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12-22 3:50pm Hokie Gajan

Dec 22, 2013|

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I -- saint post game injury report it brought you back doing -- to do sports medicine for the athletes in all of us early in the game. -- but Carl went down with a ankle problem they've brought the air cast out there but then only. Loaded -- Duke guard and left and he never it returns in the game Pierre Thomas went out. Briefly with a and I don't know if that might help him and I think he's got some but in the guy. But he was able to return and that's all I know. Of the injuries for the saint. So that was the State's post game report brought you back Tulane institute of -- Madison for the athlete and all of us is certainly was speak in the it's. Yeah I give credit to the Carolina teammate Jim and I have right there for Carolina and their last position or -- just you know how unsettled Cam Newton had looked all day long -- you know what I mean when the pressure was on in the young man had to make the plate he did and -- -- credit Rob Ryan he didn't he didn't throw prevent defense out there he didn't rush GO just two guys victory guys that are. Whatever else to me he came with some blitzes they put pressure on on Cam Newton that. Then again you know we see you hate. You lose a game like -- but you know you've got to give credit to the opponent when it really counted that's when they made it happen and he insulted the State's economy this bid and they'll have to deal with it now but. I will say this I think it's probably it's certainly one of the better games they played on the road if not maybe the best game that they played on the road they usually. Shut down Carolina on third down. But -- game may never gave Cam Newton had big break out run the used against. You know loses then they -- to me they really had a very good. Run defense blitz called on the long run about to hit two -- brilliant he gets found the one gap. Where there won the Saints defender and he -- the end zone. Untouched -- yes it's very discouraging but he would certainly not a game to be ashamed about and they -- there's still in this thing and as you said they might be on the is the flight home tonight and found out that they actually did make the playoffs. Whom all in all. You know it's a loss and you gotta take you accuse you still don't have yourself clinched into the in the playoffs yet but I think that. Next week in this scenario of if you win year in I think to -- come out Roland. Like they have a tendency to do in the dome in. You know that's kind of -- -- it from here except wanna say. Thank you to Robert -- son Patrick he made the trip was simply been a big help. In the press box for -- hitless some soft drink who me -- updated stats and while -- -- socially I'm mechanical for a -- in the press box spit and things. Done for mean GM little busy works alone think Patrick Carroll for doing that in. Kind of wish everybody out there Merry Christmas and company in next Sunday in. Hopefully we come out where we will be playing in the next week in for the playoff round.