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12-22 11:00am Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 22, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the game against the Carolina Panthers to secure the second seed in the NFC South.

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As we can't close it okay go between the biggest game of the season for the Saints and the Carolina -- welcome back -- -- like countdown to kick -- will go out to Bank of America Stadium where Saints color analyst -- guys on his standing by with a pregame. Injured report. RA big thank Kia in the saint pregame injury report is brought you back to lane institute of sports medicine for the athletes in all of us now the inactive today for the Carolina Panthers. Our Tarvaris -- Marvin -- not. Josh Norman Jonathan Stewart Dan Connor Travis bond and Wes Horton. In the inactive for the Saints -- -- Griffin dropped field bush Tarvaris could get Kenya to Boston -- -- got killed Tom Johnson and also you could add to the flip -- safety Eric Frampton who signed this week if he will be wearing Jersey number. 37 and that to think pregame report brought you back doing it in sports medicine. For the athletes in all of us. Excellent sayonara pouring each had a week here on the saints' radio network will go down to the field where it Christie Garrett is standing by good afternoon Christian. Maybe -- afternoon and now look the field conditions down here that field side look great I mean you know they got some weather earlier. This morning last night some rain but in the feels a little pretty well so far. In -- you know players are just now coming out of the locker room as a team kind of get ready that do go through their team portion of the drills before pre game here. And a lot of that I can see had those longer spikes on and we'll see those if that continues as to whether Mike did a little -- later on in the ball game now. The wind conditions on top of the stadium -- the flags are blowing from in zoned in so now on the field. It's blowing from the saints' bench over to the Carolina bids events so kind of swirling winds here -- -- and seeing Graham earlier. Kick the football and go through pregame warmups field goals -- go from about 45 yards. As as you guys -- look at on the television monitor to your left when -- when they're moving the ball to the left. -- looks like he's gonna struggle with the wind from 45 and out just because of the wind conditions are a little bit different out here now. On the other side. He was nailed from 55 yards so the wins again a little bit different as you can see. It's going to be a factor today catching the football on punts that'll be it an -- to keep an -- and I think the passing game will be -- that -- -- with this win. Now soccer is that you look at their field goal kicker. Dan -- Very capable obviously big big game winning kick it could come down to that which Ingram about the way he did. Carolina beat at that point favorite. You look again Nocioni. Google it and he's had a long -- 55 yards. And you look at Shayne Graham you know thirteen year driving career 85% accuracy. So in this kind of game. That the bottom line is that is Jay Graham has the opportunity making game winning kick. You gotta come through. Yeah and you hope -- -- I guess that it's on. The right side of the field as you guys were would look at it on television you would hope if it's a game winning kick. For the Saints it's gonna come to your right to the offenses are too viewers right side going in moving it obviously to the right. And -- That's -- bottoming here for guys that that is experienced in this league stick well for a long time. And he's been in that situation before but I I'll tell -- -- you know if we don't get -- which -- fuel -- here today it's going to be a factor I can -- -- down -- -- level. It's pretty gusty -- here it in my microphones. On the tough. Christie Garrett want -- a Christian on Twitter throughout today's -- updates. On social media -- earlier we visited with Sais -- visit back a Roman Harper to get his take on his big showdown against Carolina. -- big win today. A lot's on the land it in the Carolina Panthers a seemingly every -- it always comes down to somebody's that is you know. It's definitely big game on the road looking forward to it in there and -- and we know a good talent this team is their hot team new thing -- as the one. A loss against Sosa we atomic YouTube and rooms and sounds we have had a listen and everything that this team of problem was -- who gives that. Speaking of everything ahead of them in in -- the focus now mean regardless of what has happened now you get everything in front of your victory today would. Will mean a lot and you control everything the rest Owens. That gives -- is to see and you know. If you sit there we view it as evidence for. With a two season at the beginning of the year after such a rough few lesser most guys probably by that so. Home we know that we understand that not only can control is what we do day and we got to get this win and everybody's Olin is the most important -- we gotta have it. Room and you've seen his team's franchise an awful long time one familiar faces there and as a guy like Steve Smith is long Jim in his league -- Been around -- talk about the challenges when you talk about Steve Smith and also the entire receiving -- Carolina hands. You know you look at dusty movement is definitely there receiving corps he's an amazing players who have made tons and tons of plays that matter. No he's tough he goes after makes highlight catches you after year after played down -- down ran the -- who stepped his game this year. He's -- Ginn open isn't you know accountability you know make some big plays for his guys Ted -- He's really grown a tough off coverages and I assume he's been more consistent this year -- his hands and just really. Doing little things we have to team I was still moves first Niemi doing some different things and -- in the kicking game also so you take you out of them. Course Ben Nelson he's a solid in the one consistent easily received this year. And I think a -- man you know Tim's done a great job really spread the ball around can tell these guys it's not just. Everybody goes to Smith and just make them do something else they're -- really hurt them enough -- camps and a great job is his bruises. Making everybody step -- make plays whose team. Speaking to camp a -- like it is so physically gifted and can extend those playing so what are some things you try to guard against him when you see him lose that stated that how difficult does that make your job not -- got to pass it on Iran. It. The most trusting his you know when you you know a year by has thereby please amendment covets in the next you know -- corral him keep him in the pocket is -- you can the next thing you know makes my mr. nice guy forty yards. And no he's a long stride -- he can run fast and he's got the big arm so and -- -- he gets like this they just don't make these guys you know every day so. Right there within himself and now he's plants -- Marty's playing him so much better he understands where. He needs to get the ball each way and he's is doing a great job with the Indians got running backs line so. Now you know why they're being so different so well that -- -- best luck thank you so mystique. Bobby -- -- -- big if you look at it as of late we need to create turnovers and when you make it happen. And and blow wouldn't be a great game for Roman Harper to step up it looked as 2006. Now I know this season is dealing with injury he has Campbell's -- among a long been its banks and NC. You know -- Rob Ryan giving them opportunity but you look of forced fumbles. Peanut Tillman the Bears Nolan is close to him with 32. But -- -- of this he's force thirteen fumbles so it is kind of game have an impact. Because realistically when you look. And and Andy monopoly and -- that it has an impact this year as in Geneva Cairo. Plane in in the conversation at a Pro Bowl level. And dabbling you know the all rookie team in you know Roman has been injured like I said. In a while we've only had created to turn over the past seven games. Would you look at Roman thirty tags as an -- with a -- that needs to step up. And we need him and he's looking. But anything in the contract Malcolm Jenkins managing and got burned. Against the Seattle sea dogs came up big as Carolina and actually. And he got -- a bad angles tackling missed tackles against the Rams really Malcolm Jenkins if you wanna get paid step up have a big game against Carolina. And that we need that from all our safeties the Carol Jenkins and Roman Harper. It's about like -- and a kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network it's gonna take a look at today's opponent and may have been one of the hottest teams this season in the National Football League beat Carolina Panthers who welcome and the voice. Of the Panthers make mix and make thank you so much in that since the NFL went to this. Divisional format the last few weeks of the season it really has calmed down -- to a handful of games and he would go it's the Saints the Carolina Panthers today. Yeah I could -- voice becomes sit here watching Henderson right all his dad lives down on kind of rubber neck over here and look and see what the keys to the game or maybe have helped me. On our broadcasts but this -- until an hour talking a second ago about how how needed is that the Panthers are finally relevant. And of course the Saints have been a power but it's weird now that the Panthers are relevant. The Panthers wanna be prominent and in order to make that transition wins in these next two games might help. Now make. You look at everyone's looking of those who can't be that the events. You look to junior gallant -- arm outstanding the last time they face -- Carolina the superdome in. And you look at the likes to Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson a couple of seasons he's had a would double digit sacks. Greg Hardy L last year in that have an eleven and you look at whether Iraq right now and you would think this has to be a big incentive. You look at Joseph Johnson went nine hardy with eight and considering. What occurred in the superdome. I think coaches calling -- players in the meeting room but. You don't have to be talent a great article on you going against a rookie Armstead. That that you have to dominate. Wouldn't be surprised if that message got transmitted by -- but. You just have to be honest if you're Carolina panther fan or broadcaster coach or whatever and say the fans got whipped I mean it was. After the Panthers had the ball for eleven and a half minutes of the first fifteen minutes of the game it was not close after that I I have nightmares. About junior to let spray in off the edge untouched in the course Cameron Jordan as well. Greg Hardy out think Greg -- party cares whether it's an all pro left tackle face and -- whether it's a rookie making his first start. He he's got to play better than he did I think one of the big problems speak about me that game for the Panthers was a pass rush got to -- Drew Brees one of the best hockey climbers in the history of the NFL. I think the Panthers wanna bring some more pressure up the middle maybe start start off the edge with the transition to the middle. And hope to get into that -- gap that the -- field of vision that that Drew Brees worked so well. And I make when you talk about pressure in. And you look at Cam Newton and you know what he's still wouldn't be as far as the Billick to extend plays and run. -- had a nice run at the beginning of the game and it film in and out with six. Attempts from 48 yards. I Dodgers that you play a bigger role this time around and I'm decision is as a quarterback theory. That get a great pre snap read. And it may be the first receivers not open don't necessarily hang in the pocket maybe trying -- the break containment. And now I'm -- make plays that you feat considering what's on the line and not saving yourself now I gotta be healthy. For the whole season is kind of do or -- tough on the -- -- can you to have more that six rushing at him. You may be right -- the ball a little too long I think you that Saints game and a couple times about them by about came in snatched their bald headed from behind in. Some of those sacks on surprise Campbell and hurt a couple of times get -- by the Saints so I think you're right -- in camp can make plays from the pocket. He can make plays on the edge there's the threat of the options these facts are a handful especially if the rain comes about we were expected rain here. And if the field does end up being a little bit slippery wouldn't surprise me to see camp turn to the left and hand -- -- to the right and handoff 25 or thirty times tonight. A nice job on handing off and now violent to DeAngelo Williams -- -- department lately an outstanding game when you consider the Jets. Their defense. Their front seven house style Carolina had almost four yards. Of offense and look at DeAngelo Williams. 81 yards rushing and 87 receiving yards and we had a big. 72 yard touchdown reception on its green. And after the Saints have to avoid you out of it yet to make Carolina earn their points and and and I'm saying include street even imagined this no we talked to him early in the week -- look at. At that that these two stats obviously everyone talks about turnovers the Saints are going in the wrong direction derided even with Carolina being plus eleven. But also the Panthers have been outstanding on third down offense and defense. And the Saints won that area back in the dome so he -- look at third down offense and defense -- the flow of the game. And then -- to journals out the side. You know who wins the game. Well you're right that's why you're the cajun cannon and no one else is about what what way do you guys -- -- it to the care hardly move and then Shayne Graham come in and how big a factor to people in the Crescent City think that might be -- that. Well I think their trust factor has gone by we Garrett Hartley is like okay do you have a game winning Kagan and opportunity are you gonna make it. Because I tell you what -- being a big -- small city of Garrett Hartley wouldn't make their cake and and he couldn't stay here. I mean people care that much and you look at the -- being three point favorite. We could come down to whether or not you make that game winning kick. And and I know right now. That we get a handle. You have to think that Carolina has to be confident. That given a game winning -- -- when he -- 26. That that he will make it now look to Shane Graham. All on those thirteen years. 85%. Accuracy. That goes along way in that shows you can handle the pressure he's been a Pro Bowl kicker. Thought I've got to put it this week if it comes down there. He began O are Graham having a chance a game winning -- I think he'll make it it -- miss that in the -- there where that's sort of big to will be. And but I don't look fumble while I listen I don't know of this thing it's gonna win until the fans I think you could flip a coin. But I'd be surprised that they alien -- like he'd -- -- at Seattle and Saint Louis. That I'm not -- -- gonna win but I I think you'll be a dogfight -- don't know. Without them it's going to be but I see them go down through line. You think the Saints ago when don't you about I have to have they'll look at that glass half full. I -- look at and have him deep in on those I know Carolinas scoring defense. You know what they've done in. Dallas. I mean 31 points when I looked at this that is blew me away. When I considered you look at the Spurs have. -- Carolina and only given up two touchdowns. In the first time we got three units that you corner. I don't think that can occur obviously I Carolina. I'll look at it this Saints get a mid twenties. And I think that's a great achievement. As far as their offense and I can't turn over the ball and the saint Stephen's got -- east outlook. Rob Ryan than not it's not as Seattle Carolina San Francisco. But we only given up ninety points a game and I think you'll take that kind of effort. You know there's I think that we scored the -- on his that you have to built to win indeed that's at the commodity. Yeah I agree with the I I think you're I think they'll be a close game and I think the for the on the -- standpoint Bobby in the I think energy you'll be there the intensity will be there I think while the -- -- challenges of the don't get so -- up for this game. That you hurt yourself with simple five false start. Illegal procedure illegal shift especially in the red zone red zone productivity but at panther standpoint -- has been a big point events it's all week. He is the voice of the Carolina Panthers may make -- make mayor Chris -- have a great call today. I'll say to you guys made you guys can assist a variety. Thank you very much we will continue with a bunt like countdown to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Oakland hog Jewelers Rolex time she's 35 minutes to kickoff between the Saints and the Panthers turned down the senate said. It took to New Orleans Saints radio network it is about like -- down a tick off an -- Bobby bare. I'm Deke Bellavia after today's game Don Jose -- -- different quota for the upon after your team to sound off on the biggest game of the season -- the Saints and the Panthers. Here on the saints' radio network and begin the biggest games. By far the biggest game of his career overall. In his rookie out of Arkansas time love to run homestead saint Salam report Christie Garrett visited with to -- gators take on facing the Carolina Panthers. Try -- pretty excuses -- Yeah I am I excited about it joy for the game went so we'd like -- like for you were apparent here mania for starts. A lot of info -- lot of information coming this week but -- they are grasp it pretty well to complement the how much of you may know some of the veterans you know trying to point today -- -- -- softens wanna get you ready to you know. Maybe grows the most since we've been his we will be playing next to each other than over communicate to come over exaggerate because -- and those -- 20 -- And you get the word need to -- who was your reaction to me that the human nature firstar. The relief. I was sure when it was gonna Colts this year and makes you. Or even after so it was a relief and just excited to watch it from the sidelines last fourteen weeks I feel like that's benefited you. Tremendously out learned a lot. In practice working on my technique -- fundamentals so I think it helps tremendously. Q talk about what you've seen -- Carolina -- -- really good group. They play well together how Mota followed during that time motive -- direction so -- myself throughout thanks Christian who probably. Bobby Tyronn arms ban in body. Talk about we'll get there are a bit of finance. Into the I mean the is that. Ease him into it no ending in any bigger than this and he remember this weather is positive or negative hopefully. Is positive he's going against Greg Hardy. Lose a guy last year -- double digit sacks he has eight on the season right now. I'm sure records Peyton. You know he'll have some protection that not every play to -- a mix and a we'll get an extra blocking hell. Throughout the game with a chip but it with the -- and on the running back in. And Mika Drew Brees can become or has -- become a big to protect his blind side now if you look at drew. And a him and what he's -- on the road. Is like night and day compared to the -- -- You look at Drew Brees via has suspension to start the game I think is going to be crucial like commencing throb is pre game. Drew has 31 quarter turnovers. In his past two road games at Seattle -- at saint -- and all three -- a couple points for the opposing team. -- we do that now and tell you right now we're not gonna win. You look at drew as the old when he retires now in just three interceptions. -- -- and at home this season that's dominant that's almost ridiculous numbers but you look on the road -- -- eleven touchdowns and seven interceptions. And I think we need to get off to a great start arms -- he's the you know the great start so he has confidence. Lena -- Ben Grubbs. A veteran who's playing alongside you. And obviously. You know court date night leading up to try to mix it up. Trying to block a guy like party. Like with the -- in our achieving with the running back before it well and in the real. He advocates again about BA bad job -- as at halftime he gives -- his first half break down right here on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Coach it was that day and every week. This season thoughts about the next games the most important game because it's on the schedule this will have to be the next somebody's a very big one. Yeah six on a new meaning you know when you start to season your first goals to win the division I'm sure Carolina is the same way and so now you have two teams that. -- atop the division playing for that. For that title. In to have that opportunity here and have a chance to clinch the number two seed which means. You know a -- in their home game I mean there's so many. So many easy things to point to as a coach that you know you know you're players to be. At least understanding. -- what's at stake here and I think the key thing is going out there and play him picture of the relaxed and it starts with a good preparation during the week and we're excited. Coach you know we talk about before. Everything has happened up to this but none of that really matters now because everything is in front of you control what happens it absolutely and that's. That's all yes for you know when in this league. That opportunity to get win number eleven. And then you know with what comes with that. It is a very significant as it pertains to the post season so. The same thing exists for Carolina which makes this game so. So important. Coach when you played -- team some of tennis for -- for me what they've done in their stance and so close together is it maybe a situation where you don't wanna do too much differently are you what do you do to try and find out. A few things you put on not so good on and his game well maybe tweaking too much. Well but that's a good question I I think both teams have certain personalities of what they do in. Those. Those tendencies are reason. Both teams are sitting here ten wins so you don't wanna deviate from. What is your base and what is your nor. And then it's. The wrinkle here that you think maybe. Can help you both offensively or defensively in this game. But not not leave him you know your core values and found a coach and things you need to be successful -- -- this one up on -- road at Carolina. Well I think two things I think the pressure battle's going to be very sick if you we've got to -- protect drew when we're throwing the football. I think that that. Same thing exist as pertains to -- you know the quarterback it's under more dress in this game is is is going to be challenged in that team's going to be challenged more. Those those equate to turn over those equate to time of possession those equate to third down conversions so. Protecting quarterbacks going to be vital having that balance and they're the key thing is going to be the field position turnovers to invest a lot thanks to. All right getting closer to kick offs and of course the Saints defense -- have their hands when they what is going to be what could be a windy and rainy day to day Saints on our report Christie Garrett visited. With last -- leading tackler and a bright spot and at 2760 -- -- Rams is Christie Garrett with David Hall phone. David when he had so much success against the Panthers to we still. Familiar opponent how much do you have to Q do you have to change a whole oh because of the fact they know so well and he's seen it two weeks ago. Owens they got to change a lot you know you definitely have to have to detail what you do you know obviously every game no games perfect you know so we have mistakes. You know that we made that we need to clean up from last time you know and and we felt like as a as a defense you know we have you have you have to continue game progress you know throughout the year. You know so two weeks ago you know you can't they were completely different team but we hasn't and we still need to work out. And that's who uses we to do. Have you guys available the thing -- wise he has struggled this your -- room for the most part. No I mean I -- -- -- down to you know -- -- taking his own road you know coming out with intensity that you need to come out to to be successful. You know has been a number of things that that has not been successful you know he's got to clean those up and I'll move forward. -- when you guys know what's on the line this week and opportunity that. To clinch a playoff berth and of course maintain that that and it's -- self crowned. And I guess it means a lot you know but you know it just means it is is means a lot to us to go down there and played canning game we've been looking to play on the road you know just a to go out there and execute -- we know we're capable you know exists stick to -- think talent everything else take care of yourself. David thanks appreciate you look I've precision. All right about it that is linebacker David -- thought embody what's it going to take to make it I hot day for the saint -- over the top and -- on them as well. The one thing of the pits came -- and Hawthorne did lead the team in tackles when regularly it's anyone's. Play well against the Rams. We we can't afford to miss tackles you look at the things the fans. And two most disappointing gained two it was against the Jets. And the Rams in the road you know we -- miss that nine tackles against the Rams Rams that the second highest total of the season and is twelve against the Jets. And now the for the season it's unbelievable thing to him his 44 tackles on the road compared to 26 and all but we need to have a home. Type of stance on defense in Charlotte. Today against the Panthers now -- when you look at it being at Tennessee. How the officials Julia -- officiating group. How they gonna call the game. They get a lead they count on -- -- with the bags be physical and live on as well realistically you'd call a penalty. It's uphold and in appearance whatever it throughout the game and all that first quarter the very first third down they held called the inning call it. But I believe in them again like treatment of penalties against Carolina. In this thing you wanted to do is look at see how the pitch of the call on the game and I think also along those lines we got to get off to a great start. You look on the show on -- his 2006. We've gotten off agreed started they kind of like a blitzkrieg. Where we jumped all over opponent and you know what hit them -- we lead after a first quarter. The Saints win. Eighty over 80%. Of the times like forty wins -- in nine losses. So a lot look you get off to a great start now only do you have the momentum in this Wagner competent. Would you take the road -- you take the crowd. Out of the game now like we did in Chicago I said earlier numbers the Bears that it can be critical crucial. And obviously internal margin mean to be even on the plus side. And that's going to be a big obstacle as we've been heading in the wrong direction where even for the season right now we we're as good as plus eight. So we need to head back and plus category Carolina's one of the best in the league at plus eleven a look at third down. In order to do and rent them Robinson deep -- when the eternal battle get off to a great start and mapping the Saints went on a look at. You know the glass half full. I think Shayne Graham is -- bomber to enemy maybe him making game winning kick. I think that he Goebel the -- defeated three point spread. But I -- it would take to saint in his three points on on an eagle and like in Seattle with Saint Louis an -- Saints -- -- on top. Kind of like what they're scoring demons as done economy at the high teens it prominently does things to when he three count -- -- 21. All right that's the case again and Bobby big -- with the Saints at the three point victory north is a three point on the dog don't get follow Kristian garic. As he will give you the birds have you what is like to be down there on the field as a sideline reporter and Kristian -- one. On Twitter and -- makes it is the biggest game of the season from on game day crew Manning master control ends at a Bank of America Stadium. And the Saints broadcast Booth is. Masterful Robert Caro on the sidelines is Christie Garrett and a gentleman that will be providing you the breakdown of the game color analyst looking guys John and the -- Saints. Jim Henderson bring to the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints right now this is a New Orleans Saints radio network.