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WWL>Topics>>12-21 1:20pm - SportsTalk: Brawl in the Big Easy- Guerry Smith (Tulane/ULL)

12-21 1:20pm - SportsTalk: Brawl in the Big Easy- Guerry Smith (Tulane/ULL)

Dec 21, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss Tulane and ULL football with Guerry Smith who covers ULL and Tulane sports for the Advocate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jason Hanson who covers the wave and McCain didn't fall the advocate John there's again you know what you think about what to do all of the both done over the course of time. I think he clearly think you have to have him -- all the folks -- Louisiana Lafayette because the -- -- have really helped put his total of. Now they figure out of it by the executive director a -- -- that -- -- not. Well -- years ago. This was actually their dream matchup that was about that they wanted that they thought he'd get the big attendance of any matchup which would be you certain feeling. And it is come to fruition yet we yell out yet at as he gets hurt you guys got probably about 730 in the game. But I don't think anybody ever thought when you're on both -- that they would have had 60000 people that. In the dome for that game and that's prepared duplicating. The night. It is is it's the perfect setup. Yeah and DJ were you think about it too well you don't you can -- showcase Beckett tonight to meet a couple at bats a couple of things that you showcase. I think on national he's got the numbers got the all American status but to do would have prime time we don't have any other games going up against. I've got like Lorenzo dolls Darian Monroe plays like that that sort of -- can't. If you look at the Sun Belt Conference freshman of the allies have -- big gains in bowl games like this. Really kind of give you although launch him and we see this Capitol Records and history of college football. It is really interesting matchup than that it pits strength against strength Louisiana Lafayette win by running the -- And you mentioned you like McGuire how about eight point nine yard average per carry it. He said it. You're everybody else and then look at everybody knew it -- -- and then yeah that'd -- good. -- by the -- tenth in the nation in average per carry allowed again. Which I don't think anybody. We're continuing. In the last twenty years with their opponent you're getting three point one yards per rush only ninety of them that it -- and most that the injured got -- like that you. And being there with confidence at certain things like that. Who has put up some tremendous volume on stopping the run even when they locked it right you know accurate it is the game out right to a season low. Rushing total. Total humiliation in Louisiana Lafayette the leading rushing team in the dugout doing that that's exactly right and I think that's what's gonna decide the game. The night -- them whichever team win that particular battle. You know you look at about dark why actually what he's accomplished. Now he came out the -- smoke in -- spread -- season. That's that it actually freshman record almost a thousand yards. Probably nine to 44 -- this top sports team this season. Then -- -- exceed that this year considering. They could sit -- the -- -- -- -- that that's impressive 780 yarder that night I doubt -- since his best year 2000 that. He would probably you know -- -- doing career record that he -- -- the wind behind in the yet haven't gotten in front of them and yet had a couple injuries along way. -- he was sensational freshman year it looked like he'd been out about it out and I. Keep them down and it never happened and it's it's basically been about the line last year they can block anyone's doing last year. After that it will -- average of any team in out about this injury and that your idea that life dramatically improved but still very inconsistent. And we're talking he was. Yeah he -- it or not -- go up against that type of running back to Beckett. And it is really much to the chance the last two years at Tulane he he might. He's got a couple of hundred yard -- back to back in in November for doing it it. Does that night doing indicate that they really still struggled to run against teams that he's in front seven. Did great work you do covering both these teams folks volley all the -- -- You can get me it EU we aren't here. Net -- they met yes met that that much quicker. And -- -- your take on tonight who you like it is gained by. But I picked it to eight point 713. Days but can't -- not being able to play or even statement and Broadway play. Tonight it. I'm hearing -- that he might play that you can't play with a broken arm and be the active that's not happening but. We got manipulating it with two and a half quarters without getting hurt doubting it right but is it that shaky. Pick I don't think Louisiana but yet it you can run much against this doing decent. But do it it was -- that didn't make some plays on offense which they have not done in the last month so that around in the you know it'll be actually it will my best that would be that the under. -- not a lot of point to going to be scored the night. Years -- -- cub advocated that the wave fought B&Q did you so much a dog games with the would report it.

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