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12-24 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 24, 2013|

Dave talks about favorite Christmas songs, Christmas cheer, and the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Dave -- -- ten minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WW well for days on this December 4 2013. Mr. Roberts. But -- it. -- I expect a Merry Christmas because -- -- -- at the same back -- -- did it on yet you've got the Santa Claus beard and you are asked to look I'm obviously Q percent laws and I still always. -- you know you're never fuel the believe that spears on milieu is no you -- ten minute that he would never get -- that magical things appear on the victory over -- -- his efforts somewhere that does involve -- out of any god. Now I'm pleased we -- more. -- get cute. One that's more than an one of the real troublemakers go on line. One of the real troublemaker he could be the one you think is not a troublemaker boarding and on the L one. Now I don't know you're sure about this. There's. Anyway Merry Christmas to you -- Merry Christmas -- and ankle out there it is. I usually just. I'll get up called much a portable long -- denim -- -- my usual thing when he had the jacket today. I don't like the jacket -- news but I had the jacket and the leather gloves this morning that -- -- as well it -- another that it would look like 3 o'clock in the morning or does -- adamantly that metro. Do you now want to -- -- took off. -- -- And that's it as a medical -- and it is official mr. gone forever will be -- the new car roughest thing Christmas. Now than mine Christmas gift -- you right now is the corporate profits they ain't Christmas. This is fantastic song and cannot hope is witches around. When you can. Yeah. -- I had an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would be great. -- in the Super Bowl. But the Atlanta Falcons did help us at all last night they've lost that it is. That makes the chances of us getting into the playoffs side of forty niners. Losing twice off the table now in order to make the playoffs this thing -- wins Sunday. War. The Arizona Cardinals have to lose. -- the 49ers. Only two ways. It in the way. Let's hope they win and beat the bucket. Account in -- that does take it to get into that play out now if the falcons it's still out -- Then all we need them to do. Always need falcons to do is beat the painters on them at all. Think they can handle that. Now I'm hoping that they hand you know it's and we're doing what I call at this time when you're not sure who's in my column the the playoffs and Hugo. He's got to put the numbers and just write -- -- -- it were that simple for the saints win in the area that's been nice formula the last three weeks. Really I don't early in my heart I think -- -- beginning to thank you -- tock here. About twenty minutes with more traffic here at WW -- last traffic but more traffic report another draft report on the last -- out. Some folks are still out and if you're out there shopping. Let me now if you're out there for any reason operate this time nine Christmas season but he -- Why you out text me it's 78 them com. 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- -- master control -- Christmas music with us on this Christmas Eve. 2013. Merry Christmas to you -- York your forecast. And sports with Steve Geller coming up right after. We -- I'm Merry Christmas to you and your. Dissent and -- master control time Simon what is my favorite Christmas song. My problem is ridiculous position regularly kind -- a huge fan of music music -- what might intense actions things that love. You only. And Aaron annals I'll be home for Christmas is fantastic. I do like Mariah Carey's all I want for Christmas is -- if I had him classic one. To some versions of the little drummer boys such a fantastic so what's your favorite Christmas 2601 it's seventy toll free 86 exceeded nine spirit seventy. Or text me. -- 7870 coming up. -- -- -- Amber's favorite Christmas so -- we'll do that probably come up after the news at 530 right now again get your forecast that don't know what the weather's going to be like. I think it can describe it in one word today is pretty simple -- Looking into a beautiful day as long as you don't mind didn't just a little bit on the chilly side highs this afternoon around 52 with lots of sunshine. For tonight temperatures really start to drop. Will be in the forties from much of the evening and then authorities it yourself about lake lows will be around 35. With some for -- protect your plants. And your pets. If you -- north of the lake expected moderates -- hard freeze with lows around 27. So that means protect plants and pets. And think about protecting your pipes as well. For Christmas Day highs make it up to about 54. Partly cloudy skies. And looking had to restate 58 -- high with partly cloudy skies from the Eyewitness News forecast center. I'm meteorologist Alexandra crammed for it. It feels like twenties all around southeast Louisiana right now the windchill 27 at the airport in Canada it's actually 36. Feels like 23. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell where it's clear and 31. The majestic to me creativity that he blue Christmas by Elvis of course -- if we have that it will play him. That's one person's necklaces a lot of people -- tax man -- what you do -- up on Christmas Eve. And -- it was Tommy they're going to work. Man you know some of us this got to do it folks we cannot alert. Even on Christmas -- I hope you get off early today and that you have time to span with. Family and friends and enjoyed holiday one president is not working that was up that says. Our notes headed to war is headed to work to make shrimp Alfredo and bow tie pasta from launch wants. I could actually go for some right now but if that's -- -- that it's never too early -- -- to me is that the use of of Wales it's the best food out there and if you add your single favorite bite of food in the world. And to me if I was given the choice of any -- Trap just to overstate. How he gas such as good shrimp -- over a nice day. And I am making me now but he had better picture of the statement and I both serpent are absolutely. As sport's time here -- WWL merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas to you and everyone out there the regular season wraps up Sunday for the saints they host Tampa Bay. Looking to advance the playoffs with a win coach Sean Payton says though that the post season has already arrived. We're approaching this like a playoff game itself the key for us is to be handled the holiday we put together a good player and did a good set of practices and put our focus into playing our best football Sunday. Remember now -- golf has been moved from noon to 325. On Sunday. For the 49ers sealed a post season berth in the regular season farewell the Candlestick Park on Monday Night Football. -- is split up four receivers. He gets the shotgun snap went first and winds up my fortunes -- -- into the end zone is. There's over. -- mall close its doors. San Francisco held off the falcons 34 to 24. Frank Gore rushed for 97 yards and a score in the win. Well look pelicans snapped a four game losing skid and wrapped up their five game road trip with a victory holiday. -- yards for a jury. Powell or right in the kisser. The bills beat the kings won thirteen to 100. Tyreke Evans -- New Orleans with 45 points against his former team. We continue to count down to the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day he is the big sheet with the latest on LSU vs Iowa. LSU's opponent is the -- before Iowa Hawkeyes. Hawkeyes coach -- parents gives his take on the buy you bagels. Another hotel -- -- all coached and Doug you know they've done a great job in the SEC and I think sort of serve results and assure the fact that they're the only team would be an Auburn probably -- and under discussion right there. Iowa and LSU had met only one time before it was in the Capital One Bowl in big savings final game which I'll go one on a last second hail Mary Deke Bellavia WWL sports and in Haiti is Cooper rushed for a career best a 190 yards and a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns. As east Carolina beat Ohio 31 -- -- -- in the beef O Brady's bowl today -- for a sports talk QB to QB -- Drew Brees plus. What's the best sports related if you've ever received for Christmas I'm Steve Geller that your early morning exports of people. Target all the crazy games. Yeah. Mark congratulations to them they got their name out there they spent a bunch of money -- now people are saying people pre school like this that it twice I think stock up. The saints getting today off Christmas Eve by Christmas Day. They're backing edit they get they get him get into the playoffs I gotta make that happen so that practicing on Christmas Day and a yet for those like. Our ports things but you know what you don't want to break up your routine especially heading into such a big game. On Sunday so you'd have lost today to a draw with the family and then on Sunday two on Wednesday the -- back in there. Practice facility and back at things are isn't as normal for the saints there is no Christmas Eve in the saints' facility there this is day. Now you get Christmas -- off the Christmas stamp share that they should be spending time with family friends a month Wednesday but hey this season. Falls in such a way that. You got I mean what again did not practice on Christmas they take an extra day off ahead of a game that they have to win essentially putting day. Have any shot at the number two seed and and -- share of them make the playoffs right coach Payton also mentioned the fact they have to deal with this every year as well during Thanksgiving time. -- isn't that holidays and football. -- -- there's no holidays in radio is only seventeen weeks of the season is that taken into law that in the summer it thank Steve yet famous Dave's favorite Christmas song baby please come home you too. Value to be pleased that it want to I would employ some of these -- someone had asked that Texas and it's and it's for a little while. It's just when you come back appointment. News. Yeah. It's all new. Let us then again. -- go to okay. And me. Recent history. Man. Okay. You and here. Mountain View who is here with me is saying that -- of port Richmond airport check in with him in less than two minutes talk more saints and Christmas tree here that we don't -- The season and okay. This -- game. Yeah. Yeah. Little Aaron now. Please come home for Christmas and give a sample that is one of my modern favorites when it comes to us. And they can't sing likening -- -- he does things that and it was both yeah. Radio there -- -- in -- gad about half an -- employees get a good jump on thirteen fifty. Three WL for double coverage and so I asked him to stop by. Your favorite Christmas on. Pass the B. It's Carol all the bells but I also like. And here comes at a cost will be Carol of the bells and he said that first four in just a minute. For the saints -- they did get today that's again with the holiday falling on Wednesday now. You really can't -- in the day out for Christmas Gagnon acting alone -- not consider with the -- Korea potentially for this game and he is Sean Payton said yesterday -- conference call with the media that their. Approaches a lot like a playoff game so how big losses can -- -- knees and I ankle surgery today. He's not going to be back even -- -- make receivable it's a loss. But it's not one that they can overcome defensively I mean look they've got a lot of talent defensively. I can help kind of mask that awesome media Kim Jordan of -- so two new -- A key mix. The does merchants some of the versatility as they can do defensively but. You know. It's unfortunate disease haven't -- year. For rookie. Now at 7770 tackles. You know an interception a forced fumble here and just kind of brought swagger and attitude that defense is tough guy attitude. That I think that -- on this there. But it -- that having been said. Now with what happened last night San Francisco that takes another scenario off the table really all the saints have to focus on is beating the Buccaneers in the dome Sunday and -- guarantee defeat in the playoffs. And if Atlantic and just help us out and beat Carolina. On Sunday then the saints can actually get the number two. Yeah and stated they don't worry about what they can control and that's seems to be the approached the players are taken. Don't worry about what. Other teams can do to help him -- ultimately you win you take care of business against the Buccaneers. Europe you're on the train -- -- -- -- And he had a kid so you know it's got to take care of business against the Buccaneers a team that they haven't seen this week to. Every some very Merry Christmas but I do on Friday and did you think prediction he's fishing Derek I'm Dave Cohen thank you for joining us on this Christmas Eve edition. Of the early edition WWL for Carol of the bells for -- text me your favorite Christmas play them a Merry Christmas and it's not that like to do it and and I am Dave Carroll and on this December 24. 2013. Traditionally recalled the day that's not Monday when we get to Tuesday but Terrell today we call -- Christmas. It is and Merry Christmas merry and whispers to you and yours as well thank you very much in fact my family we opened gifts last night's. For my immediate family my wife and kids. And mine older kids significant others and we get -- that way because now again they go to my in laws and then the next round of opening presents and there's so. Hired made out like -- -- -- all the things I asked for chocolate covered pretzels among the top things on -- island as a series of please in that is the hardest thing in the world and someone asked me what you want for Christmas. -- One in now and I just -- give -- to my kids and everybody happy but my wife and iron to a point now. Married seventeen years where it's like. There's not much that we haven't given eight that we still wanton and there's not much out there that I needed all also my list includes things like eggs and chocolate covered pretzels and that's that makes me happy. And in there's certain cookies that -- like and things like that that. They announced closing at the standard you know -- genes produce excellent accuracy and that's right yes. Thanks yet on the eyes. Writes -- promised we would do -- -- -- about people's. Favorite Christmas song. And we've been playing them throughout the morning. Amber and master control who's playing DJ forest this morning and playing on the songs as her personal favorites hit it with us. Vocal event the event that happened. Advanced. -- And Don yeah. He gets careless -- -- may resign him for president. -- what you witnessed. We'll play him. Back. Peralta yeah what's your favorite Christmas toys. You know I've always like it was it was and it was Christmas and hurry things came on as we drove my grandma's house my family. One was pompano well Brenda Lee. The other with a chip monks but I've always got a fondness in my heart one. Mean I've always loved ray Stevens Santa clauses watching. Athletic -- assets -- but I love that it's amazing how old music. Brings back memories. And areas. Look at that they -- right on. Honestly that's not buying it as though he. I can open. -- a later version. Be careful what you. -- -- -- -- -- Gamma ray Stevens never go wrong with that it's amazing I mean their houses certain songs when you hear them it brought back very specific memory. You remember driving to grandma's in the car listening to that song in the -- That's amazing because for the -- -- -- every time you hear it you'll have that one's specific memory and I have I have all that hear them. It triggers once specific wonderful time usually wonderful. Time in my life and music up its. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for your help all year long thing and I it and annulment to keep a little traffic it's not out that is not out -- what a single car probably the cause all it takes is one guy who had too much -- and all of a sudden I've got -- Too much -- holiday absolutely let's avoid traffic not let it. I'd like it I can't I do and I used to make homemade it's really never done. -- do items like milk shake a little -- but it's worth millions. After the Flickr the rest my family -- Mary -- Apparently yeah liquor you put your boy it's it's it's you -- either Bergmann Bergmann is uses -- -- think. It say that related to Robinson and try and beat him at them and knock down. Then. Whose job right we. She's okay. And that is that the neighbor in Christmas time. And missed meteorologist Alexandra Kramer and that's my -- To bring back any specific memories are just when you really. No -- for a long time I didn't have a favorite and then I realized I think I really like is glad that I -- at last. I definitely is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in fact it's it's colder than usual or receive president. Yes it is 31 right now it -- 36 in the metro area and the fuel light tap to keep watching that -- W -- what it's showing that to you because the feels like -- isn't it twenty. For a lot of spots including new one it's my and it feels like 27 right here that is not something that little bit of north breeze kind of cool it down even further. Catch up and flight now I see it feels like 23 height -- is crazy people who. It definitely is cold out there well that's that's appropriate right for the season as people are wrapping up. A lot of people out this morning on us the texting us today seven it's everything they're running to the grocery store to pick up something they forgot to hectic Christmas meal or a lot of people go on to work but. Must not be that make is there's no traffic gap that curve that. -- you know Alex at the grocery store yesterday it was just packed I turnaround well I can't in an incident it's not. Not -- At them that's -- -- -- -- -- well very Merry Christmas to you and your right hand and that's it. Christmas Eve -- -- -- called the warmup much at all. You know it will make it into the low fifty's today so it will be sunny sunshine out there so I'll feel better it's -- the afternoon but then it's not eat. Really really cool once again. How cold will it. OK so pretty much north of the lake -- protect everything. -- exactly so if you've been holding off protecting your -- do whatever you need to do for those I would go to it certainly today to protect them for tonight and then tomorrow night to both nights are going to be -- to upper twenties North Shore and neighboring middle -- south shall know freeze at all south of the right a couple of spots kind of scraped by that 3233 degree mark but the New Orleans area will be about 35 tonight. All right is there any precipitation in the forecast at all any chance of snow for. Treatment could open up. No no we don't yet have high pressured don't just -- hanging out right over us. And it's gonna stay cold for really the next several days back my next three chance if and until early next weeks and even this weekend will be dry. All right and -- as a warmup never come well this weekend will be in the sixties. That there will be back in the little well upper fifty's from Monday. So it does look like it's gonna help moderate just a little bit. Think about some of these twenty points or academic. It's a huge Eminem white Christmas forget about it at least here in New Orleans not gonna happen. Analysts -- here is my favorite traditional Christmas. Little drummer boy. Boeing came to see. Don't. It's fun and this gives me bring -- -- Well we'll. We'll. -- meteorologist Alexander Graham thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you and viewers -- you have a wonderful season and we'll talk to you again well we'll hear you all day today and tomorrow but I'll toss you again I think on Thursday and I. Yeah well you know I think it's going to be -- that monitors how the hell well -- -- Pleasure to talk to unite our Christmas a little merrier -- and thank you so. Eric has to do this meteorologist Alexander expert here on WWL IMF and and account. -- Play -- win. Every time. Okay. Okay. Wrong. It's a game seven is that there is little -- -- with Bing Crosby and other guys. David okay yeah yeah. Our planet Mars. And they. Good player no. That's our main. I gratuitously. Several people texted me saying this is their favorite Christmas -- Somebody else texted me into what about why god -- people that in -- one coming out of whether with -- Alexandria couches and happy Christmas -- movement Buddha figure that would. Embarrass anybody on the radio this morning and you know put them in the what is wrong -- people I'll -- -- not visit your absolute favorite Christmas -- -- gotta ask yourself do I belong in the why. People violent night. I'm not putting it there myself. I'm just saying you might wanna ask yourself who -- you may belong. -- believes that. This all started that play Kermit Robin's song thing all he wants for Christmas is the saints in the super. I think -- and mission with that as well coming up but I get your favorite Christmas on coming up as well Steve -- if you give -- -- fantastic sports fields are right -- true. All right the saints may be down but there's certainly not out gave coach Sean Payton says. This team spirits are still high as they get ready to host Tampa Bay on Sunday. We control one thing we know beer beer -- spirits were able well and play well and win we're guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Keep golf in the superdome has been moved to 325. On Sunday. San Francisco closed down Candlestick Park in the regular season with a big win over Atlanta on Monday Night Football. -- the -- with a thirty -- for the it's. Its. Own. Finish -- sentence it don't touchdown. The 49ers beat the falcons 3424. And clinched a spot in the post season. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy isn't sure if Aaron Rodgers will start the teams would it take all NFC north matchup against the bears in Chicago on Sunday. McCarthy says that the team wants to make a decision on Rogers availability sooner than later. The quarterback missed the Packers last seven games since fracturing his left collarbone against the bears at Lambeau Field on November 4. Dallas coach Jason Garrett won't rule out quarterback Tony Romo playing in Sunday's game at Philadelphia. As the Eagles and cowboys battle for the NFC east title. Romo suffered a back injury in the fourth quarter of Sunday's win over Washington he underwent an MRI yesterday and will undergo daily treatment. That pelicans wrapped up their five game road stand with a much needed win over Sacramento. Because -- -- the second free throw rebound pelicans Evans who bought the holidays that the Tyreke subsequent right handers who threw three man. Anderson drills and. Well -- snapped a four game losing streak with a 113 to 100 victory over the kings Tyreke Evans scored 25 points. With twelve assists and six rebounds against his old ball club. Alicia and I will square off in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day. Here's the big -- with an update its LSU I'll law on New Year's Day in the Outback Bowl and -- less miles says it's a good match up of solid ball team. Iowa roots finish this season with three victories shouldn't played everybody on their schedule extremely well who have to play well in that game. To have victory. I looking get in ninth victory of the season by defeating LSU and the tigers will look to get their tip win with a victory over the Hawkeyes Deke Bellavia WW real sports and east Carolina won the people Brady's bowl 3120. Over Ohio. They have four on sports to out talk QB to QB with Drew Brees plus what's the best sports related gift you ever got for Christmas I'm Steve Geller that your early morning it's. Gosh we're open that we get him being able playoff gift under the tree. -- just in time for the post season to begin all the things can do is beat the box on Sunday which again on your right now about the are deathly confident the -- at home any time there in the dome you'd have the oath. You know the belief that they're gonna win because they've proven it over and over and over again undefeated in his -- man it's just the fact let me go on the road is -- we have the -- -- -- -- That's will be glad the -- is here in New Orleans then and it's not far to travel saying Xbox 325. Take off. Because of the -- that way it was bills schedule was flack says this game has huge playoff implications. -- -- your favorite Christmas song. You -- baby please come home. -- If they go -- your favorite Merry Christmas to you and yours I understand you to go put on here elf ears and help Santa Claus so good luck with that today yes thank you gave very good reviews well I have to help. Save -- close build a bicycle which should be interest to -- assembly required yes. Well Santa will be your computer for. Taking calls from kids on the Angeles I'll just leave for him that that I can't people I think is up -- them moved then up with a some assembly required then I ain't no well. We it is what it is but I knew little pointy hat to the point here until pointy shoes and Phelps and a I want to be a broadcaster. If you got that. And I let him down but -- guilty Beckett -- and for more sports. I'd coming up. From Iraq and the -- Christmas and at your forecast. Where this Christmas Eve 2013 Merry Christmas human. Yeah. I had -- Okay -- Obama. Falls the -- that could be guys. Pilots get your forecast from the Eyewitness News forecast and I thank you -- rough ends right now it feels like 23 on the North Shore it's actually. 31 degrees it feels like 27 here in the city. And it's actually just a hair warmer than that night quite freezing 37. Year at the station Alexander grant credit report. After a cold start we're looking at highs today around 52 degrees lots of sunshine on this Christmas deep. Then report tonight are hard to moderate freeze north of the lake with lows around when he sevens -- remembered to protect -- As well as plants and pets. As for the South -- don't have to worry about the pipes just take care of your plants and pets low temperatures will be around 35 south of the -- For Christmas Day itself partly cloudy skies highs around 54. And staying very -- for Thursday with highs around 58. From the Eyewitness News forecast center. I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird. Security and for the next four hours of fun Merry Christmas to you and yours dude and Merry Christmas to you do and all of viewers what you got coming up well there's a debate about whether -- -- Christmas is becoming more and more of a cultural holidays and religious holidays undated -- and a -- or is it percent say it's not a religious -- So we'll talk about that also talk about the the best Christmas movie the worst Christmas songs and some of the best Christmas gift for a script but I NASA satellite about a -- to -- -- about how horrible. Terrible no good very bad Christmas Merry Christmas to everyone and that's next.