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12-22 10:10am Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 22, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the game against the Carolina Panthers to secure the second seed in the NFC South.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And get mining and welcome bit above I count down to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network where are -- -- usually it's -- is one hour and fifteen and minutes to kick off for the biggest. Game of the season as a New Orleans Saints only three point underdog on the road date against the Carolina Panthers for the second straight week in and National Football League. The weather will be a major effect about especially in these parts in the sport being south of course the awesome how much we -- North Carolina. The south but right Sullivan from the tip the United States -- it is going to be -- inclement. Whether to blogdigger the reason why is it's a factor is that the rain. And you know the win I don't know what the wins and be light on things Hokies can enlighten us about the wind factor. But I could tell you what does make it different. When you're playing at these kind of conditions and you on a grass field. The quarterback gets hit. And you get money. Now Saints as don't want to hear that you know you make it undermined out on a caveat slime on yet to built his of the ball. But he can affect the passing game so that if if he'd be like in this weather on a turf field a clean surface. -- -- out of anything it doesn't affect you is to win. And it also in the mud yet. EG just can't wipe your hands it to get it where you get a grip on the ball and that's right you come in the play. So watch on the flip side can you can. In their first receiver -- as not open. All the -- open but if he's not open. He's gonna take off -- bowl. And run you look at the first game -- forty yards -- that was all the beginning this the kind of game can you deadly can hit dead center Marc. If not close to 200 so it's going to be great responsibility -- junior go letting candy jar and almost wanted to Johnny -- Ellison is from where you rushing. Would you under control you know that's a lot of control you wanna knock the crap bottom that he gets outside has been. They put two expression of the it's about you wanted to stab them in their pocket and he's capable of doing that. And make plays this -- that wave it -- -- -- because of the conditions how the game. On full league if you look at it. Doesn't get any bigger and his four regular season game. As NFC south rival the Carolina and -- our New Orleans thing. In about two -- gloomy for the second time in three weeks. Ever the second time in three weeks. The division lead will be at stake. Both teams are -- would pinafore -- it. And it went by the things that it Bank of America Stadium will put him in the post season along the division title and a first round bye as well. I believe the Saints had to get off to a better start today and he did in the last outing for the Panthers. If you remember. Carolina dominated time of possession to superdome in the opening quarter play. But led only 620 opted to drives deep inside New Orleans territory. That those drives in the stall. The thing is dominated play at the the first quarter while recording five sacks. Quarterback and you and and they made a panthers' running game in the first in -- it's in the final three quarters. To win handily 31 to thirteen. Obviously playing on the road presents more obstacles. Especially crowd noise. Influence and bottom line is no problem I think that they wouldn't influences communication but office. Where united -- fission. As you aren't dome -- try to communicate at the right down the right time so when you say crown lies in the rugged and right now I know for a fact. It's about it -- communication. It's there in other states have struggled on the role -- scoring only an average of nineteen points. The lobbyists we use -- being among the best of the best. Mean it is 2006. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers -- pages and Tom Brady -- always in the high twenties. And at best we've even been in the mid thirties. But on the road this year no we've averaged only nineteen points that's while record is three and four win this game. In a Tuesday no. In the NFL coach to take that to be 500 in the role would be four and four well the -- feud that it happens -- I don't know it's kind of did fifty deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that what we used in -- weasels well the Saints have scored 33 points at home that's why we're seven an old racquet. Think about it. 33 points in nineteen point -- that's two extra touchdown yemenis superdome and that's why we're undefeated. I believe would be a minor upset of Carolina by the things. Wish you all as being a three point underdog but there are able to get a victory. That applies -- flip a -- I don't know what's gonna car. How we blew out. Carolina whom in the superdome I don't think Carolina would do that I think you will be a single digit -- game. Edges kind of contemplating with which -- in ago. Right now the Saints are the only club and NFL. So always look at the glass half full right now the thing the only club and NFL to be ranked in the top five both offensively and the Bentley. But show you how tough it will be today. The Panthers. Offense. Considering the conditions. Which has been Pollard -- their running game and ranks eighth in the league in and we want to see global. We had the greatest show on turf break broke the Rams record. We had the sixth best rushing attack well after Carolina. They have -- eighth best rushing attack right now -- you'd see this kind of conditions. C'mon comets as the gonna run the ball when really when you look at Carolina how they're structured. They rely on their defense -- it's that ranks second in the NFL. Overall. Total defense second against the run and fit against the path. While holding opponents. To only fifteen points a game as the second low lowest total in the league most of the season they were only given up. Thirteen points a game but right now there's fifty points the Saints and on believe bonding and -- for a scoring offense. If you remember back in the superdome where. -- only given up two touchdowns. Really in the first -- the whole season we got three in the second quarter inch or jogs most of it is a different animal I'm going to Charlotte. His Carolina join NFL 1995 minute as an expansion franchise. Is being kind of a 5050 deal. Who wins vs -- all the home field has not really made a difference. As the Panthers lead the series 1918. But the Saints -- record of 98. In contest played at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. We've actually beaten him more -- and in the AB knows. So relentless at the little feel that made -- different overall in this series says Carolina joined the league in 1995. Actually this -- eighth largest margin of victory. Was at BankAmerica stadium 34 to three in November of 2000. Ten. Come on this round the corner on pain at the hill who won is not to be 3043. Man I would Teague three to two in any time victory. What it means we have the dominant we just have to win game. The big -- when you look the Saints. Get off to a great start an issue on patent. This is the key look at the beginning of a game this can increase such as the winning in this thing and get off to a great start and Sean Payton. Go back to 2006. If they lead after the first quarter. They win over 80%. Of the time. So we got the lead at -- first -- -- like -- and -- -- -- But we've got to get off to a great so we on the Seattle winning about the great start saint -- and get off to great start but on the Sean Payton at that a first water. We win over 80% and -- time -- like -- side now you look at the road crowd. If you get off to a great start what happens when you get a chair for. Take a -- a -- game. Winning at that a -- water that enables us to communicate and offer it would love to be often are often think about this. -- -- -- thing about this thing it's what occurred this year on the role would Avant a Chicago. And the pitcher for -- not been. Why that that's that big game early in the season got off to a great start. That was a big key how we dominated a Bears who -- adding to say to bounce back from less than these embarrassing loss to -- You look on the Sean Payton. Again just enough to have both that I have been at the on the Sean Peyton they've won ten consecutive games after our loss. In the past three seasons. Now I think about that. That's a track Greg and I like the look and a lot of NFL head coaches to see if they can put that underestimate. The Saints have worn -- it's negative gains after a loss in the past seasons. -- three seed in other words as you expect him to bounce back. In fact -- -- If you look about this laws back to back regular season games that they have they haven't lost I should say. Regulars in the games Tuesday and of the 2009. Season. Now the last time that you never won thirteen in oh. And they lost three you know lost three in a row now the last time -- laws back to back games. Elway on the have been have been ad season went on to win -- -- -- knows he got it over you know and I'm trying to be optimistic. But I know we have a fighting chance. Drew Brees and paid the big -- once -- got to come up big. -- we need what we need right now to get a break it down as you -- one in the pregame show. Now we got -- internal. That's -- we haven't done that the last only two turnovers. Go to takeaways the past seven games. Beckett beat -- you went over and we did that at the beginning. That's been a weak point as of late. This is. The but I can't Danica golf on the New Orleans Saints radio network and welcome back to about like -- Danica -- don't -- coming up after today's game it's upon acted -- seafood in the world famous for its quota on the saint. Radio network. One week after this week this is sweet sixteen and they Wear down to one next week let's get caught up with everything in the NFC south on the road with Saints have a reporter Christian here. Week sixteen in the NFC south no bigger game the right here in Charlotte, North Carolina attendance for Saints look to hold onto the division. And the two seed in the NFC today against the ten for Carolina Panthers Cam Newton and company are looking for revenge from that week fourteen loss to the Saints in the superdome 3113. Gonna come down to us first of all he's never played you know before we can look down the row with first from Basel where now I know we're now -- -- on that we really got embarrassed a couple of weeks ago this is our opportunities to to prove to ourselves that we think we are who we think we say take coach Sean Payton says it's not the playoffs but this game has great significance. I'm sure that atmosphere there will be much like that that. The crowd that's really loud in -- and recognizes. You know the significance of the game and I think both. Teams approaching it a lot of ways without maybe some of the other distractions in my come in the post season but I think it's that important the game I think the players understand that. With the win the black and gold can clinch the division and a number two seed in the conference kick off the set for noon right here on Saints radio. Tampa is in Saint Louis today trying to knock off the -- something the Saints could not do we can go Bucs quarterback Michael and his says they have to control Rams defensive end Robert Quinn. Whatever he's doing and he's doing really well and I know it's awful lie and those are emotional well before it is. For us to account for him so he doesn't have those opportunities. The Bucs -- Rams also kick off at noon. The Atlanta Falcons travel to -- just go for the final game at Candlestick Park tomorrow night on Monday Night Football the 49ers open their new stadium next season. Four on the road in the NFC south from Charlotte, North Carolina I'm pushing -- on the -- Saints radio network. And you can keep up with Christian very active on social media follow Christians throughout today's game is importing contests. On Twitter at Kristian -- one it's about like I've got to get visited New Orleans Saints radio network it is about like -- that a kick off but my official beer. Of the New Orleans Saints welcome back. After the game to go one all over the cage again embody baiting seafood in the world famous French Quarter in case you came here ago. Another dreary day bad weather and a ballclub that. -- Can't run the football. Begin at these conditions this is old school on a grass field you'd wanna be able to run the ball. I don't know at the bottom line imitate two things that coach Payton said when you look at the game. You got to view this. Because. This influence. The last time we played against Carolina. And you look at the Panthers they've been outstanding third down offense and defense. And now -- in and we beat them at their own game. In the superdome now continued -- game today. -- coach Bates as the third down and he said also mentioned turnovers. And you look at Carolina what we're now even in and there. You know plus eleven but he says I mentioned third down journalist -- other all the things that are gonna really point. That a team that wins. Now that's gonna -- Coach Green mile. So when and they games all over look at that number what are we doing at third on offense and defense and knew that we shoot ourselves in the foot we are we opted opportunistic. As far as being on the plus side. Now I'd said that early to look at the saint. They've force only two turnovers. In the past seven games and you look at that trial. And their -- take their ratio. A big plus 81 time in the season plus eight in a Carolina's plus eleven well that's winning football that was back. In week seven now we're at zero -- even. And begin and you look at it -- one we left in this season so I'm just telling you. When all's said and done. Look and see. Will we do on third down Robinson defense. And we've got to be at least even if not pluses players on the world wrote new turnover battle and we talk about okay became on the ball. Would just be got a taken advantage of it. If you look right now and I say it is the short passing game other -- to utilize this. Could see why we know more an NFL could just like an extended handled it's like a long handle. You get the ball to playmakers hands. You look at top receiving totals are running backs in 2013. The Saints have not won. Good to you on Millwood Danny wood had means that a sending the charges. Matt Forte when he's dealt with the Bears and you've seen as of late Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs. Those are all flat outs not only from -- running the football especially fourteen and shells but in the passing game -- even running backs. Right now Pierre thomas' number one in the NFL with 71 receptions. Darren Sproles is number two with 66. We're one and two as far as receiving totals in the passing game so weekend handled environment on the inclement whether. But you know what Jews got to be Akron so when they catch the ball that he may make people miss. And and -- bottom line is getting yards and look at at at that as part of our running game. That's the Kasey -- and by BA bad this is about like count down to take off counted down to the biggest game of the season it's the Saints and the Panthers turned down a sound and it's at. It's been up to New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back that's above my countdown to kick -- the on the saints' radio network he is -- -- -- -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- -- -- -- out today one of the -- will be the saints' ability to be effective in some fashion. On the ground earlier this week we spoke with Saints at the Bryan battle went data give his take on a matchup against Carolina. -- big battle today isn't challenges does this line faces against one of the better if not the best defense of -- in the game you know there around. They're really good defense so. And we replace him two weeks ago so combination of that. We're really gonna we're gonna challenge this week so we're put together -- game plan and excited to go out there on Sunday and and in another. Do you expect. Any any changes on the from the different you guys had a lot of success and when you go and I -- do you go back home where you knew you'd be good defense changing things -- take us today and because this is what two or three leagues you face the same team. You know we will we're we're focused on this is who we have this week so we played them last Thomas and different things so. Put together in a game plan this week for for this game. And that's how we're fortunate and we've done a good job all you're doing that taking each game. One Yemen times so that's what we're doing and that's our focus. You guys I was one and all around good game from how important is a few guys maybe establish some type -- Russians ten meter in this game it's always important and so Sharon game you know. When you can run the football. That it takes pressure off the passing game and that -- that seals and Eagles be balanced in starts with. Being balance and and establish and run him through and you can run the ball. And this is a stout defense or have to. Really be upon our assignments and and and Howard doing things and this is going to be a battle -- works I don't know. Brownie you're going to stand if someone told you go on in the week sixteen the division championship is on the line and the number two seed -- department taken it. Sure yeah of course. You know we start. Start the season we singles out for ourselves and and to get that. Division is is big so. Of course you know we're excited about opportunity and where we're ready to go out there and most important thing about -- -- maybe it is only Bryant. What is the most memorable Christmas present giving up. Most memorable Christmas for a you know I can remember back when miles from their third Greg -- bike. And that you -- awful -- I did -- we -- -- our. I it was sweet I was in the DMX and I costs of so. It was at number eleven at bat or you know under surfboard that was those -- -- in my childhood and a flurry -- as well these these these ailments and you and you -- -- article and you know we're just hardcore. Brad thank you make it look appreciate. Saints and O'Brien develop Wendy -- offensive line is -- on this and they can take come under fire but certainly when you'd look at all the national breakdowns all weekend long everybody the major networks. Paper is that we web sites one of things they put a big question mark about this offensive line. Yet Degan and if you look NN. First thing all of -- -- line again and all that quick start. If you look at Carolina and what they've accomplished this year as far as. Again after opposing quarterback they have 45 sacks we have 43. And you know as far as pressure and Drew Brees. That's going to be on top of their priority list especially with the Saints on the road. They have 25 there. You know party five sacks at Bank of America Stadium this season. And then stars a lot to Leah I'm pronouncing that right. Use common in and said that an -- look at drew reason we've watched a lot of film and now we know he loves to step up in the pocket. And he went on to say if we take away his chances. To step up on the -- it's events. Who always get their outside pressure we'll have. A lot better chance to getting Drew Brees in in having an outing today will think about it he's a -- with a tackle. So when drew seven RB got to get that push those to be a big challenge. When our guards in and Bryant elephant it is senator. But to make -- depth hockey clean where the defense of is going to be scream and all of the edge but you gotta have -- for Drew Brees to bill to step up. You look as far as on again off the great start. Four times that the Saints have scored in their opening possession this season and they got to do goes into touchdowns but. I'll -- the touchdowns were at home. You look at that nine consecutive games. The Saints have a goal went out scoring on their opening drive. And we've seen him in the past where they've gotten off to great starts in in game touchdowns and an opening drive in. And you look at the way both teams and what they've accomplished. You know when you look at scoring by periods. You know and bring it down all the corners and stuff. That's one thing the -- deadly efficient as Talbot has been being a top five offense. That they've struggled. In the first quarter so we definitely have to get off to a better start. We've been outscored 88 is 72. In their first quarter where you look at the flip side Carolina. As outscored their opponents 64. To 24. Aside I think that temple that tumbled and the full league game. I think looking at the first quarter. I was gonna dictate a -- whether it's things when you lose and Bobby also when you talk about that these two teams Saints and Carolina. -- go back to last year eight in all the great teams that Carolina has hands and being silly young franchise. DeAngelo Williams put it. Single season game record 219 yards against the Saints in that. Final game of the season capped off a very disappointing 2012 for the black and gold -- -- think that the backs the Carolina will play. Luckily it is game on -- -- of Angelo says flat routes. I mean and has been for yes and then exactly has been awhile. And and and whatever -- from lately. All we have agreed in lately against a team like New York jets' stout defense. Last week at 81 yards Russian. And he also had 87 receiving -- -- a lot of that -- On and the equipment it is really set the tone for the game. As the stars Greene passed that the Angela Williams when he went to the -- 72 yard touchdown reception as that you have to avoid. Yesterday. If you bend but don't break and -- like we did last game Carolina got off to a great start. I deepen our territory that would force a two field goals and only at six point is that in them having. Fourteen or even for sure like ten points. So he gonna have to have that kind of effort again. Now be in his in his seat. How -- you know as Cam Newton if you look at their running game. He's right behind the Angela Williams as a -- 500 yards rushing average of five point three again July 7 43. -- four point two average. But Cam Newton is dealing. Would a big toll entry. Mean. Mean I don't know how hard is his big till I know. When you got turf -- you've gained -- came push off. But he issued a -- obviously this kind of game that you would. But to be interest in -- the when you see him take off. These if he's hindered. Men and realistically this time the game out on the QB and an all and I definitely try to make. Pleased with his feet and you look at golf -- it's also their -- and we know Jimmy Graham means to us. Greg Olsen. Greg -- -- over the Bears you know we drafted Robert Meachem. He was in the conversation that the Saints to take him at in a first round that being Greg Olsen -- University of Miami. When you look at Greg Olsen. Deacon and what he's done right now against the Jets. And you know he had eighty yards receiving on five catches. And you know they put up almost forty yards offense against this style jets' defense and when you look at their receiving corps. And who's contributing. Greg Olsen is it is actually tie for the lead with these two minute. With -- producers announced these cement is dealing with injuries so you I think -- like bills matchups against -- linebackers. -- against Lofton are Hawthorne and and that's kind of band of evolved and as an Achilles heel. It would be gets exploited in pass coverage because he did -- against the Rams when Clemens is perfect against him last week. Today's game has been to live about a satellite center of the official transmission provider to the Saints radio network called a satellite senate. At five all 4466. Days to broadcast or sports network it's about like -- down a tick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network big games in the league this week. A few years ago the NFL went to divisional games the final few weeks this season is working it. One it's not divisional -- got a Big Bang on the NFC naught in the AFC east it being Philadelphia and Chicago related. People think they -- wanted to keep an eye on. You know if you don't win the day. But what Eagles team to beat you up the polite complete helped -- In their own backyard so. No question built and built two games of Italy and huge and -- -- -- -- -- goal of winning in the east region. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that nobody chicks on the offensive side of football and in the it seemed -- You'd think going today we certainly -- -- hanging -- to be reckoned with -- -- is that helping. -- at this point. And prepare for that Bettman stock market team all well we're all in Detroit. It is to dispute. Yeah might -- -- about at Detroit where there rat and and is covering up you know when you look at third down and red zone. The Saints were outstanding. You know red zone defense considering. What Carolina has done to other NFL opponent. That day if you look at. What Carolina has been able to do they only behind Detroit. Was one red zone touchdown percentage. And in Seattle was to Carolina's three. So we can do bend but don't break force field goals obviously like we did. That first game with that a given up touchdowns and also. When you look at third down a convergence who's setting that Campbell. And -- hand in hand with a time of possession. Carolina is the more in the league re number three. But it would be Carolina third down conversion percentage. They're behind Denver where -- Ford and -- three so made -- -- being said that you can look. Once been a car who's in extra -- is obviously turnovers. But who can beast out again like we learned a dome red zone all of the defense and also on third down. Yet but I think the big difference this year. -- really from the start of the season today. Lot of support. Has been listening to winning on the -- the only seed and they're getting the turnovers. You know -- just look at that huge margin that they were getting turtle why financial. And secondly being that some semblance of balance. Offensively. -- the order great running team built on it really ran the football well against doubt Joseph will only help that game. But that the Cowboys was so bad -- -- defense. And I think it's been selected to this comic conclusion of why you've played so bad on the row. It it has -- because you haven't got Paterno was you were getting earlier in the year. And you forced Brees to almost become one dimensional football. I didn't want change when you look at what -- -- -- that -- a lot of game. And you've been really balanced things out pretty well at all. Both for what reasons and it means different. -- from your year. But in 2013. I think the big cut and that you haven't gotten those turnovers like she did earlier in the -- -- -- -- And you haven't been able on the ball even if solid. So to speak little and I think that's going to be the reason why you you lost so many games on the world intentionally. -- -- -- What we've seen in years past with wood coach -- me. Now Mike right quick two part question. In the inning and -- stability digs in plays and make plays that is feet. I think gonna come into play more this game in as they would have been in well a lot of things and it's in the pocket. Get sacked five times. In the game is that old life at forty yards rushing on six attempts. But I think you'll be a big role come today and he had that one big run in the beginning but on the given that at the -- the game and then also saint fans who dat nation. Toronto Armstead vs Greg Hardy look RD. Right at fifty tackles eight sacks. He's contributed highly on defense -- and you look at him in. Would come about and and it gave me his name now. Oh yeah Charles Johnson at the -- they're both the unit that man can have double digit sacks oh. I could see -- Charles Brown. L hardy and check their first time around L had one tackle but I get to coach Peyton. A somewhat with schemes -- and arms that Albert. You know especially being Drew Brees is blind side you can't -- Greg party you know. And -- creek if that. Cam Newton -- fourteen -- rushing list in the spring leading -- here now. I mean that Upton -- to me it's usually not in the wow secondly I think you try to confuse toward homes that. I think with a lot. -- or below that sort of thing that could breaking down mentally. And then what happened exit physical mistakes. And you don't make it Ron Rivera has been in the year a great forty. It's basically pushed the shot. You know. Development that all week long in particular bit yesterday. And so I think you'll see in both pocket much quicker -- he would. -- Out more or less rushing in Pierre Thomas the -- -- lecture. It. Was a prediction. -- -- on. Campus 271. That's my -- did and I did DA on Twitter it's about like cab down to kick off on a New Orleans Saints radio network.

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