the student body the tradition their families to come from the northeast. Well you've got to give him incentive to look like come back in your all of the sport to support to -- to -- the team's winning they'll take that road trip and spent some money. But the but it's all about just winning on a consistent basis. If you look at CJ and then Woody's done the bottom line is a winning season. The public think a lot. How to -- if you truly be objective and do seven you know there weren't thought maybe two before that you wouldn't -- you don't win -- they got to for a went. But to be bowl eligible and get the seven that they got to give CJ. A lot of credit because that was a great accomplishment. No question about it but mannerisms to when you look at it both of these ball clubs this year -- Lafayette is twelve game 7984. They're four and eight against his trip I would look at the numbers Tulane is twelve games -- and I think three. Against the spread this at home back and forth and let's get started out as a favorite this what the second. Closest bowl. Probably Vegas oddsmakers standpoint as a great educators thought out of the one and a half point favorite they took a lap off the poll what's what's the numbers come in. Usually there's a large entry -- play out significant magnitude which is the quarterback position the carries the most weight. Can't probably took it all the boys and when he came back out the wave of body to. Two and a half point favorite so in resonate as you do all of the bowl MVP the great young man playing capitol high with the Houston transferred to. Generating -- agents. I hope somewhere tonight Bobby he he gets into the game or at least has an opportunity who's you'd you'd really like to see him play a mean right he's done so much over there. He had -- -- it is it's a shame that you know but timing when injuries and know where you're at. But you know you figure at a future in. You know you don't have -- that's gonna affect you to -- -- far going forward. But you know look at the whole. I guess scenario where. Just keep them -- You know -- to be a game time decision. You know always like that with coaches say that now we don't know it's a big game time decision genetic it's chess match -- cat and mouse game between your opponent. About who's playing night playing how you prepare. For the game so won't but I see that. I think you make two more interest in and then you gotta wait and see you know in the kick off -- cars and if you look at it is that set in -- that. They don't start the game they won't come in Bryant big example this year Missouri South Carolina and I was so April. Yet egg bowl you had and those games all of a sudden now -- -- don't pure adrenaline man well the listen Missouri. What the loss to gain Alia weaving about what went South Carolina came back out Connor Shaw with a put it in the fourth quarter you eligible to play in the in. I don't know because of adrenaline and you know playing the odds. About how could how you keep contributing maybe. Not getting re entered or whatever so that can occur I don't know what the strategy is but -- examples that you've seen this season. Where -- could you not starting and playing at the beginning. And depending on how they have the flow of the game. Whether they come in any game or not that the Olympics -- can maybe you might have that opportunity. And then the crowd goes crazy because. -- also probably doesn't start to play games close and he comes it'd be in our they want -- -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's take -- we already a year yeah right about. Brian Mitchell. We -- arouses in the C media on -- caught up her own draw its a tailgating headquarters the all kind of food are you need to do is just come on out and have a great time it's a big celebration count down to the new all of the bowl between the -- -- and the Tulane green wave right here on that -- -- -- -- Get your coach your not a lot of credit guys have a phenomenal job and I knew he would -- yet this -- waited thirteen years. Rebounded this year just having a phenomenal year so it ought to be quality contest we'll have our work cut out. Wrote. That is her raging case -- take coach Amare cuts Smith -- at night the key to the the victory can get another nine win season and win their third straight New Orleans. Bowl title welcome back we are at arouses even local or you're not downtown in the CB -- caught up her -- Gerrard. Just those thoughts -- -- him -- you'll smell of barbecue pit is a bit. TV's gonna play this afternoon and after three and it's beat tailgating headquarters lot of folks are -- getting ready for the -- we -- it's. Both Dave Bobby 35. Bowl games out this have eighteen to post season next autumn with. Into all of the bowl which when it's all said and done even when you throw in the BCS bowls. May or should be close to the time did it not -- outstanding Bobby it will be without question one of the highest attended goals this postseason. Yeah you look at the attendance in that the people that wanna get involved in this that that's what it's all about. Andy you here and a coach touched it and you know hit his goal to Louisiana Lafayette going forward. Is that he said look I -- become. A top 25 program herein and you're out that's realistic. You know I elegy fans kind of say for sure top ten and not a top five I don't know that's realistic -- -- candidate talked to a category local touch bit. Said we wanna be a top five 25 program out there to finish stronger. I think you have been in that number as far as the -- with the getting. We do it now the third consecutive season in the New Orleans Bowl and I think he kind of broke it down is that we're trying to get. The point where you see. Right now like northern Illinois. BCS teams that are ranked in the top 25 in. He said now we're very close to being where they are is not that far away and you don't think it's a constant building up your program. And then it starts in a bowl game like today considering. They hit three -- You know San Diego State is Carolina. And then obviously against two lead in their backyard. No question about it about it the re educated more ballclub well on their way to being a top 25 teams started always do. He won eight straight ball games and that Robert game between advocated -- and the war Hawks. Bob -- Monroe was a seventeen and a half point underdogs at the swamp and they come up big and they win that game 3120 they also lost -- where they gave. -- they fair that they failed to south Alabama and the common opponent they're common opponents for each Tulane and Netscape is south Alabama. And Louisiana Monroe they both lost to the south Alabama. To anyone that defeating Louisiana Monroe soundly indicating some loss to the war Hawks don't know what you read that. But both teams had hot -- streaks put me up down the stretch to only lost three or four Bobby close once when they were struggling offensively. Is basically quarterback position and the guy gets you say. Disseminated is the same thing with dictate -- won eight straight at it -- put a quarterback position. Losing the last two -- -- when you look at and to show you that that it does make a difference though when you look at those two losses. I mean I think you can attribute to that Louisiana Lafayette. To Terrance Broadway. When he suffered a broken right arm in that fourth quarter. But you know the next man up mentality gotta kind of take that approach with when you look at it. You know he was in all of bowl MVP last year in the and so he's -- -- Willie clay Willie night. The greatness in VP trophy Bobby do you feel all the bowl games with that last year did you see that then yeah -- make it to that did that that. That adds that adds about uniqueness to the -- religious. Goes to show you that gamesmanship coach -- -- said you know BA game time decision. On Broadway. He's trying he's just a long ways away. Now you look at the beginning that we really started price and he still has a couple of days. With a freshman. That they talking about the guy's gonna take his place seven playing awfully well. And I'm very confident at both those guys a lot of times speak of when you have preparation. And when you know you gonna have an opportunity to play are you gotta help lead the team. Then all of a sudden you you go to different directions. And Toby and an opportunity. You probably can't go but he -- freshman to step up. And now maybe have an opportunity. Then what I was dame I don't know Brookes he. Hi sit -- yep that's a quarterback became Anaheim yet at then had Jalen done Nixon. You know so who has the hot hand whoever can get it done the bomb on a you have to have production at that position. I think today you'll see a -- appear wrong about the course Cotto that is that is an excellent offensive coach all around coach and he's proven that. A lot of consider one of the hottest coaches in college football I think you go to see a heavy heavy dose of parents and McGwire to day running the football. I'll you know that the that the thing if you even an outsider looking in and you know you look at their football team to stretch the weaknesses that teams. The one thing what I've been impressed with. Is Tulane their run defense and what they've been outstanding to look at the nation the sixteen best run defense. Allowing only. Not as impressive and his team needs only 119 yards per game. And then something has to give -- to look -- occasions. Their ground game produces basically. 208 yards per game which is what -- -- bad so I even coach Curtis Johnson CJ said. Looked a few watching a game. The line play is gonna be pivotal look at on both. -- -- that the with a line of both teams whose winning. In their dredges and he said as could be pivotal. Pivotal the team that dominate the line of scrimmage obviously defense to a that the team. Who's gonna win this game and and he gave you well a lot of credit and seem to have and also running attack. It's so yeah you go to your strengths. And then after his trip -- -- stretch the miscue as imagine if you see that from the get go that kinda. Transpired throughout the entire game so that I can bottom line to links style. The rated cables running attack and they can I think I think Julian has. Not only chance to win but a great chance to win -- Lafayette no matter who's the quarterback if they can run the ball yet they got really yet exactly. No question about it. He's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia we're at arouses heave a local all yet not in the CB -- on a caught up around and throw it to tailgating headquarters for the new all of spoke between McCain didn't. And the greens wait if you get beyond whose time is 1231 time the first news or go to Donnie. All right thank you very much we arouses in the seat -- -- a grown to draw away their grill and out right now also -- great food -- we play. They don't this evening -- -- -- headquarters come on out and Jonas we are here broadcasting it to 330. That's what had an -- the BL SU sports that we're the type of basketball 4 PM tip this afternoon. On WWL. Radio Bobby 35 bowl games at all yet due to be -- eligible he's six. You could even get a wave like UCLA get a couple of years ago. They went to the pac twelve championship game at six and six -- lost that game it still went to a bowl they would two games. On the five -- when it was all said and done the question we throughout the audience out there. Are there to maybe -- You tell us to 60187 Texas it 87870. And and should. The criteria be -- meeting Bobby at the twelfth game GDP two games above 500 should you be seven in five and all the people -- Well. You can speculate and say there are too many bowl level and I'll look at it that makes money there's never too many holes I -- so -- -- go to Boldin are racquet they'll. Yeah he'd heal without a doubt used to get hit. That note in the mail that was like whose mood of America like you you be selective in who's who. They put your name in the book which had about a book to see if you lose who. We know what they can released Tuesday -- up to the bowl games but -- if you don't sell all your tickets. You stuck with that you lose less likely to get enough low -- saw you rolling the die again -- about -- -- all the way to Idaho to put on a Smart took negate. Ask -- took today in San Diego State. A lot of school Bob they'd lose money is something wrong with the system when you would get rewarded for post season. Gave it but you'd lose money I don't think that's what is designed to do. Well -- begin there's a big you know who dat nation him over Alabama but I'm looking like the last -- before. The BCS national championship. Mean I don't know it to go dead people from Arkansas State vs small Ball State. In mobile I mean but it -- that make you money in. -- -- with the community I think you got to be excited about it but as far as. As far as the recognition. Around the country I mean you have to really love football. 210 when is that game but it just goes to show you look at. In Las Vegas the can a game that's gonna occur. Starting -- to thirty -- the raw deal purple Las Vegas Bowl Fresno state in USC now. That's an attractive. Area you know Las Vegas obviously. Not to hold the ball but yet you see a number. It's almost the Unita flow chart considering. Don't Wear the Bulls are at a what they -- Dave playing his sponsors it changed -- -- there's a guy that not exactly the spot just changed names here and you know beginning in that we job and he he he had the money we could have foul -- and know the bottom line is yet if you have the money. But we couldn't have year old -- with a when you look at now. That is a bowl that follows. You know associated -- I should say. In the awful we -- go to school in northwest Louisiana. Was the Independence Bowl yet. And now that that's a street -- New Year's even. How Boston College vs Arizona Wildcats now that's called. That took care be 100. I mean it's amazing. -- sponsors and how things change in. Like bring -- you look at the consistency as of late. Where you don't have a long tradition but the chick filet bowl. Used to associate chick -- in Atlanta -- you know to charge it also you have pros and cons. -- both ways but when you look at the bowl situation. In the bowl dominant jokers conferences. Take pride in and what they're itchy being. Are are not achieving. As far as I'm not so much as well particularly university. But the confidence the commerce there's a hole. And realistically. The SEC fans thought they look at this and if you look at. Right now and then we'll go bolt dominated you look at SEC have a fourteen teams. Where when you look at SEC right now their teams are favored in eight. Of the ten goals that they've been placed it right you look at Auburn and South Carolina. And I'll ever be an underdog to Florida State national championship -- South Carolina. I've begun to dog two Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl with the last time about his latest in the SEC had a losing racket. In bowl season was 2002 over a decade when the league with just three and four. Since the SEC start -- run. A seventh straight national titles. Their 4121. In Bulls and you look at it like the likes of Vanderbilt. You look at their match up that there are 84 right now I thought they -- kind of overall a Ryan had to deal considering it was that an accomplice bowl. In Birmingham and -- -- do you feel -- -- -- but into stadiums you go into the collegiate feel in Birmingham. A lot of tradition there. But as far as the facility you have to say. Their legion field would be in the -- category. To say the least. You know you kind of look at. School. Like intellectuals. And then whose claim to -- the peacock had a what I wanted to see. That they could they considered. Prestigious Ivy League -- it to fusion of Vanderbilt played Duke. You know considerate Duke isn't it led deadly knowingly take the label to could you see academic wise I think that I guess. And I have the same goals and in this success and their football teams. But they'll Vanderbilt got stuck in -- Birmingham. Alabama but it just shows you speak how important SEC is and not so much -- the national championship. Which is that the poll a perception. And out people look at that when all said and done but what are their won loss -- it as far as in the bowl than like us that if we go to break. That you looked only time that's is he had a losing racket in a bulls' season was back -- 2002. When they -- three and four we'll give all our bowl picks up the much talked about both picks up into the front of the week when we get back together for sports talk or hear from Gary Smith knew that was the green wave of the fall at the advocate and also Scott because there is a Tulane beat writer would talk about the Kate -- and the green -- also give a preview of LA issue and I'll look at it down to the new all of the ball right here at routes -- downtown. In the CBD -- Jonas here. On the home to saint attackers and into all of the products that you get you and welcome back. We had Rouse is downtown in the CBD come on out on -- delicious food great times to -- getting hit quotas he is set for the North Pole also talk about all the other both 35. This bowl season to -- -- -- -- -- all of -- and that the Chicago which it hopes to be very highly attended. This year battle to look at the -- his defeat these teams -- if you look at the green -- their last bowl appearance. Whether -- coach Chris sells for 3628. Win at Hawaii on Christmas day of 2002. And then before that of course the undefeated season when they -- at liberty -- -- BYU 4127. Their first. Bowl game Bobby it was the Rose Bowl we will also southern cal 21 to twelve that they had yet to bowl games in New Orleans to Chicago with the beat temple point of fourteen. And the last time that they were in your wallet full bowl game Bobby before they was in 1940 when it lost about one point to that saved him. In the Sugar Bowl fourteen to thirteen. Yeah the Tulane at the -- at least they had Michael -- No -- in a while and done awhile but we knew we need to run that I'd be a good trivia question when you think two in the Rose will. Not that that's old school. A lot of -- -- that they're probably not even alive. But it does go -- a long history. You know at Tulane football what you look at coach -- And what he has an opportunity to do if he can win big game. Tonight he did the for a coach at -- history. To lead the green wave to a bowl win. And you think about the second season as the head coach. Big it it's unbelievable how he's been able to turn over the program I think I said earlier. People thought they -- maybe double that went to a -- from two wins 24 wins but. If you if you look at. But what he's done here I think is to lay the foundation. And and I know bottom line is -- what they've done defensively being very opportunistic that's the media that's the most and curtains that we do it yes. Yet the events in no I'd rather -- gained. And they won like old school kinda. In the teens are like fourteen this Evans 1714. Verses I don't know whoever has the ball last. It's 42 to thirty look at the last few ball games they lost by having the defense played outstanding I mean they showed -- -- they just didn't have enough offense right then and and you look -- then. The guy I remember watching them that first game you know they got him yet now diamonds out of the first half right but it shows you the difference that he makes good. When you look at the game. It would get occur. Between Lafayette a tool in its going to be turnover battle -- go with the about the turnover margin in. If you look both struggled of late in the season as far as. -- -- and all that -- not turning it over with. Right now Tulane as a 33 takeaways. And indicated have to warning. And to me if it's a tight game. Whoever wins who's plus one and obviously. You know maybe you get a few -- of score. That that could definitely be the -- different obviously with you win or lose about what you thought very entertaining game. Like we've had. You know going down to the wire are explosive gains a Louisiana Lafayette vs San Diego State. And also the likes of east Carolina that. That we won't be disappointed I think the goal will be rocking phone -- I'm not saying -- who dat nation. Saint type a rocking. But a different version. But you're cajun fans bring that kind of going to be football rod -- football fans and they gonna get into it then. It's I think we'll look at the very entertaining game they were Clinton over last night we'll have a good time on their -- -- to dance ticket that went down majority and they played it. The south and do it again he had the -- rating cajun band members don't want sat at Tulane band members on notice that so they've got a good job of really. Promoting his -- that's what talked about the bowl season by the -- it was a record low overall and bulletin is the bulletin it's was on the 45000 of all 35 both of one of the things it Jim Delany say the commissioner of the Big Ten have not talked about. -- to -- we have to be careful with the way we structure these both mean. We had the kind of take or what he was bases saint of like this who bold approach what do we do outside leading up to the -- -- that draws the fans do it. Other other events I don't flat austerity and a showcase our history of the bowl and I think that's that's can be a winner well the thing. Mean -- thing is that it is gone beyond beyond this day and age beyond the football team. Fans wanna be entertained. Now that you haven't truly a national championship game. I think people look go would you still have -- the team available it just part of the whole. Against process in the event. And it's not just let you know. Three and half hours four hour drive forty game though it's all day affair and leading you into a long weekend whatever might occur but. The only comeback with a break also those innocent. We gotta give CJ his props as far as this. You know bowl portfolio. I mean all that they go about all the polls now even in Florida yes and how he's been the last. Going from like bowl games that are rolls bowl Fiesta Bowl Super Bowl at flattering Pro Bowl in the big he's seen it all -- none of the units in the C. And -- we go break it down after the break in. About that it looks do you have on his team as far as those experiences. 8 o'clock to go out tonight it's the big game on day one of the post season the tape did and the -- even the -- This is a special addition been counted out to the new all of -- where -- this year on WWR radio.