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12-21 2:20pm SportsTalk: Brawl in the Big Easy-Tom Kakert (Iowa)

Dec 21, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss Iowa Hawkeye football with Tom Kakert, publisher of HawkeyeReport.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Outback Bowl between the deep into Iowa Hawkeyes. And beat LSU fighting Tigers need to help us that talk a little bit about that at the team's continue to get ready all -- to be -- -- -- -- he cope with the Hawkeyes go Hawkeyes. But back up top thank you so much for the time man not Iowa and LSU it only one meeting. With these two schools that ball would have meeting it was panic at that point time. Coach -- Ference was -- really at a peak at peak it is it is coaching states in. After that win a lot of people. Thought that that was the one im gonna put out law into the national I can say that backs -- mix for quite a long time minutes not been so much that way. Gap you know the interesting one when neck team happened that Capital One Bowl victory where -- went on the final play the game I joked with a friend of mine. On the way back up. From from the post game it may be I would open soul of the pebble let it it kept things are common in. You know Iowa had a little slump and then they were good note -- And you know that this last year obviously kind of -- 500 since he'll learn season. But back and 84 this year so it. Getting better but you know it's -- it is it's been that kind of a roller coaster ride hurt her parents for a few years. I'm taking -- the publisher of Hawkeye report that count for those science these. Route or is it happens look -- -- -- is -- -- kind of get the conference talking with the bragging rights. BT that -- -- he's got a lot of time into doing this Outback Bowl now has the lowdown on the Hawkeyes -- -- report that comic. Tom what -- sales been like from Iowa fans that they gobbled up all the tickets you know -- the fans are the fans excited about this matchup. You know that Purdue does that they've really arm because violence has been back to or in 2009 and him and the outback or. As the years always -- last time there were down there -- -- That seems so. -- doubtful I think they have 111000 tickets they had Belle and as the early eighties last week they had full level all of those. Tickets from the university allotment I would expect there's going to be at least when he hit 45000 miles and Tampa for the game. Now Tom what you look at obviously any game you breaking down. Nevada college professional so be it or whatever. But you look at short -- market turnover ratio that's letting LSU fans. Have been disappointed this year it's because we used to. You know being on the top in the SEC that turnover margin. Whatever it might be on the plus side plus twelve double digits whatever we look at LSU. A fourteen SEC teams number twelve and really haven't taken the ball away what has been the case what highway in the -- -- Think they're pretty good to hear that had you -- -- You know sideways but it. -- they have one game or they -- the turnover battle for a one and the ones that put in the game. Oh. It which is really useful for aren't because generally get better from outside balance that that there knows the game. That type -- ball on offense but trying to make too many mistakes and try to create and make turnovers that and their linebackers have been really good this year it was more her -- and -- the actions that. He has this spot in the ball picking -- passes statement they've been very effective this year with those three. -- that our fans know a tiger fan it is easy -- wanna get the latest on the 84 and five at three B team play Iowa hawk that's what you have available at this site. Yes that by. There are airports are content to stop by and or the rival network is. And a ton of information -- he actually kind of fun on Monday we're Gannett. Whether a little snowstorm up here in the north and go meet with the team. At that Outback Steakhouse that taken. It's taken this team out to dinner and you. Mean with but coaches and players that Outback Steakhouse before they had -- warmer climes than. I'm at a Tampa on Tuesday. You guys lost and all they have them on people rookie local college football that -- -- -- -- -- -- they become a really good ball -- at -- -- -- reel -- four -- got everybody excited. You know at 81 over the seasons thought it was all Ohio State people kind of talk about we'll who's at sixteen I think he was biscuit. And at that time may -- Bob Weston but if they lost that year that -- did not. Illinois to Ohio State it is completely fell apart but the back to back losses to this -- state Ohio State. -- you've beaten off west that you're close out with three straight wins including a one over Nebraska. What happened to get to Michigan State in Ohio State and Wisconsin those programs just. A few steps ahead -- they don't have the players is I will consider one of the better teams the big team went where it wears his team right now. -- -- You know I think there's a couple of those. The upper Echelon teams vote -- that you mentioned. And I would -- Couldn't compete with them as well as they could. With the other team that was in April this year. There you know is it for being here Iowa is on -- -- against teams that are great it and blocked every game you're ranked teams but. -- would you -- so I I think the -- and get the idea there but. That's about the big -- that over the hump you know with I against but he really quality team you know they did go to programs it's -- They beat me -- You know that that ranked opponent we have is still out there trial. That's how would you look at. You know games both to win are not win it would speculating. I don't holly -- shoot. Their bad days the alumni stating. Listen we never we never can lose to directional school. And the reason why I say that is because OK you know you look at a conference here Brandon. And if I would have lost to Illinois. Get -- to -- in school now not as of -- their program. But then you know sometimes you like keep it -- how good a program is. That they kind of take approached a lot I don't care where northern Illinois is that we got both alludes to them that you like. -- -- alluded to northern Iowa you know a top program. You gonna get old school one double A football but do they still take -- approach. But in the midwest that. Good moment at both we've moved to the likes of northern Iowa darted Illinois could that know how LSU fans would be if they lose the -- type programs. Oh yeah I was still displaying it in the northern Illinois -- -- -- off. Who took BCS game last year and they played really well this year and want info. Very an -- it's too another piece yet in this here so. There after you know Heisman trophies. You know that you're right we're live so. It didn't really do it and -- that they're better than I was to lose to and frankly. I would like them properly to three weeks later I think they probably beat them but they're break him in I would break him in quarterback lit up like snapped. In his career college level of I think that -- stroke a little bit in the -- area. In the effort gains it in -- to get there would be -- But it's all timing and it is you know it's good treatment brought front and Iowa State he I was saying earlier this year right together is faithful so. It's -- you know there prepared and part of pitching figure that I'll -- -- Orange Bowl and so he's he has been. Available slot is do you have time in I was again in next in the stadium. Has blocked field goal there in the game of what they do a lot -- an -- I would deem it. It's been -- -- in the -- -- and now that the year that you guys a lineup and who was with banks and no -- the much anticipated matchup bit -- In the bowl at bank sick cause and Paul are -- this program recourse. Over the course of time is as had been no I think are a notable names and if we come across the top guys -- -- different programs with who recovered a saint but. Back like I hated Frye out and they certainly criticism mailed these alleged in those four. Oh absolutely ever but he state you know Iowa at now and a winning season since the 1950s. Late fifties and it was almost forty years and Peyton came in an arena and it. I'm winning football games. Who -- ball and it that are here -- felt. Its use. It went three -- all. As a partner coaches is that it's still elected and it is it violent feared by everyone and what. The reason perk perk and dialed her in the system or and so the it isn't while the you know. Turnovers out football coaches is -- very prevalent but Iowa. Suspect -- -- -- has to coaches. Back take a publisher of hawk I report back now when I guess Tom does this it just that you -- it from our vantage point it. You tell me from a from a football. -- the following game oppressive from the outside and in -- -- this seems like. But as in we hear this is more oppression that don't do well magical and it took him but it what you up lake bought it in the Q. People to have you on the hot seat it just seems to be in the Big -- country I don't know because. It more solid they believe they would we've hired got to do a job. Is it that they they blocked out a lot of they the the get rid of this guy -- -- with real hot at one time it kind of like -- said. Back for created NFL yeah yes even -- -- -- real hot -- wanted they was writer almost saw a list of college coach -- could make it in the I guess my question is is that. Does I would just eight wins -- -- the course will Clark who would -- coach from holes they have bought. Wins and losses bowl revenue graduation rate all of that. Are do they pay at TV is it that rabbit so to speak up up been depicted as it is like it in the south B twelve and certainly ACC. I I think it's so that you guys got different animal down outside I think it is. It's it's way different but it's apathy and there are super and -- and they're gonna get impatient at times. You know obviously you know Kirk was. I don't know just beat Luke warm. Or -- it was certainly. A little warmer than it was. Three years ago you are going to end of this season and athletes on board maybe here or I I went through what would've happened -- Iowa fans and the -- more patient there's always -- -- fan bases that are not fazed at all. There's some fans that are happy with it and support this year I think it should be better man every year some. It just depends but I think the fans the people of Iowa -- you look for they're comfortable with that they're really comfortable Kirk Kirk. Finally we can look at you outscored Nebraska 24 to fourteen games and have people moments that got you got his ball berth pain and pounding the team he felt good with it to be -- to beat the team but it. In Nebraska that was kind of take -- away it's football but it I would hate the physically. Because of all the opposite the -- the economy tirade in the in the locker room -- did you happen to be in the locker room when it happens it won't accept. -- that's at the it's literacy in these blogs with not great at following what's going on Nebraska. Yeah I did not see that I heard about it. Certainly blew a gasket. Gap is that they were going in the past the -- that the revelry. On the field yen. In the in -- irate after the game but made a lot news. And you know I'm. So frankly I think a lot of -- are still surprised that he you don't play that universities for Pratt after basically faking to be fired following the game. Absolutely time they could give us the latest on the Iowa Hawkeyes take on the LSU Tigers on New Year's Day right here on that you get your radio will have covered all day long beginning at 68 you know. At Oceana restaurant New Year's Day. -- again give them the information what they can get the latest on the -- so we can all get indicated only tigers' next opponent at the -- to to handle. -- -- that are -- we're back come part of the right back from network and now you cannot solve these problems that about these government at the start of the -- fifty wanna find out about with the heartbreaker to probably our guys report. -- -- Not to make a promise of Hawkeye report knocked out top thank you so much that no will be leaning on you to give us some more information as you guys get it down to South Florida. Have a Merry Christmas it will talk to you soon. That's great thing that it Rutgers they -- let --