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12-22 3:20pm Sean Payton

Dec 22, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton addresses the media after a last minute loss to the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is it difficult. Difficult loss. Congratulate Carolina fight back. Was real proud of our players say -- I thought. I thought we played with a great passion great energy and -- did the things necessary. 21 a football game that we just came up short. I was pleased with with how we played. Especially the conditions are that that second half than it would just kind of hung in there kept fighting and that we didn't get the win but we play like that we're gonna get plenty of and so. It's tough loss but we'll bounce back refund any questions. -- Well. Different type of game. You'll lose Italy it's always difficult but. It's the way this game unfolded was field position. You know we were kind of been back there for awhile they -- a good job. Get the couple punts down and then you know we -- it Jameel -- kind of get out of it. That area and ended up with that with the score. So it's a field position game. Should defensively we played lights out you know. They drive -- the year but I'm not there it's disappointing but it's not as -- For. As I have been all season with the effort the way we we played and a will be just -- we keep doing that. The only. I'm in a lot of pressure on him. What can. It's the same. I'm very. Accurate question. Did the same looks we played that officers before. We were getting good pressure with our four man front. Picks in the coverages a little bit the same thing they -- big play over auditing you know but. Nothing nothing different. And we'll. Listen that's just positive. Just play like that. It's tough to sporting but the messages is you know. Put it out there the way they did it and you know we're in position but you know. It didn't happen we'll bounce back these guys are resilient I was pleased with like -- so I was pleased with. With how they approach this game so. You guys and a lot of criticism for. He's a different team on the road feeling you -- to -- question. I think we did what we needed to do run the football. We did what we needed to do defensively. Look this year we have. Have been a successful on the road. I'll leave it at that forces them. That's bush. Yeah this game this game is different. Shoot -- -- his bat were battling hard. -- that little stretch after the where. Coming down pretty pretty heavy at. It was especially good it was it was really field position. Our guys up front on both sides of the ball battle play real well but we. They're good job blocking the way I've looked at the numbers yet but I thought. You know we put ourselves in the position to win and we weren't able to finish it but I was pleased with their effort. I thought I thought Byrd hit a good week practice. Pin with a batch of these that I thought very good you know we knew going in there's going to be some challenges there always is at that position -- but very good.

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