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WWL>Topics>>12-24 7:10am Scoot, best Christmas songs

12-24 7:10am Scoot, best Christmas songs

Dec 24, 2013|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the best...and worst...Christmas songs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know yesterday afternoon by yesterday's decent Christmas shopping because Hillary -- didn't think things through of the few people you started billion. Yesterday afternoon I'm not proud of tests that can Islamic hurt her ankle but everybody you know if I give -- a -- a put a lot of thought into it you've been thinking about it so long that it took you until after it actually it does it again -- -- -- so -- -- my -- -- -- make -- -- -- until -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The traffic is just terrific if veterans highway around lakeside direct clear view. On the interstates outbound to the middle of the day it was so big it was bumper to -- -- -- in any of the big box stores or no word yet on either aren't anywhere around here and North -- square mall oak -- gridlock. You did a lot of patience and -- -- I have to admit that while they were some typical. Rude drivers I noticed that a lot of people. Defiant I put in my bleaker I needed to get over there were a lot of people who who would be overs or -- they were there were equally is. As many courteous drivers as there were rude drivers that you can always say that you know I'm -- last month. It's when I do let somebody and now I almost never get the thank you away. Now what the ways I do too I mean I stopped and let you win probably upset some of the people behind me. United and and all of mast in his that you just you know hey thanks I I still do that religiously if someone lets me and because and I got to move over whatever I'll I'll I'll wave off bank and I'll I'll make sure they -- need to because I thought well here's the other thing about crowded parking -- they've. If you if you're getting to your car. On. Don't take your time you know because they're they're people who are waiting to get in that spot and these people who get who take for ever to get in their car. And I'm not talking about people who might have. -- challenges getting in and out of cars it is indicated you know put into it McCarthy you don't -- people. Walked slowly opened in the cars sit down Nowak and there an email. Message they sit there in the car with their with their phone and they don't look so. I do it's all a favor if you're in your car yet out of the spot. Now. I I guess you're entitled to that spot as long as -- one of the unit on what the problem is just that -- there are people. Once you get to your card -- people who are waiting for you to pull out people followed you from -- your karma slightly. It's their wedding date of a -- -- -- -- so just you know and expedite the process as soon as best as you can studies have found. Went a month waiting on your spot people can take longer to back. You know it unless I tell what it must be it must be this this psychology of on. I have power. I have power I I have control over these people -- have now. I have power because. It's my spot and you -- be -- I can hold you -- so I'm gonna. I'm -- experience like power table at a restaurant people be long -- aging but those sit there even though there's a hundred people out front -- effort. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment. This Christmas Eve morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. A text numbers say 7870. Among other things this morning we're talking about the best and the worst Christmas songs we'll also be talking about the best Christmas movie what movie do you feel like you always need to see this time of year. -- if you listen to. You listen to me era having having a -- you know what my favorite is that we'll be talking about that it's a very chilly Christmas Eve morning. Graduates here -- -- Shapiro -- duty for Tommy Tucker and we'll be back. It's a very chilly. Christmas Eve morning and it's a student here for Tommy Tucker dismissed and some people love this song and some people -- out the Christmas shoes. And talking about the best of the worst Christmas cards are also going to be talking about it. The best Christmas movies that Christmas movie that you always have to see. And we're talking about holiday. Shopping. Etiquette. And it even if somebody dies. Allow you to get over it you got your liquor on human horrific traffic -- sometimes it's really hard to get across to three lanes of traffic. It's about you wanna get across right away you wanna make the U turn you on turn into the shopping center wanted to store wherever. If somebody lets you in -- given the little thank you Merry Christmas -- our mark here on -- WL Merry Christmas. It's -- YouTube. You know I agree 100%. -- I'm old school -- always believed in the wave but now people nowadays big advocates like its support of the animal and their rude drivers. Yeah I mean it's terrible out there. Yeah I I I agree I mean that's the least you can do is somebody is letting you over like I encountered both the courteous and rude drivers yesterday but I I have to admit that I encountered is -- courteous drivers as as screw drivers. If you've been out in the traffic this holiday season. Yes about the lake side and it gets the -- -- out and of course. That it failed to battle -- a lot of that little lock all believed he had. And end and then I'll admit you know there were some. Some guys that away he repeated bank duke in Italy in and asking too much appeared to -- at least you can be elected because you know upholding a traffic. People getting into the meat of any human in the -- if you technical acknowledged. You know that's that that's the other thing if if if somebody does. If somebody does like -- It's a refund if you was letting somebody it. And then -- be nice to that person because at some point you're gonna wanna be -- over and and and you're you're right sometimes people behind you get really anxious. And take the time to let somebody and -- At some point you're gonna wanting to get over so you know why can't we get this whole karma thing like. Battle you know I'm gonna be nice to you -- maybe -- but it will be nice to me. Exactly at what are you. Agree with what you're favorite actress is. I've got -- got -- out of a miracle but I like about Christmas story but now. Like -- -- I'd never seen it. Hey it's really a good movie game tying it in the court will barrel but it is may elect an elective. I've looked -- -- -- beer like movies there is there a message that you get in the movie. Yeah -- about tolerance and -- -- -- what we may be different coming but you know and and -- the atmosphere. And it's been a political. Elected barbaric Christmas and I'm going to to technical show. It hears them is the cut from the movie elf which is. A lot of people's favorite. Okay people tomorrow morning to you today. -- -- -- -- -- -- my god. -- You'll -- him. If you wanna join our show with a comment on this Christmas Eve morning it is cold out there be prepared for that as you walk out our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a -- number is it 77. I'm -- if if we WL traffic update list Gerald Robinson. Aides say Christmas eLearning project development minister and numerous business -- are also talking. Christmas movies. I think there's a Christmas movie and I talked about this on the air before and I'll I'll I'll talk about again this morning. It is absolutely the best Christmas movie that everybody needs to see somebody a moment ago just mentioned another classic Christmas movies that. I've been to a lot of people considered to be their favorite and that is miracle on 34 streets. I intend to prove that -- -- gringo kids Saturday. Thank you. And that is indeed a classic and eight of the the Christmas movies that says that really. Make us think about this time of year of the ways and have a message. And and I haven't seen elf but I've heard a lot of people talk about elf. With Will Ferrell and and that's something that I need to see miracle on 34 street all it's a wonderful life it's a wonderful life with Jimmy Stewart. The movies that actually make you think about things and then of course -- I got a text about this a moment ago that the scores of Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase. And -- equated and that's yes that's just funny. And I I don't know how anybody could ever see that movie and -- ever ever when it actually put up Christmas lights. Here's -- WWL party jaguar opinion poll right now. When you open your Christmas gifts. Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. Orders in Michigan. Give a sure thing by going to our web -- WWL dot com also the ESCO blog this morning and trending on our web site is say it's about Christmas. Have you lost the true meaning of Christmas it will be talking about this -- on our show this morning. It's it's really easy to. It's it to lose sight of what this time of years about even above and beyond a celebrating the birth of Christ there aren't there are messages there are. There are things to think about this time of year. And when you're out shopping when -- in the traffic it's it's really difficult to. Two to remember what this time of year is really all about and you might actually think about it. But he actually spend any time practicing. What this time of year is supposed to be about and that's that's a challenge forced a scoop like have you lost the true meaning of Christmas. And in if you've gotten caught up in all the of the Christmas of chaos. You might want to read this blog and if you know others who have got involved in the Christmas -- she might wanted to share with them as well. It's on the front page or website to VW -- come here is a text about a Christmas movies yeah it's a wonderful life for Jimmy Stewart agree with that. Whole Malone one and two guys saw the other day that home alone three was on I have -- have no idea what that was about a horrible one to her were rather brilliant. And here's another -- Christmas vacation bad -- with Billy Butler fifteen bad Santa. That's in the movie I need to see. I -- is attacks about Christmas movies the bells of saint Mary. Of which has not the end. Tall order all this year why because it has a religious tone to it that's why hypocritical networks you know I'm not really sure. It is the movie at that that movies not on. People have become a little too sensitive. About something's not being on television or something's being banned. I've I've talked about this at wrote a blog about it this season that the war on Christmas. I think that's more media hype that it is reality. I don't know what to with the government I don't know what liberals I don't know what the media I don't know what any thing or anybody can do. It would actually take Christmas away from you and I'd love to hear from you if you could think of an example of how Christmas has been taken away from you. Now you might not see all the Christmas. Symbols and signs that you have seen in the past but those -- does for decorative items. And how does that take Christmas away from you if Chris is really does live in your heart. And in your mind. So what's the over over sensitive and India may be in that the truth is maybe. The bells of saint Mary maybe that's a movie that just doesn't. Attract the ratings. And that's what it really is all about unfortunately so I wouldn't ghosts of force to say that that says somehow being boycotted because of its religious nature. I hear is -- things to do and places to go in the French Quarter. Yeah if you have some last minute shopping to do I wanna make this recommendation to. Come downtown and go to the French market especially if you have some like odds and ends things to get. There -- a lot of relatively inexpensive think supply and there's just a great for writing the French market and also a number of shops and everything of the French Quarter is not overpriced some things that are very uniquely New Orleans. If you know people who love kitchen stuff there -- a lot of shops on royal street. It has some really unique New Orleans things for the kitchen so. You you can do a lot of shopping downtown and it's it's not as expensive as you might think -- and possibly even the French Quarter is just. Such -- part of not only New Orleans but it's such an -- part of of America. If you're this close to -- why not spend some time shopping in downtown New Orleans. Coming up we're gonna give you a chance to win the French market. Gift baskets and we'll tell you about it coming up here -- just a few minutes but listen for the Dixie cups to sing. Let it snow when you hear that that's your cue to call log about the number in a -- the -- you win the French market Christmas gift pack for every WL. It's 730 -- in -- Tommy Tucker -- Christmas to all of you and here's another WWL news updates -- people. It's come. Hey. It's Christmas Eve morning I'm glad countless -- time I was talking a moment ago. Attacks as the boys said -- bells of Saint Mary's hasn't been on him. -- it's because it's it's too religious it's not on television because it's too religious. Tennis and I really don't think that's the case and. People have become too sensitive. About some things that that are missing they they jumped to a conclusion that on this is missing because it's it's religious. And I don't think that's necessarily the case but issued this text with you. -- that movie has not been on this year my wife and I look forward to and every year and look for it. You have the Mike and have the audacity to say what you just said you are clueless. And then. To say people -- too sensitive. How about all the sensitive homosexuals and Phil Robertson is -- -- religious beliefs and comments get a grip get a clue oh please. Well I've covered -- Phil Robertson a controversy and that may come up -- a controversy general covered again I've I've been very clear about my opinion on that and I don't think you should assume what my opinion is on that if you didn't hear what what I said. From mid city Brian -- WWL. Yeah just so they knows that Turner Classic Movies bells of Saint Mary's was on last night. And bunches the ones that you haven't mentioned like Christmas in Connecticut polity affair. Being gored analysts there's some real good to forties and fifties. Holidays movies that always on one main reason why you don't see. The obviously -- -- kind of think of the name of an added to a total blank. The Jimmy Stewart movie is an excellent place. The only reason why you don't seem to have on Turner Classic Movies is because they sold it to one of the networks -- many years ago. And they run it a couple of times during the season. But it's mostly because it's more of secular nature. OK and there's nothing wrong with should be in the overtly Christmas okay and the album I mean because -- alcohol but. One thing to do you have to remember a vote with the announcement today that the CA. He is checking Christmas -- the company and anonymous Christmas -- the thanking veterans. And the Christmas audits of god -- issue namely Mary Christmas Merry Christmas call it says Merry Christmas. Is pulled out by the VA as a practice it was announced MTV this morning. And -- will not send them because they don't -- stand on its legal. Totally you know I mean it's you know that there is. Maybe not -- -- sense of the word but in my opinion there is eighty cracked down across the country on Christmas. It can't take Christmas away from me. Exactly and and that I that that's the main point. I think the media hype draws so much attention to the media which is what the media does draw attention to the media. And when you talk about a war on Christmas it instills. -- fear and hysteria and some people and that draws people to the media which is the media's job -- to draw people. -- -- -- -- Go back that Turner Classic Movies go on line welcome pop bit they're there on animal -- through the -- There's a lot of the chick Evans mentioned that old when that a magnet but I just feel good movies like you wouldn't believe. Brian I appreciate that in this is a time of year to feel good so going back to fix this this text doesn't this doesn't this prove my point. That people overly sensitive. It's actually -- that will be has not been on this year by wife and I look forward to it and look for it. And you have the Mike in the audacity to say what you just said you are clueless. And you say people are too sensitive yes and that whoever sent this text is among that group. Here's a text the bells of saint Mary was on last night bells of saint -- and other attacks on TMC last night. And another text. About them so. Don't be so don't be so sensitive because apparently it was on last night. Movies or television. Because they attract attention. And from movies not on. Then maybe it's. It's not a movie that attracts enough attention. And if it's not attracting attention because the theme is to religious that's not the fault of the movie producers. That would be the fault of the audience in general. That is -- paying attention to a movie that might be too religious. If you -- join Russia with a comment on this Christmas Eve morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number estates and he sent me this. Is my favorite. Christmas so this is it that and again. Nothing competes with the traditional Christmas carols. But in terms of a more modern pop culture song outside of the shown -- traditional Christmas carols. This is my favorites. And this is the song. In the big closing scene in my favorite Christmas movies. One actually. I'm -- -- Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on this Christmas Eve morning. And -- WL. And this is the song. That Billy and accidents in my back. I love this character. Yeah. Saying yeah we're gonna play this a couple of times this morning if you haven't seen the movie love actually. You need to watch it I want to mention that there's one part in the movie it's it's it's been yes the movie love actually. It's a moving about. It's about human beings it's about. Relationships. It's about the lead up to Christmas Christmas is the backdrop. For dealing with many different aspects of human relationships. And as we go to our lives we experience different things with with different people and we go through different things. The latest movie love actually put together in terms of the soundtrack. The directing the writing it is absolutely. Really. But there's one part that is somewhat adult oriented. Don't really see anything but. It's. It's of an adult nature and I'll I'll just I'll I'll just put it that way but it's a game also this is -- it touching movie. But it's really really funny. When I first saw this movie I was absolutely. Overcome where if. With with joy I -- I felt so many things I wish I was happy I was I was touched I thought about different aspects of my life. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are in your life there will be aspects of this movie that you can relate to and it's an absolute must. Love actually -- play -- Well played that song again coming up a little while the -- blog which is on our website at WW dot com is titled. Have you lost the true meaning. Christmas and so often -- people get caught up in the the routine in the ritual of Christmas the actually lose the true meaning of Christmas. A for the French Quarter chuck your -- WL. Once you've had a good Christmas Merry Christmas to you. My spirits on Christmas song. Driving home for Christmas. My wife mother in law and apply it onto Austria about ten years ago that do not have Christmas with friends who live there in Innsbruck. And would I went through Germany -- through the -- It told German Christmas it's one that doesn't English. Edit it written what the beat what with the windshield wipers blown off the windshield. That is perfect perfect song and it -- it brings tears allies while they're now. That had to be of very magical moments ago and celebrating Christmas in an -- It was incredible. Radio we don't -- the snowed out here. But that where your report on an agreement that there's the romantic road in Germany going into the outs. And that's you know when it hit it it was right at the moment where. -- at the capsule that they. Did the the Disney logo -- And a -- right there. And we -- it just didn't know that there was an agreement just what you chipper and rent a car. Or a couple. You know -- -- I have memories like that to check Merry Christmas and now I'm going to call the show. Also this morning we'll talk about that memorable Christmas as what was your best Christmas and it was two worst Christmas. Obviously you've lost a lawful and that that can be your worst Christmas but -- can also be some funny reasons why it was a -- a bad Christmas for you. You know it is I guess it's a little bits and a middle from being. I thought I had the perfect Christmas plane and the perfect Christmas. For me and my -- for my -- I thought it was the perfect Christmas. And it turned out to be. One of the loan least. Disconnected christmases I ever experience something about that we come back after this break. All right Betty is that Dixie cups and let us know if you really need caller right now our contest line you're gonna win the French market coffee gift basket. On this Christmas Eve numbers 260 wins 2609467. A caller wins and on WWL. And here. Traffic updates -- We've been talking about the best analysts Christmas that's. What's interesting about this is that it's all subjective because this. This might make my list of the worst Christmas songs but it might make your list of the best Christmas songs. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker it's a very cold windy Christmas Eve. -- glacier with a series hero. It sort of VW a party general opinion -- when you open your Christmas gifts 33% say Christmas Eve which would be today and tonight. 67%. Christmas Day. And as soon as you get -- 0%. I I I says -- that to my son and his his girlfriend. And I hope they don't use them before Christmas Day but I have a feeling that date they will -- I give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com Wendy you open your Christmas gifts. We wanna congratulate Ben Ali Hernandez she is a winner of the heavy WL a French market coffee gift basket that includes three bags -- French market coffee mug. Two boxes -- single serve coffee a 25 dollar hate deals gift certificate and a poster from local artist. I'm -- Osborne a flavor of New Orleans is valued at 85 dollars it will give another gift pack away coming up in the next hour here -- WWL. I've got a text here since the war on Christmas an example using the word Holiday Inn and and a place of Christmas a company's profit from Christmas. But never mention it in their hands even though Christmas symbols. Are used to sell their products I'm so sick of hearing holiday rather than Christmas I don't have a chance to get into that now but we'll talk about that in the next hour. There may be reason for that and and again you may be jumping to conclusions about the the removal of religion and because this may have to do with something else actually will talk about that coming up in the next I I still believe. The -- Christmas is more a media hype. That it is reality. One Christmas a couple of years ago is what I guess is as in the mid nineties. I thought you know. New York City Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So my girlfriend. And my side and we all flew to Washington DC. And we spent a part of the vacation in in Washington DC we took the train from DC to new York and we were in New York City Christmas Eve. Staying at a hotel Times Square Christmas he went to midnight mass -- -- Christmas morning I thought that was going to be the perfect Christmas. And yet. I guess it's because I was away from home. I feel so disconnected. I feel alienated I felt so empty. Spending Christmas alone. You know hotel room even though I was at my settings -- for the time I just it just didn't turn out to be a good Christmas I hang on we're coming right back under the.

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