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WWL>Topics>>12-22 3:40pm Jahri Evans

12-22 3:40pm Jahri Evans

Dec 22, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- three and five this year on road. Kind of not typical of the Saints football team improved but can you guys if you go on road in the playoffs and think it would get some wins and. Yeah I mean it's the playoffs you -- -- so. You know we still a home game at home this season you know goes about -- -- -- game in we do you know a couple of things happen we'll still get to number -- -- good. Not you -- if you get it -- -- when you do what you gotta do. Offense league -- run the football today pretty effectively as. Just talk about that it's a positive -- away we had a couple good -- complacent in our game -- with us and things and -- and you know we felt we commendable guys and -- for the past as well so. You know we know the front there you know -- it's different and special. But it actually missed. You know we just didn't make enough plays in which currently there for a minute situation to you know -- -- Just limit and please you know what a coach Pete don't you guys definitely I mean you know obviously you just -- You take advantage of the opportunities they present so that we haven't done it the last couple weeks but. Missing time because base -- -- and reactions you know. And that's what focuses you know we go back to -- would that this. We'll make corrections be coming in next appointment division opponent isn't playing well they think of John thanks for -- --

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