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WWL>Topics>>12-24 6:10am Scoot, favorite Christmas traditions

12-24 6:10am Scoot, favorite Christmas traditions

Dec 24, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks about Christmas traditions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave walked outside this morning and it -- temperature and the the wind the weather is it just it felt so invigorating it was inspiring I'm. Trying to think of that. I'm trying to think of the perfect. The perfect or if it's just cold -- that poll the -- it is definitely -- and I've told people. You know I'm a damn Yankee. -- -- for any Yankee in a damn right now a Yankee goes home a Damn Yankees days. So I am bass admitted damn Yankee have been in the south now along that I lived in the north but I remember winters up north. Being I'm never below zero. And that's -- but for some reason down here. Whether it's because of the humidity. Or whatever the situation. I would rather ten degrees in Chicago. Then thirty degrees in new -- well hold it goes right to create no matter how much clothing you put on it. Still gets into your bones chills you to the U Grassley right and cold weather in Seattle Portland is is like here there she community it'd just it just it it goes right through you. -- the cold in Denver which was quite different I remember I had the first time it got below zero and -- living in Denver. And it was midnight I was watching television and I decided to get up and it was ten below and I disable militants. We know that feels like so I got I got dressed and walked outside a walked up and on the sixteenth street mall its intent below. I would rather ten below -- than 45 and raining here yet and any day it's. Crazy you know if you never experienced the you don't get it but the cold it's a colder cold here because of the humidity I guess. It -- he really gets right -- area up north you put on more clothes you're warm and and and fine. To put dollar later though he won here and you can't get away it just goes right so you. So among other things today you know it -- it's Chris disease so we wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and and happy holidays it. Let's just relaxing and and have as much fun as we can't we have a few things to talk about today but among other things or talk about. The best and the worst Christmas songs there are those songs that just -- just bring chills to my body I I just love to hear at this time of year. And then there are those songs that it's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- done SMS from one of the best. Joan Jett and the black -- did little drummer. And really when I was a kid I heard it and it was in fact the first version that I remember. Hearing of little boys so I would put that. In one of the past. And you make music about the the duet that Bing Crosby did with they. Interim report and actually we never actually together in the same studio when he did that they did that'd been totally separate location back then that was unheard of now you hear about all these artists who are collaborating with yet another in songs featuring this -- And note that they once in New York one's in LA and they never see each other and it's normal now but back then that was. Well Mike on how to they sing a -- without looking at each other and that that was quite to quite a breakthrough for Bing Crosby and David bowl and he told two totally different generations you mean to genres to generation -- Crosby and -- stardust -- -- now. I was what are your wars since you brought that up first. I -- yes absolutely agree and it's no sentimental value for you all know value of any sort doesn't really set a good example on Ingram laws in which she gets drunk and she. -- industry. And is actually if you -- -- -- all terrific. You're kidding you hear this song and it's like oh my god Graham has been brought him as day. -- -- -- -- thing I have -- -- people at the market that's like my whole thing but they'll have enough for him not to let us. It feels it feels good to just at least did admit that there are some songs -- just really don't like. Barking dogs singled out something that Matt's -- that's that's that's a good man when. Here is that duet with that David Ogilvy and they Crosby. Again this Christians and music's all varied career these two people would get together. If you gonna join pressure with a comment this Christmas morning are numbers 26 no one hates him and he. Toll free 866889. Steroids entity to accept receive 7870 among other things we're talking about. The best Christmas songs. And no worse Christmas songs. I'm skewed and part -- protector and we're coming right back at WW. -- -- This rank as among the worst Christmas I. Ever. Although we've only done in my opinion and the dogs the marketplace. These different. This is one of those is. Christmas spirit from me. I've stood in for Tommy Tucker among other things we'll talk about the best and the worst Christmas songs. I here's a text do they know it's Christmas mandate one of the best it's classic from the eighties I would agree with that that was sent. That was a -- play a part of that little bit later and a US citizen text or call our show with a song that it. We're really make you feel like the Christmas spirited and that was a song. In the eighties that really did make us think about I guess in some ways that are the true meaning of Christmas feed the world to him and that officer who was a good song and have a very nice message that that's something else we'll talk about the show this morning. A waste. Waste too too. To manifest this. Holiday spirit of this time of year what what is it that you do with it makes Christmas really Christmas and here's -- WW a project opinion poll this morning. Is Christmas a religious or -- cultural holiday. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com give -- -- -- on -- as -- technical -- our show. I here's a text and ask haste to is today a free -- holiday in the CBD I don't think so I wouldn't take any chances casino they love to give you tickets if they can't. So I I wouldn't assume that today's free meter date if somebody knows differently and you wanna call the show or send me text and please do. I here's a text about Christmas songs those Michael Bolton Christmas songs. On the hunt the commercials are killing me. -- you know a lot of people largest bothered him by Michael Bolton in charitable. This confuses red scarf that he wears disease walking around the white snow covered steps. Of the commercial you know there's there's there's a commercial that his job. Absolutely beautiful I think. I think it's all I want for Christmas. Maybe that's the that the song. Have you seen the apple commercial. With -- that that the teenager Andy he looks like a typical teenager. Who is disconnected. And and every scene that they show and and he's he's on his phone he's doing something with his phone. And he seems to be ignoring the family. He seems to be again a typical isolated disconnected. Teenage male. And they did a good job casting him in this part. As it turns out the whole time that everybody thought he was totally disconnected from the family. He was actually taking video with this phone of special moments of the family. During this Christmas celebration. And I mean their tears in the end it's a very. Very -- -- commercial. -- studio for Tommy Tucker it is a very chilly windy Christmas Eve morning Pletcher -- us. It's 641 and -- WWL traffic update. Advanced. Yeah. We're talking about domestic first Christmas songs here's a chance that means I don't know those -- -- by. One -- I -- this Christmas. Noticed this. Person doesn't say whether this is the best of the worst villain -- go -- couldn't category of the worst. When I'm getting I'm getting shaking hands in the studio for amber and Jordan and face like this -- It's obvious that. Yeah I don't they don't need. So I'm. A break him tonight -- some things are subject. What one person to person. -- -- Is there are Christmas song they just really puts -- -- Christmas spirit is or Christmas songs that. Well just really would rather never ever hear again if you -- -- -- our show with a comment this morning and numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text number is 87070. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll this morning is Chris there's a religious holiday or a cultural holiday. Right now 100%. Say it's a religious holiday 0% say it's a cultural holiday. I give us your opinion by going to our web site -- if you open Kumble assume that all changes have attracted to -- out our show. You know we we've we've got to a FaceBook page to be a -- radio and up on our FaceBook page today is a simple question. All I want for Christmas. Use. And we get some really interesting responses to this somebody Anthony has -- posted NFC south who dat. Here's another post less political correctness. And common sense to -- the world that's from -- Joseph I'd agree with that especially the part about common sense it's simply I talked about quite often because it seems like it's at the -- we have. It lost respect for common says nobody uses common sense anymore. But here are some rather. Thoughtful. -- -- Did post to the question all I want for Crist noted the statement all I want for Christmas. Ought to be with my family that's from -- and -- many of us can relate to that. About says a more peaceful world. -- My family. All I want for Christmas is world peace for a thousand years mr. Lewis. Another went my family that's from point grace. My car to work right you know -- sometimes we just really want some of the simplest things for Christmas right out from Mississippi Brenda Merry Christmas Sharon to VW on good morning. -- -- -- McCartney is known that we we could be -- -- -- Well. Simply. Want a quick time in power who wrong you know like this. I think maybe -- out. -- -- -- -- People are not. The court and you know what it was. And there was a lot of talk about whether or not she was really playing or whether or not she really should have been playing. He was part. Again. Brenda will put this and you know it's interesting though this is gonna be on somebody's list of the best Christmas songs but for you it's. On the list of the worst. You know -- -- computing and recently it up front side -- meaning in the earlier you know. Couldn't -- is really good foods and then I completely. Well I you know I think it's interesting that you bring up -- influence on Paul McCartney in The Beatles because a lot of people were very critical for her influence on The Beatles in fact that some people say that. It was there's the friction between Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney that actually went to the break up of The Beatles I don't know whether that's -- -- -- Well -- kind of like it yet so let me out there it was you know it. Yep not really talented either and it doesn't matter -- I'd Brenda I'm glad you called -- show in a very very Merry Christmas. Here's a text Vince Vance in the valujet we got to play that. All I want for Christmas -- -- to that -- little while from New Orleans -- -- and to be WL. Yeah you don't you you a lot scarier yet. But what about all I'm start while the belief that more. I never saw the movie tell me about it. It was a program came out. You know this guy India the senate back you look like that law. You know -- Forget guys that played the written that a quote he was he was how old retired -- a long beard. And he was replacing in about that would blow it. And he got upset with the way he was -- well although. It was kind of funny that that is a great. What was their message in a mini Christmas movies have a message. Was it just funny. I was spotted it was a it was responding appropriately. Well I'm gonna have to look that up because I -- I haven't seen -- Santa Claus are deadly more virulent than at any Merry Christmas and I'm going to call the show if you wanna join us this morning on this Chris busy morning with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- -- is a 7870. I -- for Tommy Tucker more of your text or your comments coming up at 630 it's a very very chilly morning. And here's -- WWL news updates. We're talking about some of the best Christmas songs and some of the worst Christmas ultimately. It's beyond -- -- mean there's -- Christmas songs and just because of the Christmas song doesn't mean it's it's greater make you feel good. It was a relief man Christmas songs that we hear every year this time -- -- you think of one that needs to be on the worst list or that specialist. Got a -- a moment ago this song on Christmas in Dixie by Alabama. Is there -- best Christmas certain. That's no home -- Right before I went on the -- in New York City it was the -- as the funerals this morning 36 in new York and 36 in New Orleans but it feels like it's not what these. Sure so sure. Because. The wind it is very clearly. There are a lot of divided families are a lot of divorce in the world to me nobody likes it but it is a reality and that means that that a lot of people have to go to more than one Christmas celebration. I never had to do that because my parents but it stayed together so we only had 11 place to go but that's not the case for a lot of people. It is it difficult to go from one place to another whether any benefits to having more than one Christmas. I do do their parents say compete to the -- divorced parents compete to see which one can give you the best Christmas dissent -- go on. How we're also gonna talk about. Are you gonna have a very merry. Xmas. Are you going to encounter your -- over the holiday if you have kids it's almost impossible to not encounter. I annex at some point. I can you put your differences aside. And come together especially for the kits. And the kids just wanna know that they have to parents that love them. And and you could have your differences and you cannot be together but I would think that every child just wants to know that their parents loved it that they came from two people who. Love them into people who would one point loved each other. And yet sometimes adults don't act like adults and they act like kids and they they they carry on in front of their children. Think about the lasting memory of that on on kids. I can only imagine what that plan and I know when my parents didn't get a longer occasionally in my -- were normal like other parents. I feel very insecure as acute. So it shouldn't be uncomfortable for your kids. To go through this process of mommy dropping video on mommy dropping kids off. To daddy daddy W keys off of tamale. Figured out ways to not make that. So -- comfortable for the kids that I I know I know it can be difficult because whatever is led to your divorce can be a huge. A huge. A -- about previously something serious and disarm them solid you know I hate it there anyway -- This just the -- just takes the whole Christmas spirit away from me here right I think it's ridiculous but I've I'm sure there's some people who who who do liken -- to grandma's getting drunk and -- nine. This is us all about a grandmother getting drunk walking out into the streets. And getting run over by a reindeer she's killed -- been I'm assuming that she's dead. What kind of sewing is this for kids. In any event if you do have. Situation where you're dealing with your ex -- try not to make. That part of the exchange of the kids or the change of gifts and if you are with your ex over the holidays I hope that that's something that is -- a peaceful thing. I'm -- it for Tommy Tucker if you wanna join our show with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point -- Texas a 7870 and we'll be right back on this very chilly Christmas Eve morning. -- WL. Now we're all told me. -- We're talking about it's the best and the worst Christmas songs. This is on somebody's list of the best Christmas songs that I would have to agreement and they always talk about the investing in the worst days in some of the best Christmas songs obviously. Songs like this. Silent night somebody sent me text and O'Connell faithful listeners what in the past and it's a classic. And of course most of us would agree that those of the best Christmas songs. I guess we're talking more about the pop culture a Christmas songs and somebody mentioned. -- Christmas darling by the carpenters. And so we're talking more about that rather than the classics but is there is -- Christmas song that really puts you in the mood. There are there are a couple of Christmas songs that really make me feel that the Christmas spirit and their their pop culture there -- more. A contemporary songs as opposed to the old classic. A Christmas carols if you will. A syllable talk about that and also we're talking about some of the worst Christmas songs the songs that really kind of robbed you of the Christmas spirit. If you gonna give us a call this morning our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a -- number is 87870. We're also gonna talk about Christmas being a cultural holiday or a religious holiday. According to a new poll from the public religion research institute along with the religion. New service nine out of ten Americans. We'll celebrate Christmas this year but according to this poll a growing number one in 426%. Describe Christmas SE cultural holiday rather than a religious holiday and Dave Cohen earlier this morning at some news about a poll is close to 50%. Say that Christmas is a cultural holidays rather than a religious holidays. So we're talking about this will will talk about what is it that you do. This time of year. That makes Christmas. A religious holiday. More than jester a cultural holiday more than the shopping and admitted being involved in -- in the gift giving in the gift exchanging. Ritual of of Christmas what what is at that you do was there anything that you do. Did actually makes. Makes Christmas. Special in and makes Christmas really. Are really like christmastime was supposed to you know for a for a lot of people Christmas is had a day where you you kind of win the lottery. You know -- putting your order for what you want from Santa and you expect to get -- -- and in many cases you actually get what you what you want it's -- it's it's it's almost like. And an order did a day when you you order the gift. That she wants. And and and less is is being done I think to. To carry on and enhance. What the spirit of this Christmas is really all about. We'll talk about penalty shot you gonna join us for the comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Tech's number is 87870. Here is a text that reads of my favorite is happy Christmas by John Lennon and -- agreed that that is a good. Here's a text Vince Vance all I want for Christmas -- you. That is -- a classic it will we'll play that in the next hour. Here's a text best is Fats Domino Christmas gumbo. And actually don't remember that there's another -- I hate to grandma got run over by a reindeer. And also this Texas the -- dynasty group Christmas song. I love please come home for Christmas. And here is another. Mention of the police come home for Christmas the Eagles the best contemporary Christmas song period. Here is a text we watch the movie. Nativity story with kids each year. And that would be a way to embody the spirit of this of this Christmas and particularly if your apparent. I hope you feel the responsibility to. To teach and this is something you teacher that -- have automatically understand what Christmas is about. You have to teach your kids the true meaning. Of Christmas. And it truly is something that that we should carry with us every day of the year. It's something highlighted this time of year. As giving thanks is highlighted Thanksgiving that we should be thankful every day. And I realize that there are things that you don't have -- Is is human beings we have a tendency to compare ourselves to other people who have more. We we are less likely to compare ourselves to those who have less. But if you look around your life there are there are so many things. There are so many things that you have that others don't have. It may -- you don't give yourself credit for being is as blessed is as perhaps you really are. I'm -- in for a Tommy Tucker 651 very chilly windy Christmas Eve morning and here's a -- W. -- Robertson and we're talking about the best and the worst Christmas songs here's -- -- and a bunch. And there's a text that Greece. I'm a retired teacher from -- up to Mary's parish. And I left -- -- many years ago listening to Denny grunge and the bunch. Time. Ain't no more. Like it -- their. They're no more really brings back from New Orleans Christmas to me as sillier -- editing rights on that today is something that brings Christmas to somebody. We'll talk this morning also about. What makes Christmas special for you your family. And that the word tradition. Are really goes along with the Christmas celebrations a tradition is something that is established or it's a customary pattern. What is your Christmas tradition. Is -- something you do that makes your Christmas always feel like Christmas to you. Is that the food is that the press insisted behaviors it is -- decorations. And have you started any new tradition -- there are a lot of young couples that. It did might not have any traditions right now and they might not have traditions that have been -- passed on from their their parents. And by talking about what you do you might actually give someone else's idea. Of what might be a good tradition for them to start. And every tradition it doesn't have to have gone on for for many years. Every tradition has to start somewhere and you couldn't start doing something and make it a tradition. You know for me one of the things that I always do and I I talk about this at Thanksgiving as well. But Thanksgiving and Christmas we always had Turkey and my grandmother always made black cherry jail. With the -- dark sweet cherries and and to me. That makes it seem like Christmas and -- -- news some of the things that make Christmas special don't always have to be a religious oriented things richest tradition it's just things that. That. That trigger memories from your past. What's something that makes your Christmas special and is there any new tradition that you started I I -- for Thanksgiving and I will do it again. To borrow and haven't over the weekend my grandmother's a black cherry jello with the the the dark cherries and -- what does a something that you do also in the next several -- simply by -- always did -- when we were kids and it was it was so brilliant night I think back honored and it was just such a simple thing but it was so brilliant it just. It just was so convincing. Debt Santa Claus had really visitor our house. Not just the presence but the Santa Claus himself that actually visited our house. And you know maybe this is something that you want to do with your kids so we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. I'm still in for Tommy Tucker if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- tech's number is 87870 here's a -- Q will you be on tomorrow like you were last year Dalai I will be off tomorrow and we start our Christmas programming tonight at 7 o'clock. Side effect if you've got kids you will be able to hear a Christmas Carol. Acted out again this year at WW well tonight the WWL family tradition that Charles dickens' timeless classic is going to be performed by the Peabody performing. Award winning group radio theater team. It's a drama and it will be the best drama your ears will oversee and your kids will love at a Christmas Carol tonight Christmas -- from eight to ten. On the station that you call home for the holidays and all yearlong. WWL. We'll be back with -- it's -- very very Chile -- busy morning glad to -- here -- VW.

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