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12-21 2:35pm: SportsTalk Brawl in the Big Easy-Bryan Lazare (LSU)

Dec 21, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss Iowa Hawkeye football with Tom Kakert, publisher of HawkeyeReport.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But I debate that have senior right to take us through what the Tigers are doing to prepare for the I'll Hawkeye today Outback Bowl is Brian desire Brian LSU back to work now and of course. Will we tell you that day -- -- boot battle -- the booed Hawkins though a lot of points were about. Brandon Harris company who battle win that -- -- goes that little the whole body into the day when we got aunts and -- the -- you know eight. I'm sure they'll open to that -- beat Gabby back up in his brain cramp but he couldn't show all get a good good jump on everybody else if he does well in the -- -- Where there's no doubt about that -- you know he he made a little statement and that would were brought against dark thought out medical staff -- watched him. Where we didn't practice and watching -- speech. It -- urgency -- the only regret is that. You know it's now happening would be. Speed does a good job you know eat their -- but he won't beat the named the starter he certainly -- be -- and it -- Well I doubt it O'Brien C you talked about playing well in -- you prepare. Particular opponent. Rodgers is skills that what you bring to the table. Public's it just and it shows your flexibility about Cam Cameron. Is that not necessarily. Have the coaches the pocket passer you look at. Obviously NFL of players that a high level -- Drew Brees Philip Rivers. Let Joseph Flacco. But I thought it was unbelievable job Woody did went. Antwaan -- well at University of Indiana. Well only when a quarterback in the NFL with using his escape ability in his legs in the game plan. How he's able to take him toward events quarterbacks in history college football and then maybe have that opportunity also would give me. I'll tell it like -- he never. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they ran they use -- effort is running ability -- on run you know -- Carolyn Hughes. Back -- you know people out. Happens when he -- on the -- Ron. And I think that they it's like they have you know left out like -- quarterback who in. You know it late break -- -- eat the play a lot because of the ability. You'd like now look on at any awkward but on the ramble about -- -- -- and I know it. Back in ought to you know while I mean it all out and practice and it would work on and played op at the we're getting the quarterback. And a background you know we're still with the tailback -- nothing -- all -- in the played well. It's funny we stopped all of the players -- getting is not being native -- immediate right. But up the -- off the play it they're really thank you know I I -- -- strike Saturday and look what we're. We're not running plays we what we've been active in the first week. It basically -- -- that we've been here. That beat -- You know not speak truth in how exactly did that he would think all players out there. Anything that I think you'll be late but they run Ellsbury and think and what they would like. The erratic tiger make that happen at the -- dole onto it about -- odds -- against -- wrapped up before we go got a lot to break it down but just. A year ago does point out my speculation about how many LSU players would opt. Ought to full go -- -- remaining eligibility go the NFL right now does it seem like that's a lot of hype around that number compared to a year ago. Rick got to be double digit but who who are some guys it may be thinking what is bowl game I can't -- some players. Well I. I don't think people need that. Matter a lot but there are you know that he -- that -- bill -- and it got people that. -- -- they're considering it it and I'll thank you guys hear me all. Lay out solid and do lot receiver Robert Plant are no real -- all are things that they're getting. Not that they actually there. I'm definitely you know all in anything that. Body. He's not the -- column early afternoon you know -- Well Courtney got that what about you know what is on the on and it felt that not even thought I do in the off the -- better. -- you know. I don't know I think ultimately. Opted -- it. Could all that don't sleep now yeah I think it's a possibility all they. -- -- And I did it matter I am down with the year that they get here and it elaborate -- it out here. An oblique and make it is that I look at it. Do you think that happened for a guy. Number one they can't do in fuel light. The college it's scary that every client that build a life and football -- -- -- -- -- -- and not art at bat and to. Situation -- -- I expect they don't have to go out you know and it -- I really think you both -- -- it require exactly and will probably. Rather bizarre and Diaw all on -- Bryant thank you so much of their time on their Christmas to you -- what salty as soon as we continue to cover the Outback Bowl record -- it.