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12-21 1:35 pm - SportsTalk: Brawl in the Big Easy - Scott Kushner (Tulane)

Dec 21, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert talk Tulane football with Scott Kuschner who covers Tuane sports for the Advovate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What did and we they don't think he's one of the best beat writers in all. Of college athletic Scott Cutler took over the Tulane green wave equality advocates got. Holiday season started we get a little preview we talked about it we say hey look you know substantial improvement could be in the fall maybe not so much to wins and losses. But how things improve offensively. He effectively and clearly this year this team is we care about -- defense statistically one of the best defense is in the country. Led the seventy wins in when you look at what they did it holding down all defensively and go through those last fall what they lost. It's really almost somewhat I don't see a miracle miraculous but amazing. That did defense as much as they were all the field in those games captain of those games taken the best shots and teams like rice and soulful but clearly this the defense of late -- Tulane. They gave it said a win the regular season. Absolutely Pete you know and and you look at what they were last year it seemed that at every allowing two -- and 22 rushing yards per game. They're nowhere and it suited game. -- they're averaging a lot of -- left -- -- yard game give an up and still a lot of that by design they're going. -- -- Arrived as heavy toward defense that they did because there really understand all that kind of -- -- -- -- the ball over. And allowing the defense to really go out when the games and had been on the field line. -- by design so you melodic quality. He give -- -- defense coordinator a ton of credit and Chris Johnson credit for it at all with the those things you did he has to win games and that's really be in the went into the game. It does got saying a state on the defensive side -- action a couple of question about. You know top defenders. And all of -- at Tulane football that you witness then. When you look at great you know players in -- within the comets at -- maybe to go on and Royals and -- -- have you know ultimate success. But whenever you put cornerback Olerud Phil Dawson. You look at last year coming out of the gate freshman all America selection. And then now obviously those sophomore slump he's built on that now where we use the red -- corner in the country like Olerud Phillip Austin. It may be going on to the next level and and we all know what Matt Forte. Has done it two lane we do with the Bears but where were you ready guy like dogs. -- either player but think do you think. There really. He really is -- incredible talent for them that. Found him they thought it was a wide receivers in the process quality and speed. -- Completely didn't do it -- in. There and he would. -- guy is part and his ability word is going to pick up what was going on it he'd been there when he entered this season. -- here as partners we got it right when we're not -- I think he's. Absolutely and I'll say in fact I think you're going to be someone we're gonna be -- -- Knicks -- and it's possibly one of the personally I'd ever entered junior year. Don't come no doubt about that the Jets in my disappointment that's gonna. Yes I think he needs to be here and I would expect. That he'll. Ruined his life he has been outstanding talent and it really inning he isn't. Scott 'cause they have a -- was -- Greenway was who has -- you you've father's team week to week UT LSU look at the numbers. Offensively they they've struggled inconsistent play quarterback injuries had a lot to do it that they feel that they've got a good young quarterback waiting in the wings if he'll be thrown it to the makes this spring when Montana and now we'll see but. A 104 in the country passing yards a game of the Mobil one at once every six in 148 in rushing yards which is 102 over also not offensive numbers you want but. You tell us what it is it a case where a team that is loading up on Tulane and it it just take them away. Are just too -- is that something they had the continue to work on recruiting wise getting some guys up front offensively. I think -- is a little bit. The same time. Children having a quarterback but he can really rely on him now on. The students particularly. -- that you wouldn't want it. On them the same time you know as well but want it not like you did that's gonna you know run power on it or -- through people. You can put it off and that's pretty. And one that can be really consistent time. Now against inferior competition. I think that. Not certainly the problem and you -- you they were able to put points on its next game but against right. Again and -- he's comparable talent level. And maybe two years ago. It would not able to line up and it that you start recruiting and they are really class last year in all but one and Chris Taylor started this year. Hit it in memory it was a guy. They've got recruited. In the country at an Alabama all early on. On certain that -- and plays that you expect the line -- pattern plays -- all will be important aspect is that. Got to hang time on -- and a break -- notoriety for good at bat and I wanna fire a few more questions he cope with the Tulane green wave and they program it. -- football right now for the advocates that caused an impetus talk about the Greenway side I think for the -- do all of the low between the wave at the rate dictated this is Debbie did you have. And welcome back where Rouse is downtown to tailgate he hit -- not a cajun fans in the house party vehicle on out and -- -- -- fans we invite you to come on out to. -- lottery and you need is a little more green that before kick off tonight in at the dome was speaking with Scott cause -- hook up with the green -- thought we have a case in Scott. This matchup tonight is strength against strength and I like about an hour talking with the uncertainty of Broadway coach -- with -- on Wednesday it was spoke to him that. It doesn't look like you never say never make them look like he's going to play I would think Tulane defense policy an awful lot of Harris and McGwire tonight. 80 feet and I see the things. People that are around in two world bowl and they are actually hearing the opposite they're here and it probably is actually -- play quite a bit night -- that has been. Sort of little under the radar a little cat now so it's it's it's not -- -- know nothing would surprise you knew I broke back doing go to the prepared. Or are all angles as possible on possibility. You -- -- you bring up Broadway Woody top of that program. Been their leader in and and obviously a difference maker. That this day and age with the technology. Which he knew where to protect itself. And and playing Smart and avoiding hits that doesn't necessarily surprised me. Considering. Then how meaningful -- is that him wanting to be in the Aaron. And you know to have an opportunity to play but Scott that look at -- -- at Tulane and their players gone back to the -- it subside. Before we had you on. I was talking about my -- roommate at Northwestern State and obviously he helped me win a state -- -- back in 1977 that been handled draw. Coach Roland. And and his relationship it just shows you how you cross that went with different people and different players. That he was that university. Miami. When -- -- dad Rohan Marley. Was playing for the Miami Hurricanes. And he told me I think about it rugged big reggae music and you laid back he just Jalen. That you know going back to Bob Marley beat their dad present role Roy and -- was the son of a gun. And obviously wooden -- -- has done in. In looking back did this and an interview with I was reading with that Jeff Duncan. At that did docket I think windy cold and you look at Bob Marley that the recchi lagged it everyone heard of that name and it Woody's done. Then he had died fourteen years before -- was born. But we all know his legacy in music but we -- look overall and -- -- father. Was nicknamed the rat. But Miami hurricane team -- teammates are menacing the ways that. You know he does it skirted around the field making tackles flying around and then all I know what you look at coach Johnson CJ. He said that the Cole Barley is out type of player he might be five foot 880 -- But he plays a whole lot bigger and considering what he's been able to do -- freshman of the year. It conference USA. In and how he's been a big part of that agree wait defense. I mean you're right -- on -- it security members in Miami and the other members has been a guy who went sideline to sideline. Was way more physical than it odd man went on I think everything out that our. Wrigley exemplified -- tomorrow as well and I think the best story tomorrow is the fact that -- -- certainly at the end offer was from two point. The only school that really believe it and and believe that he could play despite his. -- -- -- -- -- Curtis Johnson doing that and I think that was a long way -- motivating him and that along way. Toward Tulane I really -- -- credibility they have taking a couple of reaches in recruiting you're. It's going to become -- Who now I think the -- Freshman of the year player of the year at central offices allotment and the -- that Clinton's. That -- quickly let everybody know you put -- -- -- I -- it got heat coach here Scott you were. Scott thank you so much my man we appreciate all the help we dug -- -- you think about it.