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12-22 8:10 am First Take

Dec 22, 2013|

WWL's Todd Menesses and former Saint Steve Korte discuss with WWL callers today's game between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Matta welcome defense first take here on WW well 2601870. 86 exit eight ninths early seventies Texas and -- gates of me as well. Along with former Saints offensive lineman Steve court I'm Todd Manassas and Steve. I don't know if we talked about we played Seattle. It was a big game the biggest game of the season so far for the Saints. I think today's. Game is even -- in that game was trumped his game is a playoff game -- economy really is I mean for all intents and purposes is. You know we have to control our playoff fate here and where Wheeling central or just you know we don't control. Out there you gonna say that. But that when you set me so that kinda but new look this is America -- -- -- to beginning of the year. I think -- eleventh I'm going into the season and come down to we did that this would be. You -- we thought this would be you know the Atlanta Atlanta that we would be sort of square off for this there. Lucas is. They're gonna have to get off to a fast start and in our our stars are gonna have to play good which means. Number nine is gonna have to have a good game I mean he is a good game. Then that means about to be around Connecticut game so you know offensively -- -- gonna score a bunch of points today and I missed. I don't want us you know throw away Albert but I just I'm very confident to do that. Well you know of the the Saints on the road this game were being played here at the dome yeah I think most of -- -- little but more confident. In their ability. The Saints let's face it on the road have not been good this year. Even the three games that they have won on the road. Have not been spectacular wins. Tampa Bay and Atlanta were very close games that they talk right pulled out right the Chicago game while days. Scored on them early Chicago was slowly coming back and -- game and they ended up getting out with a win on that one so. They just in the have not looked good. On the road now their face and Carolina panther team that. For all intents and purposes. Wants to make up for being embarrassed in the superdome in prime time two weeks ago. Look at and I think they're. Following. I mean look they've they've got an axe to grind I mean I you can certainly see you know where their motivations come from on this in their home. You know they got to living daylights beat out of a couple weeks ago and which was really embarrassing themselves to Dave. They played representative of how they felt. That it should have played in and obviously. Their defense didn't play the way they -- of Munich and gave up 31 points that is unheard of now so. Special -- their plans sought I don't think that they're gonna come out and lay an egg again on this deal I think they've pretty much have felt like okay. You know we're at least really got a shot at him again at home. And they you know I've received commend our stadium and and you know put -- put -- -- -- I think that. The thing we did the best last time was we sort of kept Cam Newton. In the pocket and make him do a lot of things that. That he's most uncomfortable -- you know make him a pocket passer not that he's a bad part of past and get me wrong but. If you could take his legs away you know keep -- from -- those plays that's where you get in trouble when. Boy it's going to be critical. -- to see if we can do that again and if he begins to do. I think he's so good at doing extend those plays and we know we can be -- that if we can't get him off the field that are down. Cameron Jordan and junior -- -- got after him very well you know last time we played will they be able to again. Today. Well me nets you know obviously the plan you know they're going to be some different wrinkles that they're gonna see if they can get him out space speaking of of Newton hill but I. It's going to be it's going to be a test knowledge about space. You know we can sort of bottle him up or at least keep him back there. -- -- -- something that -- that they have a Marietta people that you know brand the fells has turned into a great receiver. You know in the league in an -- we know Steve Smith can do. But you certainly would -- to see those two guys get off you know so. Mean if they can sort of keep those guys from getting off the line of scrimmage which is that's the challenge each and every week especially with some physical like Steve Smith is to try to do that but. And if we let them sort of settled down and that soft zone type thing you know we can be for a long afternoon it. You know against a win is going to be key don't know I mean he's just one of those guys it is but he still there in Allen and luckiest. You know Stewart's not there I mean he's out but that same comment you know he -- steady diet of De'Angelo. Ask him for a long afternoon. Well is Dave potter is letting us know master control wet and rainy conditions today. In Charlotte that would tend to favor ground game and run game which the Panthers probably have the edge over the same breath yeah. Probably but he going to be nicer yes that is Smart and try and trying to be guys yeah. There's no question I mean -- that's just one thing that we don't do very well right now. And that it's going back America sugarcoat it for anybody -- its this or five guys up front. You know we got running backs and get it done that and my whole point is unless they begin to Croat controlled that line of scrimmage. Ago with some sort of you know stuff we've we you've got to between the tackles against -- he had to -- time. And we've been doing that and we've been living with that you know -- and -- -- people spread out and -- if we can you know do stuff on the corners and on the -- -- -- -- There's time just central football and it's to completely the years typically sloppy weather and honest typically when it's all -- disliked his game is so we'll find them. Trying to -- -- court on top finances when we come back we'll talk about changes that have been made to that offensive line for this game your listening man's first eight. Here on WWL. And a walk a bag of -- first six along with Steve court. I'm -- -- 260878668890878. And you can Texas and 8787. As well. Now -- we went to the break talking about changes that coach John Payton has made this week everyone knows about Garrett Hartley being released it and Graham being picked up who's been a journeyman. Kicker. He's been wrong and actually started with the the Saints and didn't make the team -- -- and Jack Ingram and Ingram hadn't -- that 2000 yeah he he. Most known for playing with the the Bengals seasons couple seasons there he had a couple troubles comparable season there believe. But on the offensive line Charles Brown. Who was taken out last week is now out and -- on Armstead. It is the starter at his position and you know this guy this. -- now arms there was draft in the third round right. Had a great combined they sell the fans we're there everything is there for him to be a good guy however. All everyone who evaluated him says he's the work in progress to probably be a starter in his second year. He's starting this well. He looked to guys -- -- physically he's you know he's everything you're looking for and obviously when you gardeners because he is as long as he isn't as athletic. And -- you run that fast music converted tight end you know from what you told me. -- That doesn't those are the kind of guys that make left tackles and that's kind of what they look for these athletic types whether they -- You know defensive ends or defensive tackles that they've converted over now because of he articulated athletic ability. But it. -- and I think a lot of people are worrying about that situation and I can look I understand why. Mean you put a guy that truly is firstar right. And -- put him in the critical game like this against a defense like that and you try to protect Drew Brees right yet has yet. There are totally Malone I think they're gonna probably. You know make sure that they have some people looking after him in the beginning until they see how he reacts as he got to make some rookie mistakes I think you probably will. -- must Sam and I certainly don't want to jinx to kids at the same time I'm I'm thinking. Look they've seen enough of him. To -- this change it's not like they're going on you know as justice toss up here and we don't know what to do. They gave Charles -- every. Opportunity to win that job and be a solid left tackle honestly. The second round draft choice of games tenth pick in the second round I was tenth pick in the second. It'll just or why he's so critical Charles Brown now. They don't. Draft people that high and expect them to. Way to their fourth year before they become bonafide star and I mean they're looking and saying hey you know. Strap it up and learn quick biko's. You've got to be a starter and if you -- that I need course star. Again on not just a guy that's in an expensive -- And a look at for that now. I don't think. Charles Brown is a bad football player by any stretch I've seen times when they -- -- guy's got some great feet he's athletic he's -- he's big he's lean he's not even that. You know and then there's other times you think. What the were -- look at what he's played and I don't understand why are it's been feast or famine with him. Yeah I don't understand why there's this inconsistencies there and I think the coaches have probably. All looked at that and thought it would and it's got to be coaching a look at that and I'm sure that there's that bottom line coach system look. I'm you know is trying to trying to be -- -- a dead horse after awhile you can't get it sometimes and and so they have said they looked. We've seen this other guys in practice long enough and he's he's exhibited what we're looking for as far as defeat quoted that we look for and know what he's doing -- No ligament -- if you live bullets at him today that's the first thing he's gonna realize it's going to be different -- different speed. He's gonna get beat some and the important thing is how you react to it and you know the best thing that could possibly happen is for us to get -- all of a sudden at a running game I don't think that's representative of one guy and wanted to get a more to do here in tier guys but nevertheless if you can yield some left tackle to start set yardage out there. And you never know what can happen this could be the next coming of Anthony -- yourself when Willie -- foursome we don't know right but we gotta get that it is an opportunity to do it's -- not gonna say oh boy you know weren't so much trouble here because -- -- discuss stars Tom given the benefit downed trees -- be different. So I don't go to Ron Artest hit Briscoe. Well in the analysis on -- when he came out to for the draft is that he's a fantastic athlete for his position. Light on his feet and pass protection nimble one on the movements Aziz at -- moves well in space shows quickness to get to the second level and cut off linebackers. They also say he's bends and re -- well extends his arm -- past Rodgers in day. Needs is good athletes of their look at for all that stuff at left tackle then they're saying that we just -- place takes on screens that he's got to get strong on his lower body guests -- evil exploited that you run so fast. -- this he's -- yeah -- -- get these big heavy legs and caiso. -- look -- that's gonna happen anybody in this league and there's plenty of people that can make you know some -- tackles looked pretty sorry because -- on display. You know I look I'm just gonna -- Monica confidence in the world out there and get him pumped up and get him excited. About playing out there and -- -- reacts you know I mean obviously they feel good enough about America to go this far into the season game this critical on -- on you know. Analyst -- tries this is not a time to try something. This time of six foot this is our best option at this point assuming you win a football game and obviously when in the NFC south. It is a huge game so I mean the stakes couldn't be any higher. -- on the pressure could be any more young kid coming in in his first start at the same time. That's how this stuff is in this way this league is. Got to Texas 878 cities as you guys Celek this game is already in the loss column while. Well look I'm trying to be realistic you just are just analyzing what's happened so far. Look I played for the Saints I want to win an okay that's my -- monument there and if that's 1 team that I am. A fan of it's -- the team that my sons are playing four at -- time. Or the one I was on a credit -- the same time I can't sit there and -- and look at blind eye to it mostly get wrapped up and think oh man black and gold forever and I just loved to death and I. You know can't be critical of now on I'm trying to be realistic here and tell you that I don't feel very good about it at this point now I think. The Carolina at this point is one was one of those teams it's going to be hard for us to be today I'm sitting across from Steve coordinate Terry -- ago. Even -- -- out there about ten at the right. I was go to quickly it's only in Australia hate Tony you don't want it. Good morning to remember how the -- -- -- -- You know we want safeties in Monday morning yeah you know. Acquire one of the things -- would like to say to -- As opposed to -- was our markets it would discipline him despite bug -- -- offensive line and defensive. We tried to get home equity -- -- Carol can I. That's pretty good Tony you're absolutely right because that game is won and lost the line of scrimmage on both accounts offensively defensively. And right now you can't make pre snap penalties you can have stupid stuff happen and especially in that in that junction of the game and expect to come on very very win. You never get winning percentage it especially this time of the year against a team like Carolina you right. Last week -- stupid stupid penalties cost the top game yet and by Charles brown and yeah and and we just kept my conduct would. Yeah yeah plant and be offensive or they got to protect true but the moral surely it would work that we can. Well look you know look number nine. There's times that he looks like he's -- I mean he's a good player but but make no. I can't make any excuses for the guys that frowned because right now if you don't have. A running game and you can't you know represented a very well then then on number nine the -- that you wanted to create magic with. Does not have looked very good I mean it's going to be and a couple of smoke you know he's so. Yeah he's not going to be very good he's not -- look very good if in fact they they become one dimensional and right now that's what they've become. And it and as far as that running. Stiffly at Lincoln Sproles. Working and don't do well like old with the -- and entry. And rumble. Style. A little trouble. There and it'll be really quite sparking league we will just Greg. Well look love that I don't care how we in -- I think we're gonna get in a K but my point is I'm not so confident that we can beat this team this week -- you're saying we can squeak by with a point. I am. Mom and pursue all it takes is one point 70 I can get that done that would be the that would be great. And then. I think the thing that might upset to be at -- on throwing and trying to -- it should be. So I lost one yet but it's -- normal and that'll keep the program he struck out on I can easily. And for -- to -- that -- on the ball. Really irritated me. I can understand that irritates me and I'm over here Tony well will make it called the Australian consulate and they've witnessed. And on on on coming as shipped him to keep it consistent I couldn't catch up easily. Being patient. Please do that I also am a Tony thanks for checking in again. Thank. They utility and we'll talk to next week -- Gibson that's. That's -- the in the food and army. National right now we send it over to a and other who'd had done named to standing by product of individuality headlines -- And welcome back to 60187866889087. Thomas is along with Steve courts. Fans first pick all right -- that's what do you think's gonna happen today in Carolina. Big game for the New Orleans Saints big game for the Carolina Panthers as well. Two weeks ago these teams met here in prime time in New Orleans and we all know how the Saints play at home in prime time. They do it again to beat Carolina Panthers -- Carolina started out. With a lead of that game. Six to nothing in kinda took the crowd out of the game a little bit. And then of course the Saints after that scored all those but and you have wells as good -- and struggled. Couple times in our first two drives and did a good and then. You know the -- I don't know if it. It almost seems like they don't wake of the in the mouth. In and take tennis etiquette and I I feel better now and you know I can take some -- excellence you know now I can kind of get my -- -- -- -- -- it's uninteresting teams. I don't know I guess and it was their personalities become during the year knowing in each team has sort of a different personality that economic yours through and his team is certainly different than. You know the Super Bowl team you know and how they've got to react to certain things. But there's times you see some some which brilliance -- some which flash -- you realize it's still such a solid solid -- you and you certainly didn't realize you now. -- -- the defense is gonna react this year that was always huge question mark coming into this -- they've done nothing but really. Sort of get better each and every week and there's times they've kind of got went down there's times you kind of wonder when to go on but NSA National Football League it's not like it's. You know this is a college football. You know and I think about this in Toronto on stated commitment yeah. He knows he'll think that is is huge discrepancy between you know what's gonna happen you know him being left tackle coming in here. The -- as a professional football player and they've watched him now for awhile. And so he must be doing something really well practicing you must be really understanding counting getting a good grasp on this is not like you're saying hey you know what kid that you signed the contract and that. You know you see him up every day in the -- try you out. Minute so it's not like they're saying what the hell we got a list and there yet we're giving him you know it's not know. It's not like Sony and this is a lot of people's jobs depending on this you know and obviously his job depends on this. And he can have a statement right now at this point where he can today. This guy came in played great last two games a year force and took it to the playoffs and you know that there will be a nice story that you -- with us. So now that's some -- were open to do here but it looked the same time. Charles -- gotta have as a pro he's gonna have to say you know one. Yeah I stumbled and sort of I don't know what happened to me. You know -- -- lost you know -- stinger and some some sort of you know some much confidence on some of the stuff. And you don't know me he may be to not be one of the best guards we ever had if they decide to move him put him somewhere around to see if they can sort of justify. You know you know is sort of existence -- this team here but. You never know what's gonna -- is right now. Our guards are playing very well all injury is really one of the better guards league. He and looked like it this year now you know to -- don't hang on for dear life each and every. I'm just telling -- defensive teams. When they begin to look at that they start looking at at points. In the -- that are weak if you see it -- obviously -- and I think you know when you look at some of the stuff each and every week you -- who and we barely got away with that. You know that guy had a slipped a bit out of position or if you attorneys say the other way. -- had have been -- for story. We'll converse with the same for them they're looking and we didn't realize it. So also was kicking his halo game he told us he was. We'll start taking advantage of that until they can stop that you know sort of if they can if there's gotta match up well against that guy. Don't line of scrimmage if we can sort of you know get that sort of unfold for us. That can be something you can build on those of the small idiosyncrasies and you don't see during the game. In Graham should look at it like me because -- speaking of weird things when I'm watching a ballgame but. Then you realize man this -- get exposed out here you know because if you sit and watch a game like fans do they -- -- football ride you know and the quarterback -- -- there watching them wide -- Golan and you know catch a ball in. They got a first down eclectic Denton greater you know defensive player makes a sack and excited -- he's just saved a free world or whatever. You know and that's why you know that's that's why we have. You know in the broadcast we can -- -- and -- -- watch and yeah the play develop Hokies see all the other stuff like New Orleans dissect in Atlanta. There's always a reason why that happened now you know wasn't like it's you know. Magical mystical thing you know this guy was able to force him out of there you know and and obviously put these guys in position to make plays so. Yet that and I expect -- same thing happened this week I think that you can see different wrinkles from Carolina and what they're gonna do and and obviously. Saints are gonna go out there and -- in some cases are we can do. And these are always plays we have and this is our run so everybody knows that so when could change anything they'll do that. Got a Texan a 787 he says if we're making changes for the better when has cadet gonna replace. They put Graham later they put Nat Graham the running back from Alabama submitting Ingram so we're making changes when his -- could replace Ingram. Low last week I don't know if anybody noticed -- but when you say it people look at you cross -- Mark Ingram actually ran pretty well he look like one of the players that was fired up and wanting to play again now there there's. And I can sit there and ever doubt. That guy's effort and he's doing and it does not mean. He did really really well and I seem to really well performing some really nice runs you know everybody seems to think it. You know because are down and distance from what happens and we get stuff and just because he has been carrying the ball. Man he's -- with a broad brush and hit it they have. They decide to make in the sacrificial lamb of that deal and that to me is just absolutely Robert you know look it's. It's human emotion watching man and feel like since he's got the ball out communicated. If that have been. Adrian Peterson and her -- Deuce McAllister. Actually got to let him you might have good result may have been -- exactly the same. They also had their different offensive line centers do ride and then in the hands of Portland -- that so that's where the games one loss to the Beckham -- it. -- so the -- in the holes from the get through that are pretty jaguar opinion poll what is your prediction of the Saints Panthers game Saints by seven last Saints by more than seven Panthers by seven last. -- by more than 740% obvious say. Saints by seven or lasts so I think it's going to be a close game today. He Steve Cora thought Vanessa will take a break and what we come back at some of your calls and your taxes well. -- first statehood bats what do you think's gonna happen in this all important game in Carolina today. For your New Orleans Saints will be right back it's WW well and welcome back to 60 -- 786 exit 89087. Along with Steve -- top -- you -- Texas and 87870 is well right now pretty jaguar opinion poll 40% of you say the Saints win by seven last. 29%. By more than 718%. -- say the Panthers win by more than seven. -- 13% answered by seven world last. Tex and 8787. Assists somebody for the Saints better be able to run the ball looking at the radar for Charlotte it's gonna pour down rain over there are not good for the Saints have a meeting. That big line of a storm is moving that way pretty much extends across the whole United States. And should be arriving. And as well. You know that doesn't bode well for -- -- I -- Carolina. Look at -- a justified -- could be taken. Mike over my big day for him when he's on 230 pound fullback form and I'm thinking. Pretty nifty for a for a and the guy like that is. Yeah that might be -- -- -- we don't see him in for an infected starts to get nasty. I was gonna do Ricky and RB Ricky you're on -- Thursday through that -- -- on doing good. The report it would blow. -- never saw that the you know. That yeah. It in the game we are as well you know we -- -- How -- -- -- To me. It's pretty. -- at all every 200 or acting or I'll run going to be. You know the Saints. -- all is that we have and I'm pretty and so I ever saw the ball and some trucks. In the people the network that. It. -- that we I mean it was Seattle it looked like -- out coats. And our program. And -- are Graham our rules. No matter what. Yeah. Well I'll tell you this streaky. Which are trying to save. Let. Just because we average you know. Three -- seven -- -- -- -- -- -- in the -- In fact that we can't hold on the ball very long you know when you need to you know with the running game. All of our stuff is really based a lot of it is anywhere passing game is this short stuff. You know that's off the sides in this look quick pass dump off stuff and and a lot of it's. Lot of it comes off play action pass. And so if that play action is not you know look at honestly because they really know Richard knocking on the ball too well -- very often. Come that that's resourceful on problems of this game like this turns into session game. So really the more possessions that you can I mean sometimes don't even have to get the points the fact injured his keep in the points away from from -- office that I'm potential from scoring points. So that's when you when you look at the time processions here that you can start to control clock we can he would jump out some sort of so comfortable lead zone what that. Was to definition that is in this league but. But as you can get a few points on some people and then begin to sort of controlled football. On and you push yourself a pretty good spot when you can't do that because you don't have a running game or running -- not respect him well enough to where they feel like they can really. Used it as a tool. That I think that's where you follow him and -- problem I think that. -- -- the Saints have done this year they've become you don't wanna see Drew Brees on the ball 55 times I mean it's just. -- great for -- -- means -- -- yards and you know four touchdowns and most honest opinion and a you know. Losing the game 3836. Or something you know it's ridiculous so my point is when you give -- -- -- opportunities to get that ball offensively. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in for them to do that you know from football. They have that just. Yet we're. I'm opposition. And -- and I always thought about third down yeah. And but that journal sentinel. Well yeah I'll look at that that's the critical when a parent that's one that came here. And look. At aqueduct that we'll look. You know we shoot ourselves in the foot constantly with that I mean that's the one thing you look at each and every game. And -- -- you know. The start of the game out last week a couple of those allfirst throw from Drew Brees was it says -- -- and it's like sometimes you need -- get so used to have a guy and you feel like. Number eighties after -- Bailey on he's -- you -- you do is kind of roll over there. I was in double coverage triple coverage almost looked at the safety came over so many ahead of him brackets and everything else the guy came in New Orleans through it was news it was it's sort of an easy pick but. -- can't rely an -- time that's when you sort of have to pound the football. ID Steve scored a -- Vanessa Ricky thanks for the call will take a break can come right back to WW out.

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