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12-22 3:30pm Malcolm Jenkins

Dec 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah Malcolm if you just -- went up on the last play there. We president. And I and I made agreed to throw her progress on the receiver Jamaica has. Agree -- receiver and corner in them. And I was -- what can you guys take away -- -- easy to take away from this game I mean I thought we played in our cars are about. Defensively you know we had a great and special teams. Went back four of -- -- Johnson needed. Vs that of defense in with some weather conditions. Is you look up until last there's certain game and we played. The way we need to win we -- that wears a confidence level right now this team. I don't think numerous conferences is there -- no. You're right it's pretty. Excited about that before democracy that we are we preparations. The entire game of its last 32 news. Writers to wanted to be so Nazi. We lose schedule dismembered. And agreements we have to win and you know will will play big and what do you do for here. Afterward notices this loss that was thing. It was a sweet dreams that progress was -- You know reitsma and -- long rumored. Everything ones and friends and you know we can take that back from the and we play well -- in novel things.

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