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12-23 8:10am Scoot, Saints vs. Panthers

Dec 23, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks about the Saints last second loss to Carolina

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It feels like Christmas Day it -- -- over the weekend at least jobless -- a lot of lightning and thunder I don't remember. I don't remember that much lightning and thunder this time appeared visibly associated with springtime summertime showers and it it it's gotten Kohler it's a great weekend to get all your shopping -- hopefully you've got a little dog I've taken got a few more things to to get done. I hope you have taken some time to enjoy. Christmas and New Orleans because new world is really just they're a great job with Christmas. You Jackson square area the river walk here that we walk is decorated -- the Roosevelt and Ritz Carlton in their Wilson asked. -- bring -- kids downtown and or just come downtown yourself there's there's a real reindeer at Fulton street and you know some kids in this part of the country don't always get to see a real reindeer and -- different frontier. And also there's so there's real camel which is something that you don't often see. We're talking about the saints loss yesterday and I mentioned I'm going into the news just now. That I think too much emphasis is placed on records and statistics. And I guess that that is it important to some degree but. Peyton Manning breaking the the single season touchdown record yesterday. Just reminded me how much we focus. On records. And while I realize that that's important individuals. It's a team sport. And it's more important to win a game. Then it is to get records and I know that on paper everybody will tell you that. But I I think we seem to be transit resting more toward focusing on the individual players. Rather than their contribution to the team. And see if you don't notice this as you and as you watch the NFL and think about the things that. Did that people are focusing on a ticket it -- great daddies have all these great records and I mean that's wonderful. But that doesn't do us any good right now all those records don't really matter and the saints have lost two in a row a two games they should've won. And as I said earlier today I got nervous when the saints get the ball back with a three point lead. You shouldn't get nervous at that point you should think. They're gonna win it I love the onside kick call. I love the fake call -- -- extra point call I loved that targets which was that -- -- extra point if they get extra point I'm not from -- field -- I love the call even though it didn't work I still love the call. But I've seen I seen a pattern with with Sean Payton. And it's a pattern of playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win. And that totally ships. The momentum. In games did it's it this is not the first time it's happened it's happened a couple of times this year now the seats -- ten and five. Great place to -- They. I guess to some degree control their -- there in the playoffs if they beat Tampa Bay next week that tick off has been moved to 345. In the afternoon. I expect the saints to win. But you know here we find ourselves. Needing to pull for Atlanta. Atlanta plays 49ers tonight on Monday Night Football we should pull for the falcons and I know as -- saints -- that's really hard for you to do -- -- it. And then next week we need to pull for the falcons to beat the Panthers. It's hard to pull for the Sox. Got a text a moment ago but somebody has said let him have the division and a pole for the Panthers I mean I'm not -- into the I'm not only for the falcons like the pants -- -- deficient. I Drew Brees in all honesty. Did not have a great game yesterday. And it a lot of it was in his ball because he was under so much pressure in the offensive line which was terrible yesterday. But -- there were times when Brees did have especially in the second half in the fourth quarter Brees was getting time to throw the ball. But there were there were a lot of passes that were not accurate. -- should've won the game and as good as we are if we're not as good as we can be. Then why is it fair to be critical that. We should demand it. The best. Out of ourselves. We should demand the best out of our team and not just other -- five -- so when the playoffs all that's what what you all that is fine. But it's fair to criticize if we're not as good as we can be who do you blame most for the loss the players. But the coaching. That's or Debbie W a pretty -- opinion poll gave you an update on that we come back more of your comments are next. It's 814 I'm scoot and Tommy Tucker this is WW well. Who do you blame most for the saints lost yesterday. 41% say the players had 59% say the coaches answered -- W -- -- -- opinion poll gives your opinion. Going to our website WWL. Dot com but it toward your text here in just a moment and from man -- village on your WWL a good morning. Aren't -- right I'm OK John. -- I won't get you when your partner it's nice and got involved in you know. Between my partner that's more realistic around -- -- -- -- her parents. -- you are located. But we shouldn't get nervous at that point we should be confident that the team's gonna get a first down and and win the game but they dated until. Just think the -- for Jimmy Graham. When he ran -- -- at all. Her daughter back in about torture and we didn't need it functionalities. Harsh crack. Tailored coat is worth the that it. He could. Until that line of scrimmage. Drew -- it. -- campaign. And changeable day. Feel sorry totally -- exports to limit. We will meet that goal. And John I'm going to told the show and now we have a very Merry Christmas here's attacks that reason offensive line coaching decision sets to blame. Here's a text. Atlanta will lose just because they hate us what that would be really a great way to get back at the saints lose tonight and lose next week. You know this is not the -- this -- the first time that we've had to deal with this sudden on a Monday morning at six losing a game that they've they've they've really should've won. And and I really hope that since this is Christmas week tomorrow's Christmas -- are really hope that you don't let this game pictured him. I mean there are people out there right now who need. They need. They need some some some help on how to get through this. This this Monday where the saints lose. You know it's a game it's a game they should've won. A game what they were ahead in the game. The game where -- the team can't it wants to put first down between running the ball that went nowhere right we just all have to -- to conduct. You know I think about how how if the saints lose. It doesn't affect my paycheck. Does affect my health -- -- -- some people would argue that there aren't really stressed and put undrawn stress from the saints lose. But as a -- loss doesn't hurt your family. It doesn't impact your career. Ended shouldn't change Christmas plans. So. You know we're talking about this it's cathartic to do that that we'll put this behind us and think about next week and of the saints could surprise all of us and they could get into the playoffs and do very well in the playoffs it's not over. But I don't think is any wrong with being critical of the way the saints. Into that game yesterday. If you would join us for your comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text numbers 8778. It's a 21 not a lot of traffic out there but for those. Another update with Carol Robinson. You know we really didn't you get -- this service today so maybe we'll do it from. Best Christmas songs can be worse Christmas on some of these things like that look this is ago and although the Holland notes version. But I love Paula knows when to hold their expert -- -- Kind of cheesy -- remember this execute Washington's transistor radio. We're getting reaction to the safe performance yesterday it's a game that I think they should have won and it's a game where I get really nervous toward the end because of a pattern and I've seen with the saints and it seems like. There and they're they're protecting -- protecting their image they're they're protecting a lead there. Trying to cling on to. On this small lead that they they have been and instead of going forward and just doing the things that got you where you weren't the saints were doing well is turn it to be quite a defensive battle for. Both of these teams and the saints were -- were doing well. But if you if you've got the ball with a three point lead. I don't think it's wise to get conservative because that sends a sub conscious message to your team. And in this case the offense but also to the defense it would you're just really not too. -- still be. It just needs to be more aggressive. In in my opinion and this is something that I I've seen. -- I saw Peyton is a very aggressive coach in the past and yes I liked the like the fake and a field goal. Even though it didn't work I love the onside kick after the saints go up three nothing. You need to have that attitude toward the into the game as well now from New Orleans time a year and a BW well. Do you use. It but it's not somebody column that it began and expect a column. In. You can't -- that you -- -- back in given. And expect -- want to outline them not block. But everything is stated principles. I don't do that go back to the gym and replace it out a way to play but the -- Put up -- What they call a point it's about. And got a job as well there and why it took him about it. -- Do you have confidence and it it. -- and it didn't didn't ago on a post that -- Tommy appreciate you calling -- of area Merry Christmas here's a text about how how a loss affects you -- doesn't affect players' paychecks. This team has no heart. So what are -- the comment that after the game Drew Brees was sounding a little too much like a politician. And it may be wasn't man enough and himself with the team for for not winning this game. Now again the saints could turn everything around starting this week and some prices and get to the play offs in years it's one game at a time and and they can steal. Get in the playoffs if they beat the box and if it's some other things happen the saints could still end up at number two seed in in the playoffs. So the saints could totally turned things around surprises but. That's something that I don't think it's automatic in the only way that's gonna happen. Is if they go back to this spirit. That the team had in 2009. You know if you want to win more than once Super Bowl you can't just. Think -- gonna win more than once Super Bowl he can't just hope you're gonna win one more than more than who went Super Bowl. He had -- you've got to make like you've never won a Super Bowl before one of the brilliant things about Phil Jackson is a basketball coach. With the bulls and with the lakers. I think he it was his sand mentality. It helped him win so many championships back to back. And whole concept is in his living in the moment don't think about the past don't think about the future the past as a matter. It's what's happening right here and right now and I didn't see that yesterday. I -- here on WWL and good morning. Hey I'll just one comment that it was on fourteen. And go back to what Dutch coach Belichick had. There was a couple of games ago and down on on TV apple wanted to -- that one of the game. You got to play a full sixty minutes. -- -- The Gigabeat Trout out out. Edit the saints sort of in the phrase finish strong what I I thought about that yesterday as well. Great epic six big label sixteen man you know and it's a -- how to ended up at the end I know the defense played -- All game but. It's sixty. Help but migrate up -- at the positive. Week off we get them -- that we will. Bill. -- Charles and bicycle Michelle Merry Christmas it is the Monday of Christmas week tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I hope you don't let this get you down but we are talking about it this morning I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker will be -- -- more after this WWL news updates with crystal. And I thank you Chris. Is the Monday before Christmas tomorrow is Christmas even cooler weather has moved the and it's cloudy but we're gonna see some sunshine I think later on today. And and cooler temperatures tonight and Christmas Eve night it's going to be chilly self here's. You know something testing that you like to where you'll be able to Wear and then. It's going to be very chilly especially of it or shorted -- 27 degrees and -- sure when you wake up Christmas morning and very festive Christmas like temperatures. Throughout the the holiday week so it's it's a good week however this is a tough Monday because the saints lost they lost a game they should've won. And and maybe the same feeling that I had but I got nervous when the saints defense stopped the Panthers and the Panthers punt it and I'm thinking. In effect where I was watching the game with a with a friend of mine and I told us that if the saints just. Try to run the ball and just because they went marched on the field to control the clock if they have that attitude if that's their game plan right down -- game. The State's gonna lose. And that's what happened from New Orleans Steve -- under the WL. Hey Steve. We have become a common problems. People remembered to -- ban the bag on it and listen. And that -- -- -- -- -- yeah and the site. Apply at all and. And -- in the play -- sell. -- anybody. Out there. They -- go to and then I'll watch in the playoffs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shot. Out. On. But -- those things can happen that's why you have to be aggressive. To -- variant of the game. Team and everybody. I'm talking about this. Yeah you make it. I ask you cannot lie. Well no you're right about that and that is -- that is a big problem that was sort of a similar criticism -- giving Drew Brees so much money that they were gonna have to take some money from somewhere else and maybe was the offensive line maybe -- keep some players. That they that they should have -- but they weren't able. So upbeat economic calm there. Now -- the -- -- Politics didn't. I've I don't I don't disagree with that but the point is is that they were in some games that they should've won this year and one of those yesterday. -- -- Steve you know I think -- -- later called the show and I'll be at a very Merry Christmas and I think you're right you know the saints lost I mean it's -- -- it's okay. They would just kind of get along it would just the best we can and that's -- to me that's kind of been an attitude of New Orleans and I grew up here. This city has accepted it. Not doing as good as he can do -- accepted mediocrity. That changed after Katrina this is a city that is destined to be great. And is demanding greatness. And I don't think there's anything wrong with demanding that out of the team. Out of your employees. Out of yourself. Or out of your kids. I'm scoot it toward Tommy Tucker and we're coming right back with more of your comments on WWL. It's. There. It's Christmas weekend and it says starting to feel like it with his -- cooler weather here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Who do you blame most for the saints loss yesterday the players for the coaches 40% say the players and 60% say the coaches. Why is Christmas time are gonna give you a chance to win. From -- if you well -- French market Christmas gift pack that includes -- actually three packs of French market coffee mug a 25 delegates are terrific different needles they create. A two boxes of single serve coffee in a poster -- talent at local artists tariffs on sport now a unit 85 dollars. When you hear the Dixie cups. Sing let it snow argue about the number -- caller you -- get packed. Tonight a Monday Night Football the 49ers play the falcons and we're supposed to cheer for the felt I know that's hard. And then next week the falcons close out the season against the Panthers as we close out the season with a box. And the game against the bucks in the Mercedes-Benz superdome has the end shifted to a 325. In the afternoon. Get toward your text here in just a moment we continue to get your reaction to. To the saints lost yesterday -- don't misunderstand me. I'm a saints -- There are still people who believe that you can't be true saints stand and be critical of a poor performance. I would like to think that the saints are critical of a poor performance. I would like to think that the saints are more critical of themselves. Then the fans are critical of them because that's how you get to be better. And even though the saints are doing really well this year -- five and it is a -- point -- if they if they win next week they're eleven and five that's great. But they should've won that game yesterday. And they should have beaten at the St. Louis Rams. And and I realize that that football is made up of human beings and human beings can be. -- human but I see a pattern. Of playing. Not to lose as opposed to playing to win a from Biloxi Tommy -- under the W well. I -- good. And are playing playing the 1984. There's a lot more and walked in the last couple of nines -- Freddy Kruger made it. Jim -- GM and or prayer exactly what he says and -- -- -- respect the people might now leveraged pieces but it Maureen I'm not. -- progress but that's simply Linda is not Blair. Tommy I I agree. I'm going to call the show. Here's a text that reads. -- speak for yourself post-Katrina the majority of the city of New Orleans is proud especially to be home. I'd miss anything about right. I I'm a native I was born here -- -- appears that much in my career here. So this is not somebody's coming from the outside. Being critical of New Orleans and not being critical to our inspectors there is a tendency to accept. Not being great. It has been part of the culture of this city for for decades and decade may be from the very beginning. But I've seen a quest for greatness. That is really said in this city after Katrina. And sometimes when we face big challenges. That shows the character of who we really York. As a city. Whereas individuals. I don't think we should. Except something -- it's as good as it can be. We sometimes you have to just except light for the way it is -- and go on -- and be happy because everything. Everything can't be perfect. However. There is a new desire for greatness in the city. And the saints mirrored that after Katrina and I do think that that football teams quite often -- the cities there and like I talked about this when. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series and there was a lot of talk about they were destined to win the World Series because of Boston. Being Boston's strong the whole Boston strong campaign Boston coming together after the Boston Marathon comics. I think city sometimes do reflect the the energy and -- the commitment of a city. New Orleans has changed. And it's changed for the better. The -- always been propped. But it. That doesn't mean that you should not always try to be the best you can absolutely be if your -- stay with us -- -- -- for Tommy Tucker -- your calls are coming up. All right here are those -- -- out. That signature -- number -- regular contest line 260 -- to six -- 9467. You win for -- WLT French market coffee Christmas baskets. And right now even though there's not a whole lot of it out there. Update it's christmastime and it is true whether it's feeling over. -- -- -- like it took a loss here to pull the streets over the weekend and it's it's beautiful lands as always it was a particularly in the real reindeer down there. But the -- -- a real reindeer and maybe you've ever seen a real rain here. Also there's a there's an action camel I know I looked around and the city Weisman and -- Campbell you can look around for quite a. Didn't see it do you think it's gonna be any second guessing today about the game yesterday. The second guess you know with the Kasey -- of -- beer and NFL analyst Mike -- -- from the silver slipper casino on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi. Now what's your take on the saints -- will this impact your Christmas at all plus a closeup of the big winners and losers yesterday. In the NFL and the New Orleans -- by the way which was very very successful great crowd there. So -- from. 48 tonight's actually supportive to -- here 44 to 7730 tonight it's the second game show. Monday Night Football at 730 with the falcons and the forty niners. And it's 630 to saints coaches show with head coach Sean Payton and assistants assistant team Cogent and the and the assistant specialty coach and the special teams that are right. On that'll be a coming up later today -- every WL opera tenor John welcome to the show. -- morning -- com and about being -- The main thing and didn't think we have you know the best -- -- or. How -- In recent gains in recent on that and early on line. And on offense and into New -- rocking critical and I think that. That telltale thing yes but he was that with. Actually two minutes left in the game. And -- for -- decided to look on the ball to and for that but obviously she didn't have an awful lot of respect for our offense at that point. And proved to be right. You know -- in the in the drive right before that that we were we threw the ball down. Now and August 16 since hotline and successfully. And then down when he got two million there we're all we need it was a first down we re in a -- Tom middle. I don't know -- Nobody and even if we wouldn't even if we would have passed the ball at the the problem that I see is that in those situations. There seems to be this attitude we need to. We need to do what we -- to just cling to the lead. And it seems as if the saints are playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win and -- nobody should get nervous if your team has a three point lead and gets the ball back with under two minutes to play. You know it's gonna go on things you know how meaning -- -- Malone which were top of the city. I think this city obviously has come -- way the city in Spain and it's in the past expecting trouble as we expect to him and that's a good. And we have good player and good coaches and and so you know with the -- so we are now what's the world going on. In the sense that you can't put a dream away and. I'm gonna have to get to a news break in a Politico have a Merry Christmas. Five. You know it's the parents who never see anything negative in their kids who really end up being bad parents I'm scoot and we'll be right back after the news on VW.

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