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12-24 10:10am- Garland, Kristian Garic

Dec 24, 2013|

Believe it or not the Saints still have the opportunity to make the playoffs and maintain the #2 seed. We’ll tell you how...and you tell us…are you still a believer? AND: after every good Christmas meal almost always comes a good movie. American Hustle, Anchorman, Out of the Furnace, Saving Mr. Banks. Which are worth seeing? We’ll talk to a movie critic and take your calls.

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Come back to the back. Going there today. Have serious coach -- so -- -- -- -- -- the talking to Jackie Cooper row Huffington Post -- him credit will talk about all the person's movements. Want to rub no wonder coming out so you have a federal doom and watched during the holidays. Think Fitzmorris in the papers -- and shoes and commend. Talked to you about what to -- Christmas -- cooked that in the best restaurants that are going to be open and everything you know fuel -- troops who have called the column and -- and questions about Borchardt cooking or about where you want to go to. This -- of our. We have pershing Erica and and -- -- Bob Hebert. -- to show of their of the double coverage dual and three Tokyo. And to bug got so nervous about coming because he knows he'll pop when he -- in here so -- can be electors sure. It isn't going to be easy -- questions yeah. And he was throwing up in the bathroom and he left out either -- them loans should. Yeah and stage -- kind of got the best element and almost got the best -- You know. Fought through it and I'm here. Still got a single coverage got a man to man coverage today and you get me. We guys like to victory Cuba. It is of course she's been -- and look. I was listening to double coverage today -- -- that -- -- because that's that much of -- moved sanction laws relieved when Stan. Where they're going the philosophy bond cool in the players and everything. In the personally heard was no bogeys yet it's nice when it is -- You have was what had happened Garland you re gifting. The I've ivory gifted -- a timer to my life and I don't know is that. That is it that is badly do you re gift of course and no I'm perfect. That's a half court -- yadda and I know and that helped write down to that hair you that -- is a perfect all the time yeah. I got -- smoggy. A couple years ago what is that it's it's actually. At Tebow put a patent put it best it's neat. Basically bathroom that people on backwards. It's Angela thank you know it's a blanket that has. You where like at Coke. It's got arms and -- on hold and lots of sleeves and and all and yeah I got one couple years ago I think I'm going to it's set my closet for two years and the -- that you you know I read if you can you walk in yeah yeah well. So did you try it alone in the -- every program to go mostly to undergo -- it's brand new. Brandon and he'll still get -- and anger and the other thing that I that I heard come in and flying Jeanne thanks in reindeer whether or not they have them anti missile to patent system percent to. Yeah we were all over the smaller government and we were hidden topics aren't all the hard hitting sports knowledge. He would want and expect from us we were all over today. On double coverage on fired -- talk and as which you talk about with the missile defense percent and in. What what's what he -- nickname was -- -- name but reindeer name would be he would be a Rudolph by the way. I would be to answer a belief yet. So. Yeah we were we were. Man we were knee deep in sports -- will -- -- show you don't hear and you play it exactly now that we've got to we cannot. -- -- so much in the Christmas spirit that we can just dipped their toe in the sports. Today and -- I know that's a disappointment to you because. Actually got off the air. You know the EU thrashed a pretty good about I need to do you know upgrade my my sports knowledge and I'm at trial time. Garland not to bug you whenever I'm stumped on a sports on any kind of sports stuff put. Now I just didn't wanna bother you today feel at all you -- mean here you shoot me text messages and emails on on on all my knowledge most of what you hear is really. Garland kind of pull the strings behind the scenes but -- -- lower body today. Well I'm I'm I'm kinda like to grant pondered Q&A T bomb yeah and and I was listening to that in order to pump you up and and almost fine for a while because it it was interest in the unit and totally different. But you claim that -- -- it would you really did you blame me often. No I -- I could've sworn I heard -- who blame the. No I was saying -- OT Bob yeah I don't call him out there and sooner. Than Tariq violent but now I love the -- -- the -- You know and I think that. It's a great. Tool for motivation for parents so that they. Can relate to their kids hey look he's watch -- percent with the delegates you know from the show you elf on the shelf -- the elf comes and visits from the North Pole. Annie hangs around at your house. Any reports back to Santa and he flies around the house. Any different spots. In your house they can watch over things. You know to -- report back to -- and it also helps. Deter bad behavior from from your kids -- so it's in his way of sending a little help your way as parents and keep an eye on things you know content Santa can't watch everything. To build -- in Sweden have now. And she's sixteen thank goodness. I didn't and -- My house to help. It is I don't know cinema -- visited look. To the mannerisms. We have losers on the introducing rate and it actually really thought you -- -- the radio and Chris Massey. Would you'd tune in this kind of thing and we got to listen I believe it'll take a quick break. Welcome back. And then talk about what's -- excellence talk about football here the obvious do. Architecture right now a -- problems. All of these don't intimidate Christian with your athletic prowess. From -- the -- yeah. And -- there's somebody remembers. Who would play guard tackle and right off almost played all four sports. Awful. We came very close. Which were western player but almost play in which -- -- you did you almost all. Basketball baseball. -- curling -- and football. Currently at football and I am such a great -- program -- did via. In and -- -- brag but I came really close play. But he decided. Well. If you got up from binge. During the game. We didn't have good bin Talal and if there were other people on the and it would. So just. Aren't enough of my athletic career. Before we're going to saints. I ask you this soft either. And if you don't in the background check on them. Coach -- Yeah. In the background to as far as where it came from you know who you read the news from the -- conventionally. Yeah because the thing nine. There used to be you show Malcolm in the Middle it and it's not there in yet but this year. Looks like doing it looks as Malcolm in the oval. In the Malcolm in the Middle we don't -- then he disappeared. Been picked on to appear. It's just something nothing you. And it -- people out of their turn it into. All right let's let's go law and two football. What happened last flight. Sentences yeah in Atlanta where is that me. Well I mean ultimately it had a small maybe a small impact potentially. On the saints if if if the falcons were able to beat the 49ers it would have. Given the State's -- post season birth automatically but in the wake you up short the falcons as they've done you know. Eleven times this season now. They've lost they lost and a bit of a heartbreaker but it's kind of been other season's gone and a microcosm they thought -- six when they're going in for. The score and a saints fans relish in. The falcons demise or is a failure but no this Sunday. Ultimately is much is it might paint you as a saint and you kind of need to pull for the falcons I -- if they beat the Panthers in the saints win against Tampa and means new worlds would win the NFC south. Be the number two seed still possible. In this in the NFC playoff picture. You know first round bye and home playoff game. Otherwise if Carolina beats Atlanta in New Orleans beats Tampa all the -- with its would be in the playoffs but -- be -- a five or six seed. A wild card round team that means it would have to go on the road and at first round of the playoffs to either Philadelphia or Dallas or Chicago. The the Panthers game. Does that does that street penalty. Or he looked like troop on the shoelaces and bumped into -- -- -- are the or the reparations turning and his a game of touch while I couldn't believe that. I think fit with the at the -- be careful of now is allowing players to talk officials in the flags in. Their way in the flags. Much like the NBA has flopping where they you know he's he's CO charging call our guy taking it to the plane and a definitive. A defensive player might you know get bumped the little bit by an -- to player going to the basket and they fall back. And you know put on a great acting job lot that you saw that in Carolina. There's actually two players that. Certainly plays right to the whistle but doesn't push it beyond that. And he's the last player I would be worried about. Delivery -- cheap shot. And I think Carolina got away with a big win there. He just kind of stumbled into old and that is an Indiana thought yes -- -- if -- asked to be. Mindful to make sure they're not promoting flopping. In the NFL on me -- you've seen over the last couple weeks several defensive players. All the sudden you know act like they've gotten hit late in the fall back -- -- comes deal flag and you know the NBA's trying to get it out of their game the NFL doesn't want -- in their game so they you know. As -- officials they got to pay closer attention to me there are instances where a guy gets picked off around a pile. It's usually what happens stand around around a polymer was -- blows -- -- as a -- my comment. And smoke one of the defenders and that happens but in this case it didn't and I was I was a port call clause actually tonight normally. Don't get into a wasn't a foul as they ultimately kind of feel like hey look the officials have seen things but now and you could see was not a -- I always hear that you do you've got to win -- stand scheme -- in the pro am correct the saints against Carolina. Total up in the one total plays they won. First downs and one rushing yards at one time position on usually do you voted for a game like that. Her to have the steps and salute -- and extremely mean who has just -- -- Total -- first downs. The saints defense held Carolina to oh or nine they didn't convert a third down the tired drive they out rushed him typically when the saints do that. And when any team doesn't really the saints when they hold the team. To 04 on third down you saw what they did the -- cowboys a few weeks back when they held them 04 on third down they dismantle them -- Al rushed them. As it. Had the advantage in time possession they -- 81 office of place. To run in you know fellow year. I think I -- know the exact numbers but I would venture aghast that. Europe percentages of winning are probably in the ninetieth percentile. And in the AD outplayed them and every facet. Except the final score and -- and that one stop defensively and they couldn't continue. Drive in the four minute offense inside of you know three minutes there when an opportunity all of would've taken was 11 down and with Carolina having no timeouts the ball game's over and the saints haven't been able to finish this year on the road. He sought in New England earlier theories he sought. In week sixteen against the Carolina Panthers their inability to get that crucial stop on defense war. -- -- crucial first down to keep a drive -- going keep the clock going. Toronto now get that victory formation of -- playing football. What would you drink group three Roland swim or not that's the right -- no that's the right Paula I don't have the issue with and of something in my. Want to put the ball Drew Brees is news and look. You -- rushed for over a hundred yards even run the ball well. And championship teams have to be -- run the ball when everybody in the stadium knows it in teams that can do it it up close now. If winning ball games in the way your defense was playing me you're dominating. Camden new Panthers at that point they had an. Up until that final drive had a 157 yards total offense a 107 total offense and that. She then. I'm a large portion of those 170 yards came on two plays a long run by. DeAngelo Williams along pass to Steve Smith and oh by the way the Panthers were operating without Steve Smith he left without with a knee injury early in the ball so at the right call you look if we don't get the first down on three -- keep the clock going to don't have any timeouts the clock is their enemy at that point about the Carolina Panthers. Any punt the ball way. You hope he pinned him -- unfortunately Thomas -- that didn't touch off one of his typical -- is my -- kick to 35 -- yankees hat but he has. But it's so rare it's happening he came at the worst time potentially for the series but all in all. In the c.'s defense still had. Fairly good position to work with on the air and and I like. The calls from Rob Ryan even go into this preach that defense. -- look on the up on the final score of the game on the game winner for Carolina. He came out with a with a -- blitz and it was key democratic Carolina they picked it up they knew where it was coming from. -- dude hung in there and delivers strike. To Nixon first -- -- this season. It's just an unfortunate. Break for for the saints but I don't. How -- over the you can second guess too much of the strategy of with the saints did either offensively the series prior or defensively. On that final drive. -- of doing quote coal mine exit. But moving forward whether Edward. Two seed or the wild card seed or whatever we're gonna be plot. -- -- -- -- Fine isn't. -- in the if they have to go on the road. I'm I'm concerned. I mean. In it in their reason why is because in five this year on the road. And regular season. It's typical for any team to win on the road but it's even more difficult in the playoffs to go win on the road and I don't think this team. Has the ingredients. In the playoffs to go on the road when I don't look to be proven wrong Garland I really -- I'm Kelly I am just telling you what I. You know the trend I've seen this year and he can't deny it it -- they're they're what they're totally different he would drastically different team. On the road with Mercedes-Benz superdome where their dominant. Committed to flat out dominant at home. You know the past -- better but often it has more efficient. There offensive line is much better. Andy get that to see. Yet the two -- hey look you look an entirely different playoff picture you're looking at different outlook I think from everybody in terms of how far this team. All right. -- and take a break with the news. Won't come back to drum massacres. You'll allow you need to keep asking Christian about football. If you're an -- in -- -- or about football. -- -- -- 0187. Intel version in person or against Texas and 77. Listing -- of Toronto operated six exceeded and 087. And walked back to think they were talking about it for good Christian Garrett group can and your question loosen your comment. It was called to -- 01870. Or taxes -- celebrity itself. There's some of the -- we have come in and -- -- once again the saints did not play badly. They'd just didn't play well enough they need better players to be a better team true. Lava that's kind of broad. And you know as far as well sure -- literally sink into the offensive line a Kia until lot of changes come their -- in the offseason Waugh and here's why that. You'd you'd point to yes because. The toy fourteen season an -- ahead of ourselves as they have an opportunity going to post season and he looked into the teams get hot and go on Iran with CNET but. It's when he fourteen to cap figure salary cap figures for Jahri Evans ending Grubbs at guards. Eleven million dollars. Forward Jahri Evans and I mean dollars -- bankrupt the cap figures that's twenty million dollars in cap space cap money he's got tied up into offensive -- -- -- When he lost called -- Carl -- was thought of as to be the best guard in football. You know what Jahri Evans and then being Grubbs was supposed to be you know one. It's in his two years with. The saints and rookie at some point you've got to look at and go all right -- Is you get in return for your investment and I mean dollars it's now recap. Next year on -- -- and Jahri Evans for that matter Jahri Evans an all pro. Perennial pro -- and you know. Has been a cornerstone. Of that office of blind since 2006 and struck at a Williamsburg college. And he's been banged up this year but I think it. You know they were they would they're gonna look at -- evaluate as they do every position but they're gonna evaluate that offensive line I would think pretty critically. This offseason. All right -- moved to the listeners. Jerry your own -- -- Christian Garrett to brief period to call. Yeah I mean we've still got a lot of key position players that can make the players -- -- -- in the deep rich. -- Guerrero brought ordered -- courier who were brought to report from worst in the NFL. -- law in Serbia for sure a couple of terrible not to yeah. Yeah. I just feel like you're there it that Drew Brees like a particular page Tom Brady's. Ball and concept of you -- you would be -- -- -- I played quarterback should only eight or draw what we're offering or chew. -- -- -- -- A couple of key Frontline air lines -- you know within the last year to over one problem that was around 600 bow and horrible. Less than a million. You know what the Chicago. It. Non that. That was an astronomical. Number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They couldn't be I'd need to. Floating on the hours -- -- -- boy oh by the way. He's played in nine of a possible thirty. One games for Tampa Bay. He's been out with a toe injury -- percent -- so he's he's only played enough and gains for the Tampa Buccaneers in he was one of the cornerstones of the great Schiavo. -- -- Well whatever we opted due to get better all sorts of -- committed here -- -- ago. Restructuring every war and shower to where you put together another championship game -- I mean. I mean. We -- when he. The level you're making thirteen twenty million dollars the year. Does Water -- million dollars -- -- really make that they could be purchased or would you rather wait another -- picture or not like Laporte. -- -- they'll let me ask you this I if you're an employee that was a year job to go to the employee N'sync takes a lot of money ours that their job to say. -- We wanna build a championship. Around you all we wanna build a winning organization around you and we think we can do that. But you have to take less money I mean as an employee or you go on -- takes on my money. Well I got to depend on about what we're going to be Super Bowl. All that you they played a differ oral that we do on a talk about though if you look at it. -- Drew Brees I think would be amenable to. When he wants to win championships. I and you know he's always will and help the team I've talked to about it he's eligible to do his best for the team. But for -- but yes but at same time I wouldn't be going to them going hey hey takes my money back. These -- the business. I don't think I would either like if they came in me it's that we can get the we need puberty power gap in your particular side. But hey maybe a couple here in the. And what. And I think drew would be more than open to that gushing. It will be very intelligent man and -- it's part plays the game and I think he's also very. That that I think it got a bad -- a couple of years ago during its contract negotiation. Appalled and copy itself which I felt -- copy itself which. Think it was about making sure you get -- culture war yeah because he was very good aid for. Here I mean this selfless thing let's let's let's not. I mean that that. Conversation bothers me because they Garland is you know it he's got an agent are in the Asian. Room is there for a reason to protect you as the player the guy who hired him. And key people haven't made any kind of emotional decisions -- what's the emotional decision for drew and any player that's doing the team they look the loyalty the familiarity. They get that but the agents the one that's driving this is that was driving this machine and hey it's his job to do you as the player. Your market value. And if were all out there in -- in business. If there's fifteen million dollars and that's hard for me -- I've tried to the long run if there's fifteen million -- potentially on the table for yeah. Not -- beaten you know missing. You mean business long imprudent of inferior to -- and those -- exactly and he's an entity enemies he's a commodity. And he had to pay you have to pay franchise quarterbacks that's that the league is that it is driven. By mean look at the teams and have a success in the NFL you're ready you're out it's because they've got one of those Heatley quarterbacks and everybody else is trying to get more. Into this simple question always as can never get an entrant to Drew Brees makes too much money how much is too much. Nobody has that it's they just know it's too much not too much of their country wins the super ball. He's paid just right yeah if feels about everything gets North Carolina -- made yet and give a pay raise an F one bag gain listen drew is. A first ballot hall of Famer. I just ask the Dallas Cowboys. At Dallas Cowboys what -- like Edwards and 500 protest ever since -- it's all of that did. I'll be Olympic Archer's. Trying to put those big mechanical -- a Rosen target figure was forty or -- we want. And they did show content and to the -- made -- targets yet and threw the ball in with the nose of the football and and I'm done and the -- is extraordinary. Come right back with crushing Derek. Did talk to you about the saints to succeed row 170. Text big celebrity except. Version -- here to answer your questions -- -- the elements -- looked good mark combat -- more accurate and over the. -- You you. -- Right. And it. Could be. -- Will you had him you had that deep threat now is Joseph Morgan he went down and training camp -- ACL injury. And that's the guy they were counting upon I think to be the guy. To take -- top off the coverage and and be that deep threat down the field and as far as Devery Henderson goes I mean if it's it's an unfortunate and he had a great run any NFL. It's unfortunate but you know he -- to happen. It is a business and NFL teams don't you know but he can't que no longer helpless he had an opportunity with the Washington Redskins and and yet cut before that this season even started. It's usually good indication that you know if you're a speed guy once you get cut that -- -- indication. It looked you don't have that you bring that element anymore. Down the field east of -- Can neighbor Carol a -- loss and it's. It's I wanna say it's monumental not something that I think they can overcome it certainly can rob Bryant creative enough and they got a number of defense of players. On that side of the ball that -- that it made plays and can make plays form. But you know I think the thing you miss most we can account is the swagger. He has kinda tough guy persona in the way in bit of athletic arrogance that he brings. To that defense I think you missed that obviously playing well immediate 77 tackles and interceptions this year he's always around the football and at that. You know. That chip on the shoulder kind of style play I think that that's three minutes. Loops crude drew lord Charles and slide out. I. -- yeah it's comedy about a couple or anyone. Mentioned. Somebody called -- Tom very arm and extension took denounce the character -- -- read it yet. Oh I want to mention water ready and number is quite. This on now Angel heard having done that would -- do it took it to all the guaranteed money for the last two years contract. Eight extension yeah all that money -- and later if you were to retire that guaranteed money now on the order iron picketing -- except for three years. -- -- Seattle you're right on Charles in terms of how. These teams are creative enough and they would probably be -- would do it would Drew Brees is contract as well as divert. You know the -- this bonus money here that's how teams get around the salary cap they devoted -- and he converted into bonuses and and you know in -- yet and it and it spreads the money out and gives teams cap relief every team does it. And you know in the player you keep the player happy because you're not taking -- he. Cut in the traditional sense you getting on a front and it's -- shifted around. Yeah absolutely right Charles of -- that's Tom Brady kittens didn't go out now hey I'm taken last money. It is only but he and I'm. Don't say about. There's two. Our growth -- non. And -- -- and you've been watching them and I like the caps are my favorite things. You know a look at the Nazis you know like that meets my explode -- I don't know why that number now this ballot anyway I -- Look at how they structure the -- as -- recent cap numbers shall I used to -- we just talked about -- restructures and and it it was what happened is it's well again called anti money. And then it's over -- I mean that you. To take pay cuts for you really be able to minimized by not restructured but -- characters. They're they're guaranteed money over the course they're deal would be. You're -- maybe give them one. Would be higher cap it in some case is donor number the -- might -- that. Did you know that -- in doing it speaker there. Need to have core members and are trying to bring in new players that's how they got. -- I'll call where two years ago and on and we had no money back picker which I agree that it brought all these. -- -- imperial line back in here you know law standing in awkward moment so we restructure by money and now it's spread out so much. That it would cut certain players we would give him. It would be higher -- -- -- Are strong yet he still looked teams doing all time where they just eat that money but it ends up freeing up money in the interim. And over the they stick on there's ways to spread out to hit a low over the course of a couple years it just depends it and be out of it. It's way more up finance and then I can kind of grasp of the just my basic. Understanding of an -- for example. This year's capital 120 -- 121 million dollars next year projected to be a hundred points at a 126 point five. I and the year at that point fifteen with a new contract TV contract suspect expected to go up. Astronomically. The saints were right up against that 121 million dollar. Deal this year and expect to be close to a no by the way they've got to work out an extension for one Jimmy Graham. I so he he got some more creative finances to do. A David Jimmy Graham you didn't you mention him. Is adjustment -- -- little bit less visible. Not in North Carolina game notable for that. I don't see him the way I used to yeah Madden. I think no I don't think you're necessarily imagine he still makes plays and we -- think when you say visit. Maybe you'll see the direct impact Diaz because maybe the catches him. Fall in just a little bit but what impact -- -- -- on defense. To allow others to make plays I think that's it started c.'s defense is -- little more on him and allowing that's life seen over the last of which I think markets courses numbers -- -- have gone up a little bit because the attention defense has -- now. To Jimmy Graham. What we -- big big big treat your -- I'm -- we got three different pictures that say where's Lance Moore. These he played last week he's been playing for the last couple weeks he battling an injury earlier in a year and -- was what was Lance -- not targeted to at all until lists 22 of the game Bob streams targeted. Of -- targeted when they got the ball. Thrown his way in I think that. With this -- line. Playing you know up and down as they have. Hey look I think at times you can see Drew Brees in the pocket. Not as culpable as he used to being -- not able to survey the field I don't think downfield as much as as we've seen -- do in the past in their four. Maybe that's why Lance numbers may be a little bit or Marcus Colston went. What do you would you predict what -- you've obviously I have the saints win this Sunday and looked at their home. They're they're here they know what's on line. They know what's on on tonight at some wild card I think that you end up getting is a while I don't think Atlantic it's done it's a village you're gonna do him out well. How -- below the Outback Bowl that's yeah. And I just can't get stoked for this article. You know I want to. But. And you know him way but the good storyline Ayers and if -- JG eight seasons of the quarterback of the future if you will. For Allah issue next couple years -- in Denver now -- for the year if it's the -- -- if you that a and oppressive oh win over markets on the season finale -- nine yard drive so. I think there's something to pay attention to their -- a young team and I think LSU with a defense they have. They've gone through their grown praying pays this year defensively but I think this the speech by as for what they're going to be lecture -- -- and Drew Brees 34. He. It's seeing the nutrients no excuse to bring the newness of the young backup. Some but he -- Tree there's always that chance is now but. And he's still got three or four more years Drew Brees. That's if I must saints fan and a that's not my concern that some -- chief concern right now out more about the -- continue to build a defense retool that offensive line. To give him back protect him protection and again. Indicate -- make sure that we you have Drew Brees for the next three or four years because all the announcer the at the thought of not having Drew Brees in the world's. Yet some scary little scary -- -- Christian as always from pleasure refute the power you have reaped every Christian is due to -- Christmas holidays to all listen up there's well. We'll be back apparently troubled getting ready we've. Four you were on Christmas dinner. We're we're gonna show you like -- come through -- who use those to whom -- On three W dole and Saturday edition of the proved true your own dog -- He's going to be in going to be talking about -- how we can help you with wonder re having problems with the or repeat these ideas. -- can be right you'll also be talking about the restaurants that are open during Christmas. Some would once -- recommend. Wanting to have talked to him about the new food and wine and -- -- kitten. And do they have vote recommended restaurants. Los Angeles to get students and parents and school gets three Chicago gets three in Seattle gets one Nash will get one. New York City gets five New Orleans itself and dean -- Going to be important show get ready Gibbs call 260187. To secure 170. Or text question should come into nobody ever -- our -- -- what we would call it the thing to think. This is double the bureau records it -- --