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12-23 2:10pm Angela, Louisiana newest workforce

Dec 23, 2013|

Is Louisiana on the brink of a job boom, but at a loss for workers? The state is poised to experience an explosion of job opportunities, but businesses are complaining they can't find workers who: have a strong work ethic, customer service experience and can pass a drug test. There are vacancies that can’t be filled…that leads to a bigger problem--attracting and keeping businesses in the state. What's the solution? (Education? 2 year schools? Employment counseling? On the job training and mentorships?) Federal money is tied to education, but with budget cuts to colleges and universities, where will qualified workers come from? Our guests: Stephen Waguespack, President of LABI (the La. Assoc. of Business & Industry…Jill Rigby Garner, founder & CEO of Manners Heart…and Mike Mitternight, President of Factory Services Agency in Jefferson Parish.

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I really hope you enjoy and doctor Vern Palmisano was much resigned did not only because it's this time of year the birth of Christ but. Very very interesting to look at physical evidence to prove. Whether he was truly the son of guy and just fascinating and we're going to have him back an Easter. So and again he's going to be speaking all over the country -- go to this website and learn as much as you can appear interest wonderful man. We are now shifting major gears. Louisiana is bracing for an explosion in jobs 69000. Jobs to be exact jobs with the math and science background. Are we prepared. Now says Stephen -- is back the new head of the wheezing in association of business and industry. He just completed a statewide tour talking with employers big and small and what he'd learned is discouraging at best. Not only is their real concern for the future of what he heard is that employers are having a tough time finding workers today. Ones who will show up on time know how to talk politely to customers. And you can pass a drug test we have a lot to talk about. Mr. -- is back is with Mike. Bitter night president of factory service agency and cash chairman of the LA beyond. He also has -- has been -- business leader for years. And we're gonna be joined by Jill Gardner who has a nonprofit company I love this called manners of the heart. That teaches the soft skills needed in today's working world. If you're listening and you are an employer and you are facing any of these issues please give us a call at 260187. Love to hear from you as well we are going to talk about -- How we come -- gotten the situation. Again how we're gonna get out of it. Mike and -- to start with you because you just travels at first of all congratulations on your new position it. Lobbying thank you very much appreciated and you again truly hit the ground. And hit the state and talk to employers. And what did they tell. Well I thought it was important in the first couple weeks on the job to go out and get out of Baton Rouge and go visit with -- with folks and so we went to. Every single city we can think of north and south big and small rural -- urban to try to here were the issues facing our members were the issue space in the business community today and it was startling to me that the number one issue were forced as a matter if you were in a growing area or stagnant area it was a number one issue we hurt. And the more kind of probe into what specific on workforce. The three legged stool that we heard back was technical training obviously a lot of employers looking for that technical specificity. But the other two I didn't expect to hear one was soft skills that you know really -- it was a void out there to find these employees that. Or able to. Work well on team work well with customers shall for on time dress appropriately act appropriately. On those little things I guess that he take for granted or everyone thinks their mom taught him whenever they were a child the employers have a tough time finding that. And at the third piece of that stool was passing a drug test -- -- if you can find someone who can meet one or two of those principles. You know they'll -- the third one and it was pretty much everywhere win that's one things I heard and so it quickly became apparent to me that as we move forward and try to. You know help the state address its workforce needs. Technical -- important and we're gonna focus you know heavily on it. But we can't forget the little things and those soft skills and and you know promoting good drug free you know lifestyles and on the two ways we can do. You know when you say and these little things I look at those things as basic things and I'm afraid I would be one of those ones who would say. Your mother didn't teach you that -- -- not to put down mothers and -- on their plate too but this is like brushing teeth. So basic. I wanna ask. Mike you for showing that in business a long time to even a business leader a long time and you've been part of this group along time. Had you found that in Europe line of work. It's been a continual problem that we've seen for many years and -- a -- on the workforce investment counsel which as a business owner and business manager driven. Commission established by. Act that we passed in 20072008. When we. The limited field Labor Department and established a workforce commission. And more of our main goals is to try to. Find jobs for people looking for employment and almost to the man and and lady everyone on our workforce investment counsel. Echoes the same thing. As a small business owner and you know we stay in this. Can employ arrange something like that one of the problems we face all things as Stephen just mentioned is that the kind of skills are the kind of conditions that we expect of a prospective employer when they come in. Small business owners don't have an HR department and the words that are what will we don't have a step that we go to is only one this kind of person. Either must sell for someone my counterparts are doing the one doing actual hiring. And when an individual comes in we. Anticipate expect and had these basic skills a way that we were raised the that the people in my from my generation. And unfortunately it's not there as Stephenson Dino will -- look for them to just automatically show up on Tom appreciate the fact that they have a job. Be able to deal with their fellow employees and our customers. Hopefully you make a presentable appearance when they come in and you know and and there of new clothes be dressed appropriately and hopefully not to many visible tattoos or piercings and things that you know our customers don't wanna say. But unfortunately is something that's just not outdated and Nancy you've been in business a long time and has it gotten worse or was it this way thirty years ago now it's it's. It's gotten a lot -- The individuals it command -- the used to come in in the old days they hit some basic training. In -- in the win those soft skills. We've always been willing to provide. The technical training and what we want them to hit the basics that they need to go and our industry. They have to be aware of basic safety skills and those things but we're gonna provide the additional training part we'll send them to school. We will. Teach in the additional refrigeration. Expertise that they need. But you know they have to do realize if your job runs from 8 to 5 o'clock we need you here before 8 o'clock. And we need to show up ready to go to work not coming and expecting to have ample power to sit and drink coffee and you know socialize and talk what football game from yesterday. We want -- relaxed atmosphere we want to be part of a team. This is missing it's it's funny I interviewed somebody a little while ago for a for a job quite awhile ago -- you talk about what people assume what they're looking for. In this individual and he couldn't wait to get to ask me how much I was gonna paint. And I told muscle you know need to interview you'll bitten kind of determine determine which skills are in -- what do you mean that's all I'm gonna pay you whatever -- worth. In his immediate reaction was -- on that. Mean I was as honest answer so are really appreciate your honesty about porcelain like and are you that I have to pay you more than worth. And that's the attitude that a lot of people have these days they expect more than they're actually worth the small business people can't afford what we need more than they're worth we now need Palin's. Spot it's a problem these -- You know I've I've read of late articles not local but just national where there is sort of fair. Employees have become disengaged. Undoing a broad brush and that's not fair position fabulous employees. But. There's they're finding more and more that there is a disconnect. There showing up for work. And they're going through the motions. But they're not they. You know what I'm talking about. No I agree with you and it's. It's a combination of a lot of problems it's it's there. I guess their attitude arm possibly there -- bringing a lack of bringing. The way that they were trying to be able to work. There's a social disconnect because of some of these. The cellphone usage the easy access that they have to whoever be it their family their friends or whatever. That the texting ability in those things the lack of attention to their job. And not only is it. Costly because they're not really concentrating on the job they're doing. It's safety hazard but -- mean and it you know we have individuals or working with high voltage. Pieces of equipment. They're driving our company vehicles Waller. Commuting from point a to point B and we have a policy to try to. Discourage as much as weekend in the use of you know text and data texting devices and. Things I think I think one other piece of technology obviously exchange and in that we've seen and the workforce as well. I think the other piece is our workforce has changed you know there was a time where if you got that job out of college. You know there was a pride in that those MBF thirty year career for you or that was going to be thirty year company for you. Until you became vested that company's success and so whether your job description on any given day. Was on one specific matter you also understood that you were trying to defend that repeat that reviews reputation that company employee and did. He bought into and you -- sales -- for the entire company's enterprise and I don't think. That's necessarily have a workforce works today you know a lot of times you know there's more mobility in the workforce people will move from job to job from time to time because. Opportunity exists and I mean that's a good thing. But I think one thing that has been lost a little bit is that. Some of the employs that they don't understand I guess the value of not just doing what's on your checklist and on your job description but doing the little things that make the company benefit the business enterprise benefit the employees. On to have a good rapport with potential customers because -- -- -- volume for the long haul and I think that might just be one of the by products more mobile war. Employees today and again if you'd like to comic comment 2601870. Stay with this will be right back. Even -- respect the new head of lobbying. Louisiana association of business and industry. Last three months of sort of entering the whole state talking to employers about what issues they're facing and what he has found in his own words is that they have big issues. And primarily with. Getting good employees keeping good employees. And an -- and quality employees and it was as we were talking soft skills. The ability to shop from work on time the understanding of how -- two to present yourself how you to treat customers things and I think. Frankly you just -- but wrong to -- so here we are. Mr. -- back is on ready to. Lead the charge how we gonna work on us. Well it's a challenge that we face I think the solution has -- multi pronged. First of all throughout our educational system. We need to start you know showing this important by teaching it our classrooms and you can't just start when someone's coming out of the community and technical program. Weather coming out before your schools but frank -- too late that point in time. So I think getting into the K12 school system and and making sure we we incentivized the schools and make sure they know it's a high priority. Throughout our K12 system right now we've got different programs have been created over the years there's career compass there's -- To allow these programs that were developed. -- especially as far as dropout prevention goes and they'll have some type of counseling component in there are some type of soft -- component in there. The reality is. You know the the success of those depends on. Geography and commitment by the local school board the local law principle there. It's -- there's no statewide real element to do that until you're in -- hoping that local leaders to step up and and do that in the school system. The other piece I think is we've got to talk about as a society you know starts in the home quite frankly I know when I grew up it was a non option from. Hey -- you bet your life I walked out of my house with with pour -- skills report manners you know news it was made very clear to me when my parents with consequences where. And I think as society me do that in the as a parent I'm trying to do though not through global is right now. Well I wanna say that we have -- an incredible woman here we're going to get to her who has manners at the heart and everybody is going on here this. But before we get to her we'd like to go to some of our callers to Charles in Baton Rouge. Yes after talking outsell wonder is that in 1950 it would housing trade everybody -- -- on the economics. Which tallest matter. How the second thing is they culture. The -- it is much different have a cabin in north Arkansas. Which is a conservative area and we knew that there -- yet wonderful customers served as they look you're in that article a year or so are. Obviously at Wal-Mart and 67 years so what you look like -- -- -- forty how and that's just little apps in four on I'd be. Are you have to buy a bottle wine. It'd just comment searching to get what -- -- -- -- exports. I appreciate those comments very much and I think their crop probably going to be echoed by many. Actually a couple of weeks ago I was mastermind ID -- a few years younger than you -- but not much. Buying wine and part of me was thrilled thank you thank you for asking. -- let's also go to Richard in slight hill. -- yes Richard. OK look I'm closer the same page gentleman just all on the radio. You. I've been in ministry a long time. And I travel and -- training. Would young men. And wanted to start out when a group meeting with the Zhong. A gentleman and a lot we don't need to be trained on this particular equipment is I just. Scrutiny despite. Impressive on I -- our audio and been born -- Google's own -- where. And not many good racer and nonchalant you all blast at an opportunity. To make this -- people box and not count when they work overtime to make 8200000. Year with our school educations. And but the feeling -- get from Communist they wanna do as little as they have to do. And the Mardi my generation that we took a small part what RC and I'm not generalize it. Every young man and that's a district and taking part in yourself in which you do in your craft. And as a gentleman who brag oh weapons expect. I -- -- anyway. Back all the way you like -- Believe he's absolutely right. -- Being on time so all became an issue on the floor. Young man would be paying attention to herself on the senate has been banned. It it it it's an issue. You know these young generation is easier then -- I mean I cut grass a lot of guys in the our age we wanna cut grass would yell we weren't sitting around the television or playing changed work and play with our computers. All that stuff. But I do have a problem with the training. But young men because they do not seen that one guy told me that you -- probably as well I don't know too much but I have to do more. At a -- or edit the. Now that says volume certain volume. Mean my god YouTube are -- with college degrees and wish you can get jobs. And we're all educated in this field. Their old age and it -- are -- -- -- educate. Sir you really history certainly I came out my hip ratio of the traits with the college got a degree in sociology couldn't make enough money -- what -- it. I went right back to what I did -- in my hands and work -- away. Into the training program. Our. Do going around training young and their biggest issue is attitude. Attitude attitude Richard I really appreciate you calling do you have a company do you have employees that aren't meeting the standards you wish they could. Or are you an employee who knows in effect you're not doing everything you could be to be debenture could be. We're talking about employment today in the states and the names in the very near future. And the concerns that those in the business world have. We've been lucky enough to have in here Jill. Garner. Who started a fabulous company called nonprofit. Manners of -- heart. Thank you for joining us this takes it right down to the basics because even though they'd all manners. Manners our values. And and so you're starting in kindergarten first grade -- to establish. We can talk all day long -- not being done in the hall. I think it's more important to talk about weirdest -- so could you kind of little lay out forced Richard do. Yes certainly. Many years again when nine twin sons were in elementary school last started coming to their elementary school and the answer to aid the lack of manners. And started coming -- in the cafeteria teaching very basic table manners that quickly grew outside the cafeteria into the class -- And we started teaching how to make introductions had a right thanking and how to get along with others. Out here on BO real team player how one child can help another in -- learned you help someone else do it. And it kept growling growling and till fifth grade and then on the end of five years. We started on traveling around and doing the fifth grade out field trips and other schools started recognizing that the kids from our school thing different. And now we're very kind being courteous and helpful and just had a different atmosphere and a different failing. When we were around in -- it became very evident to me this is much bigger than what I thought was meant to be. A volunteer project -- and school. And I'm in around -- -- yes and seeing. The issues that we've discussed today and with David and Mike -- and and and the callers and you're really seen as a reflection of the lack. But what's happening in these young people absolutely. It's a lack in it's actually. -- wrong focus as well. And back in the late sixties early seventy's we were told that we needed self esteem. And we began teaching self esteem to children and we made that hour of fashion. And here we are as Mike mentioned earlier here we are thirty years later and when you ask have things gotten much worse absolutely they have. And that's the reason is because we've been on building children to focus on himself. President and others on to -- themselves rather than -- esteem others. And now what it does consequence of that is on the workforce today that we see. That on their totally individualistic in their thinking they come into the workplace. Asking what he Kennedy for me rather then coming into the workplace today saying here's what I have to offer now teach me what I don't have. That only did they -- me and not one -- T participate. But not wanting to learn either as we've heard mentioned already in today's broadcast. And now one of the things I'm really wanted to mention is that when I'm here on the discussion a soft skills. I really like to kind of do play on that and say soft skills really had a heart scales with would you agree with that. Yes I'll have that soft skills are truly the heart scale of we can taste -- technical skills as we've been talking about. I'm mini programs teach the technical skills and you can learn the technical skills but if you're lacked -- in the soft skills which -- the hard -- And you're lacking in that -- like -- did -- technical skills stayed the 'cause he can't -- have an employee can't get along without -- she have an employee. He doesn't show up on time we have an employee he doesn't take pride in their work which is. One of the things we discussed earlier on any key down take pride in what you're dealing for the good of the company. And the that a law. And the product that being produced is now it needs to be and then we're seeing that problem in Louisiana with the amazing opportunities we have before us. In the next ten to fifteen years with all that we're talking about and the -- coming. We we have to be better prepared. We have to be better for it I'm my man that John. -- company now isn't what 600 schools yes -- and her criteria and curriculum are now in Russian and various other languages and I think what we're saying is there's been a tremendous need. I don't think people should be embarrassed I think that we got off track. And we need to get back on track we're talking about being the best employee you -- that for every good reason because. Mr. -- is back from lobbying is sank 69000 new jobs in the coming years. Primarily technical as a math science background where we going to get them. Well in reality the numbers are bigger than that so we've seen those announcements between sixty and ninety billion dollars in new announcement in the state. And could take 250000. Skilled workers to build construct and operate those facilities. 69000. Of them are still am -- caliber workers a science math critical thinking and that's accord Janelle she study. So those -- real neat since so we're gonna to develop that that workforce partially from our own kids in our own workers. Partially from other states and from other countries even enemy is a global economy we compete on them but our kids deserve the first shot right you know and all those opportunities. And but the technical training and getting that right that kitchen door and I'd get you into that first level but. You know there's a -- study that that came our recently on fortune 500 CEOs and the said that 75%. Of the long term job success depends on people skills. The only 25% relies on the technical knowledge so that technical piece that get you in the front door and that allows you to get that job. But how you keep it how your promoted how you -- progress within that organization of the organizations. Depends on your ability to work with others and work with customers and collaborate on on team concept. And as the global economy is gonna demanded there's -- competition for those workers and so. These are skills that we actually have to to to produce our kids because the the congressmen demand well. Yes. That to the other problem that that presents for a small businesses in the same general area as all of this major construction going on. The employees that we have that we have spent a lot of time and money training and be sure that they have these soft skills as -- a technical training. When these bigger companies and these larger construction companies come in. The first source that they go to. Has to put out and they -- are well trained and loyal employees because they -- off from in many. Instances a lot larger salaries and more benefits and we can afford in the small business owner. So that we have to start back to square on with replacement employs. After we've spent a lot of time and money getting our company and where we wanted to be so it's great for the economy Louisiana. He mentioned these numbers and the work was investment counsel listening that. Not even include and that -- -- a meeting two weeks ago and had a report from the the thousand mile injure and as inch west and they get even more jobs attack on that with the shipbuilding operations we're gonna really become an up. Short on technical -- Let's go to George uptown. I don't do -- we're doing fine. -- probably is. Mostly kids spill veterans. And in the duels relative you know -- businesses take me. The -- excellent season. Lou -- -- -- in business. To other relevant trade and so on. But they don't. They don't have any matters but it's very. Well and that is sir exactly. What we're hearing from everybody and it's a very sad thing that I'm I'm heartened by the fact that Jill Gardner has started this program that's in the 600 schools. That at least can grasp the next generation. May do we need to start until that well being. Those for you know sixteen and older. We we -- leaders by example which is a high school program that we work with high school kids. With this this -- principles that we've been discussing today. The house and take that. Developer corporate mindedness guests and thank you very much George calling an el -- Yes ma'am thank you sound like in Iraq now for some that were already. Checked it today struck a real strong her. As a bit said he barriers so. -- -- -- the various street you know stores is seen people and the banner during the property other ignoring those of us are paying their salary. There is. I was educated balanced -- cemetery that there. Our featured products. Saying that we could speak out about it what the situation was Al. -- -- take it turns out -- preparation meeting opportunity to definitions stance. Big thing area with said he never. I wish our beaches here in Louisiana were put me in that argues I think it recall as an appropriate. Beautifully said I thank you so much for calling and I'm honored that this is the first call you've made thank you elderly he mentioned something that. You David have seen in your tour of the state that there are some training programs that are addressing the soft skills and it's making a difference. Also showing those young people there's a reason you're taking all of these classes it's because it's gonna get you to point your point three. Yeah we've we've seen and some of the technical training programs that are most effective around the state. One of the reasons that makes them effective is they sit down explain to us to know why you're taking this course. If it's a welding program for instance why are you taking this welding program the students understand they know they work hard for a year and a half two years they get to a level five certificate. It's been explained that to get that level five here's three -- four employers in your area who need people like that. If you go in that company that organization you work for three -- four years here the promotion opportunities here this potential salary ranges you give. They understand that the long picture there. It's a makes a Mumbai into the game plan and be a part of that organization and and and the soft skills can't emulate from that because it's baked in there. I would say one other piece when the caller brought up is is some of the impacts of parents in the household and you know we have to be mindful of the fact that there are a lot more nontraditional households -- today in the -- years ago that's a what do we do and I think education especially K12 education. Is our is our barrier to to to fight against that and if you look at some of the educational. You know programs here in New Orleans especially this there's some great success -- see this -- some other schools are serving kids that come from very rough areas and populations and those kids if you walk in those classrooms today. They're doing very well. They're working and collaborative team approaches to to solving academic -- problems and questions. They're they're they're showing good respect and manners and they're nice they're colleagues they're respectful they're teachers and that's leadership that's leadership driving that and so. I think we we we can't just say well they're certain areas that are too hard to teach system I think we need to really put a challenge to our K12 system that. Doesn't matter what type -- kid your educating. This is your duty to make sure that you instill this in the children. Stephen -- respect them on lobbying Mike mennonite town and formally of lobby but also lea business owner and Jill. And keeps I'm so sorry Jill Gardner. With manners of the heart we are talking about how -- we create the best workforce weekend. For recognizing the problems in our limitations and we need to go forward. Yes and palisades community take away is there's no one big silver bullet solution there's not some government program wants us all this there's not one. On the example person that can come in swoop down and solve this -- it takes the entire community stepped up to make -- a priority. And so you know when when your parent you know we have to encourage our parents and educate those that are capable of doing it. You know why it's important to put these types of principles and morals and your kids come in our classrooms we have to. You know encourage our teachers in and help them and enforce discipline classrooms and and teach our students at a young age why it's important to. War collaborative collaborative -- is a team. Com and have good respect to manners and and discipline all those things and a kind of builds from there. And what's the into the technical training programs which incorporated there into the curriculum and we need to do that as a better. As a society. But if we wait until that point it's really too late and so you know I was a kid my parents are very strong on manners and and respect and all that and I knew pseudo left the door. The entire community is going to be there -- -- -- and even my parents are watching I knew that I could walk into a store to a classroom. And show that matters because the community wouldn't tolerated and on the you always see that today and don't and we have to we have to improve on the bad manners isn't just being Smart. And that's part of it and I think we become very flat that's -- and obviously weren't quick piece here is you know it like in politics for instance you know we can debate policies and be very aggressive and our positions and all that you can do -- you can get in the way that preserves the ability to debate on the next topic the next day. And I think even him in the line of work I'm and we blow off that a little bit -- regain that ground so it isn't just kids don't have better employees. I would agree and as a as an employer we need to work with -- our employees once we do have. The selected people lodge on our company's and we can work -- to improve their skills and be sure they understand who they're working with them into a better job. And also let them take those thoughts home to their families that they have their own so that they are working on -- next year. Absolutely in jail on having you back and we're gonna do a whole hour on manners I cannot thank. You all enough this is a very important topic and I hope that I hope we all learned something. Thank you again we'll be right back now let's go to the newsroom and -- there's.